(Video) Your Fave Rapper Talks About The Money … Do They Really Have It

Listen, reality is the glitz, glam, and finances of being a rapper is what attracts a bulk of the cultures listeners (who wants to tell me differently?); rappers have the idea. Some spit the real deal while others simply need a filler. This leads us to the cool people at Buzzfeed who did some digging on verses from a few rappers that spit about money in comparison to what they actually have saved in the bank. Check it out down bottom.

(Photo) Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Seen On The Scene

Viewers and onlookers ever get a chance to see Rob Kardashian (Hell, he even pulled out of “KUWTK” to get away from the public eye), but he’s ready for the flashing lights these days. Since the cat is out of the bag with his Woman Crush Wednesday, Blac Chyna, Rob openly takes her for a stroll in the black Bentley. Go Rob! Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) About That Time TIDAL Leaked Rihanna’s “Anti” Tracklist & More …

OOPS! On purpose, or intentionally; either way TIDAL revealed to the world the upcoming Rihanna (they probably paid Kanye West to take the attention off of the foul up, but it didn’t work) tracklist, and immediately deleted it from their website. Rumors were floating around that ANTI was to drop sometime next week, however, it may come sooner than that; or someone maybe losing their job. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Real Tears: Kanye West Wants To Leave Beef With Wiz Khalifa On The Internet

Laughing my a** all the way off. Please, can someone get Kanye West his medicine; something to calm down the severe intensity in his life. Ha. The Waves rapper took to Twitter today, and went hard in the paint on Wiz Khalifa. While most of the world have realized that it was a big misunderstanding, Kanye did not see it that way. In fact, he talked about owning Wiz and Amber Rose’s son, Sebastian. One would assume he feels that Amber wouldn’t have any stain had he not dealt with her at one point (who knows). But here is the funny part … and no, not the memes

A Convicted Daniel Holtzclaw Sports A New Look [Mugshot]

As former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw boo-hoo’ed his way through trial, he rocked an all black cut; short, but kept. However, with the recent release of his new mugshot, we see him with the bald look. His bunkmates in prison are sure to love it. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) HA-LA-RI-US: The Internet Is Ablaze With Kanye Vs. Wiz Memes

Every now and again, the Internet gives off a little more excitement than it would on any given day. Today was that day. Today, Wiz Khalifa tweeted about KK, some “weed fool” but Kanye West took KK to stand for the initials of his formerly promiscuous wife, Kim Kardashian; Kanye’s lack of knowledge in the green trees department sent him off into a Twitter rage that will surely go down in the books (along with his 127 other rants). He talked about Wiz, his career, his child and his child’s mother, Amber Rose (a lady whom he once stuffed his sausage into. Amber said her peace, and well, it was all just a big mess. Of course, with all Internet beefs, memes come about; this time is no different.

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