(Photos) NFL: Awkward? Jimmy Graham Is With The Seahawks Now, But Bruce Irvin Still Wants To Fight Him


It was just last year when Jimmy Graham found himself surrounded by Seahawks players after he initiated some trash talking prior to the Saints playing the Hawks in the playoffs. Seattle players didn’t take too kindly to Graham walking through their warm up area and let him know about it. It almost turned into a pre game brawl but people were able to separate the sides. Several Seattle players spoke bad about Graham after the game but now that he is one of their teammates after being traded this week it should be interesting to see how relationships take shape. One thing is for sure, linebacker Bruce Irvin doesn’t care if they are now teammates, he still wants a fight and let it be known via twitter after the trade happened. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NFL: DeMarco Murray Shows Up At UFC 185 In Dallas And Gets Booed’, Hears “Eagles Suck” All Night


DeMarco Murray found out last night just how quickly you can go from hero to enemy in sports. Murray was in the crowd for the UFC 185, which took place at American Airlines arena in Dallas, but the love for Murray is already gone. When he was showed on the jumbotron you might have expected to hears cheers but instead he was hit with boo’s and chants of “Eagles Suck” throughout the night. I guess they forgot it was Dallas that didn’t make a real effort to keep him. Then again some fans are just diehards that they don’t care what the reason you left it, all they know is you now wear another jersey.

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NBA: Mavs Richard Jefferson Worked With The FBI After Being Robbed Of Two Million Dollars


A pro basketball player working with the FBI is not something you hear everyday, but that’s exactly what happened when the NBA star had over two million dollars stolen from him by a former business manager. Rather than sitting back and letting the situation play out, Jefferson himself became part of the sting operation to catch the thief in his lies.

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NBA: Former NBA Player Was Forced To Work At McDonald’s After Blowing Millions Of Dollars


These types of stories are all too familiar with pro athletes, but this one is on another level. Former Indiana Pacers player David Harrison was a highly respected player coming out of college and the Pacers drafted him in the first round of the 2004 draft. He made close to $5 million in his short four year career before fizzling out and not being able to handle the pros. He wound up wasting all the money and having to take a job at a McDonald’s years later.

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(Video) NBA: Otto Porter Gets Stuffed At The Rim & Paul Pierce Has A Hilarious Reaction From The Bench


Otto Porter has only been making headlines for the wrong reasons lately. It wasn’t that long ago when he was playing stand still defense as play continued around him, and now he is being mentioned for another not so great reason. He tried to throw down an alley oop from John Wall last night but instead got nothing but the front of the rim. Now it was somewhat Wall’s fault for the bad pass, but either way the finish was ugly. Perhaps the funniest part of the entire play however was Paul Pierce’s reaction from the bench.

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(Video) Boxing: Mike Tyson Keeps It 100 When It Comes To Which Boxers He Couldn’t Beat


As long as you don’t piss him off, Mike Tyson has to be one of the best people ever to interview. Tyson was a guest on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Thursday night and things took a turn for the hilarious when Wilmore started his “Keep it 100″ segment and asked Tyson about which boxers from the past could he have beat, and who would have beat him down in the ring! The way Iron Mike answers some of the questions will have you dying.

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NBA: John Wall Calls Out The Memphis Grizzlies After The Wizards Beat Them Down


The Memphis Grizzlies came into D.C. last night and John Wall was prepared for a battle. Instead he barely got a game as the Grizzlies sat most of their star players. The Wizards wound up winning the game in blowout fashion, 107-87. You might think most players would be happy with an easy win, but it sounds like it pissed Wall off.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys Lose DeMarco Murray, Sign Darren McFadden As Replacement


The Dallas Cowboys got over the loss of DeMarco Murray pretty quickly, although that doesn’t mean they are better off for it. The Cowboys announced today they have agreed to terms with Darren McFadden, who has spent all of his injury plagued career with the Raiders. McFadden will not put up the same type of numbers Murray did, but if he can stay healthy he is not a bad option.

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(Video) NBA: Terrence Howard Says He Doesn’t Know Who Iman Shumpert Is After Iman Allegedly Dissed “Empire”


Terrence Howard is lying his ass off, but I will get back to that in a minute. Earlier this week reports surfaced that Iman Shumpert told a reporter the Fox hit “Empire” is ripping off from him and his girl Teyana Taylor. He allegedly claimed two characters on the show are direct copies of him and TT, as well as their style. Shump has since said he didn’t say that and a reporter purposely twisted his words. Regardless, someone caught up with Howard to ask him how he felt, and he claimed he didn’t even know who Shumpert was, but it seemed more like shade than sincere.

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(Video) Sports: Men Attempt Home Invasion Of Former NFL Player, Doesn’t Go Well


If you are going to be stupid enough to try and break into someone’s home, you better at least make sure they aren’t there to begin with. Two young idiots who attempted a home invasion now are wanted by police after their faces were plastered all over surveillance footage from cameras belonging to former NFL player and NCAA star, Alex Holmes.

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