Auto:(Video) Ouch! Cop Stops A Motorcycle With His Face!


Damn! This had to hurt something serious. A police officer attempts to stop a motorcycle rider who was on the wrong side of the road with a horrible result. Either the man on the bike never saw the cop or he was just like f*ck it! He drives right through the officer in a nasty crash. Incredibly both men appear to be injured, but ok. It was caught on a dash cam and the video is split with the accident and the driver of the car that has the camera. It looks really bad on camera though, check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) BMW & Pin Up Girls, Can’t Go Wrong


Girls & Cars are two things that go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. One is ok, but both together are so much better. BMW took notice for the photoshoot of their new 6 series Gran Coupe. They teamed up Paris Photo for an exhibit with the new ride and some sexy burlesque girls. If the car wouldn’t keep readers focused, the girls sure would. Check out the pics after the jump.

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Auto:(Video,Photos) Would You Wear This Ferrari Watch Made By Hublot


With the release of the “LaFerrari” earlier this year, you had to expect some other type of luxury products to go along with it. Ferrari teamed up with luxury watch maker Hublot to create a watch that is worthy of being worn while driving a $500,000 car. The watch is definitely an acquired look, as not everyone is going to love it. Check the photos and video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) What Would You Do In This Situation??


The more videos of road rage I see, the crazier they get. This video had me questioning what would I do if I was in this situation. A camera mounted on the helmet of a motorcycle rider captured everything that went down. For some reason, the biker is mad at the car in front of him, even though from watching the video it doesn’t seem like the car and driver did much of anything. So once he is able to pull up on the car he pulls out some type of mini saw or grinder and goes to work on the car. The driver didn’t do anything! Just rolled his window up. How may of you would of gotten out of the car and tried to kill the man on the bike, or how many of you would of just tried to drive off. Watch it after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) Ochocinco Likes Cop Cars?


I gotta say this one is a FAIL to me. Some might disagree but this car is a stretch. Chad Johnson customized a Marauder at the Auto Firm. The best thing about the car is the 650hp. Other than that, no matter what custom paint job he does, or what he adds to it, it will still always look like an ugly police car. I give him credit for trying to be different, but this one is lame. Check for yourself after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) D-Wade Likes His Jeep Blacked Out


I am really not a fan of Jeep Wranglers, even the newer ones, but two people from the Miami area got me thinking different. Last week it was Ace Hood showing off his custom Jeep, which you can see HERE. Now the boy Dwayne Wade posted on Instagram his murdered out Jeep. I like his more than Ace Hood’s, I think it is just that all black mean look. Makes the ride look 10 times better. See if for yourself after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) Rick Ross Showing Off His Toys


Did I miss the memo of the new thing to show your luxury car and private jet in the same pic? In the past few weeks it was Diddy, then Ludacris and now Ross. Don’t get me wrong, all the pics come out dope, just wondering who is gonna do it next. Rick Ross loves to sit his heavy self on trunks and hoods of expensive cars. He better not be leaving any dents. He posted a pic of himself driving to the airport for his flight on a private jet, showing up in a Ferrari. If your about to get on a private jet, you can’t just show up in anything. You gotta make an entrance. Check out the pic after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) Swizz Beats Adds To His Collection


Swizz is known for his rides. Over the years since the Ruff Ryders era, he has been putting a dope car collection together. This past week he went ahead and added another. Even though recently he said he was taking a break from car buying, I guess when it comes to a new exclusive Mclaren, you really can’t help yourself. He posted a pic of the new beast to his Instagram page for the world to see. All white, with black accents, this ride is ready for summer. I can see Alicia’s hair flying in the wind now. Check out the new ride after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) This Bad Ass Grandma Will Leave You In The Dust!


If this was Fast & Furious, alot of people would be losing their cars to this woman. Just like in sports, people tend to sleep on other racers just by looking at them. If you did that with this granny, she will be going home with your whip. This woman, who admitted to being “sixty something” was at the race track over the weekend showing off her blacked out Mercedes C63 AMG. The ride is far from custom, as she now has 475 hp with a chipped computer & cold air induction. It takes granny only 11 seconds to get down the quarter mile track, which for a mercedes is not actually bad. Watch the video after the jump and see her smoke her opponent off the line.

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Auto:(Video) Crazy!! Sinkhole Opens Up On Chicago Street, Swallows Cars


When you get alot of rain over a short period of time, it can turn any road surface, no matter what part of the country your in, into a giant hole. This happened on a city street in Chicago after 5 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. People think these types of events can only happen in suburban areas, but that’s not true. Last month a sinkhole in Florida opened up and swallowed a house, killing one of the residents. Imagine driving down the street and seeing this start to happen!! This hole took out 3 cars, that luckily did not have anyone inside them. Check it out after the jump.

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