(Photos) NBA: Ah Man, It’s Getting Worse! Fans Go In On Lebron’s Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Hairline


It is no secret Lebron is struggling with his hairline, it has been happening for years. More recently though it appeared as if he got work done on his hair to maybe help regrow the follicles, I mean we all know he can afford any price. Sadly for Bron though sometimes hair loss just can’t be saved regardless of how much money you have to spend. It is clear at this point that Bron puts something in his hair to make it appear more full than it really is because the second he starts to play and sweat, that fake hair disappears quick! Some fans took notice last night and went in on the King!

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(Photos) NBA: Damian Lillard Shuts Down Twitter Troll With One Response


Fans sometimes think they can say whatever they want to athletes and they either won’t notice or won’t bother replying. Well Damian Lillard doesn’t seem to think like that and he reads his tweets. A young fan learned the hard way don’t come at Dame with criticism if you aren’t free from it yourself. This kid thought he could point out something about Lillard’s game, so in turn he went ahead and pointed something out about the Kid! LOL!!

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Misses Dunk Attempt & Kobe’s Reaction Is Priceless


Even the greats can mess up once in a while! Lebron was on a fast break last night against the Lakers and had a seemingly easy throw down off an alley oop pass from Kyrie, but to everyone’s amazement, Lebron missed the dunk! The crowd at the Staples Center sure loved it and Kobe’s reaction was just classic! The Cavs hung on to finally win a game though!

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Sports: WOW! You Won’t Believe Where O.J. Simpson’s Heisman Trophy Has Been All These Years


This is crazy! For years nobody knew where O.J. Simpson’s famed Heisman Trophy was located and all along it was just moving around the streets. And when I say streets, I really mean streets! A Homeless man has been in possession of the trophy for going on seventeen years now and if not for him contacting USC about giving it back and getting a reward, police would still have no idea where it was.

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(Photos) NBA: Uh-Oh! Was Nick Young Caught Creeping Behind Iggy’s Back??


Pictures lie all the time and I hope for Swaggy P’s sake that is what’s going on here. Nick Young doesn’t seem to realize someone was snappin’ pics while he appeared to be very close and comfortable with a woman who was not Iggy. No word on who the mystery woman is but it looks like he even wound up heading inside with her away from the view of cameras. Now again, it could be nothing, but you can form your own opinion by checking out the pics!

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(Video) NBA: Steph Curry Stars In Funny New SportsCenter Commercial


Check out Steph Curry in the new spot for SportsCenter where he gets a little too cocky.

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(18+Photo) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Josie Harris Goes Topless To Make A Point!


Floyd Mayweather’s ex girlfriend Josie Harris is showing the goods to the world, but for a reason. She may not be as well known as Floyd’s other ex, Miss Jackson, but Josie was in Floyd’s life for a much longer period of time and was the woman Floyd allegedly assaulted to earn him that short prison stay. Josie is a big advocate of breast feeding and doesn’t want it to be looked at as such a taboo type of thing so she is freeing her nipple to get the discussion going.

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NFL: Multiple Players Caught Up In Scam Involving Gucci & Sending Nudes!


Sounds like more than a few players are going to be embarrassed about this! It appears several NFL players was tricked into taking part in a scam that had them believing they were competing for modeling contracts with Gucci. The players are unnamed for now but once the full report is complete I am sure that will change. Some of the people perpetrating the scam even had the players believing some of them were talking bad about each other!

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(Photos) NBA: Crazy Clippers Fan Gets Tattoo Of DeAndre Jordan’s Face


There is a thin line between fan and fanatic sometimes and I can pretty much guarantee this kid is going to hate himself later in life for getting this crazy tattoo. Twitter user @luvLAClippers went and got a tattoo of DeAndre Jordan’s face after he threw down that monster dunk over Brandon Knight a couple years ago. What is more odd is he chose to place the ink on his upper thigh/hip area. Ummm….very strange! The ink itself looks dope but this was truly an idea that will be regretted.

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NBA: Report, Celtics Trade Jeff Green To Memphis Grizzlies!


According to a report just a short time ago, the Boston Celtics have agreed to trade Jeff Green to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Tayshaun Prince and a first round pick. The deal is being finalized as of right now. This move makes the Grizzlies even more of a threat to win the west as they add a solid defender, but also a scorer who can create his own shot. These two teams have been flirting for a few days and it appears they finally pulled the trigger on the deal.

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