(Video) Boxing: Mike Tyson Gets Knocked Out By Mike Tyson? Check The Video


This video is great! One of the most popular video games of all time, “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” had everyone wanting to knock out Iron Mike! Many tried and many failed and many kids went crazy trying to beat the game. If you ever wondered what it would be like for Mike Tyson to play against himself, now you can see it as his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show took a turn for the best. The result is actually pretty hilarious.

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(Photo) NBA: Happy Halloween From “Sneakerhead Shumpert”, Check Out His Costume


It’s Halloween and you know alot of your favorite athletes are gonna be decked out in some type of attention grabbing costume. So far though, creativity goes to Iman Shumpert. His costume is a bit basic, but you likely won’t see someone else rocking it the same way with the same thought in mind. For all the sneaker heads and hypebeast out there you will especially love his choice. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Fan Goes PSYCHO Watching Cowboys Lose, Destroys Own Home!


There is a difference between a fan and a fanatic, and this lunatic is definitely the latter. This Cowboys fan needs to find a life if football games affect him this much. After the Cowboys lost to the Redskins this past Monday night, this dude literally destroys his own home while his friends watch in amazement. At one point one of them runs in a room and locks the door because I am guessing he lives there as well and wanted to protect his stuff. A sporting event should NEVER get you to act like this I don’t care what the reason may be. The craziest part is the guy already started losing his mind before the game was even over. I am sure the damage was in the thousands of dollars easily.

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NFL: Beef In Dallas? Dez Bryant & Joseph Randle Almost Come To Blows After Randle Did What??


The Dallas Cowboys really need to go ahead and rid themselves of running back Joseph Randle. It is bad enough that this lame, who makes well over six figures, felt the need to try and steal cologne and boxers a few weeks ago. You would of thought that was embarrassing enough for the team to release him, but they wanted to give the young, talented player a chance to redeem himself. Well it seems the opposite is happening now as multiple reports are indicating he and star receiver Dez Bryant had to be held back from each other today and it was all Randle’s fault.

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(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Out 4-6 Weeks With Hand Fracture


By now you probably already know Russell Westbrook fractured his hand last night against the Clippers. What was not known was how much time would Russell miss due to the injury and now we know. Doctors are saying he will be out about 4-6 weeks as his hand heels, and in the meantime the Thunder are in serious trouble. With Durant scheduled to miss at least another month, you can bet the month of November is going to be a forgettable one in Oklahoma City.

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NFL: Jets Fans Go In On Eric Decker & His Wife After He Tweets About #JetsNation


Eric Decker will learn more about New York fans over time, but for now he is getting a rude awakening. The wideout who signed a $36 million dollar contract to join the franchise picked the wrong time to try and inspire Jets fans. With the team looking like a complete joke on the field, Decker tweeted out asking fans to tell him why they love the Jets. There isn’t much to love about a 1-7 team and fans let him have it and then let his wife, country singer Jesse James Decker, have it after she tried to defend her husband while also talking trash to the fans.

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(Video) NBA: You Saw It, Now You Can Hear It! Kobe Leaves No Doubt As To What He Called Dwight Howard!


The “almost” fight between Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard dominated the headlines prior to Lebron’s first game back in Cleveland last night. It was very easy to read lips and see how Kobe was talking to Dwight Howard, calling him “soft” and “b***h a** n***a” amongst other things. Just in case you weren’t 100% sure if that is what he said, this video eliminates any doubt. Nick Young is off to the side and seems to be entertained by Kobe talking.

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NBA: Lebron Reacts To Loss To Knicks, Says He Is Glad The Night Is Over


If you are a Cavs fan, or just a fan of Lebron in general, last night did not go exactly as you may of hoped. The Knicks came in and looked good all night and spoiled the most famous homecoming in the history of sports in this country. Lebron did not play well and was clearly not happy with how things went. He is however glad the spectacle of the return is over.

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NBA: So Disrespectful! Pistons Josh Smith Goes Off On Kenneth Faried!


I guess it is safe to say these two do not like each other. More so seems like Josh Smith doesn’t like Kenneth Faried. Smith fired back at Faried after he made comments regarding Smith’s game after the Nuggets defeated the Pistons earlier this week. Faried kept his talk to basketball but Smith clearly was not feeling it and held nothing back and got personal!

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(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Breaks Hand, Has To Be Restrained After Altercation With Fan!


Oklahoma City Thunder fans are seeing their worst nightmare come true! With Kevin Durant already out for a couple months with a foot injury, Russell Westbrook was being counted on to carry the team until KD returns. But after last night, both stars will be watching from the bench as Westbrook fractured his hand during last night’s game with the Clippers! What’s worse is Russ wanted to go after a fan on his way to the locker room after someone yelled something at him, before security jumped in fast!

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