(Video) Sports: So Graphic! Soccer Player Gets His Leg Snapped In Half After Tackle


Warning you guys now. If you have a weak stomach this video may not be for you. This is not one of those plays where we tell you what happened but you can’t see a great shot of it. This video even zooms in on the player’s right leg just dangling in the wrong direction as he looks like he wants to die. You can even hear the “crack” noise of his bone snapping after the slide tackle from the defender. Who says soccer can’t be dangerous?

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(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Is Up To His Usual Antics As He Easily Defeats John Molina Jr On NBC Boxing


The crowd booed alot at the mention of Adrien Broner’s name but the only thing he cared about was hearing his name announced as the winner after easily handling John Molina Jr. The fight started off shaky for “The Problem” but he took control shortly thereafter and dominated Molina, at times literally toying with him and talking in his ear most of the fight. Molina attempted to blame Broner for running but in reality he had no chance to win this fight and was clearly overmatched. The final scores were (120-108,120-108,118-110) all in favor of Broner who definitely needed this fight to get back on track. During the fight and after Broner was being Broner with his comments and straight clowning Molina in the ring. End of the day the fight was easy work for AB!


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(Video) NBA: OMG! JR Smith Destroys Brandon Knight’s Ankles Something Terrible!


Poor Brandon Knight, how can you not feel bad for this guy? He has been on the wrong end of way too many posterizing type plays in his career. DeAndre Jordan dunked all over him, Kyrie embarrassed him among others and now JR Smith just made him look up at the ceiling after putting him flat on his back! To top it off, JR hit an open Kevin Love for the three pointer to complete the play. One of these days, a highlight play will finally go Knight’s way.

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(Video) NFL: Ray Rice Kept Busy Playing In Touch Football League


Ray Rice found a way to keep himself in football shape after he was cut by the Ravens and suspended from the NFL back in September. He just randomly showed up one day at a Baltimore area “rough touch” football league and proceeded to put on a show. The guys from the league all welcomed him after he asked if he could join and it made the rest of the players want to step their game up, but it was useless compared to Ray they said. Rice wound up making a game winning interception and the players on the squad went crazy. This football season I’d expect to see Rice playing with NFL guys instead.

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(Photos) NBA: After Ugly Game, Lebron Clears His Mind At Gold Room In ATL With Young Jeezy & More


Things might not have gone so well on the court for Lebron last night against the Hawks, but he still had a good night in the ATL. Bron hit up Gold Room after the game and didn’t appear to care how he looked for the club, going super casual. He posed for a bunch of pics I’m sure and relaxed in VIP with Young Jeezy, Kenny Burns and others. The loss to the Hawks didn’t seem to bother as much from the looks of things. Check the gallery! You Know Bron got a wife so don’t expect nothing crazy.

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NBA: Report, Clippers Sign Nate Robinson To 10-Day Contract


The LA Clippers are 40-22, 2nd in the Pacific Division and currently No. 5 in the Western Conference standings. And today, they’ve reportedly added what they hope is the missing piece to the puzzle, signing free agent guard Nate Robinson to a 10-day contract. Personally I am not sure Nate helps them much considering the type of players they have, but at the very least he will provide good energy off the bench. The deal was announced just a short time ago and new teammate Matt Barnes already welcomed him via twitter. Check the gallery!

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NFL: Marshawn Lynch Signs New Contract With Seahawks Which Includes Huge Raise


The Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch, signed a two-year extension Friday after meeting with Seahawks officials, including team owner Paul Allen. The extension keeps him under contract with Seattle through the 2017 season, but more importantly includes a massive raise for the 2015 season, when he will make $12 million, according to agent Doug Hendrickson. Lynch was scheduled to make $7 million for the 2015 season. Hendrickson said the deal includes an additional $24 million for the 2016 and 2017 seasons should Lynch, 28, continue his career into his 30s.

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(Video) Boxing: He Still Got It! Roy Jones Knocks Out Willie Williams With Ease


Look, I get it. Roy Jones has a passion for boxing and he just can’t leave it alone. But somebody needs to talk some sense into this guy and tell him to enjoy retirement and calling fights for HBO. Jones knocked out a very inferior opponent last night named Willie Williams, who had a record of 14-8-2! Jones made easy work of him, knocking him out in the second round, but that’s not my issue. A boxer the caliber of Roy should not resort to fighting in half empty arenas that look like they are on some fairground. Maybe Roy needs money, I have no clue, but he can’t be earning much for fights like this anyway. Good news is he still appears to be in good shape as a fighter, but then again his opponent was barely that.

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(Photo) NBA: Report, Marc Gasol Has No Interest In Knicks, Drops Hint About Possible New Team


Knicks fans…you can all let go of the hope that we were going to be able to sign Marc Gasol in the off season and steal him away from Memphis. He just made it very clear that New York will not be a destination for him and can you blame him? The entire franchise is a joke, and with the exception of the 2012-2013 season, we have been a joke for over a decade. Hopefully things will turn around next season, but Gasol won’t be apart of it. He did however drop a hint to a new possible location.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Repeatedly Says “I Suck” After Cavs Lose To Atlanta Hawks


The Atlanta Hawks scored 25 points in the 4th quarter to rally and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 97-106 on Friday night. LeBron James finished with 18 points and 6 rebounds, but also added a season-high 9 turnovers. It was clear he was not happy with himself after the game, especially considering this was a matchup of what most people consider the best two teams in the east. It can be expected since he is his toughest critic. Bron can relax though, because if they meet in the playoffs basically nobody believes the Hawks could beat the Cavs in a seven game series.

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