Auto:(Video) Watch The Dancing Traffic Cop

The best feeling is to wake up and go do something you love for work! This traffic cop in Providence, Rhode Island definitely does. And of course, he does most of his dancing in front of a Dunking Donuts. Nothing like a cliche to make a video even better. This cop definitely runs on Dunkin. Check the video after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) When Tokyo Drifting Goes Wrong

Take a look at this video that was put together by [email protected] from Japan. Drifting looks like it can be fun, but just like in the movies, the crashes can be very real. I’m good on that. Check the video after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto: Infiniti Coming Soon With 550HP “Super Sedan”

Infiniti has been causing the biggest buzz amongst the car makers the past few days because they decided to change the name of their vehicles starting with the 2014 models. Another reason for excitement of Infiniti fans is the mention of a 550Hp “Super Sedan” by the company president Johan De Nysschen. He said the company is in the process of making a version of the “M” sedan with a forced induction v6 which will provide up to 550HP. Cant wait to see pics of this car. Check more after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto:(Photos) BMW Sneak Pics Of The 2014 Electric I8..Dope Car

Some of you may of already seen pics of this crazy BMW I8 electric car. But for those who have only seen the concept, these pics are cool to see the car actually in use being tested in Sweden and Germany. These are some of the clearest sneak pics of this car. The vehicle in these pictures was seen driving around Germany, of course still wrapped in the camouflage. This is a fully electric vehicle and the design of this beamer is definitely crazy! If BMW needs anymore test drivers they need to hit me up. Check the pics in the gallery above. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) Car Body Made Of Pillows?

Say hello to the new version of bumper cars! Well, no not really. Students in Japan built this car with pillow soft air cushions surrounding the car which allows the car to have none or minimal damage in a low speed accident. It also was built with the purpose in mind to save pedestrians. If someone walking was to be hit by this car, it would most likely result in no injuries or something very minor. Check the video below of the students showing it off. The car cost roughly about $9,000 USD, with a top speed of about 31mph. It is a cool idea and all, but you wouldn’t see me pushing this. I much rather speed and honk my way through crowds. IamJOE357

Auto: Why Did America’s Most Popular Car Rate The Worst??

Seems America’s most popular car might not be the way to go when it comes to saving your family in an accident. The Toyota Camry, which according to sales is the most popular car in the country, rated dead last in a recent crash test performed by the Auto Safety Group. In fact, out of 18 different makes and models that were used in the test, the 2 cars that received the dreaded “poor” rating were both made by Toyota. The other was the Toyota Prius wagon. It could force car designers from Toyota to re think how they build their cars because the car that finished at the top of the list on the crash test is the Honda Accord, which is the 2nd most popular car in America. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto: (Video) Head On Crash In The Dark

This video shows an up close and personal view of a head on collision. It’s a scary view to see a car coming right at you and there is nothing that can be done because it is too late. This video was recorded on the dash board of a police car recently. Check the video after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto: Infiniti Clarifies New Car Names Even Further

We reported yesterday that Infiniti announced they were changing the names of all their vehicles starting with the 2014 models. I like the move, it simplifies things within their own brand. There has been alot of buzz surrounding the announcement, and even some confusion as to which new names belong to which vehicles. Infiniti took to their facebook page today to explain it even easier with a picture of the cars and the names. Take a look at the pic above in the gallery. IamJOE357

Auto: The Least Stolen Car Is??

The Toyota Prius? For some reason this does not surprise me. The majority of the public still are hesitant to go with hybrids, and seems criminals are no exception. Between 2008-2010 a Prius was stolen at a rate of 1 in 606, compared to the average for all other model cars of 1 in 78 for the same time. The reason? The parts to the Prius from this time frame only work on a Prius. Sometimes when you steal parts from one type of car, that part may be interchangeable on a completely different model or make. Not with the Prius, all parts of the car from the engine down to the smallest part would not work in another car. So because of that, thieves are less likely to steal this car knowing it will be harder to move the parts. On a good note, when a Prius is stolen, it has a recovery rate of almost 97%. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto:(Photos) New BMW 2014 “2” Series Spotted Driving

\ The first pics of the new BMW 2 series were spotted this week driving around Europe. As you can see in the pics it still has camouflage wrapped around the paint job to disguise it as best as they can. The car does not seem to be too much different from the “1” series. BMW is changing the name and the “2” series will be the new entry level car for BMW. There has not been much info released about the car itself as of yet. Take a look at the gallery above for a few more sneak preview pics. IamJOE357

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