(Video) NBA: Golden State Warriors Visit The White House & President Obama Has Jokes For Days


President Obama was definitely “clowning” when he had the Warriors inside the White House yesterday. The reigning NBA champs were there to visit the President like every other championship team has but the POTUS seemed to have alot of fun with them. The jokes were on point and makes you realize whoever the next president is, they just won’t be anywhere near as cool as President Obama has been.

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(Video) NBA: Reggie Miller Challenges Drake To All-Star Ping Pong, Says “Don’t Treat Me Like Meek Mill


Reggie Miller laid down a challenge to Drake in his hometown for All Star weekend and he accepted. The two will face off in some type of ping pong battle in Toronto after Drake confirmed on twitter he was in. That prompted Reggie to speak about it during the Knicks vs Pistons game which he was calling on TNT. Of course, anytime someone mentions Drake, the name Meek Mill will usually be soon to follow. Reggie is already asking for mercy, hoping Drake doesn’t treat him the same.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Got Dunked On, Came Right Back With Game Clinching Shot, Adds Finger Wag For Good Measure


The Lakers surprisingly looked pretty decent last night. I realize it was against the lowly Pelicans but still! Kobe in particular looked good as he dropped 27 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. Late in the game however, he had to be reminded he doesn’t have the hops he used to, as Ryan Anderson threw down the hammer on him. In classic Kobe style though, he came right back down the court and buried the game clinching three point shot and threw in a Dikembe Mutombo style finger wag.

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NBA: Kristaps Porzingis & His Agent Did All They Could To Avoid Being Drafted By The Sixers


Kristaps Porzingis and his agent, Andy Miller, pretty much went out of their way to make sure KP didn’t wind up in Philly, with the habitual losers in the Sixers. No young player really wants to go into an environment where they want you to lose but each year, someone has to be picked by Philly. Porzingis was not going to allow it to happen.

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(Video) NFL: Kam Chancellor Shows What Happened To His Hands From Playing Outside In Minnesota


The Seattle Seahawks had to go to Minnesota and play the Vikings the open weekend of the NFL playoffs. They came away with the win before eventually falling to the Panthers the following week. The after effects of the insanely cold temperature in Minnesota from that day, which was around -21 with the wind chill, are still hurting Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. He showed off his snake skin looking hands on his Instagram page. Frost bite is not fun!

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NFL: Report, Woman Claims Giants Jay Bromley Tried To Rape Her At Hotel


Giants defensive end Jay Bromley is under investigation by police after a woman claimed he tried to rape her and then attempted to run her over with his car when he left.

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NFL: *UPDATE* Police Called For Another Dispute Between Johnny Manziel & His Girlfriend


Back in October Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend Colleen Crowley were involved in a dispute in a car that led to police being called. The couple admitted to fighting and Johnny admitted he had been drinking but no arrests were made. Today police were called again for a dispute involving the couple and the story is still developing.

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(Photos) NBA: Manny Pacquiao Apparently Thinks He Is Steph Curry


If you have seen Manny Pacquiao box then you know his hands can be a thing of beauty at times. If you have seen him play basketball then you know when it comes to that sport it is totally different! Nobody will use words like graceful to describe his game. Words like “terrible” or “ugly” will come to mind first.

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NFL: Former Player Arrested & Charged With Being Part Of Violent Drug Trafficking Ring


Former NFL Running back Derek Loville, who played with a few teams and actually won two Super Bowls with the Broncos is now under arrest and facing very serious charges. Police say he was part of a brutal, violent drug trafficking ring after his playing career ended.

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NFL: Chargers Decide To Remain In San Diego For 2016, Could Still Change After That


San Diego Chargers fans can rejoice……for now! The team announced yesterday that they will remain in San Diego for the 2016 season and they will continue to work with the city on a new stadium. They did however agree on a plan with the owner of the newly minted Los Angeles Rams to still possibly move to LA for 2017 and share the stadium.

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