Sports: Did Paparazzi Run David Beckham Off The Road & Cause Him To Crash Hit Motorcycle?


This story is still developing but early reports indicate that soccer star and international icon, David Beckham was involved in a motorcycle crash this morning. Those same reports say Beckham is ok and walked away from the crash, but the more disturbing part could be why he wound up crashing. People close to David say paparazzi caused him to swerve out of control and go off the road! We need to get laws in place when it comes to media and paparazzi because this could of been much worse! Hit the jump.

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NFL: Report, Will A Secret Phone Calls Between Jerry Jones & Adrian Peterson Cause Trouble For Both?


The NFL finds out about everything, even if you didn’t mean to hide something from them. There are reports that there was a phone call between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Vikings all world running back Adrian Peterson and the call centered around possibly getting Peterson to the Cowboys. Obviously Jerry would love that but AP is still under contract and now that the details of the call were leaked out, everyone involved is trying to cover their a**, but it may be too late.

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(Photos) NBA: Poor Swaggy P, Nick Young Actually Thought A Real Life Purge Was Happening!


A couple weeks ago, posters of “purge” happenings went viral and had people in certain cities on extra alert. Most people knew the posters were a joke, but there were still some events that sided with caution. Some college and high school football games in the Louisville area were cancelled just to be safe, but of all people it appears Lakers Nick Young thought the posters were real! He sent the posters to his followers on twitter and then judging by his tweets following, he really thought s**t was about to go down! I wonder if he barricaded his home temporarily getting ready to keep all the murderers out. Thankfully for Swaggy P there was never anything to worry about. Hit the jump for his tweets.

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Boxing: Report, Mayweather vs Pacquiao Will Finally Happen In 2015!


We have all heard this before over and over like a new song on the radio. Does anyone even care at this point if we ever see Floyd Mayweather in the ring with Manny Pacquiao? I am sure some boxing fans still want to see it but it has definitely lost it’s luster with all the failed attempts back and forth to get them in the ring. According to super promoter Bob Arum, these two will finally face off next year and negotiations have already begun. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Report, Phoenix Suns Trying To Ruin Kevin Love Trade To Cavs With Their Own Offer


The proposed trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves that would send Kevin Love to the Cavs in exchange for Andrew Wiggins & others can be completed tomorrow. With time running out the Phoenix Suns are trying to throw a late offer to make the Wolves think twice as they are trying to trade Eric Bledsoe for Love. Now Andrew Wiggins for Love sounds much better and most people are aware of that but the Suns are trying to add other pieces to it as well. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Ok Breezy! Chris Brown Catches Defender With Crazy Crossover At Roc Nation Charity Game


Last night the Barclays Center in Brooklyn was packed with stars and celebs who came out for the Roc Nation charity basketball game. Chris Brown was on the court and was showing he has more skills than just singing. He may of been going extra hard cause Rihanna was closely watching but Breezy hit someone trying to guard him with a crazy but slow crossover that still sent the dude down to the floor checking his ankles.

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NBA: Say What?? Steve Nash Uses Some Very Un-Friendly Words To Describe Kobe Bryant


If you follow basketball throughout the years, you already know Kobe is not one of the more friendly guys around the NBA. He can come off as very cold, especially to his own teammates. As his career winds down, a documentary is being made on Kobe and as part of that doc, opponents and teammates are being asked to describe Kobe in just a few words. Steve Nash obviously had no chill when it came to this and spoke his mind freely. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Damn! NFL Rookie Mike Evans Gets In Huge Brawl With Bouncers At Nightclub!


Johnny Manziel’s favorite target in college is making a name for himself in the NFL before he ever plays a real snap. Mike Evans, who was drafted with the #7 overall pick in this past NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Bucs was involved in a huge brawl at a club in Miami, but the timing of when it happened is being disputed. The person who shot the video says the footage was captured Saturday night. However, Mike’s agent insists the incident took place back in March. While Evans — who just turned 21 yesterday — unloads on the staff, a person who appears to be in Mike’s entourage throws a punch at a bouncer … and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

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(Video) Sports: Serena Williams Shatters Window With Tennis Serve, But All Eyes On Her Backside


Yesterday we showed you guys the pics of Serena Williams playing tennis with David Letterman while her a** was looking crazy in her white skirt. Today we got some video for you. Her serve is powerful enough to shatter glass, but again, her skirt steals the show for anyone watching.

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NBA: JR Smith Says He Wants To Do What With The Knicks This Season?


The words leader and JR Smith typically do not get used in the same sentence. Smith tends to come across as the stereotypical self-serving athlete who is only worried about getting his on the court and not much else. However looks can be deceiving and there are numerous stories of him being a good guy as well. It seems he may be maturing as he has been in the NBA for quite some time now and is ready to focus on being a leader on this young Knicks team. Hit the jump.

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