Black Friday Violence: Shoppers In New Jersey, Tennessee, Nevada Shot & 2 Killed

Every year there is a mad rush by shoppers around the U.S. to get there hands on the best deals available for Black Friday. Unfortunately every year there is violence that comes with the great deals and this year is no different. Already there has been shootings in New Jersey, Tennessee, and Nevada and the lives of three have been claimed. Check in after the jump for more details.

(Video) #HennyThingIsPossible Guy Hands Out Free Henny At Turkey Drive

Its Lit! Guy takes Hennything being possible to a new level and pulls up to a Turkey Drive to hand out free Hennessy. I mean everybody loves Henny right? Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Cassidy Does The “You Name It Challenge” Freestyle

Cassidy joins in on the thanksgiving fun with his family by doing the “You name it challenge”. He spits some bars with his family in the background. Check out the funny video after the jump.

(Video) Sick: Mother Does “Drink Your Child’s Pee Challenge”

Mother creates a new challenge called “Drink your child’s pee challenge” then does it. The challenges were getting out of hand but this is way past crossing the line. The Mannequin Challenge started a challenge creation frenzy and while many were cleve many are disturbing. People always have to ruin a good thing. Warning the video is graphic but you can check it out after the jump.

(Video) Kanye Shades Beyonce, Tells Jay-Z To Call Him And Not Send His Killers To Kill Him

Kanye is world famous for his rants. That said, the rant he let loose last night might be his most controversial one of all time. All in one rant, Kanye came for the Queen B and Jay Z, then defended Kid Cudi and Chance The Rapper. He said Beyonce said she would not perform unless she received video of the year over him and Drake. Then he went on and told Jay-Z to call him. “Jay-Z, I know You got killers, but don’t send them at my head, just call me.” Then just when we thought that was all; He had Kid Cudi come on stage and hugged him and had an emotional moment. Sacramento sure got their money’s worth. Check out the videos after the jump.

(Video) A New Dangerous Challenge Has Gone Viral; The #BackPackChallenge

Since the running man challenge went viral it seems like every other month another challenge goes viral as well. Recently with the assistance of the Rae Sremmurd, the Mannequin challenge went viral. Now, another challenge has come about; the #BookbagChallenge. In this challenge, a line is formed, and somone runs through the line while they are hit by Backpacks, most of them filled with books. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Donald Trump Responds To Kanye West, “I Will Never Talk Bad Against Kanye”

Kanye’s endorsement of Trump broke most of the hip hop world’s jaw. Him stating that he would have voted for Trump took the world by huge surprise. Since, Trump has shown his gratitude by praising Kanye. Trump said he “will never talk bad against Kanye”. Check the video after the jump.

Donald Trump Settles Trump University Lawsuits, Agrees To Pay $25 Million

Trump has agreed to pay $25 million dollars to settle a trump university lawsuit. The settlement allows Trump the privilege of avoiding trial in the case slated to begin November 28th. The suits consisted of a suit brought up by the New York attorney general and two class action law suits filed in California. More details on the story after the jump.

(Video) Trump Supporters Troll Starbucks With #TrumpCup , Employee Call’s Police

Supporters of Trump have begun to troll Starbucks. As many know when ordering at Starbucks you are always asked for your name. Trump Twitter decided to start a new game called Trump Cup. In the game you go to Starbucks, place an order, and give them the name Trump. If they refuse to serve your coffee, you then record a video and share it on social media. Starbucks workers are not exactly happy with this. One employee went as far as to call the police. check the video and more on the story after the jump.

(Video) Graphic: Body Cam Catches Police Officers Using Excessive Force On Alleged Drug Addict

The body cam footage is from the Evansville police department in Indiana. In the video the police are seen using extremely excessive force. In the video the 36 year old victim could be heard whimpering for help. Please be advised that the content is graphic. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

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