(Video) Sports: 50 Cent’s Son Says His Dad Makes Him A Target On The Basketball Court


50 cent’s son, Marquise Jackson had his high school basketball highlight reel go viral this week and he has been getting some attention from it. He hasn’t attracted the attention of major colleges yet, but he had drawn interest from some smaller schools. According to him though, he has always got alot of attention on the basketball court being that he is the son of such a superstar in 50, that he feels he is a marked man at times.

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(Video) NBA: James Harden Has Matt Barnes Looking Crazy With This Crossover


Matt Barnes is known for being a “defensive stopper” but he couldn’t stop himself from getting his ankles broken courtesy of James Harden. Barnes was out there looking crazy after Harden hit him with a crossover and stutter step and appeared as if he had Barnes on a string. Not too mention it is always worse when you get embarrassed and the guy hits the shot as Harden did in this case.

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(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Switches Up His Answers For The Media This Week


Am I the only one who is starting to feel Marshawn Lynch is corny for how he conducts himself with the media? I can understand not wanting to be bothered with some of the idiots in the media who want to talk about gossip or try to dig for problems within the team and etc, but if reporters just want to talk to you about how you played, then why not answer? Last week after Marshawn was fined $100,000 for not talking to the media, he proceeded to finally talk but literally only say the word “yeah” to whatever was asked. Well this week he is back at it, but in a worse mood, despite his Seahawks handling the 49ers on Thanksgiving with no problem.

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NBA: Anthony Davis Does What Anytime He Sees A Homeless Person?


Anthony Davis is quickly becoming a fan favorite throughout the entire league for the way he goes about the game and the way he carries himself off of it. He plays the game with all out effort, you never see him talking trash and you never hear him involved in any nonsense off the court. He seems to be a young man with a good head on his shoulders and the right people keeping him on the straight path. So when he tells a story about what he does when he sees homeless people, it should be no surprise. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Say What? Carmelo Anthony Says Chicago Was “Perfect” For Him


Chicago must not of been so perfect cause Carmelo Anthony is still wearing the blue and orange of the Knicks, but the fact that he is speaking about it now has to make you wonder if he is regretting his choice. Carmelo had the world at his fingers this summer as he went on a free agent tour, focusing on the Knicks, Chicago and Houston. The Knicks could pay him about $30 million more than any other team, so he took the money and stayed in NY, despite them being a mediocre team at best.

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NFL: Janay Rice Blasts Ravens Organization, Goes Into Detail About Incident With Ray


Janay Rice possibly has the most introspective story regarding the situation that occurred between her and her husband because she was actually the victim. For various reasons she hasn’t said much publicly since that fateful night back in February, but everyone was more interested in her version of the story than Ray’s. She stuck by her mans side, despite all the criticism from people who just wanted something to talk about and in the end she deserves the utmost respect for how she has handled herself. Now that hubby Ray is a free to return to the NFL she is breaking some of her silence and letting us in on some details.

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NFL: Ray Rice Makes First Statement Since Being Reinstated By NFL


Ray Rice is finally free of his ridiculous suspension and is free to sign with any team he so chooses. Earlier today it was announced Rice won his appeal over Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL in regards to his indefinite suspension from the league after footage leaked of him hitting his wife. The entire time the NFL and Goodell seemed very sketchy about what they were up to when it came to Rice, even creating punishment as it went along instead of sticking to policy. Rice has his freedom back and has something to say about it as well.

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NFL: Ray Rice Has Been Reinstated By The NFL, Can Sign With Any Team Now!


Ray Rice was just reinstated by the league a short time ago today which effectively ends his indefinite suspension from the NFL after hitting his wife, Janay. Rice appealed that suspension and it was finally handed down today that he won and can immediately play. An NFL spokesman, when asked by ESPN’s Andrew Brand if the league would pursue any further action against Rice, said: “We, of course, accept the ruling as binding.” Hit the jump.

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NBA: He’s Back! Russell Westbrook To Return Tonight Against The Knicks


The Knicks season that already appears to be headed for a long, ugly journey just got a little harder as it was announced that Russell Westbrook will return for the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, just in time to welcome the Knicks. At first glance the matchup against OKC could of been good for the Knicks as they struggle early in the season and could use a win against a depleted Thunder team. That theory however changed real fast with this announcement.

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(Video) NBA: No Love For The Rookie! Watch What This Ref Does To Jabari Parker


As a rookie in any pro sport, you have to earn your way. Most veteran players are gonna give you the cold shoulder until you earn your worth and spot on the team. They don’t wanna hear what you did in college, they wanna see how you handle yourself amongst pros and how you work to get better. Then if you are lucky they will respect you. One person you don’t expect to be dissed by is the referee though and that is exactly what happened to Jabari Parker this week.

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