(Video) NFL: WHOA! O.J. Simpson Slept With Kris Jenner, Is Really Khloe Kardashian’s Father?


This rumor is nothing new, but now someone who claims to have inside knowledge of the situation is trying to validate the rumor as fact! Yesterday we brought you the shocker of a story , as a tranny who was in prison with O.J. Simpson said she slept with O.J. numerous times in jail and she is actually HIV positive and there is a chance O.J. contracted the deadly disease as well. It is up to you to believe her or not but now she is also claiming O.J. told her he did in fact sleep with Kris Jenner and is actually pretty confident Khloe is his daughter! Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Diddy Wants In On Making Rick Ross Part Owner Of Miami Dolphins!


Earlier this week we reported that Rick Ross was very interested in buying a piece of the Miami Dolphins and the preliminary talks seemed positive. Now Diddy, the man who gets his hands in everything is saying he wants in! He thinks Ross owning the team is a great idea and he wants to be the one to make it happen. Diddy has previously said he would love to own a majority stake in an NFL team. Hit the jump to see what he said.

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NFL: Former Bears GM Says NFL Has Ignored Literally “Hundreds Of Domestic Violence Cases”


The domestic violence topic, which is currently so prevalent within the NFL actually appears to be a much deeper issue within the league than we all thought! A former general manager for the Chicago Bears, Jerry Angelo, who is a very respected man within the sporting world is actually being refreshingly honest about how he and most other teams looked at domestic violence for years. His story could definitely have some other teams questioning decisions they made. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Iggy Azalea Is Getting Divorced? Nick Young Had No Idea She Was Married, Iggy Says She Isn’t!


Iggy Azalea is allegedly getting divorced! The surprise is she claims she isn’t married so she is not sure how she is getting divorced. I am sure Swaggy P is not too happy about the news if it’s true. The same man who was allegedly shopping a sex tape with Iggy, Maurice Williams, who was her ex back in the day is now claiming they have been married for years but he is seeking to end it! Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Sports: MMA Star Jason “Mayhem” Miller Is Having A Standoff With Police, Live Tweeting It All!


You want a crazy story? Well here is one for you! Former MMA star Jason “Mayhem” Miller is currently barricaded inside of his home with dozens of police outside, including swat teams, as they are in the middle of an intense stand off! Police went to arrest Miller on an unrelated warrant when the day took a turn for the worse! The craziest thing is Miller is currently live tweeting all the events that are happening, and in some cases contradicting what police are saying!! Hit the jump for his tweets and what he is saying!

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(Video) NBA: Lebron James Jr Already Has College Coaches Watching


You can never be too young, if you have talent for some college coach to keep an eye on you way before he should even know you. Of course the situation helps when your father is Lebron James. Lebron James Jr, who is only nine years old is already attracting the attention of Thad Madda, head coach of Ohio State University. Bron already has a connection to the school and it is likely he would of considered going there himself had he not jumped right to the NBA. Bron Jr has some nice skills already and it is fair to assume he is only going to get better from here considering his gene pool. Hit the jump.

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NBA: No More Free Throws? New Possible Rule Changes Could Eventually Lead To It


The NBA wants to speed up the pace of it’s game and it is exploring ways to do so. One of these proposals is to slightly do away with free throws, which would reduce the amount of time a game takes overall. Every trip to the foul line could be for only one free throw from now on, regardless of reason. The fouled shooter would take one foul shot, worth two points. This rule, if instituted, would shave an estimated five minutes off of game time. New commissioner Adam Silver has been looking to make his own mark on the league so do not be surprised if this change becomes reality.

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NFL: Geno Smith Gets Fine $12,000 For Cursing At Fan Last Week


Geno Smith is $12,000 lighter in his bank account today after the NFL hit him with the fine for cursing at a fan after the Jets loss to the Lions Sunday. Geno was already clearly frustrated and fans were letting him know how bad he was before he was seen using profanity towards one fan in particular before walking off the field. He knew right away he messed up and started off his post game press conference acknowledging such. With a vet like Mike Vick waiting to take over if given the chance you can’t blame Geno for being a little uptight but he will learn how to handle it. He has no choice but to.

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(Photos) NBA: Check The Pics!! Lebron Selling His Florida Mansion For $17 Million!


Guess Lebron doesn’t feel the need to keep his Coconut Grove home now that he has relocated north, and for a cool $17 million this luxury palace can be yours. The crib comes complete with 16,768 sq ft, 6 bedrooms, an infinity pool, wine cellar and dockage space that can accommodate two 60 foot yachts. Bron only paid about $9 million for it a few years ago so he stands to make a nice profit. Can never have enough money period! Check the pics.

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(Video) Sports: Hulk Hogan’s Family Involved In “Threesome” Reality Sex Show??


Hulk Hogan has not built up his brand to watch someone else tear it down and he is about to fight it out in the courts over it. Hulk’s nephew, David Bollea aka King David Hogan, a former pro MMA fighter, is banking off the family name in efforts to land a deal for his threesome based show that helps him and his girl pick one girl from a group of sixteen to join them, based off the style of any other wanna be dating show on VH1. The Hulkster is already threatening the nephew that he claims he has only met twice and he is not going to get away with using his family name for the show. Hit the jump.

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