(Video&Photos) MLB: Finger Jose Canseco Shot Off Is Making Miraculous Recovery


This is crazy! It wasn’t that long ago when Jose Canseco accidentally blew his finger off with a bullet and he was about to have the remaining part of it amputated. He decided not to and now his finger, while still looking crazy, is well on it’s way to being full grown again.

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NFL: Report, Browns Couldn’t Find Johnny Manziel After He Threw Huge Party


Oh boy, Johnny Manziel, for better or worse just continues to put himself in positions off the field that leave him susceptible to being looked at in a negative light by his team. This time he was fined for being late for an injury treatment appointment, but it is the reported reason why he was late which is the big problem.

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MLB: Police Have To Be Called After CC Sabathia Causes A Scene At Newark Airport


Police had to intervene in an incident involving Yankees ace, CC Sabathia at Newark airport over the weekend. CC allegedly flipped out when he and his group weren’t allowed to board their fight because they were too late.

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MLB: Report, Cubs Player Detained In Dominican Republic In Connection To Shooting Of Six People!


Chicago Cubs star shortstop Starlin Castro has been detained in the Dominican Republic in connection to multiple shooting at a night club. His lawyer is saying Castro has nothing to do with it, but this story is a little crazy.

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(Video)NBA: He Does It Again! John Wall Hits Crazy 360 Layup


On Christmas day at MSG against the Knicks, the whole country was watching when John Wall came down the lane and dropped a nasty 360 layup. Well the lights weren’t as bright yesterday against the Celtics, but Wall did it again, and this time was even tougher!

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NBA: Is Khloe Kardashian Changing Her Mind About Finalizing Divorce With Lamar Odom?


It seems we have been talking about Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom not being together forever now, but the fact is they are STILL married, despite everything you hear. Khloe has looked like she moved on by dating other people while Lamar has been laying very low, more recently overseas trying to play ball. Apparently though Khloe might still have some real love for Lamar because she has been hesitant to finalize the divorce with him, even though she has the power to do so without him cooperating.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Garnett Blows In Ear Of David West, Players Have To Be Separated


Kevin Garnett has been known his entire career to try and get in the heads of opposing players but now he is pulling a page from Lance Stephenson. KG got under the skin of Pacers forward David West last night as he blew in his ear, a la Lance Stephenson to Lebron last season. Bron handled it much better than West did as he pushed KG and started walking towards him. The funniest thing is Pacers big man Roy Hibbert actually laughing about it the whole time.

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(Video) NBA: Sexy Singer & Daughter Of Sacramento Kings Owner Says She Is NOT Sleeping With Tyga!


You may not know her very well yet, but singer Anjali Ranadivé is putting a stop to any rumors involving her & Tyga now! It was reported recently the two were getting romantic after spending alot of time together on private jets, courtside NBA tickets and more, but Anjali, who is the daughter of Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé, says it is ONLY about music as they were working on the single “Nobody”, which they performed at a Kings game. Sources said the two met through her manager and Anjali says they hit off (in a platonic and professional way) and have been hitting the studio together ever since. Do you believe her? Do you even care? Check them out performing below.

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(Photos)NFL: Nike Reunites With Mike Vick To Release Kicks From Ten Years Ago!


Mike Vick has really come full circle. Nike dropped him fast back when the dog fighting charges arose and companies, especially Nike rarely, if ever do business with someone again after they dropped them. Vick has obviously done enough in the eyes of the company to restore their commitment to him and to restore himself in the eyes of the public. They plan on re-releasing the Air Zoom Vick 2 which was first released back in 2005.

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NFL: Report, DeMarco Murray’s Girlfriend Leaves Him Over Cheating Story Of Ex-Teammate


Damn, I actually feel sorry for DeMarco Murray because of all this. I am sure you remember his former college teammate Brennan Clay, publicly accusing DeMarco of cheating with his girlfriend Gina. He went on and on via twitter and even shared dirty messages and screen shots between the two. He did ALL THAT just to admit this week he was wrong and he jumped to conclusions. So Brennan was obviously a clown that created drama that wasn’t there to begin with and now that “fake” story has affected DeMarco’s real relationship with his girl, Heidi Mueller. She reportedly wasn’t affected by the story at first but eventually got fed up. Turns out Brennan may of sent DeMarco’s girl some interesting photos as well when he thought he was sleeping with his girl.

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