Tokyo’s electric taxi experiment uses switchable batteries . “I’m not sure if I like this idea” – Funk Flex

Yoshihiko Takahashi chuckles politely when asked if he is weary of having the same conversation with passengers every day as he shuttles them around Tokyo in his white and blue all-electric taxi. How often do you have to recharge? How far can you go? Does this car really have no emissions? Those are just some of the queries he has grown used to during his 90-day trial use of three zero-emission taxis, and a designated battery-switch station in the first undertaking of its kind in the world.

VW to name Browning to head U.S. operations. “This is a good move because VW definitely needs good help” – Funk Flex

Volkswagen will name former General Motors and Ford manager Jonathan Browning to head its U.S. operations, a company source said today. Browning would succeed Stefan Jacoby, who last month became CEO of Volvo Cars.

SPY SHOTS: Camaro5 spotted a pair of the new LSA-powered, 500+ hp Camaro Z28s cruising the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico, no doubt having made a wrong turn on the way to some warm weather testing. “This is so mean & crazy”!!! -FUNK FLEX

DJ Pauly D buys a brand new 2011 Mercedez-Benz S550. “Jus my opinion this guy shouldve atleast put some rims on it before he took a picture!!! -FUNK FLEX

The fully-loaded ride cost the blowout baron upwards of $120,000 … his first major purchase after wrapping up the third season of “Jersey Shore.” We’re told the car is so sick it has seats that massage you while you drive … which, when we think about it, sounds like a terrible idea.

Hecker pleads guilty to conspiracy, bankruptcy fraud

Former auto dealer Denny Hecker pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud this afternoon in Minneapolis in a deal with prosecutors that dropped most of the charges against him. He could face up to 10 years in prison. Read more:

Spy Shots: ‘Ring-bound Aston Martin One-77 Doing it dirty shirley style -FUNK FLEX

For the sake of drooling, we’ll remind you yet again that only 77 of these darlings will be made, packing a lordly 7.3-liter V12 good for over 700 horsepower. Top speed is somewhere north of 220 miles per hour, and the whole thing retails for a lofty $1.8 million.

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