(PHOTOS) Sports: Michael Jordan Double-Fisting Like A Boss at Ryder Cup

IFWT_ mj ryder

It’s Michael Jordan — he can pretty much do whatever he wants!!  But fans got a kick out of MJ double-fisting at the Ryder Cup today — the only thing was that it wasn’t drinks — it was something else.  Like a bawse!!  Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Wants You To Caption This Pic of Money in His Bed & Who Is That Woman?


Floyd Mayweather just loves to keep fans talking with his Instagram posts.  Yesterday he went hard at Manny Pacquiao and then there’s two other pictures that fans were buzzing about on Twitter.
The first is of Mayweather & a mystery woman in Paris together for fashion week.  Everyone was calling her a “Shantel Jackson knockoff” (no it wasn’t Miss Jackson, she’s still happily with Nelly) — and everyone wanted to know where Bad Medina was (and why he was rocking a LV jacket with a Gucci belt)???  I mean this lady could be just a friend or an assistant or a member of TMT — Orrrrr it could always be something more???  You never know with Floyd. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Then he posted up another pic of himself in bed with large stacks of money & wanted fans to caption the photo — as you can guess — there was all kinds of crazy comments.
Check it out…

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(PHOTO) Boxing: Oh Sh*t! Floyd Mayweather Responds To Manny Pacquiao With Crazy Meme & Caption!!


Welp, Floyd Mayweather is going hard at Manny Pacquiao after Pac took a direct shot at Floyd the other day over Mayweather’s “fake” reality show.  It was only a matter of time before the champ responded. Lol, Floyd calls him “Miss Pac Man” — Check out Floyd’s meme & read the whole caption ….

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Drake Says Happy Birthday To Serena Williams, But Fans Are Dying To Know WHY He Used This Pic?!

ifwt_drake serena past 1

I’m sure it’s gotta be some kind of inside joke — I mean, they do have a past.  Drake took to Instagram this morning to say happy birthday to Serena Williams & fans went crazy in the comment section because of the picture he used of her (not the pic above – it’s in the gallery with his caption).  Shortly later he tried to make things better by posting a more flattering picture.  I’m sure she’ll have something to say about it too, lol.
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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(PHOTOS) MLB: In The Building!! Jay Z Hits Up Derek Jeter’s Last Game at Yankee Stadium!

ifwt_jeter hov

The ROC is in the building!! Derek Jeter is playing in his final Yankee Stadium game tonight — and guess who made sure he was there to witness history?!  None other than Hov!!!  Check out the pics….

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(PHOTO) Boxing: LOL, Twitter Is Going In! WTF is Floyd Mayweather Wearing?!?!


Twitter is currently destroying Floyd Mayweather because of the outfit he’s rocking!  Those boots though!!!  C’mon champ!! Lol.
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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(18+ PHOTOS) WWE: Real or Fake?! Alleged AJ Lee (CM Punk’s Wife) Nude Pics Leak Online

IFWT_Aj lee  1

Is CM Punk’s wife, AJ Lee (3x WWE Divas Champion),  the latest celeb to be exposed by hackers?!  The pictures have gone viral today on Twitter, but many are saying that it’s NOT her (sorry fellas).  I’m sure she’ll have something to say about it soon.
Take a look & judge for yourself…

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Sports: Kevin Durant Does NOT Play Himself When He Plays NBA 2K15 — Guess Who He Does Use?!


Kevin Durant covers NBA 2k15 this season and gamers are excited for the release October 7th — well KD is out promoting the game and revealed that he doesn’t play himself … can you guess who he does use?! Check it out…

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Sports: Phil Jackson Says This NBA Player Trains Harder Than Michael Jordan Did


Everyone just loves the debates & comparisons between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – it’s never ending.  Well in a recent Q&A with the NY Post, Phil Jackson got fans talking again about the two stars.  I do wonder if MJ is going to have something to say about this though?!  Check out what the Zen Master said…

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Boxing: Reality Show Fake?! Manny Pacquiao Takes DIRECT Shot at Floyd Mayweather


And the shots continue to fly.  These two really just need to step into the ring or just shut up.  I’m beyond tired of all the back n forth, SMH.  So what happened this time?  Yesterday Floyd went in front of a panel & told them that his Showtime “All Access” reality show is fake (shocking I know).  Well Pacquiao decided to directly tweet Floyd this morning & call him out.  I wonder if Floyd will respond???
Check it out….

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