(Photo) NFL: Broncos Chris Harris Jr Reveals His Instagram Was Hacked With Picture Of Him Smoking


Broncos defensive back, Chris Harris Jr, tweeted earlier today that someone hacked into his Instagram account and attempted to share a not so flattering pic of him smoking what appears to be marijuana

NFL: Ray Lewis’ Son Arrested After Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Two Women


Ray Lewis III, son of former NFL star, Ray Lewis, was arrested and charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct after two women accused him of sexual assault.

NBA: Kent Bazemore Tries To Clown Lebron James Prior To Cavs/Hawks Series


Kent Bazemore must not be that smart of a guy. Did he learn anything from the Pistons and the way they tried to talk trash to Lebron? As Bazemore and the Hawks get ready to face the Cavs in the playoffs for the second year in a row, the young player made a mistake that he will likely regret once the series gets going by trying to clown Lebron when he is in late game situations.

(Video) NFL: Report, Someone Was Trying To Sell The Video Of Laremy Tunsil Smoking For Weeks


According to the website Deadspin, some low life was trying to sell the video of Laremy Tunsil smoking for the past couple weeks. It’s clear it was posted by someone with hate in their heart who wanted some money out of it but when no money came, they just posted it online to ruin Tunsil.

(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Believes He Is A Better Scorer Than Steph Curry & Lebron


Some people are going to try and slander Melo for this but you have to realize what he is saying. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show earlier this week, Melo talked about how a player should always be confident in himself after Patrick mentioned that Curry said he was better than Lebron a while ago. That led to a follow up question from Patrick, where Melo showed his own confidence.

(Video) NFL: Now This Is How You’re Supposed To React When You Get Drafted


Last night towards the end of round one at close to midnight, Texas A&M lineman, Germain Ifedi, got the phone call he always dreamed of. He was now an official member of the NFL after the Seahawks called him to let him know they would be taking him with the #31 pick, the final pick of the first round. While some other players try to be cool and smooth for the cameras when they get drafted, Ifedi was more than happy to show his enthusiasm.

NBA: Draymond Green Says Warriors Literally Laughed At Jason Terry’s Guarantee That Houston Would Win Game 5


Because Jason Terry is not the player he once was, some of you may have not even known he had guaranteed a game five victory for his Houston Rockets over the Warriors. As you know by now, the Warriors made easy work of Houston, beating them 114-81 and putting them out of their misery. Some of the Warriors players heard about the guarantee and even though they respect Terry, they had a good laugh at his expense.

NBA: Is Drake Still Trying To Recruit Kevin Durant? Shouts Him Out On “VIEWS”


Drake tried to recruit KD to the raptors back in 2014 and wind up costing his team $25,000 in tampering fines because Durant was not a free agent yet. Now here we are in 2016 and with KD’s free agency approaching in a couple months, Drake picked a perfect time to name drop him on his “VIEWS” album. While it’s not really recruiting, I wouldn’t put it past a guy with the intelligence of Drake to know he was sending a subtle message.

(Video) NBA: Charles Barkely Says The Cavs Are The Favorite To Win NBA Title


Charles Barkely just flat out refuses to pick Golden State to win anything, so it should be no surprise he currently thinks the Cavs will wind up being the champions and should be the favorites to do so. I can only assume he thinks the Cavs are favorites because of Steph Curry’s knee situation at the moment but he will be fine shortly and at full strength for the western conference finals. For the most part, you just have to let what Charles says go in one ear and out the other.

(Video) NFL: Johnny Manziel Watched The Draft From An Ohio Bar & Ordered 300 Shots!


Johnny Manziel drowned any depression he had from watching the NFL draft knowing he currently isn’t in the league and that just two years ago he was the biggest star on draft day, in 300 shots of fireball and Miller Lite! Johnny was at Dahlia Bar in Columbus Ohio last night as the draft ended and he clearly was in good spirits as he ordered 300 shots of fireball for the crowd. Earlier in the day he was at another Columbus bar just apparently drinking by himself so it’s safe to say the alcohol numbed any pain of he may have been feeling on draft day.

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