Auto:(Photos, Video) Update From Deadly Crash, Pics From The Scene

Here are some updated pics to our story from today’s explosive car pile up that left one person dead on the Long Island Expressway. Media outlets are reporting as many as 32 cars were part of the pile up, and there are many stories of people pulling over and helping each other. These pics are live from the accident scene itself. See the video after the jump from someone recording at the scene. IamJOE357

Auto: Camaro’s Will Now Be Made In Detroit!

General Motors (GM) announced just a short while ago today that they will be moving production of the new Camaro to Lansing, Michigan from Oshawa, Ontario Canada. Improvements in production at the plant in Michigan was one of the reasons for the move according to GM. The Canadian Auto Workers union was upset with the move, saying it will cost jobs and will reduce production at the plant, but at the end of the day I like the move because a classic American car should be produced in the U.S. The new Camaro is not expected until either 2015 or 2016. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) Insane Crash On Long Island Expressway Today, 1 Dead

Traffic is still backed up forever due to this crazy car pile up on the Long Island Expressway. There is unfortunately 1 confirmed death from the accident, which included at least 32 cars! Check the video below of news coverage over the accident, updates to come. IamJOE357

Auto:(Photos) Which Luxury Cars Are Worth The Least??

I guess some luxury cars really are not worth all that luxury after all. Investopedia recently did a story on luxury cars that lose value the fastest. I was definitely surprised that a Mercedes S class was on the list, but I was not surprised Range Rovers are on the list because I have known for years they do not hold their value. Range Rovers on average can drop as much as 85% in value in the 5 years after purchase. The study was based on average resell price 5 years after the original purchase. Take a look at the gallery above for 3 other luxury cars that lose their value the fastest. IamJOE357

Auto: (Video) Runaway Bus Tearing Through Streets!

Check out the video below from a runaway bus in South Korea earlier today. The video was recorded from the dashboard of a very lucky driver. IamJOE357

Auto:(Photos)Hate It Or Love It Poll: Plies1968 Chrome Pontiac Grand Prix

Plies hasn’t been too relevant lately, but he recently had a video shoot earlier this week and pulled out this Chrome Pontiac Grand Prix. The paint job on this is real mean, and reportedly cost $47,000. Check the out gallery above for a few more pics. What you guys think of this whip? Hit the Hate it or Love it poll below IamJOE357

Auto:(Photos)Back To The Future Car Driving Around L.A.

I know a lot of you still remember this famous Delorean from the “Back To The Future” movie. The owner of the car spent $150,000 (Yeah, he really did that) to make his car look identical to the one from the movie. He even dresses up as “Doc” from the movie. Dude is in deep, lol. Check the photo above for another look. IamJOE357

Auto:(Photos) Gold Nissan GT-R Made For Usain Bolt Sells For How Much??

A man from Australia dropped $187,000 during an auction for this Gold Nissan GTR, inspired by Jamaican track star Usain Bolt and his Gold running shoes. The money will go to benefit education and cultural opportunities for children and young people in Jamaica. Check the gallery above for more pics of the ride. IamJOE357

Auto: BMW Will Have Wi-Fi Built Into Cars: This Is HOT

Imagine being in your car and desperately needing some type of internet or wi-fi connection to finish an important project or send a bunch of files and you don’t have a hotspot available. Well for consumers in Europe this week, and soon here in the U.S., that will never be a problem again if you own a BMW. Check the full story after the jump. IamJOE357

Auto: (Racing) Earnhardt Jr. Named Most Popular Driver Again!!

Earnhardt Jr may not of won the Sprint cup championship this year, but being popular and getting lots and lots of endorsements can definitely ease the pain. For the 10th, ( Yes, I said 10th ) straight year, he was voted NASCAR most popular driver. Even though the title “most popular” doesn’t do much to help with the actual racing side of it, it still means a lot because it is voted by the actual fans who love these drivers. Check more after the jump. IamJOE357

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