(Photo) NBA: JR Smith Shares Photo Of Daughter Dakota

image via: twitter Last week, JR Smith and his wife, Jewel, shared sad news about the birth of their daughter, Dakota, who was born about five months and was fighting with every ounce of her little body to hold on. It was obviously a very emotional time for the couple but earlier this week, a report from TMZ indicated Dakota was getting better and was doing well which is just fantastic news. Maybe that was why JR decided to somewhat show Dakota off to the world yesterday for the first time.

(Video) NBA: Knicks Fans Boo Carmelo Anthony And All He Can Do Is Laugh

image via: IFWT IG As a Knicks fan personally, I can admit that the fanbase is one of the worst in all of pro sports. There are plenty of great fans who stick by the team no matter what and to those fans, I salute you. It’s the delusional, crazy, always think they have the right answer type of fans that drive me nuts. Case in point would be the people at MSG last night who booed Carmelo when he shot an airball.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather On Attending Trump’s Inauguration “We Judge People We Really Don’t Know”

image via: tmz Floyd Mayweather claims he will be attending the inauguration for President-elect Donald Trump, after telling TMZ that the two of them are friends and he has appreciated his support in the past.

NBA: Derrick Rose Was Not Happy With The Rumors Of Him Wanting To Retire

photo credit: youtube By now you already know the soap opera that was Derrick Rose and the Knicks this week. After disappearing on the team Monday night prior to the game against the Pelicans, Rose eventually contacted the Knicks and let them know he had a family issue. Whether you believe him or not is up to you but regardless, it happened. The bizarre atmosphere that night led to many rumors, which included talk of Rose retiring. Since he has already returned to the team, retirement clearly wasn’t on his mind and he let reporters know that after the Knicks win over the Bulls.

(Video) NCAA: Things Got Heated Between Players & Coaches During Georgia/Missouri Basketball Game

photo credit: tmz Coaches are supposed to be the people to stay level headed when chaos ensues and make sure their players are good and doing what they’re told. What happens though when it’s the coaches who are ready to throw blows? That’s what happened today during a game at Georgia as they played host to Missouri.

(Video) NBA: Sacramento Kings Throw Shots At Chris Paul While Trying To Get DeMarcus Cousins All Star Votes

photo credit: youtube The Sacramento Kings are pulling out all the stops to get their man DeMarcus Cousins voted into the All-Star game as a starter. It’s a tough task considering he is competing with guys like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and Draymond Green for the three starting frontcourt positions and Durant is already a lock for one of them. Also making it difficult is the fact that after the first round of voting, Warriors center, Zaza Pachulia is actually second in the conference in voting for frontcourt players, right behind Durant. That in itself is just terrible and will hopefully work itself out but in the meantime, the Kings are doing everything they can to get Cousins there, even taking jabs at Chris Paul.

(Video) Sports: MMA Fight Ends In A Three Second KO Thanks To A Cheap Shot

photo credit: twitter Much was made about how Ronda Rousey lost last Friday night in just 48 seconds but that was nothing compared to this fight. During an MMA fight in China, Ibragim Khalilov caught his opponent, Bakhtiyar Barotov with a brutal right hook that sent him to the floor just three seconds into the match. As you will see though, it was pretty much a cheap shot, despite being legal.

(Video) NBA: Draymond Green Scolds Kevin Durant, Says He’s “Happy” Warriors Lost To Grizzlies

photo credit: IFWT IG Draymond Green was PISSED last night with his Warriors teammates and he had every right to be. I was watching this game and fell asleep around the start of the 4th quarter, when the Warriors were in total control. I woke up in the middle of the night to see that they somehow blew a 24 point lead to a team that can’t score in the Memphis Grizzlies. Draymond was very upset with Kevin Durant at the end of regulation and he was still steaming after the game.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks GM Apologizes After Making A Bad Joke About Black Women

photo credit: youtube Sometimes jokes that you would say around close friends or family, don’t go over so well when told to others and Hawks general manager, Wes Wilcox found that out when he made a bad decision at a “Chalk Talk” event with Hawks season ticket holders.

(Video) NBA: Jordan Clarkson & Goran Dragic Both Get Ejected After Scuffle Between Lakers & Heat

photo credit: youtube Things got real heated in the third quarter last night during the game in Los Angeles between the Lakers and Miami Heat. Jordan Clarkson and Goran Dragic were already being somewhat “chippy” towards each other when Clarkson just decided to deck Dragic with forearms to the face that sent Dragic to the floor. As you might expect, he didn’t take too kindly to the gesture.

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