NBA: Carlos Boozer Recalls The Time He Rented His Mansion To Prince & Almost Had To Fight Him


When news of Prince passing yesterday broke, Carlos Boozer paid his respects by sharing a picture on Instagram with the caption “Can’t Believe This… RIP To One Of The Biggest Icons Ever…” Most people would be surprised to know that Boozer and Prince have a history of their own, one that centered around Boozer’s Hollywood mansion.

NFL: Former Star Albert Haynesworth Offering $11K Reward For Info In Shooting Death Of Boy


Albert Haynesworth caught alot of flack during the latter part of his NFL career with the Redskins, Patriots and Bucs for not necessarily showing the effort needed to succeed but in this situation here he is going out of his way to help a family and community succeed. Haynesworth is offering more than $11,000 for info leading to an arrest in a drive by shooting that killed a 12 year old boy last weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee.

(Photos) NBA: Imagining Team Logos Getting Redesigned With Hip-Hop Artists From Each City


Sometimes it’s fun to imagine “what if” scenario’s in the world of sports. Things like “what if” a certain player was in a different era or if a few players were able to be teammates instead of opponents. It’s also fun to do that in the world of hip hop in regards to “what if” two of your favorite artists do a song together or if a certain rapper came up in a different era. Hip Hop has made the biggest impact in the NBA compared to other pro sports so it’s natural that the two are always intertwined. With that in mind, Dime Mag put together a fresh look at NBA team logos if they were designed after hip hop artists from each city. They had to improvise for a few cities that aren’t exactly known for having any heavyweights in the rap game. Check the gallery!

NBA: Blazers C.J. McCollum Wins Most Improved Player Award


Congrats are in order for the Portland Trailblazers young guard, C.J. McCollum! He was announced as the winner of the NBA’s most improved player award this morning and it couldn’t have went to a more deserving player.

(Photos) NBA: The Michael Jordan Crying Meme Is Now A Snapchat Filter & It’s Hilarious!


Oh man! Today is an epic day for social media as the infamous “MJ crying meme” is now apparently a filter for anyone to use on Snapchat! Numerous people have already tweeted out how their faces look mixed with a crying Michael Jordan and it’s glorious. Have to imagine that the filter won’t last long once Jordan and his legal team get wind of it. Remember this is the same guy who sued a grocery store and won millions, simply because they used his likeness on a coupon deal. In the mean time enjoy it while you can. Check the gallery!

(Video/Photo) NBA: Rockets CEO Calls Out Charles Barkley After He Guaranteed Rockets Would Lose To Warriors


Charles Barkley was so sure the Rockets would choke and lose game three against the Warriors last night that he made it a point to have the camera on him as he guaranteed the Rockets would blow it. At the time, Houston was winning at halftime but Barkley still thought they would find a way to lose by double digits. Unfortunately for him that never happened and the Rockets (barely) hung on for the one point win. After the game, Rockets CEO Tad Brown tried to ether chuck in one tweet.

(Photo) Boxing: Mike Tyson Pays Tribute To Prince In A Way That Only He Can


With the passing of Prince yesterday, the world was full of sadness as people spoke on their favorite memories of him or played their favorite Prince song on repeat. Fans just wanted any way they could to cope with the loss of such an iconic figure and the day turned into one huge tribute around social media, which I’m sure will last for many more days. Mike Tyson provided his own tribute to Prince and intentional or not, the laughter it provided was a well needed break from the tears and sorrow of fans. Check the gallery!

(Video) NBA: James Harden Hits Game Winner To Beat Warriors But Teammates Don’t Look Thrilled


It’s been a running joke once the playoff matchups were clear that the Rockets had no shot at beating the Warriors in the first round. Sure they might win one game but that would be about it. The players said they kind of felt disrespected by the comments but after last night’s win, thanks to a James Harden game winner, it appears they really don’t want to stick around themselves.

NBA: Here’s Why Kobe Bryant Hasn’t Spoken To His Parents In Three Years


With all the fan fare and admiration from his peers and the media during his farewell tour, it was easy to miss that none of Kobe’s family members were ever around. No, I’m not referring to his wife Vanessa and their children, I am referring to his parents and sisters. We didn’t see any of them at any games or on any courts as Kobe soaked in the love from fans one last time and it turns out it’s because Kobe hasn’t spoken to his parents in years and has somewhat of a rocky relationship with his sisters. As you might assume, all the hostility stems from money.

(Photos) Sports: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Other Athletes And Teams Speak On The Passing Of Prince


With news breaking yesterday of Prince passing away, everyone wanted to show their love and respect for him and that definitely included numerous people from the world of sports. Everyone from Michael Jordan to Magic Johnson to entire teams wanted to show their condolences and share stories about the icon himself.

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