(PHOTO) NBA: LMAO, Mike Epps Hits Up Red Carpet Event & Congratulates LeBron James on What?!


LeBron James & the cast of  “Survivor’s Remorse” (which will air on Starz) took to the red carpet last night in Beverly Hills to premiere the first two episodes of the series.  A bunch of celebs showed up for the event and that included comedian Mike Epps.  Of course, he had jokes when he took a pic with LeBron & shared it on Twitter.  Will the hairline jokes ever stop?!?!
Check it out…

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(Video) Sports: New Song Coming? Guess Which NBA Star Drake Would Want To Collab With?

IFWT_Drake-Raptors 11-21

Ohhh boy…Drake & LeBron James on a track?! It looks like it could happen. Drake was asked about the possibility of it. Check out what he had to say…

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Sports: Jameis Winston Rape Accuser Wanted How Much To Stay Silent??


FSU quarterback Jameis Winston was cleared of charges of rape late last year after a district attorney did an investigation and decided there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed.  Well now we’re learning that the woman who accused Winston of rape … demanded $7 MILLION to buy her silence.  SMH.  Hit the jump for details…

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MLB: Derek Jeter’s Farewell Gifts Could End Up Costing Him Big


Derek Jeter has received some great gifts from opposing teams on his farewell tour this year (you remember that dope $34k watch that Cano gave him right?!), but unfortunately it could end up costing him in the end.
Besides the fact that he can afford it — I’m pretty sure The Captain will care less — everything he’s going through right now is priceless!! #RE2PECT
Hit the jump for details…

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(PHOTOS) Boxing: Yikes! 50 Cent’s Son Kicks It With … Floyd Mayweather

IFWT_50 son

Hanging with the enemy?!  Fif isn’t going to like this!  We know they already don’t have a good relationship & this is probably going to make things worse.  50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson, shared a picture of himself hanging out with Floyd Mayweather & TMT — and as you know  50 & Floyd are pretty much enemies at this point.  Ouch.
Check out the pic & caption after the jump…

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(Photo/Video) NFL: LOL, Tom Brady Has Great Reaction To Mark Wahlberg Leaving Robert Kraft Hanging!


Yes, Tom Brady knows a little something about being left hanging –  lol.  So when a video went viral over the weekend of Mark Wahlberg leaving Robert Kraft hanging on a high five — Tom Brady had something to say about it!

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Boxing: Oh Really?! Floyd Mayweather Says What About His Reality Show?!


Last week we learned that Floyd Mayweather could be in some trouble over footage that was shown in “All Access: Maidana vs. Mayweather 2.”  The Nevada State Athletic Commission ordered Floyd to appear before a 5-person panel today and he had to answer questions about unsafe training conditions and pot use.
So what defense did he use?!  He said that Showtime’s “All Access” reality series is staged as a way to sell more pay-per-views.  This should come as a shock to NO ONE.  It’s a bit disappointing, but should NOT surprise anyone.  A reality show that’s fake?!  Yes people, c’mon — you gotta know that.
Hit the jump for details…

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(Photos) NFL Beef: Uh-Oh, He’s Got Jokes?! Did Former Teammate Steve Smith Go Hard at Cam Newton?!

IFWT_Steve smith

WR Steve Smith is now with the Ravens and there’s a tweet floating around that he went hard at former teammate Cam Newton on Twitter.  Now I never saw the alleged original tweet (yes we have a screenshot of it though), but apparently he had something “bitter” to say about Cam Newton (and his outfit).  Fans then went at Steve asking why he said what he allegedly said — his response?!  He’s denying he had anything to do with the tweet.  Hmmmm…
Check it out & let us know what you think???

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Happy Birthday To @therealpecas !!!


Happy Birthday to our guy Shawn “Pecas” Costner!! Wishing you many more!!! Enjoy your day!

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MLB: Did He??? Derek Jeter Finally Addresses Rumors About Sending Home Booty Calls With Gift Baskets!


This was one of my favorite rumors about Derek Jeter — because it was such a G move IF the rumor was true. Back in 2011 reports came out that Jeter would send his booty calls home alone with gift baskets of autographed memorabilia (you can read the details of the story here).  So is there any truth to those rumors?!?!  The captain finally addressed it — check out what he had to say (I still don’t know if I believe him, LOL)…

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