(Video) Kevin Hart Beats Battle Rapper On Wildin Out


Kevin Hart beats battle rapper and viral star D C Young fly on a episode of Wildin Out that aired this week. The skits on the show are set to let the two teams have a comical argument back and forth roasting each other. Check out the video clip and see how Hitman’s Bars were no match for Kevin Hart as you can see he was too quick with the come backs.

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(Video) Tsu Surf Discusses Drake’s Challenge To Battle Murda Mook

Tsu Surf x Drake

After he approached Murda Mook with a desire to battle him last year, Drake has not quite made good on his word just yet. On Saturday at Smack/URL’s NOME 5 battle, though, Drake made an appearance and promised that he would battle Mook…but only if Mook gets in the ring with Tsu Surf first.

Of course, Tsu is up for the challenge. Sitting down with ItsBizkit, the New Jersey rapper discusses Drake’s co-sign, his new single with Styles P and more. Check out the interview below to hear what he has to say!

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(Video) Bizarre & Big T On The Up & Coming N.O.M.E 5 Main Card


Hitting you up with another battle rap segment , this time we’ve Chicago’s BIG T & Detroit’s D12 rapper Bizarre discussing their views on the up and coming smack URLTV event called N.O.M.E 5 ( Night Of The Main Event 5) Details about there input of the Charlie Clips Vs Hollow Da Don main card in which im really looking forward to seeing (birdman hand rub) , they also speak on the fresh new blood coming out of the midwest. T was asked about the showdown between Clips & Hollow and gave his input that he in the past has battled both and found hollow was a more difficult adversary due to his lyrical ability, but felt like he took the W on his battle against Clips. He described this rap battle to be a war if they both come out on their A game. Then Biz & T were both asked who they think should step up and face off against Harlem’s vet Murda Mook. They both carried on to say Charlie Clips would make a great match up for Mook for a “King Of Harlem” type of battle their reasons for that statement is because both Mook & Charlie have beat other opponents from Harlem and whoever would come out as the victor would be crowned champ of Harlem. You can view further details in the video below.

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(Photo) Kid Capri Battle Rap Album


If you love hip-hop like I love hip hop, you will be excited for the release of anything Kid Capri. To our surprise, the Legendary dj will release an album purely based off of URLTV’s Battle rappers. Top Tier is the name of the Kid Capri Battle Rap Album. He put together a compilation of different rounds and classic bars from a list of battle rappers, and turned it into a hit album. Will it be released by the summer?

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(Video) S.M.A.C.K URL TV Rookies VS Vets Event


If You’re Not Hip To The Battle Rap Scene URL TV Can Be Dubbed The Founding Father Of This Cult Like Sport Of Adversaries That Clash With Word Play And Word Schemes That Would Have You Thinking And Screaming “Oooooh SH*T” The Aggression And The Style Of These Individuals Are More Then Just Someone Who Can Spit Bars. This Side Of Rap Is A Different Beast Where You Must Be Built With Thick Skin And Make Sure You Never Lack Focus Especially Against An Opponent Whose Been Crowned A Champion. Some Of These Guys Will Get As Personal As Diss Your State Or Neighborhood Some Even Get So Deep To Throw Shade On Your Dead Folks. Again Thick Skin In This Battle World Because That Will Determine The Lion From The Sheep.



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(Video) Snoop Dogg On the First Rap Battle He Lost and Battle Culture Evolution

Snoop Remembers His First Battle

You don’t become a Hip Hop legend by #winning at everything: Let the wisdom and insight wash over you as you hear Snoop Dogg On the First Rap Battle He Lost and Battle Culture Evolution in this clip. “Pressure makes diamonds” for sure, picture the big homie “Uncle Snoop”—standing alone embarrassed like hell in front of his high school (daaaamn!).

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(Video) Snoop Dogg Partners With AHAT For “Take Flight On Sight”


“Take Flight On Sight” will feature battlers such as Shi Dog, Cali Smoov, Danny Myers and more! Hop into the post to see Snoop Doggs Involvement with the battle league. #IFWT!

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Cipher Between Big Pun, DMX, Canibus, Mos Def? FlashBack Friday!

ifwt_ bigpundmxpunmosdef

Cipher Between Big Pun, DMX, Canibus, Mos Def? It’s that time to go back, way back back into time? Happy Flashback Friday. I came across this video with Big Pun, DMX, Canibus, Mos Def and more at a table chopping it up. RIP to Big Pun this ten minute video show cases a lot of witty punch lines and a possible LL cool J diss? “I blow my own mine like Nirvana,”says Big Pun. More info after the jump

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(Video) Hollow Da Don Spits Bars for Upcoming Battle with Charlie Clips

Hollow Da Don Teaser for Charlie Clips Battle

The joke’s on us apparently: Hollow Da Don Spits Bars for Upcoming Battle with Charlie Clips in a comedic clip featuring the battle rap star laid on a psychiatrist’s couch, venting in reaction to everyone thinking he’s going to lose the upcoming face-off. While reflecting on the “trauma” of his past battles, opponents and the fans “who don’t love him like they used to,” is Hollow “in his Black Album” twilight and about to quit?

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(Video) Drake Was at a Rap Battle During the 2015 Grammys

Drake at Rap Battle Instead of Grammys

Drizzy might have been up for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at this year’s awards–but duty, culture, his hometown, (and money) called. Instead Drake Was at a Rap Battle During the 2015 Grammys, serving a number of roles for the famed Blackout 5 event, calling it “the best battle card of all time” and filling us in via Instagram!

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