(Photos) Tyga, Blac Chyna & King Cairo Bump Into Scott Disick & His Lambo At Lunch

Tyga, fiancée Blac Chyna and their son King Cairo hit up King’s Fish House for a bite to eat on Sunday, and ran into their fellow Calabasas neighbor Scott Disick, who was rolling around in his mean white Lambo. I’m sure team T-Raww rolled off in something nice as well! Check out pics from their outing in the gallery!

(Photos) Are You Ready For This?! Ferrari Theme Park Opens In 2016!

The Ferrari theme park will open its doors in 2016. The theme park will feature pools and hotels shaped like Ferrari racecars. Read more and check out photos after the jump!

(Photos) Wow! Chrysler Orders The Destruction Of Dodge Vipers!!

We know cars here. But, we can’t imagine why a company would order the destruction of one of their most powerful cars, the SRT Viper (formerly known as the Dodge Viper). Thankfully, the Chrysler Group in charge released a statement as to why they would do such a thing. Check it out after the jump.

Attention Car Enthusiast!! We’re Looking For Writers & Bloggers

Yes we are one of the Web’s sources for the best in NEW MUSIC, VIDEO’s, NEWS, KICKS, SPORTS, TECH, AUTO TALK, and MUSIC VIDEO, but we are looking for an intern willing to put their passion of the automotive industry in the mix, Do you have what it take’s to be apart of it?!

MLB: LOL! Man Tells Story About Derek Jeter Stealing His Girl & It’s Hilarious!!

Yooooooo, this is madd funny.  We all know Derek Jeter has a way with the ladies, but this story is hilarious.  After the news broke that this season will be Jeter’s last year playing baseball, a comedian named Rick the Ruler shared a story about why he doesn’t like Jeter.  Jeter stole his girl and left the club with her after she went there with Rick … and his night only got worse. It’s a lot of tweets, but it’s so worth reading them all (let’s just hope this story is true).

(Caught On Tape) LOL! A TV Reporter’s SUV Is Stolen On Camera!!

Florida TV reporter Josh Taylor is his own witness against a landlord that stole his tripod and SUV. Well, he and and the thousands of viewers tuned in. While on the beat investigating a rental scam, Taylor approached Jean Price, the manager of a Florida property for rent. While enraged, Price packed Taylor’s equipment into the truck before getting into it and taking off. Check out what happened next after the jump.

Jeez! How Do You Forget To Do What Emma Stone Forgot For 8 YEARS?!

Sometimes, a ticket slips through the cracks for a little while. In Emma Stone’s case…the little while is 8 years, and it has resulted in her losing her license! The actress was first charged with “failure to produce evidence of financial responsibility” on the Fourth of July in 2005 in her hometown. That means she either didn’t have insurance or didn’t have proof of it. She then failed to show up to her court appearance the next month, went on to big a major star in Hollywood and despite the ticket going into collections and even threats of wage garnishment…she never acted on it. Finally, the State of California put a hold on her license, which would have meant that she could not renew it before paying the outstanding Arizona fine. She finally paid the $473 in March of last year and went on her way. Now was that so hard!

(Photos) Wolf Of Wall Street’s Partner-In-Crime Lives In $7.5 Million Condo And There’s Nothing His Victims Can Do About It!!

Portrayed by Jonah Hill in The Wolf Of Wall Street, Danny Porush was the real-life partner of Jordan Belfort. Because Porush threatened to sue, Hill’s character’s name is Danny Azoff. To make a long story short (see the movie) … the pair were jailed and ordered to pay around $200 million to their victims. That hasn’t been done yet. But, Porush was recently spotted with his second wife as they left their $7.5 million condo in Bal Harbour and that’s not even the half! Check out how he’s living after the jump.

(Photos) BALLIN! Kylie Jenner Pulled Up To Lil Twist’s Birthday Dinner In This $250k Bentley (Plus More Pics From The Party)

Lil Twist celebrated his 21st birthday with a dinner at Philippe Chow in Beverly Hills on Sunday night, put together by his manager, Cortex Bryant. In the building were Kendall Jenner, Scott Disick, Christina Milian, Keyshia Cole and more (Nicki Minaj definitely was not, much to her dismay), and like the young boss that she is, Kylie Jenner rolled up in her $250k white Bentley Continental convertible. Check the pics in the gallery!

(Caught On Tape) Russian Road Rage Ends In Fight!!

Straight out of a video game, one upset motorist continuously chased down a man driving a passenger van after an apparent fit of road rage. It took three failed attempts to block the driver of the van in before the driver of the sedan decided to fish tail him. Once the van spun out of control and stopped the driver of the sedan raced over with a knife. Unfortunately — for him — the driver of the van emerged with a shovel. Hit the jump to see who won!

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