NBA: Lebron James Gave Ben Simmons A Reality Check After He Was Selected First In The Draft


Ben Simmons may have been the first pick taken in the NBA draft a few nights ago but this is just the start. He has a long way to go to show he was worthy of the pick and to earn the respect of guys in the league. While speaking with “The Dan Patrick Show”, Simmons revealed something Lebron said, or should I say did, to remind him that he hasn’t earned the right to talk just yet.

(Photo) NBA: Kyrie Irving Responds To Comments About His White Girl Only Yacht Party


Kyrie Irving had himself a good time on a small yacht celebrating his first NBA championship. There were plenty of women on board to join in the festivities but people quickly noticed there was mainly a certain type of woman at the party. Social media killed him for partying with a bunch of white girls and he obviously heard the chatter because he responded in his own way on Instagram. Check out the video of the party and then hit the gallery for his response!

(Video) Sports: Prosecutor In The O.J. Murder Trial Says He Confessed Numerous Times

Chris Darden took a lot of heat for the fact O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. It was his idea to have Simpson try on those black gloves in the courtroom and we all know how that played out. “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit”, were the famous words spoken by Johnny Cochran during his final statements and it left an impact on the jury. Fast forward to now and Darden was on “The View” yesterday, where he revealed he believes Simpson confessed not once, not twice, but a “million” times, with a couple of those alleged confessions happening during the trial.

Boxing: Report, Manny Pacquiao & Adrien Broner Working On Fight For Later This Year


This is certainly an interesting development. There are reports that Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner are working on a fight for possibly September or October. The information was revealed by Golden Boy VP Eric Gomez, who made it seem like even he was surprised to find that out as he was trying to find an opponent for Canelo Alvarez.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Gets Mobbed By Fans In NYC, Reveals He’s Opening Strip Club


Floyd Mayweather is still seemingly very content with how retired life is treating him. He was in New York City yesterday and was mobbed by fans in times square once they realized he was there. He was in New York to accept his award for the Sugar Ray Robinson Fighter of the Year and once the event was over, he hit the streets and that’s where he got all the fan love. Of course you know he had some serious cash on him and even mentioned that he is opening a gentlemen’s club soon. We have heard him talk about that before but maybe it’s getting closer to happening now. When he mentions that he is loving retirement, he really seems sincere.

NFL: Johnny Manziel’s Lawyer Accidentally Texts Reporter About His Drug Use


Defense attorney Bob Hinton currently represents Johnny Manziel but he might not for much longer after the bonehead move he made. Hinton accidentally texted the associated press, with a message that revealed how he felt in regards to Manziel staying clean as well as how much he recently spent on drug related paraphernalia.

(Video) NBA: D-Rose Drops F-Bomb, Tells Bulls Thank You For Trading Him During First Knicks Press Conference

The Derrick Rose legend in New York is off to a great start judging by his first Knicks press conference this afternoon. Media and fans alike couldn’t wait to hear what Rose had to say about being traded to the Knicks and he definitely did not disappoint.

NBA: What Does President Obama Have Planned For Life After The White House? Perhaps Being An NBA Owner


President Obama loves the game of basketball, we all knew that already but from the sounds of things, he may want to get involved more in the sport once he moves out of the White House. There are reports that the POTUS would like to be part of an ownership group for an NBA team “under the right circumstances”.

(Video) NBA: This Cavs Fan Decided To Celebrate A Championship By Eating Horse Sh*t!


Listen, I realize people in Cleveland aren’t used to celebrating much but c’mon! This guy decided that the best thing to eat during the Cavs championship parade route was a handful of horse sh*t. I guess some of the street vendors weren’t serving anything nearly as tasty as what this guy picked up off the street. A couple people even tried to grab him before he did something gross and stupid but it was too late. It looks a little like clumps of grass but according to reports it has been confirmed that it was in fact, crap that was left behind by the police horses.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Does Funny Imitation Of The “Lebron James” Kid


Allen Iverson had some fun yesterday while the NBA draft was on. AI was in Philly as the Sixers selected Ben Simmons the with the top pick in the draft but he had his mind on another young star. Of course I am talking about the famous “Lebron James” kid and Iverson did his best impression of the kid, who just continues to become more known thanks to social media.

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