Sports: Draft Kings & Fan Duel File Lawsuit Against NY Attorney General To Prevent Ban Of Fantasy Sports


Earlier this week, New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, ordered companies Draft Kings & Fan Duel to cease operations in the state. He wants to ban fantasy games in New York and he made the order go into effect immediately, essentially shutting down both of the huge daily fantasy sports leagues. It didn’t take long for them to fire back, as they filed a lawsuit to prevent the ban and asking the court for help.

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NBA: Report, Lamar Odom Can’t Recognize Friends & Family, Doctors Fear Brain Damage


Lamar Odom’s condition has improved dramatically since his drug overdose that landed him in the hospital. According to Khloe Kardashian however, there are some long term impacts that Lamar may have to face and brain damage is very possible. Khloe revealed Lamar knows he had a brain injury but he actually has no idea why. She claims nobody has told him what actually happened because they don’t want to set him back. He also is reportedly unable to recognize people that he has known for years and it has doctors very worried.

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NFL: Texas A&M University Files Lawsuit Against Indianapolis Colts & Owner Jim Irsay


Texas A&M University had a trademark on the “12th man” phrase and they are serious about protecting that. They are now taking the Indianapolis Colts and their owner, Jim Irsay, to court for constantly ignoring the trademark the school has and using the “12th man” phrase for years with their own fans.

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(Video) Sports: Redman Wants To Make Walkout Music For Ronda Rousey


Redman is a big fan of Ronda Rousey, even comparing her to Mike Tyson. He likes her so much in fact, he really wants to perform a walkout song for her before one of her fights. It’s too late for that to happen this time around but you never know. She might get wind of what Red wants to do and make it happen for the next time.

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NBA: Kevin Garnett Mentions Steph Curry In The Same Sentence As Michael Jordan


Let’s be clear here. Kevin Garnett is from Chicago and grew up there during Jordan’s best years in the league. He is in no way comparing MJ to someone like Steph Curry but the fact we are at a point where they are being mentioned together is just beyond crazy to me.

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NBA: JR Smith Reveals How Upset He Really Was When Phil Jackson Talked About His Personal Life


Phil Jackson didn’t have the most flattering things to say about former Knicks players Iman Shumpert and JR Smith during this past off season. The harshest criticism was saved for JR at the time, as Phil aired out some of the personal talks they shared when Smith was still with the Knicks. It came off strange at the time that Phil would reveal a private conversation to the media and judging by Smith’s comments yesterday about it, he felt the same way.

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(Audio) NFL: Ray Lewis Releases Snippet Of His New Song And It Sounds As Terrible As You Might Expect


I don’t know about you but I can’t get jiggy to this sh*t! I have no clue who put the battery in the back of Ray Lewis to start making music but it should have stopped there. Nobody around him should have let him actually release the music to the public because, well, it’s freaking Ray Lewis and he doesn’t know a damn thing about making music. Yesterday he released a snippet of his song “Can You Stand The Rain” and even though I have no idea how the song ends, I know it’s terrible. I’m all for people stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things but this did not go well.

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(Photos) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins On Charles Barkley “Tough Guy For The Cameras, Cupcake In Person”


DeMarcus Cousins and Charles Barkley are not the best of friends, no surprise there. In fact, you can go as far as to say they dislike each other . The issue between the two men took another turn last night as Cousins fired shots on twitter after listening to the Chuckster talk on “Inside The NBA”.

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Boxing: Oscar De La Hoya Writes Floyd Mayweather A “Farewell Letter” Says Boxing Is Better With Him Gone


Is Oscar De La Hoya ever going to stop speaking Floyd Mayweather’s name? It doesn’t seem likely but then again, maybe he got it all out of him with his idiotic “farewell letter” to the champ. The letter is full of the same nonsense he has been saying for years, so nothing new there. He really cares too much about someone who never speaks his name.

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(Video) NBA: How Did Shaq Wind Up Doing “Inside The NBA” With No Pants On?


Shaq is a pretty funny dude but last night the joke was on him. The crew of “Inside The NBA” decided to have fun with him, at the expense of his pants. Those same pants wound up in a garbage can outside the studio before they exploded and the Diesel was forced to do the show in his blazer and boxers. He eventually threw on some pajama pants.

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