NBA: Report, Carmelo Anthony Already Open To Being Traded!


Well this damn sure didn’t take long! Now Knicks fans you can relax for a minute, Carmelo is not asking to be traded. But numerous sources close to him are saying he is ready to waive his no-trade clause if Phil Jackson is able to locate a team Melo would be interested in playing for. This news pretty much gives us some insight into Melo’s current mentality after the WORST start in Knicks franchise history!

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Has NO Chill! Rips Teammates In Practice, Curses Out Team & GM!


You gotta love Kobe, you just have to! He will NEVER bite his tongue for anyone, doesn’t matter who it is! The Lakers season is already a joke this year, and Kobe knows his time is limited to actually be part of a winning team. Combine that with a ugly practice from his teammates and it set Kobe off! He stormed out of practice but made sure to curse out basically the entire team and GM Mitch Kupchak as he walked off saying ” These MF’s ain’t doing s*** for me”, amongst other things. Teammates said after the fact they weren’t mad at him and they kinda looked at it as he is trying to light a fire under them. I guess that could be part of it, but Kobe probably does have a part of him that can’t stand his teammates and the team he is on. I think he has earned the right to air his frustrations!

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(Photos) NFL: Dave Chappelle Joins Michael Sam At GQ Party With “Hands Up,Dont Shoot” Protest


GQ threw their annual “Men of the year” event last night and the stars were out. Michael Sam may no longer play for the Rams, but he still has a connection to the area and has been very interested in the situation unfolding recently in Ferguson. Dave Chappelle has also been very focal on Ferguson and even recently made it part of his stand up show. While the two were at the awards last night they made sure to show their support for Mike Brown, Ferguson and protesters. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NFL: Victor Cruz Hits Miami To Party With Hidden Knee Brace


Relax Giants fans, Victor Cruz isn’t in Miami doing his salsa dance or anything remotely close. He might be doing a two step at most as he came up with a way to be at a party and not have his knee brace the focus. Cruz hit Mia for a Crooks & Castles party presented by Hennessy V.S for Art Basel Thursday night. Despite the fact he’s recovering from a season-ending torn patellar tendon in his right knee that he suffered during a game back in October, Victor was seen laughing and having a great time at the party. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Dude Gets Sucker Punched In Bathroom During Bears/Cowboys Game


Why is damn near every fight you see at an NFL game happen in the bathroom. It seems to have happened much more often this season than any other in the past. Here we have two Bears fans getting into it, again in the bathroom. Can’t really tell who started it, but one guy shoves the other and then he catches a right hook to the face from the sideline. He appeared to take the punch well. Situation could of got much worse.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Prefers These Headphones Over All Others


Not that this is big news, but it appears Lebron really does prefer the Powerbeats by Dre over the classic style or any other headphone for that matter. He recently has only been seen wearing those specific ones and with the way people notice things, I wouldn’t be surprised if people gave up on the classic style. I am sure part of the reason he wears them when he comes from the hotel to the bus is so he can pretend he doesn’t hear the crowds always screaming for autographs. They’re tiny. They’re wireless and it’s a huge fashion change from the classic Beats by Dre headphones which are intentionally bulky and have become a fashion staple for tons of athletes.

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(Photos) NBA: Look Out! Blimp Inside Blazers Arena Falls, Trapping Some Fans


Fans at the Portland Trailblazers game last night against the Indiana Pacers got an unexpected surprise when an over sized inflatable blimp in the shape of appears to be a Ford Edge, fell from the rafters and wound up trapping some fans in their seats. Pictures were all over social media by nights end and thankfully nobody was hurt. The blimp was there courtesy of a dealership as it was part of a contest. Fans said it actually took a while to clear it away from people and out of the arena even though the arena crew was scrambling to get it done. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Daughter Of Former Dallas Cowboys Great Found Shot To Death


Dallas police are investigating the shooting death of Sharneen “Shawn” Norman, the daughter of former famed Dallas Cowboys player Pettis Norman. He said he and his daughter are incredibly close and after not hearing from her for several days, had asked police to enter her apartment at the DP&L Flats in downtown Dallas.Once inside investigators found Norman dead from a gunshot wound. Police are calling it a homicide.

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(Photo) NFL: Lil Boosie Is Giving Adrian Peterson His Full Support!


Not that the NFL or anyone involved in the appeal hearing for Adrian Peterson is going to give a crap, but a well known, well liked rapper is showing AP some love while he goes through this. Lil Boosie linked up with AP in Texas after Peterson returned home from New York where the meetings were going on. Boosie love sports and says Peterson “still sees greatness” in him and doesn’t hold anything against him for the way he disciplined his child. Having Boosie on his side won’t help him any in the courtroom but it’s cool to see some big names still showing love for him and not hiding cause some heat is on him. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Kyrie Irving Styles On The Knicks With His Signature Shoe & MCM Bag After Dropping 37!


Kyrie Irving has money to blow these days so why not put it to use. Fresh off taking over the floor inside MSG in a dominating 37 point performance against the Knicks, Kyrie was outside looking fresh too. His bag game is particularly nice, an MCM’s Stark Studded Large Backpack which usually between $800 and $900. Combine that with the fact he dropped his very first signature shoe with Nike yesterday, the K1 and Kyrie is definitely living right now. Hit the jump.

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