(Video) Male Rapper Wants To Have Sex With T.I


Male Rapper Wants To Have Sex With T.I ? PAUSE !!!! This Male Battle Rapper by the name of Daylyt is in the news pretty often for his homosexual comments, CLICK READ MORE for more info on the Male Rappers Sexual Fantasies with the Atlanta rapper

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(Video) Eminem Sued For Stealing Music?


Eminem Sued For Stealing Music? The ‘Rap God’has built his entire career on controversy. Most recently he admitted to being gay in the controversial movie ‘The Interview’. According to Raymond Jones — a rapper from the group Hotstylz. Eminem took a sample of their song” Lookin Boy” without permission now he is sueing Eminem and his label for approximately 8 million dollars. Wow! We have the audio below. Let me know your thoughts. Are the Hotstylz delusional or Did The ‘Rap God’ really rob them?

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(Photo) Cassidy Vs Dizaster In A Celebrity Boxing Match ?

cassidy vs dizaster

Cassidy Vs Dizaster In A Celebrity Boxing Match
There has been a lot of different perspectives on how people feel the Ether event went about earlier December 2014, Dizaster and Cassidy’s small room rematch has been the source of many debates, with fans splitting the vote down the middle. Those more into complex bars leaned towards Diz while Cassidy’s performance gave him the battle for some others.

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(Video) Hollow Da Don Vs Charlie Clips


Hollow Da Don Vs Charlie Clips. The most anticipated battle that all battle rap fans have been waiting for, myself included. Watch the preview after the jump!

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(Video) LL Cool J Squashes LEGENDARY Rap Feud With Canibus


Don’t call it a comeback they’ve been here for years! LL Cool J Squashes LEGENDARY Rap Feud With Canibus. The two reunite on stage after a 17 year dispute. LL Cool J and Canibus were friends In the beginning .In fact, Canibus was a feature on LL Cool J’s song “4,3,2,1.” However, there was a dispute about one of Canibus’s bars, which LL Cool J thought was disrespectful. He told Canibus to take off the verse which he did. Eventually, a leaked version which contained a Canibus diss was circulating and the two carried on their feud in other songs including “Second Round K.O”,“The Ripper Strikes Back” ,“Back Where I Belong,” and “Rip the Jacker.” Check out their performance below

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Battle Rap: The Full Cassidy Vs. Dizaster Battle


Over the weekend there was an epic battle taking place(or not). Cassidy and Dizaster were set to go bar for bar. Technical diffucluties and other distractions led to the battle being cancelled. Both rappers did agree to do it all over again the next day. Check out both battles below.

The Rough Draft

The Rematch

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(Video) Long Island -VS- Everybody


Its Bizkit rounds up Long Island’s hottest upcoming artist for this cipher called “Long Island Vs. Everybody. The cipher includes Da the future, Mod, Dro hef, Da don vet, Reek da Villian and Mike Baggz. Watch below.

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(Video) Cassidy Steps Into The Battle Rap Ring With Dizaster In L.A.! & WHAT Happens?! [Update: Rematch Footage]


The battle rap fans were waiting to have a field day with this one. Cassidy finally found himself on foreign turf after months of interviews and preparation he went up against Dizaster. It isn’t hard to see that Cassidy struggle with his first round, and Dizaster claimed that Cassidy’s crew was preventing him from spitting. The battle lasted nearly one round before the lights were shut off in the building and fans were asked to leave. Both battlers have publicly blamed one another for the mishaps, which included fans and entourage members heckling the MCs. You be the judge. Who won? Check out fan reactions and the video footage after the jump!

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After Getting Booed, Battle Rapper Daylyt Attempted To Poop On Stage


Battle rapper Daylyt is out here bugging b! Literally buggin’ out. After hearing Boo’s from the crowd he let the audience know, “If I hear two more boos, I’ma boo boo on stage.” Then he actually tried to do the act! Watch below.

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(Video) The L.O.X. Are Taking Anybody Down For The RIGHT PRICE!

IFWT_lox try me


With battle rap beaching bigger in Hip-Hop culture by the second, more and more artists are becoming involved. In a recent sit down with JonJohnTV in this short clip, JadaKiss, Sheek Louch & Pinero state they’ll battle anyone, signed or unsigned, as long as it is for the right price. Demading anywhere from $500,000 to $700,000. Watch the interview after the jump.

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