NBA: Former OKC Thunder Player Arrested For Having War Type Weapons, Involved With Prostitutes


The casual fan may not know who Robert Swift is, but if you are a basketball junkie you know his story is one of many that had great potential but couldn’t stay on track. When Swift was drafted in the first round by the Seattle Sonics fresh out of high school in 2004 he was one of the more highly touted prospects. It was soon apparent though that Swift had some demons in his life and drugs pretty much derailed his career. Last year he was arrested for squatting in a home even though he made more than $11 million from his short playing days. Now he has much bigger legal problems.

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Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Calls Out Floyd Mayweather AGAIN! Wants Him To Negotiate


Manny Pacquiao calling out Floyd is nothing new, but he has been very aggressive about it recently. It is not like Manny needs the attention cause he already has it, so it appears as his calling out Floyd is legit. The fight should of happened years ago but even if it happens in another year it will still be a HUGE draw, possibly the likes of which we have never seen in boxing. Manny wants to make the fight a reality and he is going hard to do so.

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(Photos) NBA: Feeling Them Or Nah? Christmas Day NBA Jersey’s Revealed With Changes


Everyone hated the Christmas day jersey’s for the NBA last year with the big logo and longer sleeves. The NBA heard people loud and clear about not liking the sleeves, but they didn’t exactly improve the jersey for one of the more marquee days on the NBA calender. The jersey’s come with first name only nameplates with the team logo centered. Jokes are already starting on twitter but some look better than others. For example, Lebron’s jersey for the Cavs doesn’t look too bad, but something about Derrick Rose’s jersey for the Bulls just looks cheap. Take a look for yourself.

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NFL: Brandon Marshall’s Mom Reacts To Her Son Offering $25K To Fight Fan Who Disrespected Her


In case you missed it, earlier this week, Chicago Bears star Brandon Marshall got into a dispute via twitter with a Lions fan. The fan at one point brought Marshall’s mother into it by randomly calling her a “whore”. Marshall didn’t brush that off as twitter nonsense and became enraged and offered the man $25,000 to get in a ring with him. Now the woman who’s honor he was defending is speaking and of course she is riding with her son.

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(Video) Boxing: He Won’t Stop! Shannon Briggs Flies To Germany To Harass Wladimir Klitschko


Shannon Briggs has been calling out Klitschko for months trying to get the boxer to fight him in the ring. He’s already confronted the boxer in a restaurant, in various boxing gyms and even while Wlad was paddleboarding in Florida. Now, Shannon has landed in Hamburg — where Wladimir is set to fight Kubrat Pulev in the morning — so he could continue his campaign of verbal terror. It’s pretty funny, Briggs not only showed up to a training center where he knew Wlad would be but he also showed up to a German mall for Klitschko’s weigh in and taunted him there too.

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NBA: Kris Humphries Reacts To Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian’s Cover Page Assets


It never ends for Kris Humphries. He can never escape that 72 day sham marriage he had to Kim Kardashian no matter what he does. He could score 100 points in a game and people would still ask him how he feels about Kim. Well he damn sure won’t ever score that much but the questions are sure coming considering how Kim broke the internet with the cover page of “Paper” magazine. He was trying to talk basketball but the question was inevitable.

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(Video) NBA: Shelly Sterling Praises Clippers New Owner, Right In Front Of Donald Sterling


I am still upset that Shelly Sterling got a pass last year when her husband and now former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, went on his racist tirade. She tried to play innocent and claims she didn’t think the same way but they have been married more than 30 years, I am sure she thinks somewhat along the same lines as Donald does. It was only about money for her. She now gets looked upon as some great Clippers fan and it is just a joke. She should of been expelled from the league the same way her hubby was just by association alone. Now she is out on the street praising new Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, while Donald just stands and listens. I’m sorry but she is so phony to me. I wonder how Donald felt after her comments when the camera turned off.

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Puts His Money On Full Display


Is it even news anymore when Floyd shows off his money? It is such a common thing now that I wonder if it barely raises any eyebrow to see him counting out money. One thing is for sure though, anything that revolves around him is and will continue to be news for a long time. People love him, people hate him, but either way they are paying attention. Hit the jump.

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(Photo)NFL: Colin Kaepernick Addresses Cryptic Picture He Posted With Another Cryptic Post


What is going on with Colin Kaepernick? He seems to be a little more sensitive and emotional than most quarterback’s in the NFL. Alot of comments, even sometimes ones that are positive rub him the wrong way and have him in his feelings. After the 49ers beat the Saints last Sunday he was quick to post a picture with the caption “silence the haters”. That is fine but if he is referring to people hating because his team has completely underachieved this season then he needs to get a grip. If a team is terrible that is supposed to be much better, people are gonna speak on it. Today he addressed that same post with another post that doesn’t really answer what he was talking about, but gives you insight into how he thinks of the media and fans. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Joakim Noah Tells Media “Chill The F*** Out” While Defending Derrick Rose


Joakim Noah has had it with people in the media and some fans bashing Derrick Rose seemingly every chance they get. Joakim is doing what you are supposed to do by holding your boy down, but if he is being real he has to admit the injury bug Rose seems to attract brings the doubters. Earlier this week Rose caught some heat from the media when he made comments that sounded as if he really didn’t love the game, but Noah has a very specific message for everyone.

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