(Video) NBA: Steph Curry’s Three Pointer Makes Young Girl Literally Lose Her Mind


Steph Curry is usually making defenders lose their mind, but last night he had a little Golden State fan going crazy for the right reasons. After Steph hit a clutch shot from deep, the crowd went crazy as you might expect, but when the cameras found this little girl they hit gold!

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NFL: Report, NFL Hires Sarah Thomas As First Female Official


Sarah Thomas is set to become the first woman in the history of the NFL to work regular season games. There have been women in the past who were part of the referee crew, but they have only called preseason games at best.

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(Video) Boxing: Meet The Last Fighter To Beat Floyd Mayweather & Why He Regrets It 19 Years Later


Floyd Mayweather is about to step into the ring for likely the biggest fight in boxing history with an undefeated professional record and enough riches to last generations. It is very possible that instead of Floyd being in the limelight at this moment, it could have been Serafim Todorov, the Bulgarian boxer who beat Floyd back in the 1996 Olympics. Things happened after the fight however that Todorov still regrets to this day.

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(Video) Sports: College Basketball Coach Fired After He Drunkenly Slapped A Woman’s Butt!


Chris Jans finds himself on the unemployment line today after video surfaced of him at a bar looking pretty wasted and slapping a woman on her butt! That is typically not the conduct you want to see from your college basketball coach, and Bowling Green University agreed. Jans was let go based on the premise that he did not fulfill his obligations as head coach. Before you go thinking nobody should care if the woman herself was fine with it, keep in mind Jans is married with two children and when he is in public or anywhere for that matter, he is representing the school and it was within their right. Not too mention there were reports of Jans grabbing a different woman by the head and shoving it towards his crotch.

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Boxing: Report, Floyd Mayweather’s Odds To Beat Manny Pacquiao Are Falling Due To Heavy Bets On Pacquiao


The mega fight of Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao is less than one month away now and the betting action has already picked up big time. What is confusing so many people is the bulk of the action, especially larger bets, are all going on Pacquiao to win despite Floyd being 47-0 and dominating the sport. Is there a specific reason for that or is it just something as simple as people not liking Floyd?

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Sports: Tiger Woods Announces He Is Returning To Play At The Masters


With one short and simple tweet, Tiger Woods announced his intentions to return and play at The Masters next week. It would end his nine week absence from the game, but most people are giving him little shot of evening making the cut, let alone being a threat to win.

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NBA: Carmelo Can’t Deal With Sitting On The Bench & Watching The Horrible Knicks, But He Has A Reason


Carmelo Anthony obviously is not playing the rest of this season, but his presence has been missing from the Garden completely the past few weeks. Most players who are out with injuries tend to still act like part of the team and sit on the bench and cheer players on and offer advice. While finding things to cheer about at the Garden this season are few and far in between, his absence has caught the eye of people who wonder if he is being selfish. According to reports though, he actually isn’t out there during games because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

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(Photo) NFL: Deion Sanders Calls Out His Son On Twitter, Reminds Him He Isn’t Hood At All!


Deion Sanders went into full dad mode and checked his son on social media. Deion Sanders Jr seems to think he grew up in a rough hood’ and from the looks of some online videos he also thinks he has a future as a rapper. Only problem is he is the furthest thing from “hood” and his dad took the chance to remind him of that. Another example of a young kid trying to be something he really isn’t, but honestly isn’t that most teenagers at one time or another? Check the gallery!

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(Video) NFL: Michael Irvin Literally Goes Insane Watching His Miami Hurricanes Play At MSG


Dallas Cowboys and Miami Hurricanes alumnus Michael Irvin is proud of his ‘Canes. His passion expands beyond the football team, apparently. With Miami coming back from a double-digit deficit to tie it at 53-53 with under four minutes to play in the NIT championship vs. Stanford at Madison Square Garden Thursday, Irvin became the focal point of the broadcast, with his emotions being more than a little obvious.

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NFL: Report, Browns Ready To Give Up On Johnny Manziel


Even though he is currently in rehab trying to better himself and get his life together, it seems the Cleveland Browns really don’t want to wait and see how things turn out with Johnny Manziel. According to reports the team is ready to move on from him after just one season and after they traded up in the draft to get him. Seems a bit dramatic but when millions of dollars are at stake, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

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