NBA: Phil Jackson Says He Expects Kobe Bryant To Play Next Year, Just Not With The Lakers


Could we see a Phil Jackson/Kobe Bryant reunion in New York next season? Ok, I am getting WAY ahead of myself but if you give any prudence to Phil’s words today then that scenario could at least be a slight possibility. Phil was talking to the media today and mentioned that he believes this will in fact be Kobe’s final season with the Lakers but not necessarily the last season of his career.

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NFL: Tom Brady Leads All NFL Players In Jersey Sales Despite Deflate Gate Controversy


Some people love him, some people hate him, either way, Tom Brady’s name sells! Despite all the negativity surrounding the reigning Super Bowl MVP this off season, Brady leads all NFL players in jersey sales which makes it clear fans don’t give a sh*t about off field nonsense.

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NFL: RG3’s Father Sent To Jail For 60 Days For Speeding!


I’ll be the first to admit my knowledge of the law is mediocre at best but 60 days in jail for speeding?? Damn! That’s what Robert Griffin Jr is dealing with now after being pulled over for speeding back in August.

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(Video) NCAA: Very Scary! Cincinnati QB Gunner Kiel Knocked Totally Unconscious After Taking Hit To His Head


Cincinnati quarterback, Gunner Kiel, was awake and moving some of his limbs last night in the hospital after taking a vicious hit on the field. Players immediately knew it was bad as they motioned for medical personnel to race onto the field.

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Rocks His Own Custom Redskins Jersey While On Sidelines For Game With The Giants


Doesn’t Kevin Durant realize every little thing he does this year will be looked at as a possible tip to what he might do in free agency this summer? Last night he showed up to the Redskins vs Giants game, rocking his own custom jersey, complete with the #35. You already know people are thinking that could be a sign he is willing to leave OKC for the Washington Wizards next summer. It’s not the first time he has worn the jersey so keep that in mind as well. Ironic thing is, he was warming up before the game and didn’t look too bad throwing the ball. With the Redskins having all types of quarterback issues, maybe they should be the DC area team trying to sign him.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Announces He Is Now Deputy Editor Of Derek Jeter’s Site “The Players Tribune”


Kevin Durant has become distrustful of the majority of members of the media. He isn’t at Marshawn Lynch “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” levels yet, but you could see that coming. He always has to deal with rumors about nonsense, or fake rifts between him & Russell Westbrook and more. So he is doing something about it by becoming part of the media itself somewhat. KD announced he is becoming deputy editor of “The Players Tribune”, the website owned by Derek Jeter and he is promising content from himself very soon.

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NBA: He’s Back! Metta World Peace Agrees To One Year Deal With The Lakers


I still struggle with calling him anything but Ron Artest but Metta World Peace aka “The Panda’s Friend” is back in the NBA and wearing the purple & gold of the Los Angeles Lakers. Obviously he is far removed from the player he was at his peak but with the Lakers being terrible he may still be able to help out, especially in the locker room.

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(Photos) NFL: Shad Moss Calls Out Former Steelers QB Kordell Stewart For “Liking” Pics Of His Baby’s Mother


I guess I can respect where Bow Wow (Shad Moss) is coming from but I can’t agree with him. Shad called former Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart a “sissy” after he liked a bunch of pics of Joie Chavis, aka the mother of Shad’s daughter. Still it doesn’t make sense for him to call out one specific guy when thousands more like her pics all the time.

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NFL: Russell Wilson Responds To Aaron Rodgers Jab Over God Wanting The Packers To Beat Seattle


Everyone knows Russell Wilson has a tight relationship with God and is a religious man. He had previously rubbed people the wrong way when he claimed basically that God decided the outcome of football games after the Seahawks beat the Packers in the NFC Championship last year. Aaron Rodgers was one of the players who had something to say about it at the time saying God had more important things to do than worry about football. Fast forward to this past Sunday and the Packers beat Seattle in Green Bay and of course, God came up again.

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NFL: WOW! 87 Of 91 Deceased Former NFL Players Tested Positive For Brain Disease


Researchers say they’ve identified a brain disease believed to be associated with repeated head injuries and concussions in a total of 87 out of 91 former NFL players who had donated their brains to science after they died.

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