(Photos) NFL: Johnny Manziel Tweets In Support Of Suspended Todd Gurley, Says He Should Get Paid!


Johnny Manziel knows a thing or two about having issues with the NCAA regarding autographs. Manziel was suspended for a game in college while under investigation for selling his autographs while he was still in school. For any normal person that is fine, but with the NCAA, players making money off themselves is a big no-no. Georgia running back Todd Gurley, who is currently a very strong candidate for the Heisman trophy was suspended indefinitely for allegedly selling his autograph for a measly $8-$25 a piece. They won’t even let a college kid live and make a few dollars without trying to ruin his career. Manziel tweeted in defense of Gurley and then explained Gurley should definitely be able to represent his own brand and make money. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Shots Fired! Eagles Post Video Coming At Eli Manning’s Neck!


The Eagles and Giants have a huge division game this Sunday night and the teams have been throwing shots at each other all week. You may remember Rodgers-Cromartie & Prince Amukamara taking a pic with a Giants fan wearing a jersey reminding Eagles fans have many Super Bowls their team has. Then you have Eagles players making comments all week and what you wind up with is hopefully a great game Sunday night. Selfishly I am pulling for a Giants win, but the Eagles are already trying to intimidate Eli Manning with a video they posted. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys CJ Spillman Accused Of A Second Rape!!


Dallas Cowboys defensive back C.J. Spillman, who is already being investigated for an alleged sexual assault of a woman in September may already have been involved in a situation like this before. A report has surfaced where he was accused of a previous sexual assault that for whatever reason was never really investigated.

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NBA: Mario Chalmers Says WHAT About Lebron & Kyrie Irving??


Mario Chalmers has done more talking about Lebron James in the past couple months than he did as his teammate for four years. He obviously feels a certain type of way towards Bron because that is the only thing that could explain his chatter this off season. With Lebron gone from Miami and on to Cleveland, he will finally be paired with an elite caliber point guard in Kyrie Irving. Not so fast says Chalmers because he thinks the way Lebron treats him is going to eventually affect Kyrie.

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(Video) NBA: Common Wants #EverybodyUp For The Upcoming NBA Season


The start of the NBA season is right around the corner and this year is sure to be full of exciting games, especially with all the major off season changes some teams made. With that in mind the NBA and Common are calling out all the real fans and get #EverybodyUp .

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NBA: Report, League Executives Think Chris Paul Has Lost Something, Can’t Handle Russell Westbrook!


Are these guys out of their mind? Or do they have a valid point? While appearing On ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie”, NBA inside reporter Chris Broussard was asked if the Clippers have a valid shot at winning the NBA title. The Clippers have been bounced from the playoffs no later than the second round in each year Chris Paul has been there. As Broussard attempted to answer, he revealed something that execs around the league are thinking. The Clippers can’t win cause Chris Paul is already falling off! Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Iggy Says Nick Young Is Loving Her “Special Attention” As He Recovers From Surgery


Despite rumors of a divorce from a man that she claims she isn’t married to in the first place, Iggy Azalea is still out and about with a smile on her face. Her real man, Swaggy P recently had surgery on his wrist and is going to miss some time on the court. Like a good woman does, she is taking care of Nick and cooking for him and all that good stuff. She does claim though that currently Nick is loving the extra special attention she is giving them and I am sure that is in more ways than one. Hit the jump to hear it from her.

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NBA: This Is Classic! Inmate Asks For Parole Just To See Lebron Play!


Sounds legit right? I mean what better reason to ask for parole from prison than to see possibly the world’s greatest athlete live in person! If it were only that simple. Jason Goudlock, an inmate in Ohio who has been locked up for quite a while already really wants to see Bron play and is trying to pull out all the stops in an effort to get released.

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(Video) NFL: WHOA! O.J. Simpson Slept With Kris Jenner, Is Really Khloe Kardashian’s Father?


This rumor is nothing new, but now someone who claims to have inside knowledge of the situation is trying to validate the rumor as fact! Yesterday we brought you the shocker of a story , as a tranny who was in prison with O.J. Simpson said she slept with O.J. numerous times in jail and she is actually HIV positive and there is a chance O.J. contracted the deadly disease as well. It is up to you to believe her or not but now she is also claiming O.J. told her he did in fact sleep with Kris Jenner and is actually pretty confident Khloe is his daughter! Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Diddy Wants In On Making Rick Ross Part Owner Of Miami Dolphins!


Earlier this week we reported that Rick Ross was very interested in buying a piece of the Miami Dolphins and the preliminary talks seemed positive. Now Diddy, the man who gets his hands in everything is saying he wants in! He thinks Ross owning the team is a great idea and he wants to be the one to make it happen. Diddy has previously said he would love to own a majority stake in an NFL team. Hit the jump to see what he said.

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