(Video) NFL: Is This Proof Roger Goodell Is Enjoying What’s Happening To Tom Brady?


Ahead of Saturday’s induction ceremony, the 2015 Hall of Fame inductees came together for a formal dinner Thursday night at which they received their gold jackets. Commissioner Roger Goodell probably wish it never happened, thanks to a moment caught on the microphone.

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NBA: Report, JR Smith Married His Baby Mama This Past Week & Kept It VERY Quiet


JR Smith apparently is a very spontaneous person because he up and got married in the matter of a week according to reports. The strange thing here is JR has been with a girl by the name of Ashley Weatherspoon for a couple years now off and on. They even were just on vacation together just a few weeks ago but now she is on the outside looking in as JR married Shirley, the mother of his daughter.

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NBA: Father Of D’Angelo Russell Pleads Not Guilty To Chugging Bottle Of Lean & Weed Possession


Earlier this week, Antonio Russell, father of Lakers draft pick, D’Angelo Russell, was arrested during a traffic stop. Police said there was weed in the car and they saw him trying to drink a water bottle full of codeine and that there was even more codeine throughout the car.

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Sports: Nate Dogg’s Son, Nailiel Hale, Kicked Off University Of Washington Football Team


Washington head coach Chris Petersen is buzzing with excitement for a brand new year, his seconds in the Pac-12 since leaving Boise State, but today he had some unfortunate news to report regarding his roster entering fall camp. The Washington Huskies announced the program has dismissed cornerback Naijiel Hale from the program. Hale, the son of Nate Dogg, took to his Instagram account to announce he is taking his football career elsewhere.

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NBA: Lakers Brandon Bass Says Kobe Bryant Can Still Be The Best Player In The League


Kobe Bryant is in the twilight of his career. You know it’s really getting to that stage when you start envisioning yourself playing in another jersey that you have no business ever wearing, like how Bryant contemplated earlier this week. Hopefully Bryant retires as a Laker and doesn’t mess it up by thinking he should still play overseas. In the mean time one of his new teammates actually thinks he can still be the best player in the league.

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NFL: Report, Aldon Smith Got Into Fistfight With Colin Kaepernick Just Hours Before Being Arrested


Aldon Smith reportedly got into a heated fight with his now former teammate, Colin Kaepernick, which could have led to him going out and getting drunk later. As you know by now, Smith was released by the 49ers today after being arrested and charged with hit & run, DUI and vandalism. Reports say teammates had to try and stop them multiple times as they fought on the field!

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(Photos) Sports: Straight Outta Compton Memes Invade The World Of Sports & Nobody Is Safe


The internet can be a ruthless place and these meme’s, while hilarious, are good evidence of that. With the “Straight Outta Compton” movie about to drop, and Dr. Dre blessing us with that “Compton” soundtrack, the images with the title of the movie were being used for Memes for Beats Music. It started off with just images of Dre and other famous people in Music but it didn’t take long for it to be used for jokes. Cruel, hilarious jokes involving Kobe Bryant, Lebron, Derrick Rose & more. Check the gallery!

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers Release Aldon Smith After Latest Arrest


The San Francisco 49ers released Aldon Smith following the 25-year-old linebacker’s arrest Thursday night on hit and run, driving under the influence and vandalism charges.

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(Check The Pics) Sports: Seductive Photos Of Draya Leak That Were Only Meant For Orlando Scandrick To See


Yesterday Draya told everyone her and Orlando Scandrick got back together but not before she destroyed his kicks, including a pair of Yeezys. She admitted to being a little crazy but things are gonna be fine but now she finds herself involved in another minor issue. She took some provocative & seductive photos for her man but now they are on the web and she knows who is responsible.

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(Photos) Sports: Straight Outta Compton Has It’s Own Official NASCAR Now!

Straight Outta Compton

NASCAR is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hip hop, well unless your name is Funk Flex. But the hype surrounding “Straight Outta Compton” is real, so much in fact that this weekend you will see a race car reppin’ for the movie as it takes the turns around the track.

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