(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook And Marc Gasol Got Into An Altercation During Their Preseason Game


Russell Westbrook and Marc Gasol have had run-ins in the past but those games actually mattered so it’s easy to understand the competitive juices of each player getting the best of them. Last night was a meaningless preseason game and the two players still had to be separated before a real fight may have broke out.

NBA: Lebron James Is Already Sending Plenty Of Kids To College And He Is Ready To Take Classes As Well


Last year Lebron pledged $41 million dollars to send 1,100 kids to college without them having to worry about any financial burden. James’ foundation previously secured full scholarships to University of Akron for all kids who complete his “I PROMISE” program and fulfill some other requirements. Yesterday he announced the establishing of the “I PROMISE institute” on the campus of Akron to give them the tutors and support necessary to ensure they graduate college. James’ inaugural class of third graders are now in eighth grade. The institute will be in place by the time the kids begin college. According to Lebron himself, the kids won’t be the only ones going to college as he plans on taking classes himself.

(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Appears Over His Suicidal Thoughts As He Hangs Out With Floyd Mayweather


Just two days ago Adrien Broner was on Instagram posting suicidal thoughts and saying he was going to kill himself at 3pm. He even posted a picture of a handgun to show he wasn’t joking around. Some people sent their prayers and hoped friends and family would intervene, while many other people thought he was doing too much and being dramatic. Regardless of how you felt at the time, Broner may have been temporarily going through something but after posting this video of himself and Floyd Mayweather balling in the Bugatti in Las Vegas and talking about robbing the bank with no mask, it appears he is just fine.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Claims He & Lebron Wanted To Be In Chicago Before They Signed With Heat


Could you imagine a backcourt of Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose before his injuries when he was still in his prime? What if you then put Lebron James at the small forward spot. Would anyone have beaten them? We will never know but according to Wade, the Chicago Bulls were the preferred landing spot for himself and Lebron during the free agency summer of 2010. He claims they only wound up with the Heat when they showed last minute that Bosh could be added as well.

NBA: Draymond Green Rips Paul Pierce & Others For Criticizing Kevin Durant’s Decision


Draymond Green is tired of all the criticism Kevin Durant has received since becoming his teammate and fired back yesterday at those who have been talking too much. You already know how it goes. Everyone from sports media to barbershops to just your circle of friends has mentioned back in the day star players would never join forces like that, or people questioning KD’s competitive drive in general for joining a team that just beat him in the playoffs. Paul Pierce has been one of those people talking since the decision was announced and earlier this week he talked about it again during an appearance on SiriusXM NBA radio, where it was clear he must have forgotten he won his only title thanks to a superteam.

(Video) NBA: Chris Paul Put Damian Lillard On Skates With This Behind The Back Crossover


Damian Lillard is a legit MVP candidate this season and he will have many highlights along the way but last night, his ankles felt the pain, courtesy of Chris Paul. Lillard dropped after Paul hit him with a quick, behind the back crossover in the third quarter of their preseason game, which the Clippers eventually won. Now to be fair, Lillard does step on Blake Griffin’s foot during the play, which contributed to the fall but without taking credit away from Paul, Lillard was already off balance and leaning even before Griffin’s foot came into play.

(Photos) NBA: OKC Thunder Paid Tribute To Terence Crutcher During Game In Tulsa Last Night


It was less than a month ago when Tulsa police shot and killed Terence Crutcher as he walked towards his car with his hands in the air. He was never under arrest and was in fact the person in need of help as his car broke down in the middle of the road. For reasons still unknown, arriving police officers decided to treat him like a suspect instead of someone needing assistance and when officer Betty Shelby thought he was reaching in his window for a weapon, she shot and killed him. She never bothered to use a taser and on top of that, video has proven that window she thought Crutcher was reaching into was actually closed.

(Video) NBA: Lebron, Carmelo, Steph Curry & Many Other Stars Share Their Thoughts On The Upcoming Season


In less than three weeks the 2016-17 NBA season will tip off when the Knicks and Cavs face off in the first game of the year. There is even more excitement heading into this season than usual thanks to the way the finals ended with Lebron & Kyrie’s epic plays and the superteam of superteams currently located in the Bay Area with Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder for the Warriors. The Warriors aren’t the only team with major changes however, as the Knicks, Spurs, Hawks, Rockets and a few others have major roster adjustments since last season ended. With that said, many of your favorite players shared their thoughts on things to come this season, with some saying much more than others.

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr & Antonio Brown Were Both Fined Roughly $24,000 For Different Reasons


The No Fun League is at it once again, hurting the pockets of their players with enormous fines that aren’t warranted. This week both Odell Beckham Jr and Antonio Brown were fined around $24K each for taunting and celebrating, respectively.

(Video) Sports: Ecuadorian Soccer Star Reportedly Faked An Injury To Avoid Arrest For Child Support


There is nothing funny about being a deadbeat father but I have to admit, the lengths that Enner Valencia went to, just to avoid arrest for back child support is pretty humorous. Valencia plays professionally in England for Everton but he recently returned to his native Ecuador to play in a 2018 World Cup qualifying game against Chile. While at practice this week, police, as well as a lawyer for the child’s mother showed up to try and have him arrested for the $17,000 he allegedly owes in back child support. Some of the cops there decided not to arrest him but that was far from the end of this story.

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