(Photo) Chief Keef Cops A New Whip For His Infant Son ! And Its Better Then Yours !

Chief Keef Sons Car

Chief Keef Gets A New Car For His Infant Son For New Years ! And This Ain No Fisher Price ! Click Read More to Check it Out !

(PHOTOS) NBA: LeBron James Has An Impressive Car Collection!


Life is good for LeBron.  Have you ever seen his car collection?!  It’s crazy — as you can imagine. Check it out…

(Caught On Tape) Watch The Moment A Lamborghini Crashes In Half In Brooklyn!!


One home’s surveillance camera captured the moment that a Lamborghini Aventador –speeding down a Brooklyn street– was hit by a swerving sedan. After the two cars made contact, the Lamborghini spun out of control after suffering some intense bodily damage.

(Photos) Check Out Kanye’s New Tricked Out SUVs!!!

IFWT_Kanye West

Kanye has been bulking up the protection hardcore in anticipation of little North West going public soon, which may be why he bit the bullet and bought these crazy armored SUVs from Latvia. Dartz Prombron is who makes these cars, and they are heavy duty. They usually cost 400K per car but these are apparently almost 1 Million dollars each. Matching battle SUVs for Kanye and Kim? They will be ready for use before Kanye goes on tour in the fall. Check out pics of his new ride in the gallery.

Auto:(Photos) Killa Cam Welcomes A New Member To The “Family”


Anyone who thinks Camron has fell off in any type of way just because he has not been in the spotlight much lately is bugging. Judging from the purchase he made earlier today, he is doing quite well for himself, like he always has been. He decided to share with us the newest addition of his family today. Fresh out the dealership he posted a picture on Instagram @Mr_Camron of the all new 2013 Bentley Mulsanne with the caption “welcome to the family”. Don’t we all wish we could refer to our car collection as a family. Shout to Killa. Check it out after the jump.

Auto: (Photos) Chris Brown’s New Lambo Is Hot Wheels Inspired!


This much credit I will give Chris Brown – Every car he steps out of is sick. This Lamborghini is BANANAS! Chris stopped by Supperclub in Hollywood last night, and sported something that I’d like to take a ride in myself. VROOM! Speed down bottom and hit up the gallery.

Auto:(Photos) Damn!! $1 Million For The New Corvette Convertible?


A few months ago the new Corvette Stingray (aka C7) finally dropped and sent car lovers into a frenzy. The Corvette is one of those classic cars that transends all era’s of time. When the first new Stingray that came off the production line sold for over $1 million, you knew eventually when they made the convertible verison, it would bring around the same. And it was right on point. At the Barrett-Jackson auction this past weekend, the highest bid went for $1.05 million for roofless beast. It seems like quite alot for a Corvette, but since they are literally the first ones off the production line, years from now they will be worth much more than the $1 million dollar price tag. It is crazy when you realize he paid more for a Corvette than a Ferrari, Porsche & Lamborghini combined. Check out the pics after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Debut Of The BMW X4


BMW confirmed last month that the all new X4 would debut sometime next year. They lied. The sexy crossover is now scheduled to be seen in person for the first time in only a few weeks at the Shanghai motor show. Thanks to a website based in Russia, we now also have actual images of what the X4 will look like before it hits the stage. At first glance it appears to just be a smaller verison of the X6, which in itself is not a bad thing because the X6 was designed beautifully. The face of the concept is an attractive blend of the current 3 Series sedan and the X3, while the roofline has definitely plucked right from the X6. Now technically at the moment this is still a “concept”. But based on the design I doubt anything will be changed before it hits the market. Check out the pics after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Damn..His Car Game Is A Crazy Situation


You know something is wrong with this country when people who have no talent get famous for doing things that had nothing to do with working hard or making an effort in life. That seems to be the basis of damn near every so-called “reality” show anyway. But you can’t hate on the people who are reeping the rewards of these type of things if the public is the one that allows it to happen. Take Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore for example. It is not his fault himself and half the cast became actual stars for being trashy drunks who partied for a living. Do you think he cares when he goes to the bank? Or when he looks in his garage? He really does have a situation going on in his garage and the situation is his car game will put most of you to shame. He already has a Bentley, Porsche Turbo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, a Jeep Wrangler and now he just added the brand new BMW M5 in that Pepsi blue color to the collection. Check out the pics in the gallery after the jump and think about this. While you were working hard trying to get ahead in life, you should of just tried to get on a reality show lol.

Auto:(Photos) The Game’s Completed Camaro..Crazy!!


About a month ago, I did a story about the Game wanting his fans help with choosing the new color for his new Chevy Camaro. He wanted his fans to hit him on Instagram with color & paint job ideas, which you can read about HERE. Well the Car is now finished and it is seriously one of the dopest Camaro’s I have ever seen. It is 2-tone, with silver & black and a little bit of red outline all the way around. You know Game would have red in there somewhere. I wonder if any of his fans gave him that idea? Check out the ride in the pics after the jump.

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