Auto:(Video) High Speed Chase From Motorcycle Cop P.O.V.


Police chases are always intriguing for viewers. It is exciting and intense and makes for great TV ratings, but I have to assume for a cop on a motorcycle it is not something he wants to happen. Flying at high rates of speed with no protection other than your senses while you still have to focus on who your chasing can’t be fun. This chase was caught on a POV cam from the officer on the bike. After a while it turns into a foot pursuit and you get to see exactly what a cop sees when things go down. Check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Prank Video Goes Wrong, Gets Serious!


Roman Atwood is a dude who makes pretty funny prank videos on youtube. This is one of the few that didn’t go over so well. A guy driving a Ferrari parked in a handicapped space. The man was not disabled in anyway so Roman took it upon himself to teach the douche bag driver a lesson. He takes a water bottle and puts it in his pants and pretends to walk over and pee on the Ferrari when the driver charges out of the building after him. You can tell the guy is a real dickhead cause he tells the prankster he will “buy his entire family”. Nice way to be humble with your wealth. I wish he really was peeing on the car. Check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) Floyd Mayweather Has What You Call A “Good Problem”


Floyd lives his life as if cameras are rolling 24/7. When it comes to him cameras are on him all the time and he knows it. He loves the spotlight and he loves to show off what he has, and there is nothing wrong with it. Take for example the picture he posted over the weekend on Instagram. It is a tough life when you can’t decide which Ferrari to pull out the garage for a nice drive. He put up the picture with the caption “Ferrari 458 Italia Spider vs Ferrari 599 GTB Big Boys got Big Toys”. Neither one of the cars are new to him, but because he has such a collection at this point, they may be new to you. Check out the pic after the jump. After his huge pay day that is coming on May 4th, I am sure his car collection will grow again.

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Auto:(Video) Last Week It Was 50 Cent, Now It’s John Cena’s Turn


The show “Dream Machines” is back at it again. The SyFy channel recently started the new show that brings dreams to reality as far as cars go. If you can think it, they can build it. They work with celebrity clients to put crazy machines on the road. Last week I did a story on 50 cent and his dream ride, which some of you loved and some hated. Check that story out by clicking HERE. This week it’s WWE superstar John Cena’s turn to make his dream come true. His car nicknamed “The Incenerator” spelled wrong on purpose, is somewhat indescribable. It is not a street legal car, especially with flames flying out the back of it. Normally I would try to explain it in a clever way, but the car is so strange I will let you see for yourself after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Well…Looks Like This Dude Finally Learned How To Drive


Some of you may or may not know who DJ Afrojack is. As far as music goes, he is a pretty prominent name, but that depends on what type of music you are into. You may know him more as the ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton. You might also know him if your a regular reader of the auto category for IFWT that he was the dude who crashed a brand new Ferrari 458 2 hours after he bought it. You can see that story by clicking HERE. Well looks like my man took some driving lessons, and also went ahead and bought a new dope ride. He copped himself a black Audi R8 with 550HP and a V10 engine. He better know how to handle all that power. Check out the video of him with his new R8 after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) This Would Never Happen In New York


I must admit I do think this video is cool, it just would never happen here in New York. We don’t have enough patience to see people holding up traffic to do donuts and burnouts in the middle of a major road. Imagine a group of people holding traffic up on the west side highway or the cross bronx expressway just to spinout and burn rubber. Someone would of got pulled out of their car and beaten for that, lol. But still, it is fun to watch in this case how they just went for it. This happened on a highway in Oakland. They all got away before the Police came. Check out the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) So Disrespectful With The Lambo


People in London hate foreigners who speed through the streets with their supercars. There have been numerous fights with locals and owners of these cars right in the street. This dude from Dubai I am sure made things even worse. Besides speeding through city streets in the middle of the day, and revving his engine for no reason at stop lights, I think it’s safe to say sooner or later he will be the next one fighting. Especially pulling off multiple times with the doors up with music blasting like “F*ck You”. Check out the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Crazy!! 50 Cent Has A New Car That Nobody Else Will Ever Have!!


The SyFy channel has a new show called “Dream Machines” that take 2 brothers, Shannon & Marc, who turn fantasy into reality for their clients when it comes to cars. You think it, odds are they may be able to build it. One client happened to be 50 Cent, and the result of his fantasy is one of the craziest concept cars that is actually street legal. Yes, this car could be legally registered and driven around like any other car. Check out the video and see what 50 thinks after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) 2014 Audi R8 Is Ready For Ironman


Ironman 3 doesn’t come out until May 3rd, but that’s not stopping Audi from making it’s on buzz off the movie. Audi released a new commercial today to celebrate the American release of the 2014 Audi R8 that went on sale today. All the car maker did was use scenes from the movie reflecting off the car. It is pretty smart, why make a brand new ad when you can just film an R8 sitting still with a huge upcoming movie playing on it. Check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) New Nissan 370Z Concept..Crazy!!


I was in love with the Nissan 350Z from earlier in the decade. Then they upgraded to the 370Z and it was still dope. But this new concept 370Z that Nissan is going to debut at the Tokyo auto show later this year blows them away. The futuristic style and design of the car is crazy. Rumor has it the car will be ran purely on electricity instead of a hybrid base, but time will tell. Either way the look of this car is 100% sportscar. Not much information on it as of yet, but for now enjoy the pics after the jump.

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