(Video) The Game Doesn’t Care If You Hit His Car…As Long As You’re A Pretty Girl

Game's fender-bender

A woman outside of Tru nightclub in Hollywood accidentally backed her Mercedes into The Game’s BMW last night…and he was totally cool about it. As she ran out of her car to apologize, Game didn’t even miss a beat. “She cracked the Beemer! But I’m such a G, that I ain’t even trip!” he later exclaimed. You know why? “Cute girls get away with sh*t.” Why yes, yes we do!

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(Video) WTF?! Insane Ad For New Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio!!!

Crazy ad for Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio.

At first, you probably didn’t think much of the new ad for Fiat. I thought it was an inflatable car made out to look like a Fiat. Then I looked closely at it, and I was like holyy s*** that’s crazy! Hit the jump for more details behind this unbelievable ad!

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Working “Submarine Car” Used In James Bond For Auction???

Amphibious car used in 1977 James Bond movie set to be auctioned.

Featured in the 1977 James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me, the 007 Lotus Esprit Series 1 “Submarine Car” will be auctioned off in London in September.

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The Top 10 Car Flops From The Last Decade

Top 10 Auto flops of in the last 10 years.

Measured by sales, the Mitsubishi iMiEV shown above holds the number 2 spot for automobile failures in the last decade; only selling 1,420 since November of 2011. So what car holds title for the number one flop in the last 10 years??

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(Photos) OKAY!!! Check The Customization On This “Fur-rari!”

Black Ferrari 599

As if a $179,000 doesn’t already scream LUXURY, a Ferrari 599 that puts waking up in a new Bugatti to shame was spotted in London. Hit the jump to see what was done to it.

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(Photos) Paris Hilton Has A Run-In With The Law, Justin Bieber-Style

Paris Hilton gets a ticket

Paris Hilton was a little too hard on the gas in her pretty blue Bentley today, and was pulled over by cops for doing 42 in a 25 around Beverly Hills. Just because she’s rich and famous…and hot…didn’t really help her cause at all, and she ended up driving away with a lovely little speeding ticket. That’s 4 points, boo. Not the greatest way to start the weekend!

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(Video) Rich People Problems: Father Uses Mercedes-Benz To Ram Son’s BMW!!

Father Uses Mercedes-Benz To Ram Son’s BMW!!

A Joe Jackson-mad father goes on a rampage by using his $104,000 Mercedes-Benz to charge into his son’s BMW. After doing so, the son hops out of the car and takes off, leading the foot chase. Hit the jump for the video.

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Wow! Drag Race Ends With Two Dead


It’s not uncommon for teenagers to occasionally hit trees. But not like this. 18-year-old Ray Vega along with his 17-year-old passenger and girlfriend, Carmen Rivera-Gotay, met their unfortunate demise after while racing Ray’s older brother, Kevin. While attempting to pass Kevin, Ray –instead– sideswiped him, lost control of his ’96 Honda Accord, and smacked full speed into a tree.

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(Video) Car To Boat In Less Than 15 Seconds???

This thing is a beast! With the model base of a Jeep, this amphibious vehicle can transform into a boat in less than 15 seconds. Check out some highlights to see what this thing can do after the jump!

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Ugh! Chris Brown Officially CHARGED With Hit & Run!

This guy can’t catch a break, no matter what he does! Despite the fact he was photographed speaking with the woman he was involved in a fender-bender with last month, Chris Brown has officially been hit with 2 criminal charges, one for a hit-and-run (they say he left the scene without exchanging proper info) and the other for driving without a valid license. Because he’s already on probation for the Rihanna incident, this could lead to a lot more trouble than it should. Oh boy!

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