NBA: John Wall Fined $15,000 For Complaining About Refs


Wizards guard John Wall is a little lighter in the wallet today after being fined $15,000 by the NBA. It is a very petty fine because all he did was complain about the officials, but he didn’t do it in a disrespectful way. After a loss to the Bobcats he said “I ain’t touch him. All he did is scream,” Wall said. “Ref gave him a call all night because he was screaming. … I think they made some unfortunate calls plenty of times.” He was referring to a call that was made against him while guard Kemba Walker. He also added “Plenty of times I drove to the basket. I think I should have been to the line plenty more.” The NBA needs to realize players are allowed to complain about ref calls. Officials are not perfect and as long as a players are not being disrespectful they should be allowed to voice their opinion.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron James Teams Up With President Obama


Lebron might have all-star teammates on the court, but there is no teammate bigger than the President of the United States. Bron Teamed up with President Obama to get the word out even further about signing up for Obamacare. Most of the time athletes do not like to align themselves in public with political figured for various reasons. But I think President Obama would be the exception for everyone.

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(Photos) Boxing: It Is Looking Bad For Floyd Mayweather! X-Rays Of Beating Victims Leaked


Not sure how Floyd is going to come out of this one unscathed. Earlier we gave you guys the story of Floyd reportedly having two men beaten for allegedly stealing from his home. Supposedly he hired two guys to work at one of his homes and not long after some jewelry went missing. They said one night Floyd told them to meet him at a discreet location where he was waiting with goons. They proceeded to beat the crap out of the two men according to them. The two men repeatedly denied taking anything. Worst thing is Floyd reportedly found out later that it indeed was not the two men who took the jewelry.

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NFL: It’s Like That? Panthers Steve Smith Promises Blood Will Spill If He Plays Them After Team Cuts Him


I think it is pretty safe to say Steve Smith is not happy about being cut from the only team he has ever known, the Carolina Panthers. He is ready for a war if whatever team he winds up with winds up playing Carolina next season. The Panthers have been his only team in his career, but at age 35 the team once again reminded us that this is a business. Now Smith is going to make it his business to go after them if he gets the chance. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Agree Or Disagree? Kevin Durant Says Kobe Is Second To None, Not Even Jordan!


Let’s start this off by clearing something up. Kevin Durant is not saying Kobe is better than Michael Jordan. He is just saying that they are on the same level when it comes to skill. Believe me, there is a difference. In a recent interview, KD gave the Black Mamba high praise and you could tell he really means it.

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(Video) NCAA: So Lucky! The Craziest Assist Maybe Ever


Devin Brooks of Creighton University may forever be known even if he doesn’t play in the pros one day. During the Big East tournament last night at Madison Square Garden, he threw an assist to a teammate that you couldn’t draw up a million times if you tried. It led to a wide open three pointer as Creighton started to pull away. Check it out.

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(Video) NBA: Oh My! Bulls Mike Dunleavy Takes Brutal Charge, Blood Everywhere


This looks like it seriously hurt. I don’t think people realize how much contact can happen between two NBA players when one of them is trying to take a charge. Another grown man coming at you full speed just to run directly into you takes some guts. In this case it also took some blood as well. Bulls Mike Dunleavy held his ground as Rockets Chandler Parson drove to the rim. Unfortunately for Dunleavy he caught a mean elbow in the process and looked like he just finished a 12 round fight. But he was tough. Went and got stitched up and came back and scored 21 points after the play. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Trouble For The Knicks? Surprise Team Will Go After Carmelo This Summer


Knicks fans will not want to hear this. It is already bad enough that Carmelo Anthony will be a free agent and places like the Lakers and Bulls have been mentioned as serious destinations for him. The Bulls have the better overall team so that seems to be the more likely place if Melo was to leave the Knicks. But now an even better team is saying they are going to go after him as well. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NFL: New Day, New Twitter Beef! Richard Sherman & DeAngelo Hall Throw Shots At Each Other


Richard Sherman seems to have gotten under more peoples skin than he may of thought. Yesterday he had a back and forth on twitter with patriots running back LeGarrette Blount about who was the best cornerback in the NFL. Now he has a debate going back and forth with DeAngelo Hall who actually plays the same position. Things got personal between these two. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NCAA: College Basketball Fans Gets A Tattoo That He Will Forever Regret


Fans are usually very passionate about their teams, especially when it comes to college sports. But there is a difference between passion and ignorance. 22 year old Tyler Austin Black is a diehard Kentucky basketball fan and got a tattoo to prove it. Problem is he got a tattoo saying “2014 national Champions” but Kentucky has no shot in hell of winning the title. He even went as far as to spell the word national with “Nati9nal” which signifies that it would be Kentucky’s 9th title. He tried to put a positive spin on it saying “It’s part of my story. If we don’t win, I’ll remember it as the year so many thought we could do it and we didn’t.” Hit the jump for the pics.

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