(Photo) Olympics: Someone Already Has A Tattoo Of #PhelpsFace


Earlier this week, Michael Phelps face became a meme as he stared down, or should I say through, South African swimmer Chad le Clos, who decided he was going to shadowbox right in front of Phelps in the call room prior to the race. The face that Phelps had instantly spread across the internet as a meme and even NBC started using the image in the corner of the screen. Ricky Fung, owner of a tattoo shop in Toronto decided it was the perfect image to get a tattoo off and he shared the result on twitter. It came out pretty damn good.

NFL: Antonio Cromartie’s Mother Claims He’s Evicting Her From Home He Purchased For Her


Antonio Cromartie’s mother is crying foul and it’s in the direction of her son. Cromartie’s little sister, LaQuinta Gardner says the entire family is upset with him after their mother received the eviction notice. Cromartie purchased the house for his mother back in 2007 and paid for everything all these years. Earlier this year he asked her to start paying the mortgage and she refused, which leads us to the eviction letter.

NBA: Moses Malone Jr Files Lawsuit Against Strip Club After He Was Beaten & Robbed By James Harden’s “Friends”


Back in June, Moses Malone Jr, son of NBA hall of famer Moses Malone, was attacked outside the “V Live” strip club in Houston and it was reportedly over some discouraging comments he had made about James Harden’s basketball camp. Malone is now suing the club and some of their security staff over the incident and his lawyer is leaving things open to bring Harden into the lawsuit as well.

(Photo) Sports: Olympic Officials Close Diving Pool Over Green Color & Fart Odor


The last thing divers coming to Rio to compete in the Olympics ever thought about was the pool they use being closed but that is currently what they are dealing with. Earlier this week the pool turned green with no explanation but divers were assured it was safe so they continued to use it. However, after numerous divers complaining about their eyes stinging, as well as others complaining about a foul odor, they decided to close the pool.

(Video) NFL: Ricky Williams Believes The Fact He Smokes Weed Is The Only Reason He Won’t Go To The Hall Of Fame


Ricky Williams made an appearance this week on the Bill Simmons hosted show “Any Given Wednesday” on HBO. Along with Williams was Seth Rogen, so naturally the conversation eventually shifted towards weed. Simmons usually does a “speed round” segment with his guest where he fires off questions to get quick responses but in this case they did a “weed round” where some interesting topics were covered, such as the coolest person they ever smoked weed with. Among the topics on the show was also Williams’ issues with the NFL over his smoking and how he believes he is a hall of fame running back but will never be voted in due to his marijuana use.

Olympics: Australian Swimmer Almost “Threw Up” From The Excitement Of Meeting Kevin Durant


Australian Swimmer Kyle Chalmers is in Rio with the same hopes as every Olympian, which is to win a medal. In Chalmers case however, he was also in Rio with the hopes of meeting his favorite basketball player, Kevin Durant. Not only did he get to meet KD but he also received a video message of support from Durant and all of the excitement had Chalmers ready to lose his lunch.

(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch’s Younger Brother Shows The Beast Mode Gene Runs In The Family


DaVonte Lynch, younger brother of retired running back Marshawn Lynch, plays football at division II New Mexico Highlands University but he runs like an NFL pro. The younger Lynch put the family genes on full display with this epic touchdown run that is actually from last season but was recently shared. He is getting ready to start his season year so there should be plenty of more highlights like this to come.

(Video) NFL: Patriots Malcolm Mitchell Suffers Ugly Elbow Injury During Preseason Game


New England Patriots rookie receiver Malcolm Mitchell’s career did not get off to the best start last night. Mitchell was having a solid game when he caught his fourth ball of the night against the Saints but as he went down from a tackle, his left elbow did something it’s not supposed to do.

(Video/Photo) Olympics: Twitter Explodes With Legendary Memes After Michael Phelps Won His 22nd Gold Medal


Michael Phelps literally destroyed the competition during the final of the 200-meter individual medley, giving him four gold medals in Rio and 22 overall. As the world looked on, Phelps dominated the race in breathtaking fashion and it wasn’t long before he was being praised in the form of some epic memes once the race ended. Just so you have an idea of how big this was, the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers even put their game on hold so they could watch the race on the jumbotron in the stadium.

(Video) Olympics: Simone Manuel Becomes First African-American Woman To Win Gold In Swimming


Simone Manuel made history in more ways than one last night in Rio. The young American swimmer wasn’t expected to medal, let alone with the race, becoming the first African-American woman to win any medal in swimming, not just Gold. She also was involved in the super rare tie, as she and Penny Oleksiak of Canada touched the wall at the exact same time, giving both swimmers the Gold.

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