(Photo) NBA: Khloe Kardashian Posts Picture Reminding She Is Still An “Odom”, Then Deletes It


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are still married even though it seems that relationship ended years ago now. The divorce has never been finalized and people have wondered if Khloe really wants to ever go through with it because she could have had it done by now, even without Lamar cooperating. She has not been shy about dating other people but still she shares the Odom name which she reminded people of when she posted a picture of a certificate she received from Armenia giving her a plot of land, in which she was referred to as “Khloe Kardashian Odom”. A short time later the photo was gone. You can only assume the way her name was on the paper had something to do with that. Check the gallery!

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Sports: College Basketball Player Lauren Hill Loses Her Fight With Brain Cancer, Passes Away At Age 19


Lauren Hill became a star without trying to. Just the way she put up her fight with brain cancer and did her best to being awareness of it and be the poster child for it was inspirational enough. The 19-year-old freshman basketball player at Mount St. Joseph University died at a hospital Friday morning, the co-founder of her foundation The Cure Starts Now said. Even though that is very sad news, she did things on her terms and her way and that is something to smile about.

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NFL: Report, NFL Has Tape Of LeSean McCoy Threatening Chip Kelly


When the Eagles traded star running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills last month, everyone has the same question. Why? Why would you trade one of the best backs in the entire league, especially when he fits the offense Philly likes to run so well. Everyone has their own theories, including McCoy, but now there is a report of a tape existing where McCoy is actually threatening to hit Chip, which would easily explain why the trade occurred.

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NFL: Report, Darren Sharper Will Have His Penis Monitored Whenever He Gets Out Of Prison


Darren Sharper got himself an incredible plea deal for such a low life rapist, pleading guilty to all the charges he was facing in multiple states in return for a 9 year sentence. He was facing more than 20 years on the different charges, which most people expected him to receive, but nope the justice system failed again. One good piece of news is whenever Sharper becomes a free man again, his penis will not be free.

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Boxing: Jay Z Will Host After Party For Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight, VIP Tables Going For $50,000!


Seems like everyone wants to get in on the after party action to the biggest fight in history and you can’t really blame them. There are not many chances in life where you can be part of something that was considered the biggest in history and that is exactly what the fight between Floyd & Manny is. Jay Z announced he will host a party after the fight at the Cosmopolitan, where VIP tables are already going for $50K! If you can’t afford that like the most of us, you can still get in for $100 a pop if you’re a guy. There is some pretty stiff competition in Vegas that night for the party crown however because Nicki Minaj is headlining a party, along with our own Funk Flex at the Paris Hotel, as well as 2 Chainz and Chris Brown hosting their own events. Vegas is going to be on fire May 2nd!

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(Photos) NCAA: Fires, Riots & More Break Out On Campus Of University Of Kentucky After Final Four Loss


Goodbye perfect record, hello drunk and angry college kids with nothing better to do than start fires and damage property. After the Kentucky Wildcats lost to Wisconsin 71-64 in the Final Four, ending the Wildcats perfect season, students back on campus in Lexington, Kentucky took to the streets to cause a ruckus for no reason. I will never understand what is the purpose of starting fires and damaging other peoples cars and fighting amongst each other because the team lost. Most pictures show cops standing by watching but not really doing much. What’s messed up about situations like this is if it was happening in another part of the country the people “rioting” and starting fires would be called “thugs” or worse. But since this is Kentucky they will just chalk it up to drunk college kids having a good time. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NCAA: Ahh Man!! Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison Heard Saying “F*ck That N***a” During Post Game Interview


Andrew Harrison is clearly salty after his Kentucky Wildcats had their undefeated season spoiled by the Wisconsin Badgers, who won 71-64. Badgers big man Frank Kaminsky gave Kentucky all types of problems and a reporter asked the Kentucky players about it. Harrison was in no mood to praise an opponent at the moment but he lost his cool and whispered “f*ck that n*gga” while the reporter was speaking. Unfortunately for Harrison the microphone right in front of his face picked it up and best believe he is going to hear about it. Guarantee some NBA scouts just got turned off as well. Emotions should be expected after a tough loss, especially from kids but you have to be smarter than this.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) NBA: So THIS Is The Woman Who Made James Harden Put Amber Rose In The Friend Zone?


With social media the way it is today, rumors fly faster and more often than planes taking off each day from airports around the country. You know, rumors like Amber Rose only sent that emotional WCW post about Wiz Khalifa because James Harden didn’t want more with her and decided to just be friends. You might think to yourself why would the bearded one want to be just friends with Amber? But then you hear this new rumor that the reason for that is another chick who happens to be located much closer to Harden than Amber was. That woman is Jessica Kylie, an “Instagram model” right from H-town! Fellas if you were Harden, would you dead Amber for Jessica? Check the gallery!

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(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Drops $300K On Customized Mercedes “Land Yacht”


They don’t call him “Money” for nothing. Floyd Mayweather added a new toy to his fleet of vehicles when he put down $300K for the Mercedes sprinter van aka the “Land Yacht”. This is by no means your ordinary sprinter. It includes a 55 inch TV with Apple and Direct TV, Surround Sound stereo system, Maybach heated massage chairs, Champagne bar, and cabin lighting system. Let’s not forget the bar stocked full of Ciroc to entertain passengers as well. Check the gallery!

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NBA: Phil Jackson To Knicks Fans: “Sh*t Happens”


It’s no secret the Knicks are having the worst season in franchise history and have been difficult to even watch. It was the further thing from the minds of most fans and people within the organization the day Phil Jackson was hired to run things. It was an upbeat time in New York and the buzz was back at MSG. Unfortunately the buzz faded quick and the reality check came very fast. Phil himself described the season with two words, sh*t happens!

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