NFL: Geno Smith Gets Fine $12,000 For Cursing At Fan Last Week


Geno Smith is $12,000 lighter in his bank account today after the NFL hit him with the fine for cursing at a fan after the Jets loss to the Lions Sunday. Geno was already clearly frustrated and fans were letting him know how bad he was before he was seen using profanity towards one fan in particular before walking off the field. He knew right away he messed up and started off his post game press conference acknowledging such. With a vet like Mike Vick waiting to take over if given the chance you can’t blame Geno for being a little uptight but he will learn how to handle it. He has no choice but to.

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(Photos) NBA: Check The Pics!! Lebron Selling His Florida Mansion For $17 Million!


Guess Lebron doesn’t feel the need to keep his Coconut Grove home now that he has relocated north, and for a cool $17 million this luxury palace can be yours. The crib comes complete with 16,768 sq ft, 6 bedrooms, an infinity pool, wine cellar and dockage space that can accommodate two 60 foot yachts. Bron only paid about $9 million for it a few years ago so he stands to make a nice profit. Can never have enough money period! Check the pics.

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(Video) Sports: Hulk Hogan’s Family Involved In “Threesome” Reality Sex Show??


Hulk Hogan has not built up his brand to watch someone else tear it down and he is about to fight it out in the courts over it. Hulk’s nephew, David Bollea aka King David Hogan, a former pro MMA fighter, is banking off the family name in efforts to land a deal for his threesome based show that helps him and his girl pick one girl from a group of sixteen to join them, based off the style of any other wanna be dating show on VH1. The Hulkster is already threatening the nephew that he claims he has only met twice and he is not going to get away with using his family name for the show. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Agree Or Nah? Dwyane Wade Says HE Is The Best Shooting Guard In The League


This is one of those tough topics in sports. When someone asks a player do they think they are the best, if they are competitive enough it will be hard for them to say the name of an opposing player over their own. Sometimes though athletes have to be realistic and understand either their time has passed or just flat out their is someone better. D-Wade fell into the trap and while there is nothing wrong with saying he is the best SG in the NBA, many, many people, including myself would disagree quick!

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(Video) NBA: Lakers Players Answer If They Can Beat Kobe One-On-One, Swaggy P Gives Best Answer


None of these dudes have a shot in hell at beating Kobe one one one, but some of their answers were pretty funny. Nick Young of course provided the best answer to the question. He also may be the only player that could actually give Kobe a run for his money in a game of one on one if his jumper was falling. Check it out.

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(Video) NFL: Damn! Packers Eddie Lacy Runs Over Same Vikings Defender Twice


It was ugly last night for the Minnesota Vikings as the Packers jumped all over them en route to a 42-10 blowout win on Thursday Night Football. It was much uglier for Vikings safety Robert Blanton though as he made the highlight reel twice, but for the wrong reasons. He was on the wrong end of being run over by Eddie Lacy two separate times, including one for a touchdown. Lacy is a big boy and you better man up when trying to tackle him.

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NBA: He Isn’t Giving Up! Lamar Odom Writes Khloe Love Letters, She Offers Ultimatum


According to reports, Lamar Odom is currently going hard to get his wife, Khloe Kardashian back in his life and it actually may be working. The reports state Lamar has taken an old school approach and has been writing his estranged wife love letters in his attempt to win her back and show her how sorry he is. Allegedly she even agreed to meet up and talk, which is a win for Lamar. But she said nothing will ever happen unless he meets her ultimatum. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Dwyane Wade Happy Lebron Is Gone? Says Past Few Years Have Not Been Fun!


Was all the smile and laughs of the entire Lebron era in Miami a front? Not quite, but according to D-Wade in a recent interview, it definitely was not as happy as it seemed. He loves Lebron as a brother and their personal relationship is great, but it does sound like Wade wasn’t as happy as he would make the media believe during Bron’s tenure in South Beach. A few different things led to those feelings and Wade was very open about it. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Small Win For Aaron Hernandez?? Judge Says Some Evidence Against Him Can’t Be Used


This could potentially be a big win for Aaron Hernandez as he prepares for his murder trial to get underway in a few months. A judge ruled yesterday that certain evidence that police feel definitely link the former Patriots star to the murder of Odin Lloyd, as well as possible other murders, would not be allowed to be used against him. Such a seemingly insignificant ruling today could mean much more down the road. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: 49ers Star Vernon Davis Close To Deal With HBO For His Movie


It looks like “Captain Torpedo” is one step closer to production. That is the name of the short film Vernon Davis stars in as the title character. Project Greenlight is the name of a competition HBO is doing, where the winner will get to turn their movie into a full length feature Hollywood film. Captain Torpedo, which is a comedy/action film started as part of 200 films trying to win, and now it is in the final 10! Davis gets to continue playing the staring role if the movie wins which is good for him since he wants to act when he retires. Hit the jump for the trailer.

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