NFL: Buffalo Bills Fan Ejected From Game Last Night Found Dead After Game

A 26 year old fan who was ejected from the Bills vs Dolphins game last night in Buffalo because he was drunk was found dead shortly after the game in a creek right outside the Buffalo Bills stadium. So far police have not released much information. This is very sad news after what was a good night in Buffalo. Click the link below for the full story after the jump. IamJOE357

(Photos) Joke: The Many Hairlines Of Lebron! Lol

This is all in good fun, because my own hairline is not much better than Lebron. Check the gallery above for the different images of Lebron James hairline. IamJOE357

MLB: More Jail Time For Former Mets & Phillies Hero Lenny Dykstra

Some people just do not learn. It’s a shame so many professional athletes wind up in legal or financial trouble during or after their careers, and this is no different. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

NBA: Pressue on D’antoni Already! Championship Or Bust!!

After recently being introduced as the Lakers new head coach, D’antoni is already acknowledging the pressure that comes with the job before he even coaches his first game. He understands that in LA there is no margin for error and a NBA title is expected. He was asked to compare coaching the Knicks to the Lakers. Read the full story below. IamJOE357 ESPN

(Photos)NBA: Players Care, Deron Williams And Brooklyn Nets Take TIme To Feed Homeless

This past Wednesday, Deron Williams and the rest of the Brooklyn Nets were in the community to help feed the homeless. Check out the gallery above IamJOE357

NBA: Knicks JR Smith Cuts Back On Nightlife..Teammates Notice Change

NY Knicks guard JR Smith, is playing some of the best overall basketball of his career, and he has his personal self-control to thank. Normally known for having incredible talent, but being immature and inconsistent, it seems Smith is ready to embrace being a professional in New York. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

NBA: Mike Brown Gets Fired…Goes To Chick-Fil-A!!

Most people who get fired from their job, especially a high profile job would tend to lay low, be with loved ones, and try to keep their spirits up. Not Mike Brown!! He gets fired, and he goes directly to Chick-Fil-A with a smile. Which just goes to show you, even on your worst day, Chick-Fil-A is still freaking delicious!! Click the jump and read below for full story. IamJOE357

NCAA: Feds Drop Case Against Bernie Fine From Syracuse

This is another sad story. In a way I am glad it’s over, but that doesn’t mean anyone was proven innocent or guilty. Fine had a few ex-ballboys from the Syracuse University basketball team accuse him of molesting them for years earlier in the decade. The statue of limitation prevented police from investigating some of the accusations, but not all. However, the ones they were able to investigate did not lead to any hard evidence. I am a strong believer in karma. If those boys made up the stories for attention or money and ruined this man’s life, eventually it will come back to them, as well as if coach Fine really did do those horrific things and got away with it, that too will eventually come back to him. Click the jump, and then click the link below for the full story IamJOE357

NBA: Mike D’antoni “I’d Be A Perfect Fit For Lakers Job”

Mike D’Antoni keeps having his name come up since the Lakers fired Mike Brown earlier today. Rumors have been flying all day that the Lakers are extremely interested in possibly offering him the coaching position. Click the jump and then read below what D’Antoni said. I am sure most coaches would love to be in LA. IamJOE357

(Photo) NBA Jokes: The Real Facebook Post From Kobe After Mike Brown Was Fired

OK…so its not really what Kobe wrote, but we all know how Kobe has been over the years, wouldn’t be surprised if these really were his thoughts. Either way this is hilarious. Click the gallery above to see the facebook post from the parody account of notbillwalton. IamJOE357

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