NBA: Raymond Felton Pleads Guilty In Gun Case — Here’s His Punishment…


I’m still waiting to hear a reaction from Plaxico on this. We learned last month that Raymond Felton would avoid jail time under a deal reached in his NY gun case. Well the Mavs baller went to court today and found out exactly what his punishment would be.
Hit the jump for the report…

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(Video) NBA: LMAO! Little Kid Asks Dwyane Wade Why He Flops — Check Out His Response


LOL, this is pretty funny! Dwyane Wade tells a story about a young basketball fan questioning him on his “perceived” flopping at the Dwyane Wade and Brandon Marshall Sports Academy.

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(PHOTO) NBA: LMAO, Kevin Durant Hilariously Joins “Beard Gang”


Ok, KD we see you — although I think fans are going to prefer to see you without that crazy beard.  Maybe he’s just missing James Harden?!  Or maybe he’s mocking Nick Young’s recent pic?!  Kevin Durant took to Instagram to show off that he’s joined the “beard gang.”
Check it out…

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NFL: Congrats! Adrian Peterson Gets Married

IFWT_AP married 1

Congratulations are in order for Adrian Peterson!  He reportedly got married to his girlfriend, Ashley Brown.  He hasn’t publicly announced the news, but his new wife has updated her Twitter profile to @MrsAshPeterson and her bio says, “Wife. Mother. God 1st” kind of person who splits time between “Houston/Minn.”
Congrats to the happy couple!

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Sports: LOL, Yuck!! Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Beard In Hercules Was Made From WHAT?!?!

IFWT_Rock herc 23

Well isn’t this hairy, funny, gross and interesting?! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is on his promo tour for the upcoming movie ‘Hercules’ and he stopped by Kelly and Michael this morning to talk.  Check out what he had to say about the beard he rocked in the movie.   It makes for a great story…

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(PHOTO) NBA: Kevin Durant Kicks It With Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber continues to make his rounds with athletes.  He had brunch with Kevin Durant yesterday and shared a pic on Instagram.  I wonder what kind of conversation they had while they ate?!  And who do you think paid?!  Oh to be a fly on the wall.
Check out the pic…

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Huh?! Yea He’s Wearing A Bra — Jacoby Jones Competes In Drag Show


No this isn’t anything like the Oscar De La Hoya situation — Jacoby wasn’t caught doing anything — he was actually being a good sport and got silly for some fans. While it’s fun to see a different side to athletes, I’m not about seeing a guy rocking a bra. Lol.
Check it out…

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Sports: Linked To A Few — Guess Which Athlete Kim K. Bans Her Family From Mentioning In Front of Kanye?!


Can’t say I’m surprised at this report, even though everyone has moved on with their lives.  Kim Kardashian has been linked to a few athletes such as Miles Austin, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and Cristiano Ronaldo.  Well there’s just one of those ex’s names she’s reportedly banned her family from mentioning in front of Kanye — because he’s allegedly ‘jealous and insecure.’
I’m pretty sure you can guess which one it is …  right?!  But really, shouldn’t all ex’s names be banned out of respect?!
Check it out…

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NBA Player Strikes Out With Kim K. & Now He’s Spitting Game To Rihanna!

IFWT_Joel 11

Lol, this rookie is really making a name for himself.  76ers rookie Joel Embiid hilariously tried to spit game to Kim Kardashian on Twitter last week, but then found out she’s married to Kanye — so what does he do?!  He’s trying to kick it to Rihanna this week.  I wonder if she will respond?!  Even if it’s all for publicity, it makes for great entertainment.
Check out his tweets…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: How SWEET! LeBron Sends His Neighbors A Gift With Note To Apologize For ‘Chaos’


Isn’t this sweet of LeBron & his family?!  He’s moved back home and he wants to make sure he’s in a good place with his neighbors, so he sent them a gift apologizing for the traffic & chaos surrounding his decision part 2.   The note is actually pretty cute & creative.
Check out what he got them…

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