(Video/Photo) NBA: Here Is Seven Footer Karl-Anthony Towns Riding A Tricycle Around NYC Just Because


If you’re having a bad day or just feeling a little stressed, these pictures and video of a way too tall Karl-Anthony Towns riding a tiny tricycle should brighten up your day. Especially when he pulls up at the stoplight with Chamillionaire’s “Ridin Dirty” playing. I’m assuming this is all for some product or commercial but regardless it’s funny.

NCAAF: Five Notre Dame Football Players Arrested After Handgun & Marijuana Was Found In Their Car


Five football players from Notre Dame are in some trouble this morning after a traffic stop led to all of them being arrested. They were initially pulled over for speeding and during a search of the car, police found a gun and some marijuana.

NBA: Lebron James Actually Thinks Kevin Durant Joining The Warriors Is Good For The League


Kevin Durant has caught a lot of heat for joining the super team of super teams by taking his talents to the Bay area to join forces with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. If anyone knows about making a career change in order to be part of something better it would definitely be Lebron James. During a recent interview with Business Insider, Lebron spoke on Durant’s move and defended his right to do what he wanted as a free agent.

(Video) Olympics: Six Year Old Makes Adorable Video Thanking Simone Biles For Inspiring Her


The Olympics always have a way of bringing out the spirit of the games in people. For all the medal winners and accomplishments, there are always stories of goodwill between people or something inspiring and that’s what we have here. Young six year old Nyla Miller was so inspired by what she saw from Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas that she wanted the girls to know. Living in Atlanta, Nyla and her father got the camera out and went to work. The result was this adorable video.

(Video/Photo) Sports: Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Shows He Is Winning On & Off The Track


Usain Bolt does his best to keep his personal life as private as possible but this news was something he was happy sharing. Bolt has been dating Kasi Bennett for a while now and one look at her and it’s easy to see why. She is definitely eye candy and Bolt is a lucky guy. They even shared some public affection during a parade in Jamaica back in April and he referred to her as the “first lady” in a recent Instagram post. On her own Instagram page she has numerous pics of Bolt as well. Check the gallery to get more familiar with Kasi B.

(Video) Olympics: Japanese Wrestler Risako Kawai Bodyslams Coach In Epic Celebration After Winning Gold


Japanese wrestler Risako Kawai dominated her 63kg gold medal match against Mariya Mamashuk of Belarus and she wasn’t ready to stop wrestling when it was over. In a hilarious celebration, she ran over and body slammed her coach, not once but twice and he seemed somewhat scared to death but also appeared to enjoy it. She made it better when she hoisted him on to her shoulders and walked around the arena holding the Japanese flag.

(Photo) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Spent $2.5 Million On This Ultra Rare Supercar


The KODE57 is one of the rarest cars in the world with only five being made and Floyd Mayweather is the lucky owner of one of them. The car had been surrounded in mystery until it was just revealed today at an exclusive car show in Pebble Beach, California. According to Floyd’s car guy he has his order placed and it came with a price tag of $2.5 million dollars.

(Video) NCAAF: Baylor Football Player Caught Badly Abusing His Dog On Snapchat


The majority of you probably had no idea who Ishmael Zamora is prior to today but now you will likely remember him more for abusing his dog than you will for what he did on the field. The Baylor wide receiver was caught kicking and beating his dog and he can thank Snapchat and a not so intelligent friend for people finding out.

(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Releases Commercial For New Car Dealership He Owns


Russell Westbrook will be gunning for MVP honors next season now that Kevin Durant is gone but at the moment he is just gunning for your business with his new car dealership in Van Nuys, California. The “Brodie” released his first ad for the new place, which besides cars, has basketball hoops and quotes from Russ on the walls.

(Photo) Olympics: French Race Walker Sh*tted Himself, Then Collapsed But Still Managed To Finish


French race walker Yohann Diniz proved this morning that the spirit of the Olympics can conquer all, even if your racing shorts are full of sh*t. Diniz was leading the 50KM race when less than halfway in he appeared to have a nasty accident. As he continued to move, cameras caught a brown substance running down his thigh but he had no choice but to keep going.

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