(Video) NBA: Jeff Teague May Have Been Listening To Charles Barkley, Commits Dirty Foul On Lebron


Charles Barkley took some heat earlier this week for saying Hawks players should be trying to take someone on the Cavs out after the brutal beatdown the Cavs game them in game two. The Cavs set a record for three pointers made in one game that night and continued to shoot for that record even well after the game was decided. It was those type of things that made Chuck say what he said and alot of people jumped on him for it. He had a good point he just chose his words wrong but Jeff Teague of the Hawks may have been listening, as he committed a dirty, garbage time foul on Lebron that sent him flying into the crowd.

NBA: Chris Webber Strongly Believes Game Six Of The 2002 Western Conference Finals Was Fixed!


Chris Webber made an appearance earlier this week on “The Dan Patrick Show” where they covered his emotional reaction to how game two of the Thunder/Spurs series ended, where it was chaos and multiple missed calls on both sides by the refs. OKC won the game during a 12 second free-for-all that Webber was not happy about. He wasn’t upset OKC won but he was angry that so many calls were missed. Somehow during the discussion with Patrick, He and Webber wound up going back in time and talking about a particular game that still to this day, C-Webb thinks was fixed.

(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Mocks Referee In Hysterical Fashion After He Wouldn’t Let Him Check In


Russell Westbrook didn’t have the greatest game last night in OKC’s loss to the Spurs in game three of their series but he did have a few memorable moments. There were a few times he just left us in awe with his sheer athleticism and freakish talent but there was also a moment that had nothing to do with making a play. When he tried to check in during the second quarter, a referee tried to shut him down and make him wait, which Russ already knew. It led to Russ hilariously mocking him in joking fashion.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies Fire Coach Dave Joerger


In a somewhat shocking move, the Memphis Grizzlies have fired head coach, Dave Joerger, even though he was able to guide the team through countless injuries and bad luck into the playoffs anyway.

NBA: Spurs Boris Diaw Says Gregg Popovich Makes Him Play in Blowout Games Just So He’ll Lose Weight


Boris Diaw is one of the more quirky guys in the NBA but he is a very cool guy in his own way. He has a great relationship with his coach, Gregg Popovich and that relationship tends to lead to alot of jokes between them and the rest of the team.

(Video/Photo) NBA: Woman Takes To Instagram To Say Zach Randolph Has Abused Her For Years


A twenty-one year old Instagram model named Noel Bianca is coming public with her claims of mental and physical abuse at the hands of Grizzlies big man, Zach Randolph. Very recently a woman tried to accuse Randolph of attacking her as well but police quickly determined the woman’s story was a lie before the woman herself admitted she made it up. No word if this is the same woman who made those accusations but the timing would say it’s possible.

NBA: Lebron & Tyronn Lue Call Out Charles Barkley After His Comments About Taking Players Out


Charles Barkley made some waves with his comments earlier this week after the Cavs/Hawks game. After the beat down the Cavs gave the Hawks, setting a new record for most made three pointers in one game with 25, Barkley said the Hawks gotta take one of the Cavs players out to send a message. His intention wasn’t that he wants any players to get hurt, he just wants the Hawks to show some heart but he chose his words in a terrible fashion. As you know by now, Barkley’s comments set Charles Oakley off, who attacked him on twitter but his comments obviously also reached the Cavs who weren’t thrilled with him.

Sports: Dana White Comments On Possible Fight Between Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor


Reports from earlier today sent the sports world into a frenzy as possible details on a mega fight with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor were revealed. First question everyone had is how could it even happen given Floyd is a boxer and McGregor is under contract with UFC? The more details you read however, it became less about how it would happen and more about WHEN it would happen as it seems like close to a done deal. Not so fast says UFC owner, Dana White, who pretty much laughed off the report.

(Video) Sports: Serena Williams Explains How It Felt Being In Beyonce’s “Sorry” Video


As if Beyonce on her own didn’t do enough to make time stop when she dropped Lemonade, when the video for Sorry became available and we all saw Serena Williams twerking next to Queen Bey I think it’s safe to say most men just passed out right there. The eye candy was great but in all seriousness there was much more to the video than the sex appeal itself and Serena spoke on how she felt about the project as a whole with Bleacher Report’s “Uninterrupted”.

NBA: Report, Spurs Are Serious Contenders To Go After Kevin Durant When Free Agency Begins


The San Antonio Spurs may be locked in a battle with the Oklahoma City Thunder at the moment but while they try to advance to the western conference finals, the Spurs are also paying very close attention to KD himself and privately have hopes of having him on their side next year.

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