(Photos) NBA: Thunder Fans Get Back At Durant For Leaving By Giving His Restaurant Horrible Reviews

Some OKC fans are very understanding about Kevin Durant deciding to take his talents to the bay area. They appreciated what he did for their city and community for the past eight years and they know he gave them everything he had on the basketball court. On the flip side however, there are some fans who are not so easy going about him leaving. We’ve seen the people burning jerseys and running their mouths but some fans are getting their own revenge in a different way.

NBA: Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Wants To Reopen Divorce Settlement After His New Deal With The Bulls


Dwyane Wade married his high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches, in 2002 and they enjoyed what seemed like a happy relationship until around 2007. That’s when some issues began to arise and by 2010 they were officially divorced. Wade was awarded custody of the couple’s two children, Zaire and Zion in 2011 and after that she somewhat went off the edge, staging a bizarre sit in protest at Daley Plaza in Chicago, claiming Wade had left her “homeless.” Her behavior only solidified to the court that they made the right decision in the custody battle. She claimed she was left homeless, despite receiving payments from Wade monthly at the time to the tune of thousands of dollars per month. Eventually they settled on a lump sum payment of $5 million dollars in 2013 and that would be the end of everything. Well it’s 2016 and Wade is back in Chicago and she is trying to reopen everything, claiming she deserves more money.

(Photo) NFL: Eagles Jason Kelce Tweets Hillary Clinton To Kill Herself, Says He Was Hacked


Eagles center, Jason Kelce is in some trouble thanks to his twitter account. Early Friday morning, a tweet came from Kelce’s account directed at Hillary Clinton that said “Please kill yourself”. As you might expect, if you’re an NFL player and you tweet something like that at the potential next president, someone is going to notice. Within three hours, all of his tweets were erased off his account and eventually all of his social media accounts were deleted. Kelce is hiding behind the famous “I was hacked” excuse but in this case it might not be just an excuse.

(Photo) NBA: Steph Curry Speaks Out On The Violence Of The Past Week


Numerous athletes across the country have shared their thoughts via social media on the violence across our country this past week. The shooting deaths of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile at the hands of police sparked a backlash that resulted in the ambush and murder of five Dallas police officers, which also wounded many others. Carmelo Anthony shared and emotional and powerful message yesterday, where he called on his peers to help create change now. Steph Curry is now the latest star athlete to speak out and he wants to see change without violence and for us to trust in God.

NBA: Steve Nash May Be The Main Reason Kevin Durant Decided To Sign With The Warriors


Kevin Durant played with an elite point guard in OKC. He will be playing with another elite point guard when the season stars with the Warriors. Turns out though that another elite point guard, albeit a retired one, may have had more to do with him changing teams than either Westbrook or Curry.

(Video) NFL: LaDainian Tomlinson Says Athletes Fear Losing Money If They Speak On Social Issues


Former NFL star LaDainian Tomlinson lives in the Dallas area and the violence nearby hit close to home. He spoke with TMZ about how athletes need to do more when it comes to social issues but sometimes are hesitant because of the threat of losing money. He has hopes that the incidents of the past week will serve as a wake up call to some of his peers but he seems to understand why things are the way they are. He does have hopes that one NBA player in particular can use his power to bring more awareness.

(Video) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Broke Into Nick Young’s Home & Hilariously Tortured Him & His Son


Nick Young probably can’t stand Gilbert Arenas right now. The two friends go back to their days together with the Wizards and have been close ever since but after the way Gil showed up at Nick’s house and annoyed the hell out of him & his son, he might want to keep his distance for a bit. Arenas hopped the fence at Nick’s house yesterday and let himself in. The hilarity started the moment he walked in.

NFL: Seahawks’ Michael Bennett Calls Out Steph Curry Over The Price Of His Sports Camp


Seattle Seahawks defensive end, Michael Bennett is holding a football camp in Hawaii this month. Steph Curry is holding a basketball camp this month, also in Hawaii but there is one major difference between the two camps. No, I’m not referring to the fact that the camps are for two different sports. The major difference is Bennett’s camp is absolutely free for kids, while Curry’s camp cost $2,000 or more per child. That is something Bennett does not appreciate and wasn’t scared to call him out on it.

(Photos) NBA: Jabari Parker To Former Congressman Joe Walsh “You Ain’t Laying A Single Finger On Barack Obama”


Last night after the brutal ambush of multiple Dallas police officers, former congressman, Joe Walsh, thought it was a good time to basically threaten Barack Obama and blame him and black lives matter for the chaos happening in Dallas. It didn’t take long for him to realize he just messed up.

(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Reveal How Cheap Lebron James Can Be


Lebron James has the money to pay for pretty much anything he wants in this world. Years of NBA salaries and off the court endorsements, combined with smart business decisions has made Lebron a very, very rich man. Just because he has access to the money however, doesn’t mean he likes to spend it. That’s how the rich stay rich, except Lebron’s moments of “being savvy” don’t really make much sense. Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union put him on blast during their appearance with Kelly Ripa.

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