NBA: Luol Deng Takes His Talents To South Beach, Signs Two Year Deal With Miami Heat


Just a short time ago, free agent forward Luol Deng agreed to a two year/$20 million dollar contract to join the Heat. Deng will basically replace Lebron at the same position, although obviously not on the same level. This is still a good signing for the Heat because Deng is no lame on the court and besides the big name free agents teams were after him just as much. The deal includes a option for Deng on the second year if he wanted to again be a free agent. The Heat are doing all they can to still put a solid team on the floor and compete.

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(Photos) NBA: Uh-Oh, Dwight Howard Under Fire For This “Mistake” Tweet


All it takes is one second in the social media age we live in to put your foot in your mouth, or this case your fingers. Dwight Howard is coming under fire today for a tweet he sent that was deleted just as fast, but the eyes of social media still caught it in the short period of time. There is a huge international crisis going on right now between Israel and Palestine and has already resulted in the loss of many lives. Not sure if Dwight was serious or not, but his tweet saying #FreePalestine was deleted just after it was posted and then the apologizes came. Now there is no need to apologize if his real view is just that, but my guess is he has no idea about any details of the conflict in the Gaza strip which is why his tweet seemed more like a mockery than a political statement. This situation is not something you want to be mocking. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Confirms Return To Knicks With This Statement


Yesterday it was reported that Carmelo Anthony’s agent told the Bulls & Lakers to move on as he decided to remain with the Knicks. Not many more details besides that were released other than the fact that we already knew the team could offer him 5 years/$129 million. While they are still confirming the numbers, Carmelo himself just released a statement so we know it’s real. In the end he says, there was no way he could leave this city without reaching the ultimate goal of an NBA championship. Hit the jump for his full statement.

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(Video) Boxing: Damn!! Floyd Mayweather Gets His New Girl A Very Expensive Early Birthday Gift


We all know Floyd has serious money and he is far from stingy with it when it comes to people he cares about. Floyd’s new girl, Doralie Medina, aka Bad Medina has been in the spotlight for a little while now after starting to date the money man. With her birthday coming at the end of July, he decided she deserved an early birthday gift that costs more than what the average person even makes in 4-5 years. She is now the lucky owner of a 2014 two-tone Rolls Royce as he decided to show it off on Instagram a bit. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Dwyane Wade Publicly Addresses Lebron Leaving Miami For Cleveland


The big 3 era in Miami is officially over but it was a hell of a run for the team. After Wade, Bron & Bosh came together they went to 4 straight NBA Finals, winning two championships in the process and building a tight bond between the guys themselves. Many wondered how that bond would be affected with Lebron deciding to return to where it all began in Cleveland and how Wade & Bosh specifically would feel about it. Yesterday Wade spoke publicly about it for the first time and it is clear he wants the best for Lebron. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Bye Brooklyn! Paul Pierce Leaves For Washington Wizards After One Season With The Nets


So much for being committed to the Nets huh? After just one season in Brooklyn, Paul Pierce is jumping ship and signed a 2 year/$11 million dollar deal with the Washington Wizards. Things didn’t quite work out as some expected after Pierce and Kevin Garnett joined the team after a trade from the Celtics last year. The way it looks at the moment, next year will be even tougher in Brooklyn for the Nets to really do much. So can you blame Pierce for leaving? Hit the jump.

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NFL: Texans Andre Johnson Demands Trade, Four Teams Reportedly Interested


Andre Johnson has quietly been one of the best receivers in the NFL for a decade now and he is just tired of losing. Most players, especially in his position would of made a stink years ago about being stuck on a bad team and not getting a legit chance to win even though they are one of the best players in the league at the wide receiver spot. Not Johnson though, that’s not his style. He is humble, classy and polite, but eventually it wears on you no matter who you are. Reports are saying that Johnson wants the Texans to trade him before this season starts and he is already holding out. Most players get a bad rep for holding out, but Johnson is different. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: This House Is Insane! Ladainian Tomlinson’s Mansion For Sale, Complete With Own Movie Trailer


If you have an extra $3.5 million dollars laying around you could move into the mansion of retired NFL star Ladainian Tomlinson. The 13-acre property sits on two lots in an ultra-private community just outside of San Diego, complete with 10,000 square feet of living space. There are five bedrooms, six bathrooms, A resort style pool with a ROPE BRIDGE and waterfalls, private basketball court, wall aquarium and has a SECRET ROOM that’s only accessible through a door behind a bookcase. Everything can be seen in this movie trailer that is being used to sell the home. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Disses Sports Reporters, Tells Them Where To Find Accurate Sports News


Apparently us fans aren’t the only people who be wondering about these reporters and so called “sources”. Even Kobe Bryant is wondering about these guys. Most reporters tend to get away with reporting false stories by claiming sources provided them info but it turned out to be not true. Instead of doing real work some of them just get by with that and never mention that they were themselves wrong! Kobe let a bunch of reporters know yesterday that as crazy as it sounds he thinks at this point only one place provides actual real news and he wasn’t being sarcastic. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Chandler Parsons Leaves Rockets For Dallas Mavericks With New Contract


The Houston Rockets have a chance to be the biggest losers in this NBA free agency season. They currently have a deal on the table to Chris Bosh for 4 years/$90 million dollars, but they are just in limbo as they wait for him to make a decision. The problem is it seems that he himself is also waiting on Lebron to make up his mind before he commits somewhere. Now the Rockets may lose one of their most important players in Chandler Parsons to the Dallas Mavericks. Parsons agreed to a 3 year/$46 million dollar contract to switch teams, but the Rockets have till Sunday night to match the offer if they want to keep Parsons. Hit the jump.

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