(Photos) NBA: Knicks Fans Start Wearing Bags On Their Heads As Season Just Gets Uglier


Yes Knicks fans, it is this bad. It has BEEN this bad all season. It is so bad that people are paying ALOT of money to sit near the court at MSG just to cover their face with bags as a protest against this debacle of a season. Cameras caught five guys in the crowd last night as the Knicks hosted the Rockets, who halfway through the game looked much different because they had placed bags over their heads as they watched the Knicks lose their 14th game in a row. The images speak very strongly for themselves. Yes, there is some hope for next year with the Knicks having some money to burn and likely a very high draft pick, but at this rate it will be hard to finish this year with any sanity left.

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NBA: Report, Former NBA Player Arrested After Home Invasion Attempt


Robert Swift’s story is one full of potential never filled because of a bad drug habit and apparently not much guidance once be became rich. Swift was drafted right out of high school about 10 years ago by the Seattle SuperSonics before they became the OKC Thunder, but most of you have never heard of him. That is because soon as he was drafted all his personal demons surfaced and he has since been arrested more than he actually scored points in the NBA.

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NBA: Rumor Report, Another NBA Star Believes Kevin Durant Will Eventually Leave OKC For Wizards


Kevin Durant as well as OKC fans need to get used to the fact that free agency talk regarding him is only going to get stronger with each passing day, week and month until the summer of 2016! The talk of him returning home to the Washington DC area to play for the Wizards is the focus of all rumors, especially today since OKC is actually Hosting Washington. Now another NBA player, Ty Lawson who knows KD even before the NBA because they are roughly from the same area, is saying he has talked with Durant about the move.

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(Video) NCAAF: LOL, Was This Alabama Fan Caught Cheating By Television Cameras?


Social media has been going on on this woman, who appeared to be very frightened when cameras put her on the jumbo screen and on your TV screen last night during the Sugar Bowl. As Ohio State fans were going crazy behind her, the woman appeared to be consoling her “date” as the two of them are Alabama fans. But when she realized she was on camera she very smoothly but quickly moved her hand and self away from the guy and tried to act like it never happened. I wonder who she was afraid might be watching?

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(Photos&Video) NBA: Is This Real Or Nah? Was JR Smith Beat Up On New Years Eve?


I don’t really know what to make of this story to begin with, but here it is. According to BSO, a dude is claiming he knocked out Knicks JR Smith on new years eve because he was “frontin”. Now as far as having any truth behind his statements it is kinda up to you to believe. There was a video that in fact showed JR involved in some type of scuffle, but as far as the whole getting knocked out part you really can’t see that.

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NBA: Rajon Rondo Admits He Hasn’t Tried To Play Defense In Years


Tell us something we don’t know Rondo! After being traded from Boston to Dallas and playing in the tougher western conference, Rajon Rondo admits he has not really played defense in years but now he has no choice because the point guards in the west will embarrass him.

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(Video) NBA: Can You Explain What The Hell DeMarcus Cousins Is Doing On This Play?


Tired, lazy, or just straight not giving a f*ck? Those are the questions you find yourself asking after watching DeMarcus Cousins on this play against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Kings season started off with some promise but it has gone down the drain more recently. Maybe that is why Cousins appears to have no interest.

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(Video) Sports: Camps Of Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier Almost Brawl After Press Conference


The highly anticipated showdown with Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier is finally going down this Saturday. Jones got injured during training prior to when they were first supposed to fight and the extra build up has made for some drama. At the initial press conference the fighters got into an all brawl, which resulted in some fines from the authorities. For this press conference, UFC owner Dana White kept the peace on stage, but after the media cameras stopped rolling things got heated behind the scenes.

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(Video) NBA: Doc Rivers Denies Clippers Players Don’t Get Along, Calls Reports Lies


Reports continue to swirl in regards to Los Angeles Clippers players not getting along. The topic came up last year numerous times between Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. This season has been quiet until more recently as the Clippers started to struggle, people wondered what was the cause. Again, a report came up saying players just sincerely do not like each other and it is affecting chemistry on the court. Coach Doc Rivers wants to put an end to that theory.

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NFL: Damn! Cowboys Barry Church Makes Personal Threat To Lions Golden Tate


Wanting revenge sometimes is a natural feeling but when you verbalize it, especially in the NFL, you are going to attract the attention of people you really do not want to hear from, like the Commissioner. Cowboys Barry Church is still angry and making a threat over what he feels was a dirty hit by then Seahawks receiver Golden Tate on his teammate Sean Lee. Tate is now with the Lions, whom the Cowboys play this weekend and Church is making no secret about what he intends to do!

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