(Photo) NBA: SMH, Gilbert Arenas Disrespects Women From Flint, Michigan As They Fight Water Crisis


The city of Flint, Michigan is going through some serious sh*t right now. The drinking water for the entire city is damn near close to poison and not safe to drink. Water is not supposed to be brown and yellow but that’s what happens when officials want to try and save money and don’t know what the hell they are doing. Leave it to a moron like Gilbert Arenas to use the emergency situation as a reason to disrespect the women of the town.

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(Video) NBA: Steph Curry Hits Half Court Shot With Ease & Made History In The Process


Steve Kerr picked a great night to make his return to the sidelines as the coach of the Warriors. He saw his team improve to 40-4, which was led by Steph Curry’s triple double with 39 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds. He also saw Steph make history with a half court shot right before halftime.

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(Video) NBA: Knicks Robin Lopez Starts Scuffle By Slapping Chris Paul, Winds Up Getting Ejected


The Knicks game against the Clippers last night was pretty ugly but it could have been worse. A small brawl almost popped off after Robin Lopez caught Chris Paul in the face with a left handed slap and appeared to cut his lip.

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NFL: Lawyer Claims Suicide Note Left By Lawrence Phillips Is Fake, Believes He Was Murdered In Prison


Lawrence Phillips was most likely going to spend the rest of his life behind bars after already being convicted of serious crimes and then being charged with the murder of his cell mate. He had steadily denied any involved in his cell mates death and even recently according to his lawyer and family he seemed to be in good spirits. So why would Phillips suddenly take his own life last week. Was if the fact he didn’t want to spend the rest of his years rotting away in prison? His lawyer and family were already calling b.s. on the report from the prison but now they are taking it further, saying the suicide note Phillips allegedly left behind is fake.

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(Video) NFL: Panthers Shaq Thompson Curses Out Seahawks Fans On Snapchat


Usually rookies in major sports haven’t earned the right to talk trash to other players or teams but Carolina Panther’s rookie linebacker Shaq Thompson is sick of hearing about Seahawks fans complaining and he gives no f*cks. He jumped on snapchat and let all the “12’s” know how he feels about them and their team.

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(Photo) NBA: LOL, JR Smith Doesn’t Seem To Be Concerned With The Cavs Coaching Change


As twitter world and beyond was in shock over the Cavs firing head coach David Blatt and hiring Tyronn Lue to replace him immediately, you might think players on the team would be focused on what’s going on. JR Smith is not here for your theories however. Shortly after the news broke, he took to twitter to let us know he wasn’t sweating what happened one bit because he was more interested in something else. Likely another sign that players tried to be respectful but overall didn’t care for Blatt. Check the gallery!

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NFL: Terrell Owens Teams Up With Butterfinger To Pay Fines For Excessive Player Celebrations


We all know Terrell Owens loved to celebrate when he scored a touchdown during his playing days. In fact, he and fellow receiver Chad Johnson are basically responsible for the NFL being so strict on touchdown celebrations nowadays. They would pull out all the stops after they scored and now T.O. is trying to help his fellow NFL family out by paying their fines.

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(Video) Sports: Police Receive Call Of Kids Playing Basketball Too Loud, Here’s How They Responded


People need to get a grip man, sheesh! Some kids in Gainesville, Florida were playing ball in the street outside their home in the middle of the day. Some grump decided the kids were too loud and called the police with the hopes of shutting the kids down. The police department decided to handle things a different way.

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NBA: Shocking Report, Cleveland Cavs Fire Coach David Blatt, Hire Tyronn Lue As Replacement


NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Cleveland Cavs just fired head coach, David Blatt. The move comes as a shock in the middle of a season where the Cavs are in first place in the Eastern conference and a virtual lock to make it back to the NBA finals!

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NBA: Anthony Davis Might Lose Almost $25 Million For Not Being Named All-Star Starter


Making the starting five of the all-star team usually doesn’t mean much other than recognition. If you don’t get voted by the fans, no big deal right? Well the fact that Anthony Davis was not voted as a starter for the western conference yesterday could actually cost the young star about $25 million dollars!

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