(Photos) Sports: Dayton University Goes Crazy With Huge Party That Needs Riot Police After Sweet 16 Win


These kids at Dayton damn sure know how to party. Even the president of the university got in on the action in the middle of the night. After the basketball team beat Stanford last night to win in the sweet 16 and advance to the elite 8 of the NCAA tournament, the campus celebrated like it was project X.
The school has not been this far in the tournament in 30 years and they have knocked out some heavyweight schools like Ohio State and Syracuse along the way. Police in riot gear had to take over and start marching down the streets after glass bottles were being thrown and fires were being set. Some students said they were threatened by police with bodily harm if they did not leave the area. Comes with the territory at a college party. Hit the jump for the pics.

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NBA: Grimey! Nick Young & Omarion Both Got Robbed Living In The Same House


By now you all know Lakers Nick Young had his Los Angeles area home robbed last week while he was busy playing the Magic. They took close to $200,000 worth of jewelry, sneakers, clothing and more and walked right out the front door. Turns out in an eerie coincidence, Omarion was renting that same house last year and he was robbed as well.

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MLB: What Would You Do With $292 Million? Miguel Cabrera Signs Biggest Contract In Baseball History


I would be smiling from ear to ear too if I was Miguel Cabrera today. The Detroit Tigers star signed the dotted line on the biggest contract in the history of the game. He agreed to a 10 year/$292 million dollar contract that actually has the potential to wind up being $352 million!! We are talking powerball lottery type money. He has been extremely productive during his career and currently is the best player in the league without a doubt. You have to wonder though in 5 or 6 years when he is 36 and not as good on the field if the Tigers will regret committing so much money to him. Interestingly enough, the second and third biggest contracts in history both belong to A-Rod and well, that has not turned out so good for the Yankees.

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(Video) NBA: This Is Bad, Real Bad! 76ers Make History In The Worst Possible Way


It has to seriously hurt to be a Philadelphia 76ers fan. Today is March 28th and the Sixers have not won a game since January 29th! Two straight entire months of losing. Last night after another loss, this time to the Houston Rockets, the Sixers tied the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavs for the longest losing streak in NBA history at 26 straight games. If they lose Saturday to the Pistons they will own the most embarrassing streak all by themselves. The 26 game streak is not only the worst in NBA history, it is the worst in any of the major sports in America. If they win Saturday they will feel like they just won a championship.

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(Photos) NFL: WOW, Loss By Duke In NCAA Tournament Almost Costs Falcons Roddy White Big Time


Better watch what you casually say sometimes. Falcons Roddy White is known to talk s**t on twitter about sports alot. This time he is regretting it. Earlier in the week he told a fan on twitter he would give them front row seats at the 50 yard line for the entire season if Mercer beat Duke. Well a funny thing happened today, Mercer BEAT Duke! Twitter immediately called him out on the bet and wondered what he would say. He was quiet for a while, but then he owned up to it , well somewhat. Two tickets front row at the 50 yard line for an entire season would of easily cost White over $15,000 if not more. Steep price to pay for running your mouth on twitter. Hit the jump to see what he said.

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(Video) NBA: Check Out The Top Plays From The NBA Last Night Featuring Kevin Durant, Steph Curry & More


Hit the jump to see the top plays around the league last night with Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and more.

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(Video) NBA: Liar Liar! Agent Says Michael Jordan Never Called 76ers Player To Apologize!


C’mon man, why you lying Tony Wroten? Yesterday we brought you guys a story about Michael Jordan himself supposedly calling 76ers player Tony Wroten after a pair of Jordan 10′s he was wearing during a game against the Pacers basically exploded. Well now according to Wroten’s agent and a spokesperson from Jordan Brand they are both saying no call ever took place. Wroten’s agent tried to cover for him by saying media misquoted him and he actually said “Tony told me that the media asked him if he thought Jordan would apologize and he answered, ‘He can call my agent,’” Yeah good one! Sounds like Wroten thought he might sound cool by saying Jordan apologized to him and maybe it wouldn’t become a story, but it did and now we know he was lying. Check the videos below.

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NFL: It’s Official! New York Jets Sign Mike Vick, Release Mark Sanchez


After weeks of speculation the deal is finally done. Michael Vick is finally a member of the New York Jets. The deal is rumored to be a 1 year contract for $5 million. At the same time the Jets released former starting quarterback Mark Sanchez before they had to pay him a roster bonus of $2 million next week. His time may have passed in NY, but I still expect Sanchez to get an opportunity to start somewhere with hopefully better offensive weapons. Signing Vick will now create an open quarterback competition in training camp between himself and Geno Smith. It also reunites Vick with his offensive coordinator from Philly, Marty Mornhinweg, who came to the Jets last season. No word about the whole #7 situation we were told earlier that Vick may make a big deal of. Things certainly just got interesting for gang green.

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(Video) Boxing: Publicity Stunt Or Just Crazy? Watch What Shannon Briggs Does To Wladimir Klitschko


Shannon Briggs, who has not fought in the ring in about 4 years tried to run up in the training session of heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko today at the Heavyweight Factory in Hollywood, Florida and challenge him. The two do not have any fight coming up and to be honest nobody has really heard from Briggs for the most part since he lost to Klitschko’s brother, Vitali back in 2010. Briggs ripped off his shirt, screaming and yelling trying to provoke Wladimir but it never worked. He even threw his shoe at him at one point which hit Klitschko right in the chest, but with a calm demeanor all he said was “I am going to make you eat that shoe”. Eventually Briggs was escorted out after Klitschko said he will come looking for him in about 45 minutes. All I can think about all of this is Briggs wants his name to be talked about again as he tried to make a comeback in the ring. Hit the jump.

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(Video) March Madness: Mercer Players Style On Duke With Nae-Nae Dance After Huge Win


Some people might take this as being disrespectful by doing it on the court, but the way the kids from Mercer are feeling today you can’t tell them nothing, nor should you. They just pulled off the biggest win in school history and hit the nae-nae like they were in the club.

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