(Photos) NBA: Lebron James Personal Website Crashes After Fans Rush To Site For Answers


Fans are in a frenzy over Lebron’s decision and they just can’t handle it. After a “source” broke news yesterday that Lebron planned to announce his plans via his website LebronJames.Com at 3:30 pm, fans rushed to the site. The problem was even if Lebron really was going to do that nobody would of been able to see it because the website crashed due to the onslaught of unexpected traffic. Many fans hoping to read what he decided to do only got to see the main page of the site continue to “load” or even worse got a server error! Luckily for fans that rumor was totally untrue as we still are waiting to see what the King will decide to do. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Bad Sign For Knicks Fans? Carmelo Has Been Ignoring Texts From Phil Jackson!


Phil Jackson might have a “good feeling” about Carmelo returning to the Knicks but he wouldn’t be able to tell you that for sure because he hasn’t heard from Melo himself! In reports that came out yesterday, Phil is saying he feels confident that he made a connection with Melo and thinks they are on track to re-sign him but the same reports say Phil has been texting him and getting no reply for close to a week. That may be the reason the rumors of Melo giving strong consideration again to joining the Bulls after it seemed Chicago missed their chance. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: Joseline Hernandez Says She Slept With Kevin Durant & James Harden??


Did Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have her twitter account hacked? She has been going off today and it seems things are not well between her and Stevie J. She has been airing dirty laundry all day on twitter but people have been skeptical that she was hacked. Usually when someone is hacked the tweets are deleted soon after, but in this case the tweets are still there almost 12 hours later. She threw Kevin Durant & James Harden under the bus amongst others when she tweeted that she f*cked both of them and even tweeted a screenshot of her DM’s which had KD in there telling her he liked her hotel suite. Now to be fair we all know you can’t believe everything on the internet and images can definitely be altered or seem different than what they are. Hit the jump for the pics.

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(Video) Soccer: Tim Howard Makes One Last Save, This Time On A Fan Who Gets Too Close


Everyone in the U.S. wants a piece of Tim Howard now after his ridiculous performance for team USA in the World Cup. Even though they lost to Belgium, the effort he put forth in that game was monumental and literally was history making. As he returned home he thought he was done for a while having to make saves until a fan got too close and Howard had to block him. He did it smooth though to not disrespect the fan. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: LOL, Joel Embiid Blocks Lebron On Twitter After He Ignores His Tweets


Joel Embiid might have not played an actual NBA game yet, but he may have a career in comedy if basketball winds up not working out for some reason. The 76ers rookie big man who was just taken with the third overall pick in the draft has been on a mission via twitter to recruit Lebron James to join the Philadelphia 76ers. He has been tweeting at him for days and receiving no response from Bron. Apparently today he had enough of being ignored and decided to let the world know he is blocking Lebron on twitter. The funny thing is a few minutes later he tweeted that he needs Rich Paul’s (Lebron’s agent) twitter account so he can just work with him. The young kid is definitely funny and he needs that sense of humor as he recovers from an injury that will prevent him from making his debut until later in the season. Hit the jump.

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Boxing: Report, Amir Khan Arrested After Assaulting Two Men


It is being reported that world class boxer Amir Khan was arrested yesterday after hitting two different men. Reports said that neither of the victims were seriously hurt, with injuries to a cheek and a leg, according to police. They were apparently acquaintances of the boxer, although a direction connection was not established. The details so far as sketchy at best as nobody really seems to know why Khan hit the men and who they really were to him. The only fact so far is that he was indeed arrested and charged. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: He Runs NY! Joey Chestnut Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest Again & Proposes To Girlfriend


Joey Chestnut scarfed down 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his eighth consecutive championship, barely beating Matt Stonie at the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island on Friday. But Chestnut’s biggest victory came before the hot dogs were even rolled out. He surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her in front of the stage and even though he looks like a beast when he is devouring those dogs, she said yes. His girl is fellow competitive eater Neslie Ricasa. This win was Chestnut’s eighth consecutive victory in the hot dog eating contest.

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(Photo) NBA: Get Up! Jeremy Evans Of Utah Jazz Sets Vertical Leap Record


If you follow basketball, nobody would ever question the hops of Utah Jazz player Jeremy Evans. They might question his actual skills, but not his jumping ability. Evans, who won the 2012 NBA dunk contest was at the P3 sports science academy, where many other NBA and NFL athletes have gone to work out. Not too long ago rookie Andrew Wiggins was there and put up a vertical of 44 inches. Evans came in and bested that by just a half inch, but nonetheless he now owns the title of highest vertical leap out of NBA players. So it is no shock he has a dunk contest title under his belt, now he might just wanna work on being an actual better player. Hit the jump to see how high he got up.

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(Video) NBA: 76ers Rookie Joel Embiid Doesn’t Celebrate Fourth Of July, Here’s Why


Don’t ask Joel Embiid to come to your fourth of July cookout. He might show up and eat the food but he won’t care about the meaning behind the day. The way he explains it you can’t really blame him either. Cameras caught up with him after he left dinner at a Hollywood restaurant when they asked what he is doing for our independence day. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Does Chris Bosh Have A Secret Plan If Lebron Leaves Miami


Right now the Miami Heat organization is in shambles. They literally have no clue how their team will look next season and are basically waiting on Lebron’s decision before they make any moves. Chris Bosh & Dwyane Wade have also opted out although the odds of Wade leaving regardless of what Lebron does are very slim. Bosh however may have a trick up his sleeve. According to reports he has quietly been talking with another team that he would have no problem going to if Lebron leaves the Heat.

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