NCAA: Harvard Men’s Soccer Season Cancelled After Discovery Of “Rating System” For Women’s Team Members


The 2016 season for the Harvard’s mens soccer team came to an abrupt halt this week after school officials came across a scouting report or rating system that involved members of the women’s soccer team at the school. As you can probably already guess, these scouting reports had nothing to do with the sport itself.

(Video) NFL: Antonio Brown And Steelers Teammates Nail The #MannequinChallenge


The latest social media fad that will eventually become incredibly annoying before we completely wish it away is the #MannequinChallenge. It’s exactly what you think it is. A bunch of people in a room, staying completely still, just like you guessed it, a mannequin. It’s already been spreading over twitter and Instagram and by the end of this weekend you will likely see a 100 more videos of the same thing. The Pittsburgh Steelers took their shot at the challenge and it turned out pretty good.

(Video) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao On Spending More Than $1 Million On 2,000 Tickets To His Own Fight


This may come as a surprise to some but Manny Pacquiao has a fight this weekend in Las Vegas. He’s been laying low for a while after he compared gay people to animals but he’s ready to get back in the ring and his opponent this weekend is Jessie Vargas. The last names of Pacquiao and Vargas don’t have the same ring to it as Mayweather and Pacquiao, which might explain why he bought so many tickets to his own fight.

NBA: James Harden Shoots Down Any “Beef” Between Himself & Dwight Howard


James Harden and Dwight Howard can deny it all they want but they weren’t big fans of each other in Houston. It started off promising when Howard came to the Rockets from the Lakers but it didn’t take long to see it wasn’t a match made in heaven. All they got out of their time together was some mediocre basketball and a few playoff runs that really never had a chance from the start. As they prepare to face off as opponents this week with Howard in Atlanta with the Hawks now, Harden is still shooting down any talk that there was ever a beef.

(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook On Warriors Trash Talk “We’ll See Them Again”


While there wasn’t much talk last night between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant directly, there was definitely a whole lot of talking going on in general. Thunder players like Enes Kanter and Jerami Grant tried to talk to Durant, which turned out to be a horrible idea, while a couple players on the Warriors were chirping as well. The trash talk coming from Golden State was something that wasn’t lost on Westbrook after the game.

MLB: Despite Cubs First World Series Win In 108 Years, Steve Bartman Doesn’t Attend Parade


Back in October of 2003, Steve Bartman’s life changed forever after he was involved in an infamous foul ball incident at Wrigley field. His interference on the play during game six of the NLCS against the Marlins, prevented Moises Alou from making the catch and ending an inning. The Marlins took advantage and wound up winning the game and crushing the hopes of Cubs fans everywhere who thought they were finally heading back to the World Series. Despite it being clear that it wasn’t just the one play that cost them the game and wasn’t his fault at all, he became a villain in Chicago and went into hiding. Thirteen years later, with the Cubs finally champions, it sounds like he just prefers to stay hidden.

(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Hilariously Roasted ESPN Over Low Pay On “Inside The NBA”


Charles Barkley works for TNT with Inside The NBA but he is constantly on ESPN for one reason or another, usually for some type of interview. However that didn’t stop him from throwing shots at the worldwide leader in sports last night after the Warriors game with the Thunder.

NBA: Kevin Durant Responds To The Photographer Vest Russell Westbrook Denies Had Anything To Do With Him


When Kevin Durant isn’t terrorizing opposing defenses on the court, one of the things he enjoys most is photography. He famously had the opportunity to be an on field photographer during Super Bowl 50 and he loved every second of it. So when Russell Westbrook showed up to Oracle arena in Oakland last night for the Thunder’s matchup with the Warriors coincidentally dressed as a photographer, many people assumed it was a shot at Durant. Despite the topic completely taking over social media, Russell said it was all for not and his fashion choice had nothing to do with KD.

MLB: Jose Fernandez Reportedly Had Cocaine And Alcohol In His System At Time Of Fatal Boat Crash


An autopsy performed on former Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez who died in a tragic boating accident last month, revealed the 24 year old had cocaine and about twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. Police have never said for sure that they know Fernandez was the one driving the boat at the time but some reports have indicated he likely was.

(Photo) NBA: Dwyane Wade Jokes His Fine Prevented Him From Buying Gabrielle Union Her Birthday Gift


As you likely know by now, Dwyane Wade was fined $25K yesterday by the NBA for his “throat slashing” gesture after hitting the game clinching shot against the Celtics on Thursday. Wade knew the move would likely cost him some money and tried to apologize on twitter but the league still handed down the fine.

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