NBA: Pau Gasol Wants To Freeze His Sperm If He Plays In The Olympics Due To Fear Of Zika Virus


Pau Gasol is still undecided if he will play with Spain in the Rio Olympics but if he does go, he is planning on freezing his sperm in case he contracts the Zika virus while in Brazil.

NBA: Report, Bulls Would Prefer To Trade Derrick Rose Instead Of Jimmy Butler


The drama continues to play out in Chicago following a terribly disappointing season. Once named one of the favorites to win the eastern conference, the Bulls didn’t even make the playoffs while under the guidance of first year coach, Fred Hoiberg. When a team with that much talent underachieves, there is bound to be some type of fall out and it feels like one way or another, the team will look different next season. As rumors continue to swirl around possible trade scenario’s involving Jimmy Butler, the Bulls reportedly would much rather move Derrick Rose and focus on Butler as the franchise player.

(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Adds Almost $40 Million Dollar Private Jet To His Collection


Some of us can only dream of ever riding in a private jet once in our lives. Floyd Mayweather now owns two private jets himself so if you’re friends with him you might have a chance. The leader of the money team reportedly spent close to $40 million dollars on his newest toy and judging from the pics and knowing his style, no expense was spared.

(Photo) NBA: Laura Govan Claims Her Sister Slept With Gilbert Arenas, Gloria Claps Back


Laura Govan has had an ongoing beef with her estranged husband, Gilbert Arenas, for a long time now. Maybe she got tired of just beefing with him because she decided to also attack her sister with claims that she was sleeping with her husband behind her back. Gilbert himself was quick to shoot that down, as well as Matt Barnes, who has been in the picture with the Govan’s for years thanks to his marriage to Gloria. Last night, Gloria decided to respond herself and it’s safe to say there won’t be any family gatherings anytime soon.

NBA: Gross Or Nah? Steph Curry Mouthguard Going For Auction & Its Expected To Sell For How Much?


Some “lucky” fan is about to own a piece of history, despite how unsanitary it might be. Everyone knows Steph Curry loves his mouthguards and likes to chew on them while he is playing even more. Turns out there are some fans who like his mouthguard’s just as much and are willing to dish out some serious cash to own one of them.

NBA: CryingJordan.Com Redirects To The Cavs Website But The Reason Is Not As Sinister As You Think


The buzz in the digital sports world the past 24 hours or so has been the fact that someone noticed the website “CryingJordan.Com” is currently redirecting to the Cleveland Cavaliers website. At first glance it may look like the owner of the domain was throwing shots at the Cavs, as they are likely to wind up with all types of memes showing their players with the crying Jordan face if they lose game 6 or a possible game 7. After a little bit of reading however, the person who owns the website seems to mix things up with where the site goes and apparently he forgot what redirect he had set it up for.

NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Confirmed For Olympic Team, James Harden Joins List Of Stars To Pass


The roster for Team USA basketball for the Rio Olympics is starting to look real sketchy. Most of the biggest stars in the NBA have decided to pass on taking part in the games, leaving us with the best of the rest type of squad. In a bit of good news, DeMarcus Cousins was confirmed yesterday that he made the team and so far is the only player to officially be confirmed. Just yesterday, both Russell Westbrook and James Harden announced they would skip the games, joining Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, LaMarcus Aldridge and others.

(Video) NBA: Jimmy Kimmel On Steph Curry’s New Shoes “They Are So White They Just Endorsed Donald Trump”


Everyone is getting in on the jokes about Steph Curry’s newest pair of Under Armour kicks. The “Chef Curry” lows have been getting roasted for a couple days now and Jimmy Kimmel made sure he had some fun with it too. Steph last night was asked about them and he said they are “fire” but what do you expect him to say? Judging by the way he laughed when he was asked about them though, he knows this was a big miss by UA. Kimmel showed us what they really are good for and it’s one of the best things you will see today.

(Video) NBA: Jeff Van Gundy Shared An Incredible Story About O.J. Simpson & The 1994 NBA Finals


I have no clue if there is any truth to this story but it’s so amazing I don’t think most people will care. It’s unlikely that Jeff Van Gundy randomly made up a story about the day of the O.J. Simpson chase back in 1994 but it is possible he was just messing with viewers of game four of the NBA Finals last night. He claims the reason Simpson made his friend Al Cowlings drive so slow during that infamous police chase was because O.J. wanted to hear the rest of the NBA Finals game on the radio that night between the Knicks & Rockets!

(Video) NBA: Cavs Partial Owner, Usher, Goes Out Of His Way To Show Love To Warriors After Lebron Snub


Clearly, Usher didn’t go show the Warriors players some love out of spite for Lebron not showing him much love at the end of the game but it definitely looked like that, which is what made this funny. To be honest, since he is a partial owner of the Cavs, Usher really had no business being anywhere near the Warriors locker room to congratulate Steph & Draymond. The whole scene was just weird. He looked like a fanboy instead of someone who owns a portion of the team the Warriors just beat down.

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