NBA: Swaggy P Defends Iggy From Criticism After Nicki Minaj Comments, Is He Throwing Jabs?


Nick Young had to be there to support his girl Iggy after the BET awards. By now everyone knows the rumors and whispers that Nicki Minaj threw a shot towards Iggy when she made comments about female rappers not writing their own lyrics and how she was the realest and basically the queen of this rap game. She said she wasn’t talking about anyone specific but people gonna assume what they want anyway. Apparently it affected Iggy after the show but Nick was there to hold her down. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Dez Bryant Says Richard Sherman Will Never Talk About Him!


Dez Bryant usually can back up what he says on the field. So when he says Richard Sherman wouldn’t dare talk to him the way he talked about Michael Crabtree he might be feeling some type of way. But he says it is all out of respect and not much else. A cameraman caught Dez while he was out eating and asked him what he felt about Sherman. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NFL: Packers A.J. Hawk Tackles A Fan In The Crowd At Celebrity Golf Outing


Most running backs in the NFL don’t enjoy being hit by Packers linebacker AJ Hawk, so why would this crazy fan ask for it? A guy in the crowd at a celebrity golf outing literally begged to get hit by Hawk and he got what he asked for. I am surprised Hawk actually did it cause if he would of somehow got a freak injury from driving dude into the ground then it would of been the worst. The guy took a pretty good hit too. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: 23 Or 6?? Lebron Asks Fans For Help With Cavs Jersey Number


Lebron may be back in Cleveland but he still doesn’t know what jersey number to go with. He was obviously #23 with the Cavs in his first stint with the team before changing to number 6 with the Miami Heat. The number 6 is also is team USA number. James’ website,, briefly showed him in a No. 6 jersey, but that was soon replaced. James took to social media Friday to get the input of his fans. Sources have told ESPN that James was also considering No. 32, which he wore his freshman year of high school when 23 wasn’t available. The people who are waiting his decision the most are retailers looking to cash in on the influx of jersey sales that will occur once he makes up his mind. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Hockey Players Are Crazy! NHL Star Lets Pro Golfer Tee Off From His “Groin Area”


What is wrong with people. Not too long ago a woman let another golfer hit a shot from her face! Lucky for her it went ok but there was also a model a couple years ago who let a golfer (or someone saying he was a golfer) hit a tee shot from her butt and he MISSED, causing actual physical damage to the model that she wound up suing for. Now NHL star Tyler Seguin let a guy hit a golf shot using his penis as the tee! He is very lucky how this turned out.

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(Video) NFL: Shake It! Check Out The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Auditions


Cheerleading is no game when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys and the state of Texas for that matter. These woman treat it like a career and there is enough jealousy, backstabbing and fake smiles to fill any football stadium. The team recently held auditions for the 2014 squad and you can see how it went down by hitting the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: Dope! Russell Westbrook Releases Fashion Line With Barneys New York


Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is one of the most unique dressers in the NBA off the court, so naturally, he has teamed up with Barneys New York to release a new clothing line to add some flair to your on-court look. The Russell Westbrook XO Barneys New York collection, which works in cooperation with Jordan Brand, features elephant-print Dri-FIT athletic shirts and matching basketball shorts, along with a few other accessories you can wear on or off the court. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: These Guys Are Paid! Check Out The Endorsements Top Athletes Get


This is a crazy graphic. Athletes around the world who are at the top of their game make so much more money off the field than they usually do from the sport they actually play. I never realized how many endorsements some of these guys have. You may be surprised by who has the most off the field endorsements out of these guys. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: SMH, Donald Sterling Mistress V.Stiviano Says She Was Honored To Be Called “Side Piece” By Drake


I pray that soon the day will come when this chick stops getting attention paid to her for no reason. V. Stiviano, the famous former mistress of Clippers owner Donald Sterling who was the one who released his racist recording appears happy to be known as a side piece. During the ESPYS, Drake performed a song in which he referred to her as Side Piece of the year. Well that is just perfect with her and in fact she is happy he did. Sounds like she has serious life ambitions huh? Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Puts Up Miami Condo For Sale At $2.6 Million


Floyd owns residences around the country but it seems he has gotten bored with his Miami pad. Floyd only spends a couple a weeks a year at the condo on south beach and is ready for a bigger property in Miami soon. He paid about $1.5 million for the condo a few years back and now is asking about $2.6 from whoever is interested in the place. Even when he is out of the ring he is still making money. Hit the jump for pics.

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