Sports: Kevin Durant Does NOT Play Himself When He Plays NBA 2K15 — Guess Who He Does Use?!


Kevin Durant covers NBA 2k15 this season and gamers are excited for the release October 7th — well KD is out promoting the game and revealed that he doesn’t play himself … can you guess who he does use?! Check it out…

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Sports: Phil Jackson Says This NBA Player Trains Harder Than Michael Jordan Did


Everyone just loves the debates & comparisons between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – it’s never ending.  Well in a recent Q&A with the NY Post, Phil Jackson got fans talking again about the two stars.  I do wonder if MJ is going to have something to say about this though?!  Check out what the Zen Master said…

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Boxing: Reality Show Fake?! Manny Pacquiao Takes DIRECT Shot at Floyd Mayweather


And the shots continue to fly.  These two really just need to step into the ring or just shut up.  I’m beyond tired of all the back n forth, SMH.  So what happened this time?  Yesterday Floyd went in front of a panel & told them that his Showtime “All Access” reality show is fake (shocking I know).  Well Pacquiao decided to directly tweet Floyd this morning & call him out.  I wonder if Floyd will respond???
Check it out….

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(PHOTO) NBA: We Finally Get To See A Picture of LeBron at Dwyane Wade’s Wedding


A lot of fans assumed that LeBron James didn’t make it to Dwyane Wade’s wedding because no pictures surfaced of LeBron & his wife Savannah at the big event.  But then Stephen A. Smith revealed that yes, in fact LeBron was there & there was no beef between the two since Bron made the decision to go back to Cleveland.  Well now we finally get to see the proof!  Almost a month later, Wade shared a special moment on Instagram.
Check it out…

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Sports: Derek Jeter Has Some Advice For Eli Manning

ifwt_jeter eli

It’s that NY love!  Can you feel it?!  As Derek Jeter’s career comes to an end, he’s got some advice for Eli Manning — who’s been criticized for his role in the Giant’s lackluster performances.  The struggle has been real. #wahhh
Check out what The Captain had to say…

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(PHOTO) NBA: LMAO, Mike Epps Hits Up Red Carpet Event & Congratulates LeBron James on What?!


LeBron James & the cast of  “Survivor’s Remorse” (which will air on Starz) took to the red carpet last night in Beverly Hills to premiere the first two episodes of the series.  A bunch of celebs showed up for the event and that included comedian Mike Epps.  Of course, he had jokes when he took a pic with LeBron & shared it on Twitter.  Will the hairline jokes ever stop?!?!
Check it out…

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(Video) Sports: New Song Coming? Guess Which NBA Star Drake Would Want To Collab With?

IFWT_Drake-Raptors 11-21

Ohhh boy…Drake & LeBron James on a track?! It looks like it could happen. Drake was asked about the possibility of it. Check out what he had to say…

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Sports: Jameis Winston Rape Accuser Wanted How Much To Stay Silent??


FSU quarterback Jameis Winston was cleared of charges of rape late last year after a district attorney did an investigation and decided there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed.  Well now we’re learning that the woman who accused Winston of rape … demanded $7 MILLION to buy her silence.  SMH.  Hit the jump for details…

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MLB: Derek Jeter’s Farewell Gifts Could End Up Costing Him Big


Derek Jeter has received some great gifts from opposing teams on his farewell tour this year (you remember that dope $34k watch that Cano gave him right?!), but unfortunately it could end up costing him in the end.
Besides the fact that he can afford it — I’m pretty sure The Captain will care less — everything he’s going through right now is priceless!! #RE2PECT
Hit the jump for details…

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(PHOTOS) Boxing: Yikes! 50 Cent’s Son Kicks It With … Floyd Mayweather

IFWT_50 son

Hanging with the enemy?!  Fif isn’t going to like this!  We know they already don’t have a good relationship & this is probably going to make things worse.  50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson, shared a picture of himself hanging out with Floyd Mayweather & TMT — and as you know  50 & Floyd are pretty much enemies at this point.  Ouch.
Check out the pic & caption after the jump…

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