(Video) NBA: Stephen Jackson Says He Confronted Racist White Guy For Calling Serena Williams A Gorilla


When Stephen Jackson was in the NBA, he was a no nonsense player. Just see videos from the “Malice at the Palace” when he and Ron Artest were in the crowd throwing punches at fans in Detroit to get an idea of how he was. Luckily for the racist sounding guy in this story, Jackson is no longer that same guy or there might have been a serious problem at the gym a couple days ago.

NBA: Lamar Odom’s Friends Believe He Is Back On Drugs After Finding Crack Pipes In His Home


Lamar Odom has appeared to be doing much better lately but his close friends think it may be a sham. We have seen Odom out at fashion shows with Kanye and the Kardashians, we have seen him hanging with Khloe a few times and we have even seen him out having drinks with friends on a few occasions. On the surface he may look like everything is ok but people close to him felt something was up and showed up at his house and reportedly found drug paraphernalia.

(Video) NBA: Steve Kerr Shows Off His Karate Skills By Destroying Clipboard During Game One


Early in the third quarter last night, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was very frustrated with his team and he decided to put some fear in their hearts by showing off his karate skills. Coach Kerr took his clipboard that he normally would draw up plays on and just straight up destroyed it by striking it with his fist. The clipboard shattered into pieces and maybe it worked because it wasn’t long after when the Warriors started to make a run to open up the game.

(Video) NBA: Andre Iguodala Did Not Like Being Punched In The Nuts By Matthew Dellavedova


The Cavs may not be feeling too great mentally after the beating they caught at the hands of the Warriors bench players last night but Andre Iguodala may be feeling the worst of any player physically after the punch he took to the nuts from Matthew Dellavedova. Delly has already earned a reputation as a scrappy aka “dirty” player but this play did actually appear to be an innocent swipe at the basketball that missed badly. Still, Iggy didn’t take kindly to it and got in his face. The refs didn’t think it was malicious but we’ll see what the NBA office has to say at some point today.

NBA: Pelicans Guard Bryce Dejean-Jones Dies After Being Shot While Reportedly Breaking Into Apartment


New Orleans Pelicans guard, Bryce Dejean-Jones has passed away after being shot earlier this morning in Dallas. Some of the details still remain unclear but he was shot while kicking down the door to an apartment and forcing his way in and the resident of the apartment opened fire.

(Video) NBA: Lebron Has Words For Drake During Game, Shows Him Love After It’s Over


Lebron James & Drake are pretty cool with each other but it damn sure didn’t look like it during the second quarter of last nights game. You can’t really tell what Lebron is saying but he was shouting right at Drake as he walked past him and his face looked like he was ready to explode. He likely was just reminding him that he was getting ready to send his team home in a forceful way. Drake had been trying to mess with the heads of Cavs players all series but the two stars had love for each other back near the locker rooms as soon as the game was over.

(Video) NBA: Jamie Foxx Hilariously Impersonates Stephen A Smith After Cavs Beat Raptors


The Cleveland Cavaliers advanced to the NBA Finals last night in relatively easy fashion, as they defeated the Raptors 113-87. Since the score was so lopsided the game itself wasn’t very entertaining but luckily Jamie Foxx was around to make up for it after the game. He did a hilarious impersonation of Stephen A Smith talking about Lebron James and it will make your day.

(Video) NBA: Iman Shumpert, Kyrie Irving & Jordan McRae Might Be A New R&B Group


The Cavs are still in a battle for the eastern conference crown with the Raptors and are hoping to put it to an end tonight in game six. During their off day however, some of the guys were clearly feeling loose and relaxed and it may lead to the birth of a new R&B group. Ok, so obviously I’m exaggerating but all jokes aside, Iman Shumpert,Kyrie Irving and Jordan McRae actually didn’t sound too bad as they serenaded us on snapchat.

NCAAF: Boise State Player Kicked Off Team After Biting Teammates Ear Off!


Back in February, Dereck Boles was kicked off the football team at Boise State University for reportedly violating team rules. Well we just found out last night that the rule he violated was “thou shall not bite the ear of a teammate” because that is exactly what he did and he actually wound up being arrested for it earlier this month!

(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Can’t Help But Laugh When Reporter Asks About Steph Curry’s Defense


The Warriors were able to fight off elimination last night, as they battled for a hard fought win over the Thunder. The series now shifts back to Oklahoma City for game six, where the Thunder will hope to end it. Part of the reason the Warriors won last night was because Steph Curry finally showed up, scoring 31 points to go along with 5 steals. After the game, a reporter from ESPN asked Durant about Steph being an underrated defender and as you will see, Russell Westbrook couldn’t contain his laughter.

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