NFL: Ray Rice Makes First Statement Since Being Reinstated By NFL


Ray Rice is finally free of his ridiculous suspension and is free to sign with any team he so chooses. Earlier today it was announced Rice won his appeal over Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL in regards to his indefinite suspension from the league after footage leaked of him hitting his wife. The entire time the NFL and Goodell seemed very sketchy about what they were up to when it came to Rice, even creating punishment as it went along instead of sticking to policy. Rice has his freedom back and has something to say about it as well.

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NFL: Ray Rice Has Been Reinstated By The NFL, Can Sign With Any Team Now!


Ray Rice was just reinstated by the league a short time ago today which effectively ends his indefinite suspension from the NFL after hitting his wife, Janay. Rice appealed that suspension and it was finally handed down today that he won and can immediately play. An NFL spokesman, when asked by ESPN’s Andrew Brand if the league would pursue any further action against Rice, said: “We, of course, accept the ruling as binding.” Hit the jump.

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NBA: He’s Back! Russell Westbrook To Return Tonight Against The Knicks


The Knicks season that already appears to be headed for a long, ugly journey just got a little harder as it was announced that Russell Westbrook will return for the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, just in time to welcome the Knicks. At first glance the matchup against OKC could of been good for the Knicks as they struggle early in the season and could use a win against a depleted Thunder team. That theory however changed real fast with this announcement.

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(Video) NBA: No Love For The Rookie! Watch What This Ref Does To Jabari Parker


As a rookie in any pro sport, you have to earn your way. Most veteran players are gonna give you the cold shoulder until you earn your worth and spot on the team. They don’t wanna hear what you did in college, they wanna see how you handle yourself amongst pros and how you work to get better. Then if you are lucky they will respect you. One person you don’t expect to be dissed by is the referee though and that is exactly what happened to Jabari Parker this week.

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NBA: Not Surprised! Kobe Bryant Names His All Time Favorite Trash Talkers!


Kobe Bryant has played alot of NBA games during his basically 19 year career, and he has talked his fair share of trash to opponents. Kobe is actually known for trying to get into the heads of his opponent and start breaking him down long before they take a dribble against him. But who does Kobe think is an elite trash talker? You won’t really be surprised by his list. Hit the jump.

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NBA: John Wall Thinks Which Two Point Guards Will Be His Rival For Years


It has been a long time since the eastern conference of the NBA was as competitive as it is now, and that is thanks in part to the influx of young talent that is starting to transition into full fledged stars in this league. One of those young boys becoming a man is John Wall, who looks like he will be an all-star many times over for years to come. With success comes more stiff competition and having to raise your game every night and Wall thinks two other players specifically are gonna be tied to him.

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(Video) Sports: Kendrick Lamar Talks About His Career With Nigel Sylvester


It has been a long road in their respective careers for both Kendrick Lamar and BMX star Nigel Sylvester. While down in Puerto Rico, the two got together to talk about getting started and things they have faced while on the come up to stardom. Kendrick revealed his past obsession of having a radio hit and not being concerned with longevity while Sylvester says he’s been riding bikes his whole life and suffered many breaks, bumps and bruises along the way. Regardless they both made it to where they are with alot of hard work. Let them tell you from their own mouths. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Gets Around Los Angeles Traffic In Style


When you got money you might as well flaunt it because we all know you can’t take it with you when you leave this earth. Floyd Money Mayweather was in Los Angeles last night and he knows the city has a bad reputation when it comes to traffic and being able to get around. So what is a mega rich athlete like Floyd supposed to do about that? Luckily he had something very nice on standby to beat the traffic jams.

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(Video) Sports: Kevin Hart Says Justin Bieber Can’t Handle Him On The Court


The official battle of the little guys on the basketball court may soon happen if Kevin Hart gets his way. He wants to get Justin Bieber on the court to prove he would whip him one on one. Kevin says he could beat Justin because he is bigger and stronger, even though Kevin is only 5’4 and the Biebs is 5’9. All jokes aside Kevin is pretty horrible to watch play basketball, but it is definitely entertaining.

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(Photo) Boxing: Oscar De La Hoya Offers Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao Biggest Payday In History


We are slowly hearing more and more from both sides as it pertains to Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao finally fighting each other. The fight that has been talked about for years but so far has only been words may of received it’s biggest boost yet, and it comes from a boxing legend himself. Oscar De La Hoya, via Twitter, in association with Golden Boy Promotions is set to offer the fighters the biggest guaranteed pay day in boxing history. If he can make this happen he will go down in history himself, even more than he already will.

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