NBA: Dwyane Wade Says Lebron Can Never Surpass Michael Jordan’s Legacy But He Can Tie It


It’s blasphemous to mention any NBA player having a greater legacy than Michael Jordan but Dwyane Wade thinks Lebron James can at least tie it. Wade made the comments during a discussion with ESPN, where he was asked about the comparison between the two players. Comparisons are one of the more annoying things about sports because someone is always trying to compare athletes against each other instead of enjoying their own greatness. Nonetheless, in the case of Wade’s comments, I don’t know about this whole tying MJ thing but I get the point he was making.

(Photo) NFL: (Update) Disgusting! Packers Jared Cook Found An Actual Chicken Head In His Food From Buffalo Wild Wings


Green Bay Packers tight end, Jared Cook, is currently out for a few weeks with a sprained ankle so this past Tuesday he used some of his free time to hit up a buffalo wild wings location. When you order chicken wings, you don’t expect to find an actual chicken head in your order but that’s exactly what happened and unfortunately I’m not talking about the same chicken heads Project Pat was talking about back in the day.

NBA: Michael Jordan Will Introduce Russell Westbrook At The Oklahoma Hall Of Fame


After Kevin Durant was inducted into the Oklahoma hall of fame last year, it was widely assumed he would be back this year to present Russell Westbrook. He even mentioned last year that “hopefully we’ll be here next year for Russell Westbrook’s induction.” Obviously he is no longer in position to take part in something special for Russ and Oklahoma but I think Russ will be pretty happy with the person they found to present him instead, Michael Jordan.

NBA: Here’s How Adidas Blew Their Chance To Sign Lebron Before Nike Did


I know Adidas is feeling good lately with their highly popular NMD series, not too mention all the hype anytime a pair of Yeezy’s releases but they actually missed a chance to be on a much higher level. Prior to Lebron James rookie season, Adidas had a very good opportunity to sign Bron to their brand before Nike did but after reportedly shorting him by $30 million dollars than what was talked about, they made his decision easy to go with Nike.

(Video/Photo) NBA: Kyrie Irving Needs To Sell This “Ankletaker” Shirt He Revealed On Snapchat


If Kyrie Irving could get the approval from Nike and work something out with the WWE, this shirt could be the best selling item of the NBA season. On Snapchat yesterday, Kyrie debuted his “Ankletaker” shirt, an ode to WWE legend “The Undertaker” and also an ode to all the defenders ankles he has cracked during his years as a point guard.

(Photo) NBA: Lebron James Signed Rookie Card Sells For Insane $312,000 At Auction!


An unknown bidder paid a monster sum of money to own a small piece of Lebron James history. At an event yesterday put on by Goldin Auctions, a super rare Lebron James rookie card that the King himself signed, sold for a whopping $312,000 and easily surpassed the price paid for any other piece of Lebron memorabilia before.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony On Athletes Speaking On Social Issues “We’re Kind Of In A Lose-Lose Situation”


Colin Kaepernick and some other NFL players who have recently protested on the field might have the attention of people now but Carmelo Anthony was one of the first high profile athletes to speak out on the issues plaguing our country. Going back to last year’s NBA season, Melo spoke about police brutality and other social issues in a lengthy Instagram post that really got people talking. He followed that up with his speech at the ESPY’s, where he was joined by Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. With those issues still big as ever, Melo was asked about it again yesterday during the Knicks training camp, where he revealed that it’s hard for athletes to talk on things like this because they are in a “lose-lose” situation.

(Video) NBA: In KD’s First Game With The Warriors, Steph Curry & Andre Iguodala Stole The Show


Last night was the first NBA preseason game of the year and it involved the Golden State Warriors taking on the Toronto Raptors in Vancouver, Canada. It was a reality check that Kevin Durant really did sign with the Warriors and it wasn’t just a bad dream, as he slammed home his first two points as a member of his new team. Aside from that, the highlight of the night belonged to Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala, who connected on an alley-oop to show they are already in mid-season form.

(Video) NBA: Lebron Jumped In The Moshpit During Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour In Cleveland


Fans of Kanye West got a big surprise last night during his Saint Pablo tour stop in Cleveland. That’s because while they were looking up at the elevated stage watching Ye perform, they found themselves in the midst of a moshpit with Lebron James and other Cavs players. Bron started off the night in one of the suites but couldn’t help but go down to the floor and feel the energy up close. As you might expect, fans went crazy when they saw him down there.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Throws $100 Bills In Crowd While Lil Kim Performs “Get Money”


Lil Kim was in Las Vegas last night with the Bad Boy reunion tour performing her hits from throughout the years and when she did her verse from “Get Money”, Floyd Mayweather joined her on stage just to remind everyone that he does indeed, have money. Some of the fans in attendance were lucky enough to “get money” when Floyd started throwing out $100 bills to the crowd. While it’s not clear how much he blessed members of the crowd with, seeing from the number of bills he threw, it looked like $10,000 easily. I gotta start going to concerts where Floyd will at least be in the vicinity. Might leave with a few racks.

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