(Video) NBA: President Obama Plays Steph Curry’s Mentor In New PSA


President Obama and Steph Curry teamed up for a PSA, directed at getting more people involving with mentoring the youth in their communities. The commercial is pretty funny but the message is very clear and it was presented very well. The video was shown Saturday on ABC’s “NBA Countdown” ahead of Curry’s playoff opener with the defending champion Golden State Warriors against the Houston Rockets on Saturday.

(Video) Boxing: Another Day, Another $400,000 Hermes Shopping Spree By Floyd Mayweather


So just a few days ago, Floyd Mayweather dropped about $550K on a new Rolls Royce for his girl, Bad Medina. The reason for the extravagant purchase was simply none other than “just because”. For the normal person, spending that much money in one day might have you chilling for a while on spending money after that but Floyd Mayweather is not the average, normal person. He followed up that big purchase with a $400,000 spree on nothing but Hermes bags. Life is clearly good for the champ.

(Photo) NBA: Ayesha Curry Roasts Twitter Troll That Tried To Come For Her Cooking


Twitter will forever be the place where people talk sh*t about others and hide behind the keyboard but every once in a while a troll gets a taste of their own medicine. Some dude tried to randomly diss Ayesha Curry’s cooking skills (and we already know she has some serious skills) and insinuate that she is lucky she has a man with all that money and all it did was cause him to delete his own account and have people praising Ayesha for putting him in his place.

NBA: Derrick Rose Wants Woman Accusing Him Of Rape To Turn In Used Condoms She May Have Kept As Evidence


This is a gross and strange request but apparently a necessary one. Derrick Rose and his lawyers demanded a bunch of things from the woman accusing him and two friends of rape. They asked for her to provide the court with copies of text messages and emails and other things you might expect. What you don’t expect to hear as a demand is that the woman also turn in any used condoms she kept from that night the alleged rape happened.

(Video) NBA: DJ Khaled Hopes The Heat Will Give Him A Chance To Buy Ownership Of The Team


DJ Khaled loves his Miami Heat and has still been a loyal fan even in the post Lebron era. He loves them so much in fact that he is just wishing for the chance to talk with them about him becoming a minority owner with the team. It will likely never happen but it’s good to know he is ready and willing if the opportunity ever arises.

(Video) NBA: Steph Curry & Patrick Beverley Get Double Technical Fouls After Small Scuffle


The Warriors are currently handling the Rockets pretty easily during game one of their playoff series, despite Patrick Beverley of the Rockets doing all he can to get in Steph Curry’s head. Both players received technical fouls after a small scuffle broke out when Beverley did a little too much after the whistle.

(Video) NBA: Watch Your Ankles! Here Are The Top 10 Crossovers From The 2015-2016 Season


Some of these dudes are still hurting from the fall they took courtesy of a nasty crossover. Everyone from Kyrie Irving to Kevin Durant to Dwyane Wade was out there hurting feelings this past season. You may be surprised at what was considered the best crossover of the year though. Check it out below. Here are the top 10 crossovers from the 2015-16 season.

NBA: Shaq Speaks On If He Ever Really Forgave Kobe For Snitching On Him


The hype surrounding Kobe Bryant’s final game in the NBA came at a great time for the Lakers because it made people, at least temporarily, forget about the drama with D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young and the whole snitching incident between them. It is likely that Young won’t be back next season with the Lakers as they look to Russell to lead them into the future but it brought back memories of two other famous Lakers teammates bickering over a snitching incident of their own. Shaq & Kobe’s relationship soured real bad after Kobe snitched on him to police in Colorado during his interviews regarding the rape charges he was facing at the time.

NFL: Details On How The Power Of Beyonce Held Up The NFL From Making Their Schedule


Beyonce’s power extends much further than just the music realm. As an icon, she fan flex her strength pretty much anytime she wants and sometimes it happens even when she isn’t trying to. The NFL felt somewhat disrespected by Beyonce’s half time performance during Super Bowl 50 because they felt it was hurtful towards law enforcement officials and some fans but that didn’t stop them from checking themselves and realizing how much power Bey has, prior to them releasing their 2016 schedule this week.

Sports: Republican Party Wants Tim Tebow To Run For Congress


It finally appears the days of people still thinking Tim Tebow could play in the NFL are over but people in the political world think he could put his talents to different use. The republican party is targeting him to run for congress in Florida and they even already have put together a mock campaign so he could get a feel of what it would be like.

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