Cab Driver Stabbed 11 Times For HOW MUCH MONEY?!??!


Unfortunate news from the city of brotherly love. A Philadelphia cab driver was stabbed 11 times by two men as they robbed him on Labor Day. Remarkably, the driver survived. Hit the jump for more details.

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(Photos) WOW! Ciara And Future Show Off Their New Cars!!

IFWT_ciara and future

Click the jump to see photos of Ciara and Future with their brand new 2014 Bentleys (the first two sold in the entire WORLD).

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(Photos) Kylie Jenner Involved In Car Accident

Kylie Jenner's accident

It’s been a whopping 18 days of having her license, and Kylie Jenner already has gotten into a car accident. We’re in for a fabulous driving record!

The 16-year-old was driving her brand new Mercedes in her Calabasas neighborhood yesterday when she slammed into the back of a Toyota, which slammed into the back of a Volkswagen SUV.

The Toyota suffered major damage to the back-end of the car, while the Volkswagen also suffered bumper damage.

Witnesses say Kylie and the rest of the drivers were all very cordial and all of the proper info was exchanged.

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Wow, Sean Kingston…This Was A REALLY Poor Decision!

Sean Kingston

Drinking and driving is NEVER a good idea, but it’s even worse when you’re a celebrity and knowingly do so on camera! While leaving Bootsy Bellows on Sunset last night, Sean Kingston admitted to paparazzi that he was drunk, then got behind the wheel of his Lambo and sped off.

Luckily no one was hurt, and hopefully he was just joking about having “too many drinks.” I mean, he was pretty responsible with the drinking and driving thing a couple of months back (he started to get into his car, realized he was too drunk and let someone else drive), so I don’t see why it would change this time!

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(Photos) Tyga And Blac Chyna With Their Matching Motocycles!!

Click the to see photos of Tyga and his girlfriend Blac Chyna with their matching motocycles (also check out her a**!!!).

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(Video) Looks Like This Guy Was Jamming A Little TOO Hard!!

IFWT_car crash

Click the jump and see what happens when someone’s too into their music to drive!!

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WHAT….Google Coming Out With Self-Driving Taxi’s?!?


Just when you thought Google did everything they come out with driverless cars known as “robo taxis.” The company’s focus is aimed toward driver-free taxi services rather than selling the cars directly to consumers.

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(Caught On Tape) Helmet Cam Captures A Bear Crossing The Street… And The Driver Hits It!!


Canada, oh Canada. Police in Canada have recently released the helmet cam footage of a man that hit a black bear while riding his motorcycle. It happened on a highway in British Columbia and at 75 mph, it’s remarkable that both the bear and the motorist got away with no serious injuries. In fact, the bear got right up and kept it moving. Check out the video after the jump.

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(Caught On Tape) Detroit Bus Driver Fights Crazy Passenger!!!


Man, oh man. It got all too real on a Detroit bus. One unruly passenger that was extremely upset about the bus machine not returning her ticket chose the wrong one to flex on. She decided to spit at the bus driver, but from the looks of things, that didn’t work out too well. I guess it didn’t help that many of the passengers incited the driver’s violent response. Check out her reaction after the jump.

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(Photos) Damn, Look What Chris Brown Did To Karrueche’s Car While She Was Gone! We’d Be PISSED!

Chris Brown & Karrueche

Karrueche has been busy working with clothing company Karma Loop and earlier this week, represented for them at the annual MAGIC convention in Las Vegas. Upon her return home, her boyfriend Chris Brown had something waiting for her….and if I was here, I would have been PISSED! Check out his “work” in the gallery. How would you feel if you came home and saw this? Let us know in the comments!

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