(Photos) NBA: Matt Barnes Insinuates Derek Fisher Is A Snitch After Their Altercation


We still haven’t heard from the NBA regarding the altercation Matt Barnes had with Derek Fisher at the home Barnes owns with his estranged wife, Gloria Govan. We know they are looking into the events that took place that night but Barnes is wondering why they even knew about it in the first place. He basically called Fisher a snitch and not acting like a man by not just keeping the situation between those involved.

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(Video: Boxing: Yusaf Mack Goes From Claiming He Was Drugged To Do Gay Porn To Throwing “Coming Out” Party


Yusaf Mack must have figured there was no point in trying to stop a locomotive. That locomotive just happened to be the story about his gay past and all the evidence that accompanied it. It was discovered that Mack did some gay porn years back but his version was he was drugged to do it and didn’t even remember what he did. Eventually that story was weak so he gave in and just came clean, admitting that although he has 10 children with 6 different women, he is gay. He even went as far as to throw a party to celebrate his new life.

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(Video) NFL: Blood Brothers Get Arrested At Eagles/Cowboys Game For Fighting Each Other!


Blood might be thicker than water but to these NFL fans, it isn’t thicker than your favorite team! Three actual brothers were arrested last night after getting into a fight in the stands with each other. Apparently one of them is an Eagles fan and the other two are Cowboys fans and once alcohol and who knows what else was added to the situation, it led to someone getting knocked out.

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NCAAF: Missouri President Resigns After Football Players Threaten Boycott Over Race Related Issues


The Missouri Tigers football season hasn’t gone so well this year but they just scored a MAJOR victory off the field. Thanks to pressure from the players to bring the issue of race related incidents at the university to the mainstream media, president Tim Wolfe has decided to resign, after at first saying he would not step down.

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(Video) NBA: Khloe K & James Harden Make First Public Appearance Since Lamar Odom’s Hospital Stay


Not too long ago, Khloe Kardashian warned people to stop believing reports that were coming from unknown media sources as she sat by Lamar Odom’s hospital bed. One of those reports had Khloe calling things off with James Harden because her and Lamar decided to try and save their marriage. People close to her said that wasn’t true and that pretty much was made clear when she left the hospital for a couple days to go see Harden play in Houston. Last night she made it even more clear as the two appeared together publicly for the first time since Odom found himself fighting for his life.

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(Photo) NFL: Green Bay Packers Fans Report Cam Newton To The Police After He Tore Their Sign Down


Cam Newton may have thought it was petty of Packers fans to travel to Charlotte and hang a big banner inside the Panthers stadium, so he decided to tear it down. They didn’t take kind to that act and called the police on Cam, claiming the $500 they spent on the banner definitely wasn’t petty. They also revealed how “Ghetto” they think he is.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe On The Knicks Triangle Offense: “That Ain’t No F*cking Triangle, That’s A Square”


In case you were wondering what Kobe Bryant thinks of the Knicks version of Phil Jackson’s famed “Triangle Offense”, he let his opinion he heard loud and clear at MSG yesterday as he visited New York for likely the final time ever as a player.

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Sports: President Obama Backs Adidas Efforts To Change Team Names That Are Offensive


The whole controversy surrounding the name of the Washington Redskins has been going on for years now. The more time that passes, the screams for the name to be changed seem to get louder and louder, along with more pressure from certain people. One of those people now happens to be the most powerful man in the country in President Obama, who isn’t jumping on the bandwagon to change the name but is making it clear it’s something that needs to be talked about.

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NFL: Giants Officially Activate Jason Pierre Paul, Will Play For First Time Since Fireworks Accident


JPP is back and Giants fans couldn’t be more excited considering the weak ass pass rush the team has had most of this season. While it is still unclear how much Jason Pierre Paul will play, the fact he is active alone could give the team a morale boost.

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(Video) NCAAF: Louisville Fans Fight Each Other Despite The Fact Their Team Was Winning Easily


Fans at football games can always find a reason for a good brawl, regardless of how the action on the field is going. These Louisville Cardinals fans are prime examples of that because their school was up big over Syracuse today so you think everyone would be in good spirits. Nope! A small cluster of fans got into a nice fight in the stands for about 30 seconds before police showed up.

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