(Video) NBA: Dope! Damian Lillard Drops Freestyle Introducing His New Sneaker From Adidas


I got love for Damian Lillard and I love to see him winning. He genuinely seems like one of the more cool guys in the league and his humbleness has never left him. In his latest edition of #4BarFriday, he actually drops some bars himself and at the same time let’s us all in on a secret!

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(Video) NBA: Shots Fired! Phoenix Suns Ownership Trashes San Antonio Spurs In A Polite Way


For the most part, team executives and owners won’t take to social media to blast someone or a team, nor will they go on the news and rant about a topic. They are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard and because of that when they are feeling a certain type of way they have to be creative about how they go about it. Last night the Suns front office was PISSED at the Spurs for bring a half-ass team to Phoenix for the preseason game between the two teams.

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(Photos) NFL: What Made This Star Player Leave Twitter Behind??


I am surprised more athletes don’t leave twitter considering the level of ignorance some fans are able to portray towards them while hiding behind 140 characters. Baltimore Ravens star wideout, Steve Smith has had enough of the social media giant and will no longer be using it. The reason behind his decision? Smith feels eventually he is going to wind up trying to kill someone based off comments on his feed! Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Laura Govan Says Not So Fast About Her Sister Gloria & Matt Barnes Breaking Up


Laura Govan knows a thing or two about dating or being with an NBA player and because of that she is claiming the split between her sister Gloria and Los Angeles Clippers player Matt Barnes won’t last. The couple has been all over the news this week amid divorce rumors and trust issues within the relationship that have ultimately led to things being finished! Laura, who has four kids with former NBA start Gilbert Arenas, and was also linked to Shaq at one point says there is more to the relationship and they will be back at it in no time. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Lets Us See He Is Doing Just Fine After Surgery


If not for the big cast on his foot, you wouldn’t even know Kevin Durant just had surgery. Everyone affiliated with the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as doctors all seem to keep downplaying the seriousness of Durant’s fracture in his foot. The injury was caught early enough for it not to be a big deal long term and Durant seems comfortable with that theory. There are many times when star athletes get injured and kinda disappear from the scene and come off as depressed and sulking, but not KD. Judging by the pics he posted he is feeling good and doing just fine. He even got some new artwork done in is home courtesy of Delano Brown (@YeahLano). Hit the jump for the pics.

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(Video&Photos) Boxing: Justin Bieber The Boxer? Gets A Private Lesson From The Champ, Floyd Mayweather


Justin Bieber seems to be working on his physique as of late and you can somewhat see it in these photos. Being part of the money team comes with perks, like getting private training time with the best boxer on the planet, Floyd Mayweather. The two hooked up for a session and Floyd had Bieber putting in that work. Next time paparazzi try to roll up on Biebs, they better be ready!

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(Photos) Boxing: Stephen A. Smith Fires Back At Floyd Mayweather!!


Stephen A Smith wasted no time coming back at Floyd Mayweather for his comments he made earlier about Stephen A when Floyd really went in on him! Smith is known for speaking his mind and a response was inevitable! Wonder if Floyd will leave it be or have a come back himself? Hit the jump for more.

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(Audio)NBA: SMH, Donald Sterling’s Wife Shelly Refers To V.Stiviano As “African Black” During 911 Call!


Oh boy, I thought Shelly Sterling claimed she wasn’t racist? Who the hell refers to someone as an “African Black”? Anyway, audio of the 911 call Shelly made when she believed V. Stiviano broke into her home to harass Donald was released and the entire thing just sounds sketchy. She wants police to go but doesn’t want them to try and call Donald. Shelly herself is in France and called 911 after her gardener noticed Stiviano going into the home and called Shelly. And it doesn’t seem like Stiviano was there to harass Donald at all, not since they were found in the bedroom.

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(Video) NFL: Former Jet Braylon Edwards Puts Rex Ryan & Geno Smith On Blast!


It always seems easier to talk about someone when you no longer have to deal with them on a regular basis. When Braylon Edwards was on the Jets he never once spoke about Rex Ryan negatively, but now he seems to think Rex is selfish. When he speaks on Geno Smith he actually does make a little sense, but it seems Braylon forgot he had some off the field issues when he was with the Jets as well. Hit the jump. Do you agree with what he says?

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Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Is Not Done Talking! Goes Off On Stephen A. Smith!


Damn, I thought Floyd and Stephen A Smith were friends. Judging by the sounds of Floyd’s comments regarding Smith it damn sure doesn’t sound like too friendly of a situation. Floyd has been going off on everybody it seems this week, with his father and business partner, as well as Manny Pacquiao all subject to being put on blast by Floyd. He apparently does not like criticism from Stephen A. Hit the jump.

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