NFL: Cam Newton Had Trouble Remembering Questions He Was Asked Last Night After Taking Repeated Hits To The Head


Cam Newton took a lot of punishment at the hands of the Broncos defense last night and plenty of people are upset that Cam didn’t go through the proper concussion protocol. Some of the hits were legal, with a couple definitely being illegal, although the refs only threw a penalty flag on one occurrence. Cam took the high road after the game, refusing to criticize the refs but the bigger issue is the fact he may have been playing with a concussion and nobody seemed interested in putting him through the proper testing. After the game we found out that Cam was indeed asked a few questions related to the protocol but he couldn’t even remember what they were.

NBA: Steph Curry On Colin Kaepernick “I Applaud Him For Taking A Stand”


Steph Curry is part of the growing list of athletes who fully support Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand during the national anthem before 49ers game. Steph is backing his bay area brethren in part because he loves that we have the freedom of speech to begin with but he also likes the fact that Colin forced the conversation and is putting his money where his mouth is.

(Video) NFL: Cam Newton Explains Why He Had To Floss His Teeth On The Sidelines & Twitter Reacts


There were many side stories to last night’s first game of the NFL season. While some were serious, like Brandon Marshall taking a knee during the national anthem, some were on the lighter side, such as Cam Newton flossing his teeth in the middle of the game. Why would a player randomly feel the need to floss during the 3rd quarter? Twitter had a field day with it and you can see some of the reactions in the gallery. After the game, Cam explained very briefly what led to his flossing.

NFL: Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall Took A Knee During The National Anthem Before Panthers Game


Brandon Marshall followed in the path of Colin Kaepernick and decided to take a knee during the national anthem before last night’s game against the Panthers. Marshall is actually a former college teammate of Kap, when they both played at the University of Nevada. He decided not to stand in part to support his friend but also to support what he feels is wrong with our country.

(Video) NCAAF: Ole Miss Defensive Back Ken Webster Suffers Horrible Looking Leg Injury Against Florida State


Ole Miss is currently giving Florida State a beat down in the first half, as the score is 21-6 at the time of this writing and they are making sure to give it their all in honor of their teammate, Ken Webster. Earlier in the game, Webster attempted to make a play on defense and unfortunately came down awkwardly and his leg bent in a way that it’s just not supposed to. As you might expect he left the field with tears in his eyes but seemed to be shouting words of encouragement to the rest of his teammates. Nothing has been confirmed but usually an injury that looks like that it the type that ends a players season. Lets hope he has a speedy recovery.

NFL: After Being Shunned By NFL Teams, Johnny Manziel Is Back In College


Johnny Manziel is going back to college but this time without all the attention and hoopla that comes with playing big time college football. Manziel has enrolled at Texas A&M and is taking classes this summer. Sounds like a good use of his time and also a way to show NFL execs that he is getting himself together after basically being shunned by the league for good reason.

(Video) NBA: Damian Lillard Is Back With More Heat In Case You’re Still Sleeping


Damian Lillard, aka Dame D.O.L.L.A. has already showed us he is talented enough to have a legit hip-hop career if he wasn’t already making millions on the court. It’s clear there is NO athlete of the past or present that is messing with him when it comes to bars but just in case you needed more proof, well here you go. The Oakland native spit over one of the most famous beats to come out of Oakland in “I got 5 on it” by the Luniz, although the version playing in the background actually sounds like its the one Meek Mill used for his song “Heaven or Hell” featuring Jadakiss. Either way, its fire!

(Video) NBA: Ayesha Curry Shows Steph Who’s Really Chef Curry With The Shot


Steph Curry is currently in the middle of a promotional tour for Under Armour in China but his wife Ayesha is the one stealing the show on the court. During a pickup game with some of the local players in Guangzhou, Ayesha took the pass and showed Steph he isn’t the only one in the family who can cook from three point land.

(Video) NFL: J. Cole & Trey Songz Show Their Support For Colin Kaepernick On Stage


Colin Kaepernick has received a ton of backlash for choosing not to stand for the national anthem but he has also received quite a bit of support as well. For all the racist comments directed at him and for all the comments telling him to leave if he doesn’t like it here, there have been many athletes, celebs and even veterans that are standing with Kap’s decision not to stand. Over the weekend both J. Cole and Trey Songs added themselves to the list of Kap supporters by wearing his jersey on stage during their respective performances. Since it was announced by the 49ers on Saturday that Kaepernick made the final 53 man roster, don’t expect this story to start disappearing anytime soon.

NFL: 49ers Release TE Bruce Miller After He Drunkenly Assaulted Two Men, Including A 70 Year Old


San Francisco 49ers tight end Bruce Miller is out of a job thanks to his own drunken stupidity. Miller was arrested early this morning after he attacked two men at a hotel in San Francisco who tried to stop him from entering their room.

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