(Video) NBA: Al Sharpton Reacts To Gilbert Arenas Calling Him A Coon & A THOT

IFWT_AL responds

The other day Gilbert Arenas went hard at Al Sharpton for his participation in the protests for the murder of Michael Brown.  He called Sharpton names like “coon” and “thot.”  Ouch.  Well now Al Sharpton has reacted to Gilbert.  Check out what he had to say…

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NBA: Lil Wayne Explains (Again) Why He Doesn’t Like Dwyane Wade


Lil Wayne hit up SportsCenter earlier today to release his “Tha Carter V” cover art. He later then made an appearance on ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” and talked about all the Heat drama from 2013.  He has explained in the past what his issue with Dwyane Wade is, but for those that forgot or never heard about it — Check it out…

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NBA: The Reason Behind Carmelo Anthony’s Dramatic Weight Loss Revealed!

Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks

Earlier this week fans were shocked when Carmelo Anthony posted up a picture of himself and he was looking super slim (see here if you missed it).  Everyone was comparing him to LeBron being on a no carb diet and now we’re learning the reason behind it.  Check it out…

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(Video/Photo) Lil Wayne Drops “Tha Carter V” Cover Art on SportsCenter/ESPN


The time is getting near – you know, for the release of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V! Today on ESPN Tunechi dropped the cover art for the album’s Oct. 28th release.
Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) Boxing: New Boo?! Hmm, Bad Medina May Have An Issue With Floyd Mayweather’s WCW!

ifwt_may liza 1

Well isn’t this interesting?!  Mayweather has never hidden the fact that he believes men should be able to date multiple women at the same time.  Remember his “30 Days in May” documentary?!   Well it looks like Floyd Mayweather has added another one to his collection.  He’s dropped hints about this one since July and now it seems he’s made it more official.  I wonder how Bad Medina feels about this?!
Check it out…

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(*GRAPHIC Images*) MMA: Photos of Porn Star Christy Mack Beaten By War Machine Released

IFWT_War and Christy

Wow, this is horrible.  We heard it was bad and it is.  MMA fighter War Machine allegedly beat his porn star girlfriend Christy Mack and he’s been on the run since it happened a few days ago.  Well Christy took to Twitter today to share her side of the story and share photos of her injuries. There’s a $10,000 reward for his capture.  Warning – the images are graphic….

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(PHOTO) NBA: Melo Losing Too Much Weight?!?! Fans Have A Lot To Say After He Shares This Picture


Following in LeBron’s footsteps?!  It appears as though Carmelo Anthony has lost a good amount of weight & he’s looking pretty slim.  He just shared a pic on Instagram and fans were QUICK to chime in about his weight loss.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

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(PHOTO) NBA: Awww Man! Woman Takes Pic With Allen Iverson Then Posts It Up With A Caption That Says WHAT?!


Whether you liked him or not, there’s no denying Allen Iverson’s basketball skills.   I know the younger generation may not know exactly who he is, but c’mon — this is ridiculous.  Some woman met AI in a club and took a picture with him — she then posted up the pic with a caption that has some fans going crazy.  Someone needs a lesson in basketball history asap. SMH.
Check it out…

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(PHOTO) WWE: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Mom & Cousin Involved in Head On Accident With Drunk Driver


How scary!! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s says his mom, Ata Maivia-Johnson and his cousin were struck HEAD ON by a drunk driver this week.  Thank goodness they survived and are doing ok.  The Rock shared a photo on social media of the accident and it looks horrific.  Details haven’t been released yet on what exactly happened, but the Rock did make a statement on Twitter…

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NFL: Reggie Bush Opens Up About How Dating Kim K. Made His Career Difficult

ifwt_reggie kim lilit kanuye

Everyone has moved on with their lives in this situation, but people still love to talk about Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian’s past relationship.  This time Reggie brought it up himself when discussing Johnny Manziel’s hard start to fame.  Check out what he had to say…

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