Auto:(Photo) Ray J Does What With His Rolls Royce?

You haven’t heard Ray J’s name mentioned too much ever since he had his drunken melt down on the radio when he was trying to diss’ Fabolous and kept referring to the money team. But that doesn’t mean he still can’t make news when he does something. Unfortunately for him it is not for his music, it’s for his car. The new craze lately seems to be celebrities with some cash are giving their cars an all-chrome look. While that might look good on certain rides, it clearly does not always work on others. Ray J recently posted a picture of his Rolls Royce Ghost looking all chromed out and I don’t know about you, but I am not feeling it. Check out the gallery after the jump. The main pic is the ride before the work was done. The other pic is with the guy from the company that did the work. Does anyone know what Ray J does for a living at this point? I tell you one thing, he should be collecting monthly royalty checks from all the members of the Kardashian family. His d**k made them all relevant. Check the gallery.

Auto:(Video) LOL, A Dumba** With A Gun..FAIL!!

Just cause you have a gun in your hand does not mean you are in control. Just ask this idiot. He cuts in front of a vehicle that seems to be minding it’s own business, which we don’t know the whole story because we can not see what led up to it. But we can see a moron with a gun try to act tough until he realizes one thing. He was in such a hurry to show off the gun to scare people, that he forgot to put his Infiniti in PARK. FAIL! See how quickly someone goes from tough to scared in this video. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) This Dude Is Crazy!! What Would YOU Do In This Situation??

Apparently, this dude thinks he is a tough guy. He instigates the situation by cutting off a driver and then driving like a retard, but gets mad when he feels he is being tailgated, which I don’t think he was. He stops his car on a highway in traffic to get out and confront the driver. He even gets out with gloves on like he is trying to intimidate someone. This dude is a fool. I would of stepped on the gas and his a** would of got out the way! Check the 2 videos after the jump to see how the sitation unfolded. The first video not much happens, but you have to watch it to see how it leads into the second video. This recently just happened, I have no idea why their dash cam shows the wrong dates.

Auto: Would You Pay To Pass Your Driver’s Test?

I am sure many people would answer YES to that question. A driver instructor was caught accepting bribes to pass people taking their road test to get their license. The investigation showed over 100 people paid off the instructor, but it came at a high cost. Each bribe was $4,500, so you definitely aren’t going to get it cheap. However if you believe you are a horrible driver and need your license that bad, this may be your way out…..or could of been. The instructor was caught out there and now the majority of people who were passed by him have had their license revoked and are back to square one…and out of $4,500…Damn. Read more after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Real Or Fake? Car Falls Through The Ice On Camera

Everyone wants to have a video go viral these days. When it comes to cars, there are many ways to make that happen. These dudes apparently were trying to get on the show “Top Gear” with this video, but hearing that makes it seem more staged. Watch the video after the jump and decide for yourself if this looks real or not.

Auto:(Photo) Kevin Durant Goes Old School With New Whip

The boy Kevin Durant got good taste in cars. We have already seen him in a custom Camaro SS, a red Ferrari California amongst others. Now he added a nice old school ride to his fleet. He posted the pic to his Instagram a few weeks ago with the caption ” Thanks to my brother @TDurant, Finally got me an old school”. Not too many details on the ride but you can see for yourself it’s mean & clean. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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