Auto:(Photos) Rumors: What Did Rihanna Spend $1 Million On For Chris Brown??

Now this is just a rumor at the moment, but the websites reporting the rumor are pretty much always on point when it comes to cars. If anyone out there still doubts the love between this superstar couple you need to get your head checked. Nobody and I mean NOBODY is spending $1 million dollars on something for someone they don’t love. Read more about the amazing gift after the jump.

Auto:(Video) The Calmest Road Rage Fist Fight Ever! LOL

Usually when people are angry while driving you can tell. They are either very animated with their body language, or they will be hanging out the door trying to punch and drive. These two dudes decided that wasn’t their style, but it winds up being such a funny fight. For an unknown reason at a stoplight, one man gets out and approaches another car, I am assuming something happened before the video starts. It appears he asks the other driver for some “Grey Poupon”, and doesn’t like the answer he hears. Very Calmly they trade punches until the roles reverse and the instigator gets back in his ride as the man he punched comes for him, again, very calmly. I was laughing and shaking my head at the same time. Check it after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) This Rare 1970 Hemi Charger Will Blow The Doors Off Your Charger

So you think your doing your thing with one of the newer generation Dodge Chargers? You think that engine under your hood is mean? How about how much do you think your charger is worth? Sorry to tell you guys this 1970 Hemi Charger will embarrass you in every sense of the word. This red muscle car is one of only 56 HEMI Chargers built that year with a four-speed manual transmission. Not enough? OK, then you should know it’s one of just ten HEMI Chargers that were sold with the R/T SE package, including Cragar rims and Parnelli Jones tires. What is even more special about this car is the value. It is set to go up for auction in the middle of May, where the price is expected to pass $200,000 easily. All the newer generation Mopar style cars like the Charger and Challenger are hot, but they don’t got nothing on their old school models. Check out the pics of the ride after the jump in the gallery.

Auto:(Video) Updated Trailer For Fast & Furious 6

Regardless if you are not into cars, odds are you will still wind up watching Fast & Furious 6 when it comes out Memorial weekend. A couple trailers have been released before, but this is the newest one and most likely the final one before the actual movie comes out. So whether you just love fast cars, or half naked women, or you like the Rock or Vin Diesel, enjoy the trailer after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Epic FAIL!! Watch This Woman Blow A Chance To Win A Ferrari

The chance of a lifetime was in this woman’s grasp and she blew it big time. I feel bad for her, but damn! Therese was a contestant on the “Price Is Right” earlier today and had the chance to win a Ferrari 458. Her biggest problem, which should not necessarily be a surprise, was that she had no clue how much Ferrari’s really cost. She played a game where she had to guess the price of the car and it was hers to own, but she came up empty. She had a few different chances but still nothing. Check it out after the jump.

Auto: The New Way Of Smuggling Drugs..Use People Who Don’t Even Realize They Are Smuggling

This story is crazy!! This could of turned out much worse for the woman involved. Smugglers are becoming more and more creative in the way they go about trying to get drugs into our country. So much so, that they are trying to use people who have no clue they are even carrying drugs. Read more after the jump.

Auto:(Video) 3 Men Are Not Supposed To Do This!

When you own a supercar like a Lamborghini Aventador, you are supposed to realize what you are driving. It is only a 2 seater, nothing in the back at all. So please tell me why 3 grown ass men got into this ride and drove off. Were they that desperate to ride in a Lambo, or was it something else. Even if the dudes in the car are gay, which I did consider, you can’t be having people lapping it up in a car like this. It is kind of hard to look embarrasing when your driving a $400,000 ride, but this is definitely one way to do it. Check the video after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Hugh Hefner’s Ex Side Chick Totals Her Car

Rememeber Kendra Wilkinson? She was one of Hugh Hefner’s side chicks on the reality show “Girls Next Door”, along with 2 other girls, even though Holly was the main chick. Sometimes side chicks can still make something of themselves, and sometimes not. Kendra had a little run after the show of still being a celebrity, but that didn’t last too long. But just cause she may not be as popular doesn’t mean she is not having a good life. Judging by the Audi S7 she wrecked, I’d say she is doing pretty well for herself. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt, but that car is smashed. It’s ashame too, because you can tell the whip looked pretty dope before the accident. Check out the pics after the jump.

Auto:(Video) How To Drive Like Arnold Schwarzenegger..(Joke Video)

Arnold is known for driving around in his oversized vehicles, usually with a cigar in one hand. Definitely what you think of when you picture the ultimate douchebag behind the wheel. Comedian Wil Sasso made thing funny parody video from the point of view of Arnold driving around Los Angeles. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Ouch! Cop Stops A Motorcycle With His Face!

Damn! This had to hurt something serious. A police officer attempts to stop a motorcycle rider who was on the wrong side of the road with a horrible result. Either the man on the bike never saw the cop or he was just like f*ck it! He drives right through the officer in a nasty crash. Incredibly both men appear to be injured, but ok. It was caught on a dash cam and the video is split with the accident and the driver of the car that has the camera. It looks really bad on camera though, check it out after the jump.

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