(Video) NBA: Doc & Austin Rivers Both Get Ejected After Austin Makes Contact With Referee

photo credit: IFWT IG Austin Rivers went ballistic and his father soon followed him to the locker room as they were both ejected from the Clippers game last night in Houston.

(Photo) UFC: Amanda Nunes Knocked Ronda Rousey Into 2017 And Then Savagely Mocked Her On Social Media

photo credit: ESPN Amanda Nunes said she was going to destroy Ronda Rousey and she did just that last night but it was the way she did it that shocked the world. While most people assumed Rousey would be on point and want to redeem herself from her last fight, she instead wound up getting beat down even worse this fight and it was all over in just 48 seconds!

NFL: Colin Kaepernick Named Most Inspirational And Courageous Player By 49ers Teammates

photo credit: youtube If you thought that Colin Kaepernick was making things uncomfortable in the San Francisco 49ers locker room this season, well think again. His teammates voted him the winner of the the Len Eshmont Award, for the courage he showed in the face of all the backlash he faced for kneeling during national anthems during the season.

NCAA: Scary! Butler’s Mens Basketball Team Had A Team Flight That They Will Not Soon Forget

photo credit: youtube The mens basketball team from Butler university had the scariest moments of their life on a team flight on Thursday. They were flying back to Indiana from New York after facing St. Johns, when they had to make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh.

(Photo) NBA: Ray Allen Receives High Honor From President Obama

photo credit: youtube We are in the final days of President Obama’s time in the White House and we sure are going to miss him. One of his final acts in office occurred yesterday when he named some people to key administration posts, which included former NBA star, Ray Allen.

NFL: Angry Dog Lovers Create Petition To Stop The Falcons From Honoring Michael Vick This Sunday

photo credit: youtube Some football fans just do not want Michael Vick to be able to move on from his dog fighting past. Vick, who was one of the most exciting players to watch in the history of the NFL at his peak, is scheduled to be honored this Sunday by the Atlanta Falcons when they take on the New Orleans Saints. However there are thousands of fans who don’t want it to happen and have created a petition to stop it.

NFL: Dez Bryant Calls Cris Carter “Puppet” And Says “I’ll See You Around” In Response To Criticism

photo credit: youtube Dez Bryant and Cris Carter already aren’t the best of friends and this back and forth yesterday will surely keep it that way. Carter was very critical of Dez yesterday during an appearance on Fox Sports “Undisputed” where he blasted him for not making enough plays to help his team all season long.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Shows A Sneak Peek Of His New Strip Club “Girl Collection”

photo credit: Instagram Floyd Mayweather has been talking for a while now about his own gentleman’s club in Las Vegas and it appears it’s very close to finally opening. “Girl Collection” is the name of the club that Floyd announced back in the summer and now he is sharing a sneak preview of how things look inside. He is also giving any women who want to dance there all the information they need to apply but considering they will likely make very good money, the competition is expected to be fierce. From the looks of the place, Floyd didn’t spare a penny and why would he. We all know he loves to spend so of course he was going to make his business look up to his standards. It will definitely be the place to be in Vegas once it opens.

NCAA: Alabama Football Player Accidentally Blew His Index Finger Off With A Shotgun

photo credit: youtube Alabama defensive lineman, Dakota Ball, is an important player for the Crimson Tide but unfortunately he won’t be able to play in their biggest game of the season on new years eve. That’s because about two weeks ago he wound up shooting off his own index finger in a crazy accident involving a shotgun.

NBA: Lebron Is Not Here For The Jordan Comparisons “There’s No Similarities In Our Game, At All”

photo credit: youtube Lebron James came into the NBA back in 2003 and was constantly hailed as the next Michael Jordan. The comparisons never stopped and have only grown louder over the years with his success but he seems to be tiring of it. Bron no longer needs to be compared to anyone or mentioned as “the next” anything because he is the first Lebron. There has never been a player in the league like him with all things considered and during the Cavs pre-game shoot around yesterday before their game against the Celtics, he made it clear there should be no comparisons between himself and the GOAT.

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