(Video) Sports: High School Football Players Who Attacked Referee Are Now Blaming It On Their Coach!


Their intentions on the now-viral video were clear: Two Texas high school football players targeted a game official. They’ve now admitted it. The twist however is that they are claiming they were ordered to attack the referee by their own coach

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(Video) NFL: Johnny Manziel Tells ESPN’s Merrill Hoge To Worry About His Neck Ties Instead Of Him!


ESPN has a knack of hiring former players who were average at best in their own careers but love to criticize the hell out of today’s players. Of course there are some exceptions but Merrill Hoge is not one of them. Hoge, who was a bum and mediocre at best in his playing days, loves tearing Johnny Manziel apart and being borderline disrespectful about it. Johnny Football took a shot at him and let him know he hears the nonsense but it really means nothing to him.

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Boxing: Pay Per View Numbers For Mayweather/Berto Fight Are Even Lower Than Expected


Based on the record breaking draw of the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight back in May, nobody expected Floyd’s fight with Andre Berto to come anywhere remotely close to the 4.4 million pay per view his previous fight did. Unfortunately the numbers are reportedly very, very low, even with expectations already being low beforehand.

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(Video) NBA: Michael Carter Williams Hits Cameraman After Throwing Out One Of The Worst First Pitches Ever!


The vision of 50 Cent wildly throwing a first pitch at a New York Mets game will forever be embedded in our minds. It was probably the worst first pitch ever but at least nobody got hurt. Last night, Milwaukee Bucks point guard Michael Carter Williams, threw out the first pitch at a Brewers game but somehow managed to hit a cameraman directly in the face!

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(Video) Sports: High School Football Player Charged With Attempted Murder After Savagely Beating Teammate


A member of Baltimore’s Frederick Douglass High School’s football team was charged with attempted murder Thursday in a brutal attack on a teammate. The attack, which left the victim hospitalized and facing surgery, was captured on video and posted online. In it, a student is seen repeatedly punching another in the head and face and then stomping on the bloodied teen’s head.

In this week’s assault, Sean Johnson, 17, faces attempted murder, assault and other charges, according to the Baltimore state’s attorneys office. He was charged as an adult and held without bond Thursday. The victim was not identified.

Reports say the teenager started having convulsions as he laid in his own blood. Sometimes the word savage gets used incorrectly but that is definitely the way to describe this.


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(Photo) NFL: Marshawn Lynch’s Mom Clears The Air About Wanting Coach Fired After She Went “Beast Mom” On Him


We all know Marshawn Lynch doesn’t enjoy talking to the media but his mother more than makes up for it. Earlier this week she straight up bashed the Seahawks offensive coordinator, claiming he should have been fired for his horrible play call in the Super Bowl. Her remarks came after another 4th & 1, this time against the Rams last week, which saw her son get stopped and led to a Rams win. Yesterday she wanted to clarify what she meant, especially after the backlash her comments caused.

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(Video) NFL: LMAO! South Park Hilariously Rips Tom Brady & Roger Goodell Over “Deflate Gate”


You already know “South Park” doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings! They go after anybody and everybody and it’s part of the reason why the show has lasted so long. They are fair with their comedy and nobody is safe, even themselves. With that said in the season premier earlier this week, the show just destroyed Tom Brady, Roger Goodell and the entire Deflate Gate fiasco.

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NFL: Milestone! Peyton Manning Becomes Second Quarterback Ever To Pass For More Than 70,000 Yards!


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning became just the second quarterback in NFL history to eclipse 70,000 career passing yards in the third quarter of Thursday night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Manning’s pass to Emmanuel Sanders on third-and-2 allowed Manning to reach the milestone. Brett Favre is the only player ahead of Manning on the all-time list. Favre has 71,838 career passing yards.

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(Video) Sports: Ronda Rousey Gets Embarrassed After Making Sexual Related Comment During Press Conference


Ronda Rousey is gearing up for a UFC 193 showdown against Holly Holm so as you might expect, the promotional and press conference tour is underway. It didn’t take long for Rousey to make a sexual comment on accident and get red in the face.

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NBA: Michael Jordan Almost Wound Up On The Clippers Twice During His Career, Here’s How!


Could you ever imagine Michael Jordan wearing a Los Angeles Clippers jersey during his day? The answer of course is “HELL NO” but unknown to most fans, it almost happened on two different occasions during his career.

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