(Photos) Sports: Ouch!! Hot Girl Suing Playboy & Golfer For A** Stunt Gone Wrong


The things people do for money, smh. Liz Dickson, who was working at a playboy golf tournament back in 2012 is now suing Playboy and the golfer after a stunt went wrong. She claims she was instructed to lay on her stomach and comedian/golfer Kevin Klein was going to hit a golf ball off of her a**. Things didn’t exactly work out as expected. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: SMH, Magic Johnson Sends Possibly The Dumbest Sports Tweet Ever


For those that do not know, Magic Johnson is known for tweeting the most obvious things on twitter but doing it as if he is dropping knowledge. He is repeatedly made fun of by followers who see his tweets and have to let him know about himself. But a tweet that he sent yesterday about the Miami Heat and the Spurs might literally be the most obvious thing someone could say about a basketball team. You have to scratch your head sometimes with Magic cause you know he is worth alot of money, but he just doesn’t seem too intelligent. He was smart enough to get his worth where it is today though so I guess he has to have a brain in there somewhere. Hit the jump for his tweet.

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(Video & Photo) NBA: John Wall Asks Nicki Minaj To Help Grant A Wish For A Fan With Cancer


These are the type of stories I love to see. Five year old Miyah is battling cancer and her only wish to feel happy at the moment is to meet Nicki Minaj and get a pink wig from her. Lucky for Miyah she has a friend in a high place. John Wall did his best to make the wish come true for Miyah going on Instagram and getting the word out to Nicki. It did not take long for Nicki to reply to the little princess. Check the jump for the photo and video.

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(Photos) NFL: Update! More Details About Former Detroit Lions Player Involved In Murder For Hire Plot


More details have become available regarding a former Detroit Lions player being hired as a hitman to kill someone. He was allegedly hired by a skin care specialist with numerous celebrity clients to kill one of her competitors. The woman, Dawn DaLuise is in jail being held on $1 million dollars bail after bragging to a friend about hiring Chris Geile, who played for the Lions in 1987. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Joakim Noah Responds To Rumors He Is Recruiting Carmelo To Chicago


This has been a pretty hot topic the past couple days. There were reports Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls was informally recruiting Carmelo Anthony to leave the Knicks and come to Chicago this summer. Allegedly the two had had a convo during all star weekend in New Orleans when Noah told Melo if he wants a ring he needs to come to the Bulls. We finally heard from Noah today. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Top Plays From Last Night Featuring Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin & More


Check the jump for the top 5 plays from the NBA last night.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Got Jokes? Puts Teammate On Blast On Instagram


Kobe might not be able to play right now, but he can crack jokes. Last night during the Lakers blowout loss to the Clippers, a picture Kobe posted flashed across the screen. He took a shot at teammate Nick Young’s wardrobe for the evening and it was pretty funny. Check it after the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: Dope, Toronto Raptors Will Wear These Throwbacks Next Season


I love throwback Jerseys and the Raptors have really nice ones. They announced today that to mark their 20th anniversary as an NBA team next year, they will go back to wearing the original purple dinosaur jerseys and colors that they had when they started. Some teams should never wear their throwbacks again, but not the Raptors, these jerseys are dope. Check them out.

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NFL: WHOA! EX-NFL Player Involved In Murder For Hire Plot?


This story is still developing so I am sure more details will become available throughout the day. According to sources, an ex-NFL player from the Detroit Lions was hired to kill someone. Reports have no released the name of the former player yet. Hit the jump for more.

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NFL: More Charges For Aaron Hernandez After Jail Fight


You can now add assault charges on top of the murder charges Aaron Hernandez is already facing. After reviewing what happened regarding a fight between Hernandez and another inmate two weeks ago, the local sheriff decided there was enough evidence to tack on more charges. Reportedly an inmate who was in handcuffs was beaten pretty badly by Hernandez. It was a known fact around the jail the two men did not like each other. “I can just tell you that there was, you know, an altercation that took place between Mr. Hernandez and another inmate. I can’t get into really the details now that it’s gone to this level of complaint,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said. At the end of the day if Hernandez is convicted of the murder charges, these assault charges really won’t matter.

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