(Video) NBA: Lebron Sings “That’s My Sh*t” As Cavs Party On Team Plane After Big Win


Lebron James, JR Smith and the rest of the Cavs had a blast on the team plane after a huge series clinching win over the Bulls. Bron was in rare form, singing and dancing along to the Dream’s “That’s my Shit” while some of the other guys threw back some beers and chilled. They are entitled to a little good vibes after handling the Bulls with ease and moving on to get ready for the winner of Atlanta vs Washington. Whoever wins that series better be ready.

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(Photos) NFL: Bad Move! Tony Romo Joins Twitter & Gets Destroyed Right Away


Tony Romo joined twitted yesterday and he is probably already considering the idea of deleting his account. All it took was simple tweet that said “9” and the trolls were off and running. Romo had to expect this though and if he didn’t then today he is realizing just how many people hate him.

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NBA: Clippers May Have Choked Away Their Shot At Championship After Epic Collapse Against Houston


The Los Angeles Clippers had everything under control in their series against the Rockets. They had totally dominated two games in a row, and last night were well on their way to blowing out the Rockets and closing the series and moving on to the Western Conference finals. But in typical Clippers fashion, things fell apart and the entire team choked and Houston put on a comeback for the ages to steal the game and likely steal the series.

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NFL: Perjury Charges Against Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Dropped After Her Testimony Helped Convict Him


Shayanna Jenkins was facing prison time and fines herself for allegedly lying to prosecutors in the murder case of her fiancée, Aaron Hernandez. Her only way to possibly avoid those charges was to testify on behalf of the prosecution and they announced today that her charges were dropped, thanks in part to her cooperation.

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(Photo) NBA: LMAO! Someone Changed The Bulls Wikipedia Page To Show They Are Owned By Lebron James


The Chicago Bulls franchise literally probably has nightmares when it comes to Lebron. No matter what team they construct, or what game plan they come up with, they just can’t beat Lebron in the playoffs. Last night Bron and company eliminated the Bulls and it marks the fourth time in six seasons that he is responsible for ending the Bulls season, while they have never been able to do the same. Jerry Reinsdorf might be the real Bulls owner, but it is safe to say Bron owns them just as much!

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(Photos) NBA: JR Smith Throws A Very Direct Shot At The Knicks After The Cavs Beat The Bulls!


When JR Smith & Iman Shumpert were with the Knicks earlier this season, it seemed like every story you heard about them was negative or when their names came up it was because of a possible trade. The media and fans in the big apple really did their best to make these players feel uncomfortable and unwanted, despite the many fans now who are lying through their teeth about supporting them. Even Phil Jackson didn’t think much of them, trading them to Cleveland for virtually nothing. Well sometimes things are a blessing in disguise and leaving one of the worst teams in the league for one of the best was definitely a come up.

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(Video) Boxing: Saturday Night Live Ethers Floyd Mayweather With Domestic Violence Joke


I’m not sure how many people are going to find a joke about domestic violence funny but nonetheless, here we are. I’m sure the Floyd Mayweather haters out there will find it funny, but if other people who joke about domestic violence have to always issue this big apology and clear things up, then it will be interesting to see if SNL does, but it’s doubtful. Last night during the “Weekend Update” segment of the show, the topic of a Floyd vs Manny rematch came up and they used the opportunity to fire a shot at Mayweather.

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Sports: Say What? Two Weeks After Ugly Domestic Incident, Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson Get Married!


I realize Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson have been engaged to get married for a while now, but based on what happened just a couple weeks ago, it is surprising that they suddenly went through with the deed.

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NFL: Report, Patriots Are Expecting Lengthy Suspension For Tom Brady


The golden boy of the NFL may soon find himself watching Patriots games from home just like another fan. After the Wells Report was released and essentially called Brady a cheater and said he personally knew the balls were being deflated, reactions have been very mixed. The ball is now in the commissioner’s court and he is expected to rule this week but the Patriots are already preparing for the worst.

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Is Moving On, Talks September Fight, Says Pacquiao Can Be His Undercard


Floyd Mayweather has already said he will not give Manny Pacquiao a rematch because he is angry and tired of hearing excuses as to why he lost, instead of Pacquiao’s camp giving Floyd credit for the win. It appears he is serious because he is already mentally moving forward and preparing for a fight this September where he says he will be the one picking who he wants to fight and he doesn’t care what anyone says.

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