Battle Rap: Goodz And Charlie Clips Trade Bars [Unfinished Business]


Check out Goodz and Charlie Clips exchange a few bars in front of SOB’s. Click below to see the video.

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(Urgent) Who’s Next Battle For The Best Vote For BK Rapper To Win!!


We need you all to vote vote vote! NY stand-up! Text HOT to 51515 at 5pm today for Radamiz reppin Bed Stuy BK! Reporting live from Austin in, The Battle for the Best. The battle is on Hot 97 with Radamiz vs Power 106’s Lightening Cloud! Check the jump below for more.

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Battle Rap: Math Hoffa Vs. Dose


Check out the rematch between MAth Hoffa and Dose. Click below to see the battle.

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Battle Rap: Math Hoffa Vs. J Dose


Check out the trailer to the rematch of Math Hoffa vs. J. Dose. We all know how the first one went down. Now here is the trailer to the battle. Click below to check out the video.

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(Video) Strippers Battle Rapping In The Strip Club NAKED In New York


I’d hit this strip club up for the lyrical talent ONLY. Lol! These girls are going at it and the g-strings hanging are NOT the main focus, but it’s obvious. To quote a viewer…”they have post-pregnancy bodies.” Drop down bottom and check out the vocals.

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Battle Rap: Arsonal Vs. Charlie Clips


The UW Battle League has released the footage of the Arsonal and Charlie Clips battle. Click below to check it out.

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(Video) Hitman Holla 2.0 Documentary


Check out this look into the life of Hitman Holla in his Ball game 2.0 documentary. Click below to check out the vid.

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Battle Rap: Loaded Lux Compares Chess To Battle Rap


Loaded Lux is one of those people that strategically makes everyone of his moves. In this vid Loaded Lux breaks down the game of chess and how it relates to battle rap. Click below to check out the vid.

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Battle Rap: Complex Mag’s The 25 Greatest Rap Battles on YouTube


First off i’m going to start it like this – I don’t agree with this order but I do agree with the battles chosen(give or take a few). Of course this list was made to stir up debates. Flex put a list together of his 50 favorite battles(in no order). This list has made me want to put together a list of my own. All good though I respect the good folks at Complex. With that said check out their list of the 25 greatest rap battles on Youtube.

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(Video) Hitman Holla – Poetic Justice [Remix]


Check out the visuals to Hitman Holla’s “Poetic Justice(Remix).” Click below to see the video.

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