NBA: Justin Bieber Turned Down $5 Million Dollar Offer To Perform At The RNC Thanks In Part To Lebron


Justin Bieber reportedly received an offer of $5 million dollars to perform in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention and was set to accept until a couple of big figures in his life talked him out of it. The offer was to do a 45 minute performance at a venue near Quicken Loans Arena where the convention was happening but after his own manager threatened to quit on him if he performed, as well as some advice from Lebron James, Bieber decided it was best to not participate.

(Photo) Boxing: Mike Tyson Is Capitalizing On His Lisp With These Limited Edition Shirts


Mike Tyson has always been the butt of jokes over his lisp (unless he was around you and you kept quiet because you didn’t want to wind up like his opponents) but now he is the one having the last laugh. Tyson is now selling a “Thuns Out, Guns Out” shirt, an obvious ode to his speech impediment, in all sizes with some options for both men and women. On the website it says “We’re channeling the late 80’s & early 90’s, complete with stunner shades and geometric patterns abound for Mike Tyson’s, “Thuns out, Guns out” limited edition tee”. Check out the gallery for the look and if you’re interested in purchasing, you can find them here starting at $24.99.

(Video) NBA: Birdman Speaks On Dwyane Wade Leaving Miami, Calls Kevin Durant “Disrespectful”


Birdman made the rounds at ESPN yesterday, where he appeared on a couple different shows to talk about his own new show, “Music Moguls” which airs on BET, following the lives of himself, Snoop, Damon Dash and others but he was also there to talk sports. Birdman has been seen many times sitting courtside during Miami Heat games and you have to expect you won’t see him as much now that Dwyane Wade is gone. He spoke on the way Pat Riley handled the whole situation in allowing Wade to leave, which quickly drew comparisons on twitter to the way Birdman operates with Lil Wayne. He wasn’t done there however. He also went on “The Dan LeBatard Show With Stugotz”, where he touched on the situation in OKC, which led him to call Durant “Disrespectful”.

NBA: Craig Sager Will Be Forced To Miss Olympics To Undergo A Third Bone Marrow Transplant


Everyone’s favorite NBA sideline reporter, Craig Sager, will unfortunately have to miss covering the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio because of his ongoing fight with leukemia. Sager was expected to cover the basketball portion of the Olympics after looking strong during the NBA finals but obviously his health is much more important.

(Video) NBA: Karl-Anthony Towns Showed No Mercy To This Young Basketball Camper


NBA players love to have fun with the young kids during summer basketball camps. We’ve all seen some of our favorite stars blocking a little kids shot, or maybe hitting them with a crossover that got the other kids in the gym laughing but I don’t know if we’ve ever seen the ruthlessness which Karl-Anthony Towns displayed this week at a camp in Minnesota. All it took was one dribble and two steps from the three point line for a young camper to regret ever trying to keep Towns from getting to the rim.

NBA: Draymond Green Reveals If There Is Any Lingering Beef Between Himself & Lebron


During the NBA Finals it looked like Lebron James and Draymond Green hated each other. They were two players trying to go all out to claim a championship and in the course of that there was some tension. They had to be separated a couple times during the series, mainly during game four when Green hit Bron with a low-blow as James stepped over him, setting off a mini-altercation that led to Green being suspended for the following game. After the series ended, Green showed some love to Bron on the court but you could’ve still thought there was some animosity between them but Green says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

(Photo) NFL: Warren Sapp Got Into A Fight With A Shark And Received A Nasty Bite


Warren Sapp was attacked by a shark the other day and luckily he is still here to talk about it. Thankfully it wasn’t some massive attack to begin with but when we are talking about sharks in the water, there is really no such thing as an easy fight. Sapp was out fishing for lobsters in the Florida Keys when he reached his left hand into the water to grab a lobster and wound up being on the wrong end of a shark bite.

NBA: Kevin Durant Fires Back At Reports That He Promised Westbrook He Was Staying In OKC


There were reports earlier this week by ESPN reporter Royce Young, where he insinuated that Kevin Durant had promised Russell Westbrook that he was definitely coming back to the Thunder in a meeting prior to free agency beginning. On the surface it sounded like a pretty foul move on the part of KD to promise his running mate of the past eight years that he would be back, only to ditch him for the Warriors. Durant decided to speak on it during team USA practice in Chicago yesterday, where he denied ever doing that. The same reporter has also since clarified his own statement.

(Video) NBA: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Roasted Donald Trump With A Michael Jordan Joke At The DNC


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar almost brought the house down at the expense of Donald Trump during his appearance at the Democratic National Convention last night. As he introduced himself, he invoked the name of another legendary NBA player in Michael Jordan, to point out the bigotry in which Trump carries himself with.

NBA: Amar’e Stoudemire Explains The Suns Wanted Nothing To Do With Him, So He Retired With The Knicks


Most NBA fans were surprised this week when Amar’e Stoudemire made his retirement announcement. We weren’t surprised at the retirement itself, given his constant battle with injuries and now age. Nope, we were more surprised with the fact he retired as a member of the Knicks, rather than the Suns, the team he really made his name with. It turns out, Amar’e tried to make that happen first but he didn’t feel the love from Phoenix, so he retired where he was wanted.

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