(Video) NBA: Kyrie Irving Is Not Here For Iman Shumpert Playing Pokemon Go


You better not come between Kyrie Irving and his yoga. You also better not be playing Pokemon Go around him or he might just snatch your phone. In a funny Instagram post this morning, Kyrie shared that he was up with Shump trying to get their yoga on, but Shump was too damn busy focusing on Pokemon Go at 7am! Kyrie already seems tired of it and when Shump tries to explain it to him he let’s him know how much he doesn’t care but that doesn’t stop him from going on with it anyway.

NBA: Woman Accusing Derrick Rose Of Sexual Assault In Civil Case Has Filed Criminal Charges As Well


The woman who is accusing Derrick Rose and his friends of sexual assault in a civil case, has also filed criminal charges against the Knicks star according to TMZ. Rose’s lawyers are crying foul because she waited more than two years to file a report with police but her own lawyers claim there are reasons for that.

NFL: League Tells Players They Will Be Fined $6,000 Anytime They Wear Yeezy Cleats But Adidas Might Pay Fines


The NFL is already cracking down on Yeezy cleats in their typical, no fun type of way. Last week both Von Miller of the Broncos and DeAndre Hopkins of the Texans, took to social media to show off their Yeezy 750 & 350 cleats respectively. As you would expect, the pics set twitter and Instagram on fire and they became as big of a story as the games themselves. Miller didn’t wind up wearing his in the actual game but Hopkins did and received a $6,000 fine for doing so. The NFL has now essentially banned the cleats, letting players know they will be fined $6,000 each time they wear them. Adidas, however has their own plan to keep players wearing them on the field, which includes covering the cost of the fines.

(Video) NFL: Seahawks Announce Their Plans For Demonstration During National Anthem


The Seattle Seahawks have been mentioning all week their intent to protest as a team this Sunday during week one of the NFL season. During one of their preseason games, defensive back Jeremy Lane sat on the bench during the national anthem while the rest of the team stood. Lane said he was supporting Colin Kaepernick despite the teams being fierce rivals. Lane caught some backlash for sitting but had the support of his teammates who decided to take it a step further and have a team focused protest. After a week of speculation as to what the team might do tomorrow, wide receiver Doug Baldwin took to twitter and let us in on the big secret and let’s just say it’s a bit underwhelming.

NFL: Broncos Brandon Marshall Loses Endorsement Over National Anthem Protest


Although the NFL can’t fine or punish players for not standing for the National Anthem, players can still feel the punishment in their wallets, just ask Brandon Marshall. On Thursday night for the opening game of the NFL season, Marshall decided to take a knee during the singing of the National Anthem, to support the stance of Colin Kaepernick, as well as his own. His decision has resulted in the loss of an endorsement deal with Air Academy Federal Credit Union.

NBA: Kevin Durant Is The Latest Athlete To Show Support For Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick has got everyone talking whether they like it or not. For the most part, athletes have been standing behind his decision not to stand, although there are definitely players in the NFL and other sports who don’t appreciate his stance. Earlier this week, Kap’s bay area brethren of Steph Curry stepped up and has his back, saying he “applauded” what he was doing. Now Steph’s new teammate, Kevin Durant, is also siding with Kap and explained why to Anthony Slater of Mercury News.

NFL: Police Union Offers To Pay Fines For NFL Players Who Pays Tribute To 9/11 Victims


While many people are out there worrying about whether Colin Kaepernick is going to stand for the national anthem, the NFL itself has been up to some very shady things. So many people have accused Kap of disrespecting our military and vets but I bet most of you have no clue the NFL actually CHARGED the government more than $6 million dollars last season to honor vets during games. As if that isn’t bad enough, they are also threatening to fine any player who pays tribute to 9-11 victims this weekend if they use any part of their uniform for the tribute. Luckily for players, they have a major supporter who is willing to step up and pay fines for any player who feels the wrath of the NFL.

(Video) NBA: Shaq Cracks Hilarious Kobe Bryant Joke During Hall Of Fame Speech


Shaquille O’Neal brought the house down with laughter during his Hall of Fame speech in Springfield, Massachusetts. After Allen Iverson left everyone teary-eyed and emotional, it seemed like a tough task to follow him but in classic Shaq form, he handled it smoothly and his speech wound up being just as good as Iverson’s in his own way. Shaq took a more funny approach to his speech besides thanking so many greats who paved the way for him.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Thanked Everyone From Jughead To Jadakiss In The Best Hall Of Fame Speech Ever


I’m still at a loss for words after watching Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame speech last night. It was the realest talk we’ve heard from an athlete in quite a long time. Sure, A.I. had a speech somewhat prepared but he barely read from it. Instead he spent most of the roughly 30 minutes just speaking from the heart and making everyone in the crowd and folks watching at home get emotional. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t a supporter of Iverson and didn’t want to see him win and that was on full display last night with the amount of love he was getting.

(Video) NBA: Yao Ming Kicked Off His Hall Of Fame Speech With A Joke About Allen Iverson & Practice


Yao Ming just delivered a great speech to open up the night at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. He set it off with a joke about Allen Iverson and practice that had the crowd roaring with laughter. From there Yao got very comfortable at the podium and you could feel how sincere he was with the words he spoke.

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