(Video) Sports: Does He Have Skills? Justin Bieber Shows Up To Play Basketball


Justin Bieber caught some people in the gym by surprise when he popped up to get some run at an open gym. He hit the hardwood at Equinox in West L.A. for a pickup game with his friends and you knew people were gonna sneak some clips of Biebs doing his thing on the court. The video isn’t that long so you can’t tell if he is any good, but this isn’t the first time he has been spotted working on his game. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Sports: Snoop Still Doing Big Things! Check Out His Collab With Adidas


Snoop has been in this game for over 20 years and is still relevant. Alot of other people involved with music should take notes on how to keep a brand going. With Snoop’s son being a high school standout on the football field and ready to head to a major college soon, Snoop now has a new product to add to his name. The Snoop Lion cleats. Its a 6.7 oz white cleat with a lion pictured on the heel. The lace is “laced” with a grill inspired by one of Snoop’s Chains. “As an avid football fan, I’m excited about my cleat collab with adidas,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement. “The cleats are not only made for top performance, but specifically designed by me – so get ready to be suited and booted, dipped and whipped like me.” Check them out. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: A Week After Winning NBA Championship Spurs Are Still Partying


The Spurs are definitely enjoying this title! They already were partying the night after winning against the Heat, they already had their parade but they are still going strong. Last night some of the team got together to celebrate some more and wish their own Danny Green a happy birthday. They players were poppin’ bottles and having a blast but also humble enough to take pics with any fans who asked. Hit the jump.

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(Audio) NBA: Donald Sterling Is Out Of His Mind! Listen To The Voicemail He Left Doctors Who Examined Him


Donald Sterling is still at it. The embattled owner of the Clippers (yes he is still technically the owner) just refuses to take the sale of his team lying down. He has already changed his mind about not suing the NBA and fighting the sale of the Clippers and has allegedly threatened his wife Shelly and her lawyers, even going as far as to say “he will take them out”. But this voice mail is a classic. These messages were left on the voicemail of the doctors that examined him that deemed he was not fit to make decisions regarding ownership of the team because he was suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He claims he was setup by his wife and these doctors to conspire to wrestle control of the team away. He calls the doctors a tramp and stupid f*cking doctors among other things. Hit the jump.

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NBA: No More Boobie! Keyshia Cole Set To Officially File For Divorce


This has been a long time coming it seems, but Keyshia Cole is finally doing the paperwork for the divorce from her hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. The pair have been separated for a while now and it seems any attempt at reconciling the relationship just hasn’t worked. They were everyone’s favorite couple for a long time they way they held each other down and always showed affection, even the way they seemed to stand behind each other as they went through relationship issues like everyone else goes through. But in the end it sounds like there was more going on. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Does La La Already Know What Carmelo Plans To Do?


La La is letting us know she has a say in where Carmelo plans on playing next season. As his wife you already know her words will hold some weight, but from the sounds of her comments it seems she may already know what the exact plan is. Cameras caught up with her in NYC yesterday to get a feel for the situation. Knicks fans are hoping La La is a big fan of New York in general right now. She was also smart to throw in a few promos of her own. Check out what she said.

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(Photos) Soccer: Say What? Countries Not Allowing Players To Have Sex At World Cup??


Can this really even be enforced? Some Countries that have teams playing in the World Cup in Brazil right now are enacting a NO SEX policy at the games. Does that even make sense? Well to some coaches and players it actually does. Some countries are much more aggressive about it than others but it goes to show you there is still that myth in sports that if a player has sex before a game it may take away from his performance on the field. There are a few teams though, including team USA, that are letting players do as they please. Hit the jump & check the gallery.

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(Photos) NBA: Why Are NBA Teams Asking Potential Players About Justin Bieber?


Potential NBA draft picks that are soon to be rookies in the league get asked some pretty interesting questions during the pre-draft interview process. Some questions are obviously related to basketball itself but some other questions are made to see where a players head is at. Before teams throw millions of dollars at a young man they want to get a feel for how their mindset works and try to analyze them to see if a particular player is a right fight. Turns out the topic of some of the questions is none other than Justin Bieber. Players are being asked if going on tour with the Biebs could be better than winning rookie of the year. It would not shock me if a couple guys gave the wrong answer. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Drake Skips Invite To Miami For NBA Finals, Hangs In Houston With Astros Instead


Most people would never chose to go to Houston when they have an invite to be in South Beach for the NBA finals instead. Drake however loves Houston and im guessing can go to Miami anytime he wants. Not too mention with the way the Heat are stinking things up in the Finals he might get a better show in Houston. Drake was in town to kick off his “Houston Appreciation Weekend” by signing balls and taking pictures with fans at Minute Maid Park Thursday night. Drake really does love the city of Houston as he is always shouting them out and they love him too. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) MLB: Crazy! Family Finds Bat Belonging To Babe Ruth In Basement! You Won’t Believe The Value


Imagine going through your basement one day just cleaning things out and instantly having a huge amount of money given to you! That is basically what happened to a family in Massachusetts this week after they discovered a baseball bat belonging to Babe Ruth. Now you don’t have to be a baseball fan at all to know that name and to know anything associated with Babe Ruth usually has a nice value to it. But the value to this Bat was no joke. How about $500,000 worth!! Hit the jump

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