NBA: Matt Barnes On People Respecting Him For Fighting Derek Fisher


With news of Derek Fisher reportedly wanting to get back into the NBA to play next year, rather than coach, you can’t help but think of what Matt Barnes would feel about that. It was last summer when Barnes attacked Fisher for hanging out at the house he owned because he had started dating Barnes’ ex-wife, Gloria Govan. The two faced each other last season but in the form of player vs coach when the Knicks played the Grizzlies but if Fisher actually plays next year you have to think Barnes would at least consider taking him out. He talked about the incident from last summer and the respect it earned him from other men who would’ve done the same thing.

NBA: Michael Jordan Refers To Russell Westbrook As A Younger Version Of Himself


Russell Westbrook is feeling like he’s on top of the world after his press conference in Oklahoma City yesterday, officially announcing his three year/$85 million dollar contract extension. As it turns out though, he didn’t need yesterday to feel like he was on top of the world. Nope, he very likely experienced that same feeling a couple weeks ago in Vegas when Michael Jordan spoke about him during the launch of the Air Jordan XXXI, where the GOAT said Russell is the same player he was.

(Video) NBA: After Being Clowned By His Olympic Teammates, Carmelo Anthony Is Now The One With Jokes


Carmelo Anthony looked like the old, out of touch, disgruntled teammate last week when his younger teammates from the Olympic team were having ball singing on Snapchat. Melo himself is still new to Snapchat but judging from this video, he is getting the hang of things quickly, including going from being joked on to the one delivering the jokes.

Sports: Boxer From Morocco Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Two Brazilian Women Inside Olympic Village


Hassan Saada, a boxer from Morocco, was supposed to be in Rio to compete in the Olympic games. Instead he will spend the time inside a jail after he was arrested after allegedly sexually assaulted two Brazilian women within the Olympic Village.

(Photo) NBA: High School Teacher Hilariously Mocks Kevin Durant, Turns Classroom Into “No KD Zone”


Tucker Hein is a high school teacher in Indianapolis who recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma. You can count him among the people who felt a certain way after Kevin Durant decided to take his talents to the bay area. He didn’t just vent on twitter like most of us, he went ahead and turned his classroom into a “No KD Zone” in a effort to give his students a lesson and take a shot at Durant.

Sports: Jimmy Butler Is Terrified That Team USA Is Staying On A Cruise Ship During Olympics


You might think staying on a mega cruise ship during the Olympics would be a luxury for members of Team USA’s basketball team. With all things considered like the threat of zika virus, crime and horrible conditions in the Olympic village, staying on a luxury liner sounds like the best scenario for the team. That is unless your name is Jimmy Butler. Apparently he has a fear of water and it is very real. You know some of the teammates had to mess with him over it.

(Video) NBA: Players Voice Awards Vote Steph Curry MVP But Would Rather Play With Lebron


The second annual NBA Players Voice Awards took place yesterday, minus all the hoopla from last year. There was an actual award show on television last year that most of the players attended but this year they chose to just do everything via twitter. There was some controversy last year when Steph Curry was voted the MVP by the media but the players turned around and gave James Harden the award. While there wasn’t much controversy this time around, there were a couple awards that might make you scratch your head a bit.

(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Performed A Stand Up Comedy Routine And It Was Funnier Than You Would Expect


Blake Griffin appears he may have found his calling once his basketball days are over. Griffin was in Montreal and was the host of a stand up comedy night at the just for laughs festival. The footage was recorded last week sometime but was just uploaded within the past couple days to Youtube. During his ten minute routine, Blake touched on everything from sports reporters, prostitutes, strip clubs and just being a “dumb athlete” but it was all pretty hilarious.

NBA: KD Chooses Not To Congratulate Westbrook On His New Contract, Says “That’s A Touchy Deal”


Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook went through a lot of ups & downs during their eight years together in Oklahoma City and helped each other become the players they are today. Durant admitted earlier this month after signing with the Warriors that their friendship would probably “never be the same” but for the moment at least, it appears even talking is too much to handle. As you know, Westbrook signed a big extension to stay with the Thunder yesterday but KD wanted no parts of reaching out to his former running mate to congratulate him.

(Video) Sports: Jamaican Athletes Show Terrible Conditions Inside Of The Olympic Village


The Summer Olympics in Rio officially start today with the opening ceremonies scheduled for later today but from the looks of things, Rio is far from ready for any of this. Athletes have been arriving over the past few days and besides the fear of being robbed or kidnapped, their living quarters are basically uninhabitable and there is nothing they can do. Most athletes from all different countries report not having running water or plumbing in their rooms, while others, such as part of the Jamaican team, found their room to basically still be in shambles. It looks like some of their rooms are still being put together, while also falling apart at the same time.

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