NFL: Odell Beckham Jr Was Reportedly Robbed During Super Bowl Weekend

image via: youtube According to Page Six, while most people in the Houston area were having a great super bowl weekend, Odell Beckham Jr was the victim of a robbery. The details are a little fuzzy as one source claims Odell was mugged by someone on the street and gave up jewelry and cash, while another source claims the robbery was nothing like that and he in fact had items stolen from a friends house.

(Video) NFL: Conan O’Brien Surprises Patriots’ James White With Brand New Truck

image via: youtube Tom Brady was obviously the main reason for the Patriots being able to come back from 25 points and defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. Despite Brady’s greatness, the comeback doesn’t happen without the contributions of James White, who finished with 141 total yards and three touchdowns, including the game winner. When Brady was awarded the MVP, he said the truck that goes along with the MVP award should go to White. He did the same thing when he won the MVP of Super Bowl 49 for Malcolm Butler. Unfortunately Brady didn’t realize the NFL stopped doing that so there is no truck for anyone this year. That is until Conan O’Brien stepped in and surprised White on his show on Thursday.

(Video) NBA: Shaq Drops Hilarious Freestyle With Kevin Garnett & Big Tigger On “Inside The NBA”

image via: IFWT IG Every week we are reminded that Inside The NBA is the best sports related show on television and it’s not even close. Last night was no different as the crew of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley & Shaq touched on the Charles Oakley incident as well as Kevin Durant’s upcoming return this weekend to Oklahoma City. The best part of the night however came courtesy of Shaq when he was in the Area 21 studio with Kevin Garnett and Big Tigger.

NBA: Former Star Steve Francis, Violates His Bond & Is Ordered To Wear Ankle Monitor

image via: tmz The life of Steve Francis after the NBA continues to be a strange one and now he is in more legal trouble. Back in November, Francis was arrested for drunk driving, as well as possession of weed. He was released on bond and ordered not to drink any alcohol and he had to have a breathalyzer device installed in his car.

NBA: Head Of Security At MSG Fired After Charles Oakley Incident

image via: IFWT IG The fallout from the incident at Madison Square Garden involving Knicks legend Charles Oakley is still ongoing. Apparently owner James Dolan wasn’t happy that it took so many security guards to remove Oakley so he decided to fire his head of security for not handling things better.

(Video) NCAA: Ouch! UCLA Cheerleader Gets Dropped On Her Head Twice

image via: IFWT IG File this under funny but not funny but we all know we’re going to laugh anyway. A cheerleader from UCLA had a really rough night as she was dropped not once but twice and both spills looked pretty nasty.

NBA: Phil Jackson Reportedly Got Michael Jordan Involved To Calm Down Charles Oakley But It Was Too Late

image via: youtube When all the drama was going on with Charles Oakley and Madison Square Garden security on Wednesday night, Phil Jackson saw the situation escalating and called the only person he could think of, Michael Jordan. MJ and Oakley remain close friends to this day and Phil hoped some words from the GOAT might help calm Oakley down. Only problem was that Phil made the phone call too little, too late.

NBA: Lebron James Wants Charles Oakley For President

image via: youtube Lebron James wasn’t in the best of moods last night after his Cavs lost to Russell Westbrook and the Thunder in OKC. The final score was only decided by 9 points but it never actually felt like a close game as you watched it. That’s something that likely wasn’t lost on Lebron as he decided he wasn’t going to take questions from reporters after the game. Instead he issued a brief statement.

NCAA: College Basketball Player Reportedly Slapped Two Opposing Fans In The Face

image via: youtube University of Washington mens basketball player, Malik Dime, could be in some serious trouble after he slapped two fans from the opposing team during a game at Colorado last night. Dime was being heckled by fans, which was ironic in the first place since he didn’t actually play in the game due to injury. According to Dylan & Brian, the two fans in question, Malik was not happy with the way they were heckling him and at halftime, things went to another level.

(Video) Sports: Muay Thai Fighter Destroys His Opponent With A Brutal Flying Knee

image via: twitter I watched this clip at least ten times already because the sound alone of Regian Eersel’s knee connecting with the face of DC Pratt is pretty shocking. It sounds like someone just got their head knocked off with a Louisville slugger. The two fighters were facing off last night in their Muay Thai match in Las Vegas when Eersel just came out nowhere with the devastating move.

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