Nice! Teen Buys A Car On Black Friday For HOW MUCH?!?!

This was truly a Black Friday Deal to be thankful for! So, in Houston, Texas there is a car dealership that offers three cars for just $1 each. They’ve been doing so since 2008, and this year Reginald Anokwuru was able to cash in. Ironically, he isn’t even able to legally drive yet. Hit the jump for more details.

WOW! Fuel And Oil Leaks Lead THIS Car Company To Recall One Of Its Most Prized Models!!!

American Cars stand out like no other. Whether for fashion or function, they have always been know to take care of business. But, due to frequent reports of fuel and oil leaks, that could potentially lead to engine fires, Ford –unfortunately– recently resurrected the notorious moniker “Found On The Road Dead.” Due to this, the company has recalled the Escape model for the seventh time since its redesign in 2012. Hit the jump for more info.

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Guy Sits Down Next To Street And Gets WIPED Out

This is horrible, I mean this poor guy was tired, popped a squat and BOOM, Car comes out of no where and he’s gone.

(Photos) Carmen Electra Steals The Show By Flaunting Some Sideboob & Her Long Legs!

Carmen Electra flashes the flesh in her glamorous black floor length gown as she arrives at the Latin GRAMMY Awards held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Thursday in Las Vegas. See her stunning figure below!

Study Says Listening To THIS Popular Band Can Help You Stay Safe On The Road

A study done by found that listening to soothing music while driving can help avoid accidents, and Coldplay‘s “The Scientist” landed at number one on their list of “ultimate safe driving songs.” On the other hand, music that’s “noisy, upbeat and increases your heart rate” will put you at risk for less than ideal driving conditions. Find out who topped their list of the 10 most dangerous songs below.

(Photos) Two Dogs Chasing A Cat Chew Through A WHAT?!?!?

Here, we got dogs that’ll chew a hole through the wall — or in this case, car. Two pit bulls were on the hunt for the cat — which, after spotting them ran for dear life. It found its way to the wheel well of a car, waiting on top of the tire, when the dogs began to bite through the car. Many residents of the Florida town expressed much concern for their children: many feared that it could have been one of them chased down by the pits. Check out pics after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) One Lucky Man Escapes The Explosion Of WHAT???!?

Little is known of what caused the explosion of a propane tank feet away from one man, but there is definitely a lot to see. Surveillance footage captured the moment that unknown man escaped the blast, however, the man driving the forklift carrying the tanks –well, he wasn’t as lucky. Check it out after the jump.

Dolly Parton Hospitalized For What?!

Legendary country singer Dolly Parton was rushed to a hospital in Nashville this morning, after being involved in a fender-bender (as a passenger.) Luckily, the 67-year-old was quickly released with only minor injuries. She later tweeted about the crash saying she’s “tired and sore” but resting at home.

Auto: (Video) Nicki Minaj Rides With The Doors UP In That Pink Aventador!

“She want me ‘cuz she see me in that Aventador/pull up on the curb so crazy, I don’t bent da door..” You heard it from her own mouth! Nicki Minaj shows up to a Kmart press event to talk clothes, but the real show was her entrance. As she made way to that event in a very sexy pink Aventador with the doors UP! Can we say 700-horsepower…STOP! Hit the jump and check out the The Pink Aventador Vlog.

Soulja Boy Sued For Hit & Run…That He Didn’t Do

Though he wasn’t behind the wheel of his Bentley when it was involved in a hit-and-run back in January, Soulja Boy is facing a lawsuit for the matter. Here’s the deal: Soulja’s boy Abrahim Mustafa hit a man on a motorcycle when he was driving Soulja’s car, and sped off immediately, leaving the injured bicyclist at the scene of the crime. He almost got off, but months later, a friend of the injured biker was able to get down to the bottom of the owner of the Bentley by asking around at a Roscoe’s that the accident happened near. Unfortunately for Soulja, California law has it that the owner of a vehicle who gives someone permission to drive is responsible for any incidents, so, that’s why he’s facing the suit. I’m sure he isn’t too pleased with his boy at the moment.

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