(Video) NBA: Lebron Explains Why He Has Never Entered The Dunk Conest


Lebron arrived in NY today and sat down for an interview with his BFF, Dwyane Wade and among the questions asked was about Bron’s lack of participation in the dunk contest during his career. Every year fans have wanted him there and hoped for the miracle, only to be disappointed. Turns out according to Bron, the dunk contest just isn’t his thing. I have to call BS on the King though. He loves the element of competition and he said during the interview there were years he watched the contest and was mad at himself for not getting in it. My opinion is Bron just knows if he ever lost an event like that he would never hear the end of it, so he rather just let it be.

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NBA: Challenge? Russell Westbrook Says Nobody Could Beat Him & Durant 2-on-2


I have to agree with Russell Westbrook on this one. There is always alot of talk about which team has the best duo, or the best big 3 or blah blah blah. Fact is at the end of the day, you are going home early in the playoffs if you don’t have a good overall TEAM. But if we are going to talk about this topic, then yeah I really don’t see anyone in the league being able to partner up with any other player and beat the OKC duo.

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(Video) NBA: Jay Z & Beyonce Are Loving “Trap Queen” As Fetty Wap Performs At Roc City Sports Classic


The legend of young Fetty Wap is soaring sky high right now. The Jersey native who has taken over the radio and clubs with his smash “Trap Queen” went from relatively unknown outside of Jersey, to having Kanye say Trap Queen is his favorite record and having both Beyonce and Jay Z front row rocking out to him perform. The kid must be feeling crazy but I am sure he put alot into his grind to get here. Last night was the Roc City Classic, put on by Roc Nation for the all star weekend and even though the crowd went crazy for Bey & HOV when they showed up, it was Fetty that the power couple was going crazy for. Kevin Durant & Skylar Diggins started the night as the hosts of sorts and it was on from there.

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(Video) Sports: Being Sexy Ain’t Always Easy! Go Behind The Scenes Of The SI Swimsuit Edition


Men are spoiled creatures. The majority of us have no idea what women go through when they are trying to be sexy or get dressed up for a special occasion. We think it comes so easy and sometimes it does, but sometimes women have to put in work to get a look or deal with some pain to pull off an outfit or shoes. The models of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for 2015 are no different, as they had to deal with many unusual circumstances all in the name of being hot!

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(Video) NFL: Devon Still’s Amazing Daughter Walks In New York Fashion Week


Devon Still’s pretty little daughter Leah got to walk in NYFW and she couldn’t have seemed happier. She walked the runway like a pro and had everyone in the room cheering for her. Leah is still battling cancer, but nothing seems to break her or her fathers spirit and when you can be like that in a situation like this, then the hope for her to beat it will never end.

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(Video) NBA: Say What? Hall Of Famer Says Michael Jordan Was “Average” ??


The word “average” and Michael Jordan should never be close to each other in the same sentence when we are talking basketball. So I am not sure whether to call Hall of Famer Bill Walton a hater or a psycho after his comments about Michael the other night on ESPN.

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(Photos) NFL: Ah Man! Eagles Apologize For Riley Cooper Being Placed In Calendar For Black History Month


Little slip-ups like this are what can cost people their jobs sometimes. Someone, or some people thought it would be a good idea while creating the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 team calendar, to place wide receiver Riley Cooper as the poster boy for February. Not such a good idea considering Cooper is still hated by some fans and players even if they won’t say it publicly, for a racist tirade he went on while at a concert a couple years ago.

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NFL: Roc Nation Sports Is Looking To Add Super Bowl Champ Julian Edelman To It’s Roster


Having the word “champion” associated with yourself can do big things for your athletic career and Julian Edelman is riding that wave right now. He has already been contacted by numerous companies and products to be part of campaigns, not too mention all the request for appearances, which included presenting an award at the Grammy’s last weekend. Now Jay Z & Roc Nation are going after him which obviously would only help with his exposure.

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NFL: Ray Rice Issues Letter Of Apology To Fans


Ray Rice has issued an apology to the city of Baltimore and fans of the Ravens. His arrest for domestic violence totally changed things for him and his team, although the Ravens were still pretty good without him, but nonetheless his bad decision left his team and teammates out to dry. His goodwill tour continues with this apology which comes after news he was offered $1 million dollars to be part of a fantasy league.

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NBA: Carmelo “Likely” To Shut It Down After All Star Game, Wants To Recruit Players To New York


I realize most of my fellow Knicks fans seem mentally challenged sometimes, but even they should be able to agree this is the best move for everyone involved. Carmelo Anthony said yesterday he is very likely to sit out the rest of the season after the all star game. It makes the most sense. This Knicks team is going nowhere, and hasn’t been pretty much since November. Best thing is to have surgery and shut it down and come back 100% next year, with hopefully a better team. From the sounds of it Melo has serious plans to recruit guys to the Knicks this weekend.

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