(Photos) NBA: Tweet & Delete, Brandon Jennings On Iman Shumpert “He Got $40 Mil To Do Nothing”


Brandon Jennings can’t wait for his first season with the Knicks to start, especially since it might help him stay away from twitter a little more. Jennings sent some ether in the direction of Iman Shumpert on twitter, before deleting the tweets and admitting to himself he needs to stop responding to headlines. After a story on Bet.Com made it seem as if Shumpert threw a shot at Jennings direction after his comments about Teyana Taylor earlier this week, Jennings let his feelings on Shump and his contract be known.

NBA: Report, Chris Bosh Fails Physical, Will Likely Not Play For Heat This Season, Career May Be Over


Chris Bosh received some bad news this morning as he looks to return to game action after multiple issues with blood clots last season. The Miami Heat reportedly announced this morning that Bosh failed his team physical, which means they will not clear him to play this season. There is a chance that Bosh will seek another opinion outside of the team but that still won’t likely mean much in regards to getting on the court.

(Video) NFL: Ray Lewis Says Colin Kaepernick Is Not The Face Of Police Brutality, Shouldn’t Be On Cover Of Time


Time magazine decided to put Colin Kaepernick on the cover after the conversation he started with his protest over the national anthem. Whether you hate him or love him, he has everyone talking about things that aren’t necessarily comfortable for most people to speak on and that alone is a good thing. The way he has handled himself in spite of all the racist messages directed at him, not too mention the death threats, should be applauded. Leave it to Ray Lewis to demean what Kaepernick has done and say he shouldn’t be on the cover because he “isn’t the face of police brutality”. That’s exactly what he did yesterday on the Fox sports show “Speak For Yourself”.

(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Talks Rivalry With Lebron, Damian Lillard Raps & Steph Curry’s Ugly Kicks


Kevin Durant, along with Nas, made an appearance this week on the HBO show “Any Given Wednesday” hosted by Bill Simmons. During the 30 minute show, they covered a wide range of topics from Colin Kaepernick’s protest and how it will carry over to the NBA, rap beefs, KD’s move to Golden State and much more. During the speed round, where Simmons asked both Nas & KD questions for quick answers, we found out how KD feels about Lebron and the way he pushes him. We also found out he is jealous of how good Damian Lillard can rap and Durant was surprisingly honest about the hideous “Chef Curry 2” lows that came out earlier this year that were the subject of countless jokes.

NFL: Former Linebacker, Napoleon Harris, Fights Off Armed Robbers, Helps Police Catch Murder Suspects


Napoleon Harris had a decent NFL career playing for the Vikings, Raiders and Chiefs over a seven year span but the biggest defensive play he ever made had nothing to do with football and may have saved his own life. Harris, who owns multiple pizza restaurants in the Chicago area, decided to send his delivery driver home early and handled orders the rest of the night. An order was made and when Harris got to the address with the pizza, he noticed the building was vacant. That’s when things took a scary turn.

(Photo) MLB: (UPDATE) Seattle Mariners Catcher, Steve Clevenger, Refers To Black Lives Matter As “Animals”


Seattle Marines back up catcher, Steve Clevenger, is in a lot of heat this morning and it’s well deserved after the moronic move he decided to pull on twitter. Most people have no clue who Clevenger even is because he isn’t a very good baseball player at this point but after calling the protestors in Charlotte “animals” and disrespecting the entire black lives matter movement, I’m sure many more people are aware of who he is now.

(Audio) NFL: Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell Releases New Song Titled “2am”


For those who don’t know, Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers has been rapping for a while now. He’s made some decent music in the past and even has Snoop willing to get on a record with him. Since he’s suspended for the first three weeks of the NFL season, he has had some extra time on his hands so he decided to get in the studio and release a song title “2am”. Bell, who uses the moniker “Juice” isn’t exactly spitting heat on this track but it damn sure sounds like it will ring off in strip clubs. Check it out.

NFL: Kroger Supermarket Employee Sent Home From Work For Wearing Kaepernick Jersey


Kroger’s supermarket is in full apology mode after one of their employees was sent home for wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey to work. Before you think he wasn’t dressed correctly or anything like that, the store where he worked was letting employees wear their favorite NFL teams and colors. Elijah Scott, a 16 year old boy, was the only worker sent home. It was obvious his manager did it out of spite because the Kaepernick jersey was involved but at least for the moment it seems like people higher up in the food chain of the company have made things right.

(Audio) NBA: James Harden Says Images That Leaked Of His First Adidas Sneaker Were Fake


Back in August, social media was busy roasting what they thought was a leaked image of James Harden’s first signature sneaker with Adidas. The jokes were hilarious but it turns out the joke might be on us. During an appearance on .Wav Radio with Travi$ Scott, the images of Harden’s kicks came up and Travi$ said he saw them and they were fire (he had to be lying). Harden interrupted him and let him know he actually didn’t see anything because the pics were fake. It’s possible he is lying because they truly were hideous but maybe Adidas and Harden will surprise us. Check out the audio below.

(Photos) NBA: Mark Cuban Makes Donald Trump A $10 Million Dollar Offer To Interview Him


Mark Cuban is not a fan of Donald Trump and he has seen time and time again, how Trump always ducks tough questions or how sometimes people who interview him just plain take it easy on him. Cuban is tired of the rhetoric that Trump has been spewing and wants the chance to interview him for real. Since Trump understands money, Cuban made him an offer that he shouldn’t refuse but we all know he will.

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