(Video/Photo) NBA: Lebron Randomly Decided He Needed To Practice Free Throws Outside At Night


Lebron didn’t get to be the best player in the world by being lazy. Apparently when the King feels he needs to put in work, the time of day doesn’t matter and neither does the venue. Late last night, Bron went outside and literally just practiced shooting free throws. Since that is one part of his game that could improve he figured there was no time like the present.

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(Video) MLB: CC Sabathia Opens Up About Alcohol Abuse, Reveals Secret Drunken Hotel Binges


For the first time since he checked himself into a rehab facility to help fight his alcohol abuse, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia opened up and spoke on some of the reasons he decided it was time to put his addiction to an end.

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(Video) NFL: Shaq Guarantees Cowboys Will Make Playoffs, Will Dress As Cheerleader If They Don’t


Shaq just made a bet along with a guarantee that will likely come back to haunt him. The Diesel is a big Dallas Cowboys fan and while on Rich Eisen Show, Shaq revealed he already has one bet going on involving the Cowboys. He then decided to go for more by guaranteeing Eisen that the Cowboys will make the playoffs despite their gruesome 2-5 record. He said if the Cowboys do not make it, he will show up in full Cowboys cheerleaders gear, which won’t be a pretty sight.

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Sports: #1 High School Basketball Recruit Harry Giles Announces He Will Attend Duke Next Year


The top-rated player in the class of 2016, Harry Giles, announced his intention to play for Duke University and Coach K next fall. Giles’ decision to sign with the Blue Devils came just days after tearing his ACL, which will force him to miss his senior year of high school ball.

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(Photos) NFL: Pictures Show The Painful Damage Greg Hardy Did To Ex Girlfriend That Led To Suspension


The NFL is a league full of hypocritical scumbags and when I say that I am referring to the front office people, not the players. Well in this case Greg Hardy definitely fits that description as well, but this is just as much about the league as it is about him. Pictures of the brutal assault Hardy launched on his ex-girlfriend have been made public thanks to Deadspin.

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NFL: Donovan McNabb Gets Sentenced To 18 Days In Jail For DUI Arrest


Donovan McNabb is going to have to spend 18 days in jail thanks to his arrest for DUI back in June. It was not the first time McNabb has been caught driving drunk and the Judge wasn’t in the mood to just let him off. McNabb had previously served one night in jail for an arrest back in 2014.

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NBA: Lebron Explains The Real Reason He Ripped The Sleeves Off His Jersey


It’s common knowledge around the NBA that Lebron is not a fan of the sleeved jerseys the league keeps trying to push. So when he ripped the sleeves right off the jersey during the Cavs game with the Knicks, most people assumed it was because he was uncomfortable. Bron has bigger arms than most players and he has complained of the tight feel before. Turns out however, this case was something different.

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(Photos) NFL: Russell Wilson & Ciara Hit The Beach While On Vacation During Seahawks Bye Week


The Seattle Seahawks had a bye this week past Sunday so quarterback Russell Wilson and Ciara decided it was the perfect time for a vacation. From the looks of things, it was worth the trip.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Manages To Cause Controversy Over A Pair Of Socks


Kobe Bryant caused an uproar with fans who are supporters of our military and it was all over a pair of socks.

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(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Steals The Ball And Makes Shot From Past Half Court Look Easy


Dwyane Wade has looked good this early NBA season. While there is still a long way to go, he looks refreshed and energized for now and it’s making the Heat remain as one of the favorites in the eastern conference. Last night he made a difficult play look very easy as the Heat won on the road in Minnesota.

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