NBA: Steph Curry & Coach Steve Kerr Both Fined $25,000 For Their Actions & Comments Last Night


Steve Kerr and Steph Curry both knew they were going to be fined today, the only question was how much. Kerr pretty much went out of his way to earn the fine, as he criticized the referees in a very blatant way during his post game press conference in regards to foul calls on Steph. The issue with Steph was slightly more tricky because his actions resulted in a fan being hit in the face with his mouthguard and some people were calling for him to be suspended. Well there is no way in hell the league would suspend the MVP for a game seven of the Finals, so instead they both received fines of $25,000.

(Photo) NBA: Rihanna Is Happy That Lebron Is Taking The Cavs To Game Seven!


We all know Rihanna loves her some Lebron James. You can make the case she has been giving the King some lusty looks for a while now but earlier in the playoffs, she shut Instagram down with a sexy salute to #23! After Bron’s performance last night, finishing with 41 points to help carry the Cavs to a game seven against the Warriors, RiRi showed Bron some love again and it sounds like she is excited! Check the gallery!

(Video) NBA: Family Members Of Warriors Players Can Blame Jay Z & Beyonce For Being Stuck On A Bus


Ayesha Curry and other Warriors fans were just full of conspiracy theories last night. They didn’t start when the game was over either, the theories were in the air even before the game. Family members of Warriors players were on a bus to the arena when they were held on the bus at the entrance and not allowed to get off. That led Ayesha to tweet “10 mins til game time and the whole teams families are sitting here on a bus. They won’t let us in yet. Interesting tactic though. Again.” She then shared her “views” from the bus, all the while thinking the Cavs were playing mindgames. Turns out, Mrs. Curry and other people on the bus just were not important enough because the real reason they had to wait on the bus was because of Beyonce & Jay Z entering the arena.

NBA: Ayesha Curry’s Father Really Was Almost Arrested After Being Mistaken For Con-Man


Ayesha Curry tweeted to the world that she thought the NBA was rigged last night and people went off on her. She later apologized for being caught in the heat of the moment and proceeded to explain it was an emotional night because her father was “racially profiled” by police and almost denied entry into the game. It’s not that anyone thought she was lying about that, it just sounded like a poor excuse to justify her tweets but the incident did actually happen. It doesn’t seem so much like racial profiling as much as it does a case of mistaken identity.

(Video) NBA: J.R. Smith’s Daughter Is Proud Of Her Dad For Not Getting Kicked Off The Cavs


With all the hoopla that occurred during and after the game last night, it was easy to forget one of the best parts of the night actually happened before the game. J.R. Smith’s daughter, Demi, who came onto the court with Jamie Foxx, was being interviewed by ESPN’s Lindsay Czarniak live on air when she was asked “what is it like for you to get ready to see your dad play in this game”. Her answer was maybe the best thing ever.

(Video) NBA: Lebron Throws Down Crazy Alley-Oop, Trash Talks Steph After Blocking His Shot


Lebron owned Steph Curry, The Warriors and anyone affiliated with the Warriors last night, plain and simple. He put on a masterful, dominating performance, throwing his team on his back when they needed him most, finishing with 41 points for the second game in a row. When Bron gets going like that, there are bound to be some highlight type plays in there and he did not disappoint.

(Video) NBA: Steph Curry Gets Ejected After Fouling Out & Hits Fan In The Face With His Mouthguard


Last night was just not a good look for the Curry family. You had Ayesha Curry, ranting and raving that the league is rigged after the Warriors lost, showing she has had no sense of reality the past two years while her husband and the Warriors have had everything go their way. Then you had Steph himself, who played a decent game, finishing with 30 points, but he disappeared in stretches and let his frustration get the best of him when he picked up his sixth foul.

(Video/Photo) NBA: Ayesha Curry Gets Destroyed On Twitter After Saying NBA Is Rigged!


Ayesha Curry found out last night that people can love you but turn on you in the blink of an eye. Ayesha is still facing some backlash after she showed she is a very sore loser, as she tweeted the NBA was rigged last night shortly after her hubby, Steph, was ejected from the game after fouling out and then arguing with the ref. Everything has gone right for the Curry family the past two years and last night showed just how fake humble they might be thanks to the Cavs dominating performance.

Sports: Kim Kardashian Explains How She Knows For A Fact Her Father Didn’t Help O.J. Hide Evidence


Kim Kardashian apparently moonlighted as a detective when she was younger because she claims she did some investigating of her own when people were starting to think that maybe her father, Robert Kardashian, helped O.J. Simpson hide evidence after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman. The mysterious Louis Vuitton bag that people were convinced Robert took from Simpson’s house because it had clothing from the night of the murders and other evidence that would send Simpson to prison, was nothing more than her dad’s bag he had for years and was full of random, useless stuff.

NBA: Report, Cavs Wanted Draymond Green Suspended For Two Games


The Cleveland Cavaliers won game five of the NBA Finals thanks to the combined performance of Lebron James & Kyrie Irving, who together put up 82 points and gave the Cavs some life again. Many people believe the game would’ve never gone that way if Draymond Green hadn’t been suspended for hitting Lebron in the balls during game four. According to reports, behind the scenes the Cavs were lobbying anyone who would listen that Green should have gotten a two game suspension.

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