Boxing: Is This Finally It? Mayweather & Pacquaio Reportedly Agree On $250 Million Dollar Mega Fight


The only thing we know for sure about May 2nd, 2015 is that it is a Saturday and unless the world ends that day will come. Now according to reports, May 2nd might also be remembered for being the day the biggest fight in boxing history happened as reportedly, both Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao have agreed to the fight, and actually SIGNED the contract. This would not be the first time we were all duped into thinking it is the real thing, but this report does seem to have more substance.

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(Video) NBA: This “Jordan” Would Win The Dunk Contest, But You Will Never See It Happen


A new “Jordan” would love to take over the NBA dunk contest, but sadly he will never get that chance. Jordan Kilganon, a 6’1 professional dunker put out a highlight reel that would seriously shut down ANYONE participating in this years event. He obviously doesn’t have the overall skill set to play in the NBA, but he sure would out-dunk most of the league!

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NFL: Scary! NFL Lineman Fights Off Intruder During Home Invasion Attempt


This is a scary story for anyone. Raiders offensive lineman Donald Penn had to fight off a home invasion recently, and luckily because of his size he was able to fight the guy and hold him down until police came.

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NBA: Russell Westbrook Gives The Best Answer Ever Regarding Why He Won’t Do Dunk Contest!


Everyone can agree the dunk contest during all star weekend has lost some of it’s luster due to the lack of star names taking part in the event and the fact that so many dunks have been done already so, it’s more and more difficult to get creative. With that said, I think we would all agree about wishing Russell Westbrook would take part, with his freakish athleticism and dunking power. We can dream, but Russ makes it clear it will never happen, but his reason is awesome!

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Stops Traffic In NYC To Shoot Commercial, Then Poof, He’s Gone


It is good to be King! Lebron James just shot the fastest commercial role you may ever see and he did it like a boss. Bron was taking part in a new Kia commercial (he is a paid endorser), when he literally appeared out of nowhere on 34th street, spent literally about two minutes on the set, filmed his role and he was gone! The director got two takes and was happy and just like that Bron was on his way to another event. I can only imagine how much he just got paid for those two minutes.

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(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Says He Is Taking Gabrielle To See Fifty Shades So He Can Learn New Things


D-Wade & Gabrielle Union seem to have a very good, fun loving marriage. To keep it that way, Dwyane says he plans on taking his wife to see “Fifty Shades” Because as he tells it, “I want to learn some new things”. He also made it a point to say he is the one taking her, before she tries to say it was the other way around. “I’m married, you have to keep up” he said before going on his way. When it comes to a long term relationship or marriage you definitely have to keep up and try new things. Sounds like it will be a fun weekend for him in more ways than one.

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NFL: Report, Peyton Manning Says No To Retiring, Ready To Play In 2015


Peyton Manning reassured Denver Broncos officials, including general manager John Elway, that he is physically and mentally prepared to play at a significant level in 2015, league and team sources told ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen. That statement should make Broncos fans very happy and gives Denver one more legit shot to win a Super Bowl in the Peyton era.

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(Video) Sports: Mo’ne Davis Leaves Kevin Hart Frozen With Spin Move In Celebrity All Star Game


Kevin Hart is trying to win his fourth straight MVP award of the NBA celebrity all star game, but young Mo’ne Davis is stealing his shine. Davis hit Kevin with a crossover and nice spin move that brought the crowd to their feet and left Kevin standing still. He has been up to his usual funny antics throughout the night but tonight might belong to Mo’ne.

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(Video) NBA: Shaq Forgets He is DJ’ing On Live Television & Lets Some Inappropriate Words Air


Last night Shaq was showing off his DJ skills as he jumped on the 1’s & 2’s during the live broadcast from New York City of “The NBA on TNT”. Shaq knows what to do but he must have got too into the moment because he totally ignored the fact he was playing the uncensored version of “Tom Ford” by Jay Z. Now the words that slipped threw were mainly the “N-word” a bunch of times and the word “ass”, which may not offend or bother most people, but when we are talking live television and corporate dollars, best believe someone behind the scenes was not too happy! The show cut to black briefly when someone caught on, but the show was basically ending anyway. Hopefully TNT isn’t too mad at Shaq because he had the crowd rocking.

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Drops Almost $700,000 On Jewelry While In NY For All Star Weekend


Sounds like Floyd Mayweather is out here treating his friends good again. Floyd is in NY for all star weekend, along with damn near every other athlete and celeb, but he made sure he isn’t returning back to Vegas empty handed. According to reports, Floyd just dropped close to $700,000 on different pieces of jewelry for himself and crew.

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