NFL: Former Raiders Player Anthony Smith Sentenced To Life In Prison For The Murders Of Three Men


Anthony Smith, who played for the Raiders from 1991-1997 will now spend the rest of his life behind bars after being sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for his role in the murders of three different men.

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NBA: Warriors Announce Head Coach Steve Kerr Will Return Tonight!


The Golden State Warriors are off to one of the best starts in NBA history with their eyes on beating the 1995-96 Bulls team that finished with a record 72 wins. They have amazingly done what they have so far without their real coach. Having Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and others helps when your coach goes down and Luke Walton has done a great job filling in but head coach Steve Kerr is ready to return tonight.

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NFL: Radio Host Goes On Sexist Ran After Bills Hire First Full Time Female Assistant Coach


Some people are just stuck in their old ways and will never get with the times. This is a perfect example of that. Kevin Kiley, who co-hosts Kiley and Carman on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, used his platform Thursday to criticize the Buffalo Bulls and their hiring of Kathryn Smith.

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NBA: No Surprise Here, Forbes Lists Lebron & KD As The League’s Highest Paid Players


Lebron James & Kevin Durant are still the leagues two biggest stars, even though Steph Curry is now right there with them. So it comes as no shock to see Forbes magazine list the two international stars as the highest paid players in the league. The list is built upon much more than just their playing salaries.

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(Video/Photos) NBA: Draymond Green & His Mom React To Him Not Being Voted All-Star Starter


The All-Star Starters voted on by the fans were announced last night and for the most part it was what you expected. Still, some fans were upset Draymond Green wasn’t voted as a starter since he is a major reason the Warriors are what they have been. Usually when Draymond or his mother feel slighted, one of them ( his mom ) is not scared to air it out on twitter. In this case though, the reaction was not what you would think.

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Sports: Former WWE Diva Signs Huge Deal With Vivid Entertainment To Do Porn!


Former WWE Diva Tammy Sytch, aka “Sunny” was a fan favorite with all the fellas when she was part of the wrestling scene. I am sure numerous adolescent boys and even grown men fantasized about her at some point but now they will get to have some of their dreams come true. Sytch announced she will be doing her own porn movie after she claims Vivid entertainment offered her a huge amount of money.

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NBA: Former All-Star Cliff Robinson Creates “Uncle Spliffy” Marijuana Business


Cliff Robinson is most known for being a good solid player throughout his playing days with the Blazers, Nets, Pistons & more. He is also remembered for his signature headband but now that his career is long over, he wants to be remembered for something else and that something else is weed!

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NBA: Clippers Trade Josh Smith Back To The Houston Rockets


It’s safe to say the Josh Smith experiment with the Los Angeles Clippers has not worked out. When they signed him in the off season most people scratched their heads as to why they would want him. An athletic guy but with a very limited game, especially at this stage in his career. So with that said, they didn’t even wait till the middle of the season to send him packing. They just worked out a trade with his former team, the Houston Rockets.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Speaks On The Ten Year Anniversary Of His Epic 81 Point Game Against The Raptors


In case you missed it, ESPN put together an oral history of Kobe Bryant’s historic 81 point game from January 22nd of 2006. While the piece itself is way too long to share here, there are excerpt’s from the story that really jump out, including Kobe thinking he could have actually done better!

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(Video) NFL: Johnny Manziel Parties In Dallas, Seems To Be Doing Everything To Get Out Of Cleveland


Johnny Manziel has been treated like crap by the media and other wanna be judges for the way he conducts himself off the field. Truth is he really hasn’t gotten himself involved in anything crazy and he is no different than most guys in their young 20’s, with the exception he has more money and a higher profile. He checked himself into rehab when he felt things may be getting out of control and other than the fact he occasionally likes to enjoy his free time with friends at clubs and parties, he doesn’t do much. Even still, the Browns have appeared to have been fed up with Johnny for a while now and he just might be using that to his advantage.

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