(Video) NBA: LOL, Kendrick Perkins Tries To Intimidate Tim Duncan, Check His Reaction


He thinks you’re a joke B! Kendrick Perkins is really irrelevant as far as talent goes on the court these days. The one thing he is good for is being the enforcer for the Thunder and being quick to pop off on other players. Last night he tried to push Tim Duncan and give him the ice grill, but check how the veteran Duncan reacted. Straight up laughed at him.

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NFL: Is This The Real Reason The Eagles Released DeSean Jackson?


The way the Eagles released DeSean Jackson last week and all the reports that were leaked, you knew there was more to the story than what was on the surface. The initial report was the Eagles were not comfortable with the “affiliations” Jackson had with alleged gang members back in California. The more time that has passed however, a different story is developing. One that has more to do with his relationship with the coaches and players in the Eagles locker room. You have to see what people within the organization had to say. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Says Knicks Could Be Trouble For Teams In The Playoffs


If you trust Phil Jackson’s opinion on basketball, then prepare yourself to see the Knicks pull off some upsets in the playoffs if they make it. As of right this moment technically they are the 8th seed, but the Hawks have two more games left than the Knicks do this season so anything can still happen. Earlier this week Tyson Chandler felt confident saying the Knicks could surprise people in the playoffs and make a deep run based on how they have played lately. Seems like Phil agrees based on one condition.

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NFL: Tennessee Titans Release Chris Johnson


After weeks of speculation the Tennessee Titans finally decided to release all pro running back Chris Johnson. Since his breakout season of 2009 when he rushed for over 2,000 yards he really has been below average as a running back in the league. Combine that with the fact he was scheduled to make $8 million dollars next season and you knew there was no way the Titans were going to keep him around. Running back is a position where it is very easy to fall off from one year to the next, but in Johnson’s case he has fell off for a few years straight now. He won’t be out of work for long though as he still has a skill set most teams would want. The New York Jets seem to be the front runners to sign him as their running game is pretty weak and none of their backs are fast as Johnson.

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NBA: So This Is How Pat Riley Convinced Lebron James & Chris Bosh To Come To Miami


Pat Riley is one smooth old dude. It wasn’t easy to bring the big 3 together in Miami and most people would not of been able to put it together. Turns out Riley had a very interesting sales pitch in his meeting with Bron & Bosh back in the summer of 2010, and obviously it sealed the deal.

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Boxing: Breaking The Bank! Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Makes Mindblowing Bet On Final Four!


What does a person who already has millions and millions of dollars do with their money? They try to turn it into even more millions of course. Floyd Mayweather is known for dropping large amounts of money betting on college and pro sports. His bets have ranged anywhere from $100,00 up to over a Million, but this reported bet he made for the final four blows all of that out of the water.

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(Video) NCAA: Adreian Payne Of Michigan State Throws Down Sick Dunk In Contest, Celebration Even Better


This dunk from the college dunk contest last night would of probably won the NBA version from this past all star weekend. Adreian Payne from Michigan State had the best dunk of the night which had the crowd going crazy. He then even made it better with the celebration.

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NBA: Really? Guess Which Rap Mogul Wants To Collab With Lebron James


Is this getting serious now or what? When most people first heard about Lebron remixing Jay Z’s “F*ckwithmeyouknowIgotit” track, they probably thought it was an April fools joke. Lebron was serious about the track though and has been getting praise from the hip hop community. First The Game said he was better than 88% of rappers out now. Now a mogul/super producer wants to collab with Bron on a track.

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(Video) MLB: Cardinals Matt Adams Shoves Fan In Crowd, Fan Responds With Not So Kind Gesture


Even pro athletes can be sore losers. Matt Adams of the St.Louis Cardinals tried to catch a ball that was drifting foul into the crowd. He ran out of room and a fan caught it instead without interfering with the play. Adams wasn’t too happy and gave the fan a little shove to show his frustration. While the push wasn’t all that serious it is still another example of fan/player interaction which usually never ends well. In this case the kid who caught the ball responded with his middle finger. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: OKC & Kevin Durant Stop Spurs From Winning 20 Straight Games


The San Antonio Spurs were in the middle of the longest winning streak in the NBA this season at 19 games, trying to make it 20, but ran into Kevin Durant & OKC and wound up catching a loss for the 4th time this season against the Thunder. Thanks to KD’s 28 points and a couple monster dunks by himself and Russell Westbrook, the Spurs were reminded that the path to the NBA finals will go through OKC. Hit the jump.

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