(Photos) Looks Like Kylie Isn’t Satisfied With Her New Ferrari From Tyga So She Decided To Do WHAT?!

Not every normal teenager is gifted with a $320K Ferrari for their 18th birthday but for young celebrities like Kylie Jenner, it is nothing out of the norm. Unfortunately, she wasn’t 100% satisfied with her pricey gift from her boyfriend Tyga so she decided to pimp her new ride out while she was vacationing over in St. Barts. The Ferrari was originally white with stainless steel black rims but she just wasn’t feeling those colors. She had the foreign whip painted a matte grey with ridiculous looking orange rims. Check out her car’s new look after the make-over in the gallery. Are we feelin’ it or naw?

Kylie Jenner Can’t Fit All Her Cars In The Garage So She’s Selling Her Range!

Rich people problems 101. Kylie Jenner is having issues fitting all of her luxurious cars into the garage, so she’s mad the executive decision to put one of her whips up for sale. Unfortunately for her tricked out white 2014 Range Rover Autobiography, it’s time to say bye bye. Kylie paid a total of $195K for the Range brand new along with an additional $15K to pimp it out. Her current asking price for the car is $173K but the only thing is she wants CASH ONLY or else no deal. She has been going through a private broker to help get her vehicle sold faster. Since she just received a new G-Wagon AND a Ferrari from her rapping bae Tyga, who has time to be dealing with cars from 2014? Like…seriously.

(Photos) Chris Brown Outbids Tyga To Be The First With This INSANE Whip

Chris Brown and Tyga are both into their exotic whips and each have a pretty sick collection, but Breezy just got one up on his boy by outbidding him for the latest toy! The Rezvani Beast is a brand new, 500 horsepower street-legal race car, and though it only costs $165k, Chris paid $200,000 just to make sure that he’s the first person with it. The cars are handmade in about 12-14 weeks, but Chris got his in two for his extra $35k. Guess we’ll see Tyga’s pics in a few months… The Rezvani Beast has no doors, no roof, weighs just 1,650 pounds and goes 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. Crazy! Check out more pics of the whip in the gallery.

(Video) New Electric “Hypercar” Toroidion 1MW Pushes Out 1300 Horses!

Toroidion, a Finnish automobile company is working on a 100% electric “hypercar” pushing out 1,341 horsepower! This technology makes Tesla look silly! However, the car is still in the works and right now they’re dealing with a noise issue, due to the four motors needed to provide such power. The design has a retro feel, with butterfly doors and enough room for airline sized luggage.

$650,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Is Only Designed For Famous People?

The Phantom is one of Rolls Royce manufactures most iconic models. The Phantom Limelight Collection is exclusive, only a selected few are able to purchase this extravagant car, because Roll-Royce is just making 25 specially-fitted Phantoms.

(Photo) New Tech: Tesla Home Battery???

The electric car company sent a letter to investors and analysts that announced the “Tesla Home Battery” and a “very large utility scale battery.” These batteries will hold enough energy to power your home. Although there are similar products out already, Tesla will prove why their product will be the uprising one. Check out the specs on the home battery below after the jump.

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