(PHOTOS) NFL: She’s Sexy! Did Colin Kaeperneck Get This Fitness Model Pregnant? They Have Something To Say!


Word around social media today was that Colin Kaepernick got his fitness model girlfriend , Brittany Renner, pregnant.   Apparently she made the announcement on her Instagram page & then shortly later deleted the post and put up a pic of her boo instead.  As the news made its rounds, she took to Instagram again to address the rumor — and then he put up a post of his own (without specifically mentioning the gossip).  Check out what she had to say & some of her sexy pics — I need some fitness tips from her ASAP!

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(PHOTO) Sports: Kobe Bryant Teams Up With Kanye West — Guess Why?!

IFWT_Kobe Ye

Fans on Twitter had jokes about Kobe & Ye teaming up — was it music related?!  Nope … at least not for now.  So why were the two stars hanging out?!
Hit the jump for the answer…

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(Video) NBA: And It Begins! LeBron James With Sick Dunk After Between-The-Legs Pass From Kyrie Irving!

ifwt_cavs dunk 2

Cavs fans got their first look at LeBron James & Kyrie Irving in action!!  During their scrimmage today, Kyrie Irving went between the legs & found LeBron for a nice dunk.  Check it out…

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NBA: Roy Hibbert Admits He Watches This Team For Inspiration & Texts Their Star Player For Advice


I don’t see a problem with this — you should learn from the best right?! Roy Hibbert recently revealed that he watches a certain team’s games for inspiration & texts with one of their star players for advice.  Can you guess who it is?!
Check it out…

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NBA: Jokes or Shot Fired? Kobe Says He Didn’t Want To See WHO Sign With The Lakers?!


Just jokes or shots fired?!  Fans are interpreting what Kobe Bryant had to say about Kevin Love today in different ways.  As we all know Kevin ended up with the Cavs, but there was talks about him going to the Lakers.
So what did Kobe think about the possibility?!  Some fans think it was just jokes & others think it was a jab.  Check it out & let us know what you think????

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NBA: Cops Called After Donald Sterling Caught With V. Stiviano at Home Today


Geez-us, why are these people still making the news/blogs?! Do you guys really still care what’s happening in the personal lives of Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano?!  Well if you are, this is for you.
Earlier today Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano reunited at his Beverly Hills mansion and guess who was upset when she found out — then called the cops & tried to get V. arrested?!?!  Yea, please — all 3 of them need to go away, Lol.
Hit the jump for the report…

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Sports: Carmelo Anthony Names The Most Underrated NBA Superstar! Agree or Nah?


This is a great topic for NBA fans to debate about!  Who do you think is the most underrated NBA superstar?!  Can you take a guess at who Melo thinks?!  Check it out & let us know if you agree????

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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Argues With Woman After She Says She Doesn’t Know Who He Is!


Gotta love Mayweather & his ego!! Floyd Mayweather was getting his hair cut in South London when a lady said out loud that she didn’t know who he was. Being the highest paid athlete in all sports, Money May was surprised and ended up in a little beef with the woman.
Check out what happened…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: He’s Got A Message! Kobe Bryant Makes A Statement With His T-Shirt at Practice


Kobe’s really got fans talking today!  First it was all about his decision on Nick Young vs. Iggy Azalea & now it’s about the shirt he rocked to practice today.  He’s making a point — or you can say he’s just enjoying himself & trolling — either way, the message is clear.
Check it out…

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(Photos) Sports: Star Power! Jay Z, Beyonce & David Beckham Check Out PSG/Barcelona Game Together

IFWT_hov b David 1

Hov & B are in the building! David Beckham returned to the Parc des Princes for some Champions League action — alongside Jay-Z and Beyonce!  I wish I could hear some of their conversation – I love all three of them. Lol
Check out a few of the pics…

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