NFL: Giants Owner Says He Wanted To Fire EVERYONE After Terrible Loss To Jaguars


Tom Coughlin got the news this week that the Giants want him back for another season, despite now three straight years of missing the playoffs. Now admittedly injuries and disappointing production from players has caused some of the woes so you can’t blame it all on coaching, but at the end of the day the blame for losses and praise for wins comes with the job. It is always great to have a supportive owner, but John Mara said he almost fired everyone after the Giants lost to the Jaguars earlier this season.

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(Video&Photos) NBA: Kevin Garnett Angry With Fans For Cheering His Dunks?


Not sure why any NBA player would ever get mad at his own fans for cheering when he scores. Kevin Garnett sounds like a grumpy old man today after lashing out at fans for cheering after he threw down an alley oop against the Sacramento Kings. He feels like fans are giving him pity and surprised he can still dunk at his age, which obviously sounds like he is thinking way too much towards the end of his career. Most athletes can not dream of still being able to hang and perform with the best of them at age 38 and that is what KG really should be focused on and happy about. Check the gallery.

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(Photos) Sports: Jay Z & Beyonce Steal The Show At Boxing Match In Thailand


No matter what the location, anywhere in the world, if Jay Z & Beyonce walk in, the place is officially shut down! That is what happened at a Muay Thai fight night as the power couple enjoys their time in Thailand. They came in to check out the fights and immediately the small crowd crammed into a tight spot was more interested in taking pics of them and even the fighters themselves seemed to be more interested in what was going on outside the ring. I am sure nobody going to check out fights like this ever thought of being so close to international icons.

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NFL: Report, Ndamukong Suh Suspended For Lions Playoff Game For Stepping On Aaron Rodgers


This had to be expected and I am personally happy it did. Ndamukong Suh was suspended for the Detroit Lions playoff game next week against the Dallas Cowboys for stepping on Aaron Rodgers twice during the game with the Packers yesterday. It was clear Suh did it on purpose regardless of how much he denies it. This is one of those cases where your past acts catch up with you as you look like a dirty player.

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(Video) NFL: Skip Bayless Goes Off On Johnny Manziel, Says He Knows He Is a Liar & Alcoholic


My, my, how times change so fast. It wasn’t long ago where Skip Bayless was Johnny Manziel’s biggest fan and thought he would terrorize the NFL the same way he did in college. Well that hasn’t worked out just yet and it seems because of Johnny’s off the field issues, Skip is ready to give up completely. According to Bayless, he knows for a FACT, that Johnny is a compulsive liar and has problems with alcohol. He even thinks Johnny’s own parents are fed up! These are some serious accusations, hit the jump to see what else he said.

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(Video) NFL: Drunk Falcons Fan Curses Out Panthers Fans & Then She Twerks At Them!


The Atlanta Falcons were completely destroyed by the Carolina Panthers yesterday with a playoff berth on the line. Panthers fans went home happy and Falcons fans went home angry. One drunk Falcons fan had to share some choice words with Panthers fans while at the same time twerking for them! Her boyfriend or husband didn’t seem interested in her twerking, just flipping off Panthers fans as well.

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(Photos) NFL: Rumor Report, Is This Snow Bunny With All That Cake Russell Wilson’s New Boo?


Well damn! If the rumors are true, Russell Wilson’s new chick is definitely gonna catch your eye with all that ass! The snow bunny, who actually goes by the name “@snowphat” on Instagram is a total change from Wilson’s ex wife and other rumored girls he has been dating. She considers herself a “model”, “actress” and more of the same nonsense that all women on IG who think they are stars put as their occupation. I have a feeling Russell can really care less about her occupation at this time.

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(Video) NBA: Nick Young’s Reverse Layup Makes Iggy Azalea Happy!


Iggy Azalea might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am sure it still feels good to be Nick Young. Last night as his Lakers took another loss to the Phoenix Suns, he had his girl cheering him on courtside as he hit a driving, reverse layup that appeared to impress Iggy. At this point in the season, Nick probably looks forward to just being him with her more than playing ball with that terrible team.

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(Photos)NFL: Bills QB Kyle Orton Tells Media He Will Be Right Back, Never Returns, Then Retires


Kyle Orton retired officially from the NFL this morning, but did it in a very strange way. After the Bills returned to Buffalo last night from defeating the Patriots in a meaningless game, media and teammates were in the locker room when Orton said he would be right back. Well he never returned and suddenly his locker was empty leaving people wondering what was going on. Then this morning he made the announcement. This is the second time he kinda ran away from a team, as he did it to the Dallas Cowboys earlier this year and wound up getting released, which was exactly what he wanted. Check the pics to see what the media saw in the locker room last night. Orton should be happy as he wants to spend more time with family and retires being a respectable quarterback.

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(Video) Sports: Suge Knight Sounds Like He Is Throwing Shots At Snoop For Coaching Kids??


Years later and Suge Knight is STILL talking about Snoop? Is he ever gonna get over things? Anyway, Suge was talking about how he thinks parents should stay far away from coaching their kids in sports. His comments seem personally directed at Snoop for some reason, which wouldn’t make much sense because Snoop helped coach his son Cordell to become one of the best high school wide receivers in the country. Suge hating?

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