Auto:(Video) Drive Your Car With An I-Pad…Seriously!!

This is a crazy concept, but 100% true. Researchers at Oxford University in England have been testing the software recently and we got it on camera. Everything in the car will run through an Ipad that is stationed on the dashboard. They are testing a low cost navigation system that utilizes cameras and lasers that are discreetly built into the body of the car to determine the surroundings of the car. The current cost of the system would be about $7,000 in U.S. currency, however they want to get it to a point of only costing about $150 in the long term future. Now this technology is still years away from us being able to use it in our own cars, but make no mistake it will be here before you know it. Check out the videos after the jump to see how it works, it is very interesting to see it in motion.

Auto:(Video) What?? See What This Low-Life Snow Plow Driver Did!!

This dude deserves to be more than fired. He deserves to get his a** kicked!! This dirtbag that is supposed to help people during snow storms decided he wanted to make people’s life even worse after a brutal blizzard that crippled parts of New England. This driver who works in the Boston area, which you can hear in his accent, posted a video of himself to youtube showing him actually burying cars under snow on purpose and even pushing snow into a driveway that someone was shoveling, again on purpose!! He even has the nerve to brag about it during his profanity laced tirade. Well at the end of the day he showed how truly dumb he is. The same video he posted to youtube is the same video that got his a** fired!! The news in the area even picked up the story. Thankfully he is no longer in the position to hurt people who need help, but just goes to show you the type of people we share this world with, SMH. Check out his video after the jump and also the news report.

Auto:(Video) 12 Year Old Girl Leads Police On Chase, Caught On Camera

Even though she may not seem it, the person who led Police on an interstate chase was a 12 year old girl! She got into an argument with her dad and when he fell asleep, she snuck out and stole a pick up truck from a parking lot down the street. Police originally tried to pull her over because they thought it was a drunk driver. But when she didn’t stop, an all out chase was on from South Carolina, up into Charlotte, North Carolina. Eventually she was boxed in and stopped because she never really got up in speed. The fastest she ever went was about 70mph. The funniest part is the man who owned the truck she stole, said he hasn’t been able to get it started in a couple months. “She should be a mechanic” he said, lol. Check the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Drake Has The New 2014 Bentley GTC In “Started From The Bottom”

I know this video has been out for a couple weeks now, but this post is for the car lovers. Some of you may of missed that new 2014 Bentley GTC convertible Drake has riding with him in the video. This car is barely on the market as of yet but the boy Drake managed to have it in the scene. The demographic for Bentley as a company has definitely changed over the past few years. What used to be labeled as an older, wealthy white gentleman’s car has quickly evolved into one of the cars of choice for younger urban celebrities with money. I don’t think the big “B” company is ready to face that fact yet, but they better. At the end of the day regardless of who it is, money is money and they are supporting Bentley. Maybe soon we will see some changes in design that cater more towards the younger crowd of 20 somethings. Check the video after the jump.

Auto: This Truck Costs A Nightclub $10.5 Million Dollars In lawsuit

Everything is bigger in Texas is not always a good thing. This big a** Ford F-250 that was customized to damn near be a monster truck is at the center of a lawsuit with a Texas nightclub and the family and a dead woman who attended that club. Read more after the jump.

Auto:(Video) T.I. The NASCAR Driver?? What You Know About That?

NASCAR’s biggest race is only a few days away, and it seems like T.I. caught the fever of racing. This is not a career change for TIP, but he did look pretty good handling the race car at over 150mph. This was good news since usually, when you hear about him and a car, it’s because he is being asked to step out of one and being arrested. Check the video after the jump to see how Mr. ATL did at the track.

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