(Photo) Sports: The Rock Was Already Looking Like A Grown Man At Age 16!


I feel bad for some of the kids who played against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson when he was in high school because it wasn’t fair. He was already looking like a grown man in his 30’s instead of getting ready for prom.

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(Video) MLB: Investigator Claims Pete Rose Was Raping Young Girls While He Was A Player


We have to be careful here because all this is alleged at the word of an investigator but he claims to have evidence that Pete Rose was involved in numerous occurrences of statutory rape back in his playing days. Rose is considering a lawsuit because of the claims.

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NFL: 49ers Star Aldon Smith Arrested For Hit & Run, DUI & Vandalism


Aldon Smith is in trouble with the law. No shocker there! Smith just can’t stay out of trouble and you have to wonder if the thin ice he has been skating on will finally crack after this arrest. According to reports, Police charged Smith with DUI, hit & run and vandalism early this morning.

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(Photos) NFL: Donovan McNabb Tweets About Porn Stars, Women In Panties, Claims He Was Hacked


Yesterday evening there was some very strange activity coming from Donovan McNabb’s twitter account. The thing is, because he has seemed slightly strange recently, it didn’t appear many people even thought anything was up. When multiple tweets started coming out about porn and women in their underwear and other random facts about women in general then you realized, ok, he is either drunk or he has been hacked. Being drunk in his case was a real possibility. Everything has since been deleted but we got you covered. Check the gallery!

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Gives Credit To Ronda Rousey But Still Makes Sure To Troll Her


Floyd Mayweather is a funny guy if you really pay attention. Even when he is showing respect to someone he is still usually mixing subliminal messages in with his words. Floyd is starting the promo run for his fight with Andre Berto and yesterday he was on ESPN when he was asked about Ronda Rousey. You may remember Rousey threw shots at Floyd during the ESPY’s but Floyd didn’t take the bait.

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(Video) Boxing: Shane Mosley Wants His Money Back, Claims Ex-Wife Was Married To Someone Else The Whole Time


Shane Mosley got divorced from his wife Jin back in 2011 and you would think that’s the end of that. However Mosley claims he has recently found proof Jin was married to someone else when she said “I do” to him which would be a HUGE deal because it would mean his marriage to her was never legal. That means everything she got in the divorce would go back to him!

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(Video) NFL: Draya Says Her & Orlando Are Back Together But Not Before She Destroyed His Yeezy’s


In here we go again news, Draya is claiming her and long time boyfriend/fiancée, Orlando Scandrick are back together again. She revealed the info during an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood while acknowledging how she can be during arguments. Draya to her credit kept it real and admitted to being crazy and being that woman who destroys things. In this case those “things” were Orlando’s sneaker collection, including the Yeezys!

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(Photos) NBA: Safaree Shows Brandon Jennings Love While Jennings Tries To Explain Himself


Brandon Jennings mentions on twitter must be on fire because he felt the need to explain his point of view in the whole Drake/Meek nonsense. He has been going hard for Drake and hasn’t been shy about his feelings for Meek, just recently calling him corny and saying his career is over. Guess he wanted to clarify where he was coming from. In the meantime, Jennings seems to have a new friend in Safaree, who shouted him out on twitter. They can bond over stories of dislike for Meek. Check the gallery!

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(Photos) NFL: Emails Reveal Tom Brady Calls Teammates & Coaches “Babe”, Takes Shot At Peyton Manning


More and more documents and details continue to be released to the public as part of Tom Brady’s appeal of his suspension. While most of them are irrelevant pieces of information the casual fan wouldn’t care about, a few of them are definitely interesting such as him calling coaches & teammates “babe”. Probably just a running joke with the team but his comment about Peyton Manning has been catching everyone’s eye.

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(Photo) NFL: Tony Romo Signs Endorsement Deal With Under Armour


Tony Romo’s bank account just got a little heavier as it was announced he has signed a deal with Under Armour, as the company continues to make strides in the market.

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