Auto:(Photos) WHOA! Lamborghini SUV Coming?? You NEED To See This!


Even though the majority of us will never be able to afford this car, it is still nice to dream and look at right? Anytime you see a Lamborghini or read about one online, odds are you stop and take notice anyway. The one thing you would never expect from the supercar company is almost here….an SUV! The main pic of this post was just a concept Lamborghini Urus, which will be the name of the SUV if it is ever produced. But that was just a concept. No patent, no serious planning behind it. That, however is now changing! In the age of everyone trying to steal car ideas and designs, Lamborghini went ahead and submitted patent paperwork in China yesterday to protect the design. What does that mean? Well to the average person, not much, but to car enthusiasts and the rich, it means the concept idea just became a hell of alot closer to becoming reality. The design looks real mean on this crossover. You can see a little bit of the BMW X6 in the look, but everything else looks exactly what you might picture a Lambo SUV to be. Remember, just because it may be out of your price range now, doesn’t mean you won’t hit the lottery one day and be stuntin’ around town with this. Check the gallery after the jump for the patent images.

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(Photos) BTS With The Game, 2 Chainz & Rick Ross – “Ali Bomaye”


I guess Game took time away from his reality show to give us some visuals. “Ali Bomaye” is a single released off of Game’s latest album, “Jesus Piece” and he bought Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and a Rolls Royce along for the ride. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of the west coast rapper. Hit the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) “Turbo” Camaro Looks Like A Transformer


As B.I.G. would say “sicker than your average”, and that would be the best way to describe this Camaro compared to others. This transformed Camaro, which is on display this week at the Chicago Auto Show is nothing like what you are gonna see at a dealership. First off, lets start with the word “Turbo”. We are not sure if this Camaro literally has a supercharged engine, because it does not appear so. The word “Turbo” more so refers to the name of the movie that this crazy Camaro will be starring in around July. Dreamworks pictures made a movie about a snail who dreams of being fast, and a cartoon version of this Camaro is who helps the snail achieve his dream of racing. The real life version of this car has the ZL1 badge on the hood, but the ZL1 normally has a V8 engine that can put out 580hp. The L99 engine that is actually in this car only kicks out 400hp, which means the so called “Supercharged” engine, may not be at all. But remember folks, this car is on display at a car show, and it also being used to promote the upcoming movie, so it may be ok for things to not necessarily add up. Check out the gallery after the jump for more pics. The outside of this car is mean!! See for yourself.

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Auto:(Photos) Sneak Peek Pictures Leak Of the New BMW 3 Series GT


The BMW 3 Series GT was supposed to make its debut next month at the Geneva Auto Show. But thanks to the internet, the first real pics of the car have been leaked out over the past 24 hours. Now since these are leaked photos, there is not much information available on the car itself yet as far as engine, horsepower, etc. I am sure it will not be long however seeing that the pics are now out. This GT will still make a huge splash at the auto show in March in Geneva. Check the gallery for pics of the 3 series GT.

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Auto:(Photo) The Game Turns His Dodge Challenger Into A 49ers Challenger


The Game must be a loyal 49ers fan to do all this. At least I hope so, and not jumping on the bandwagon just in time to see them lose. But he put up this pic on his Instagram account earlier. He had his Dodge Challenger customed to look like an official car of the team. He also woke up nice and early to get the “SF” tat on his arm. He is from Compton, but to each his own. Check the gallery after the jump to see the ride.

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(Photos) Look At The Wheels: Meek Mill Captures Ace Hood Stuntin’ In A Red Ferrari

Meek Mill & Ace Hood on set

Meek Mill and Ace Hood got together over the weekend to shoot a music video and true to rap form, it featured some dope cars! A lot of times these cars are rented specifically for the shoot, but it seems like Ace drove off in one of the whips when the shoot was over…so it’s possible that’s actually his red Ferrari. If so, you got a nice set of wheels there, homie! Check the pics in the gallery.

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Auto:(Photo) The Superman Car (Teaser)


I bet when you imagine a car made after the man of steel, you don’t think of Kia. You probably think of some high luxury brand or a truck, but actually Kia has already made quite a few cars based on the different heroes and villians from DC comics. They have done cars based on Batman, The Flash and Green lantern just to name a few. The Batman car was definitely a very popular look, but I think the Superman inspired Optima will draw even more attention. It will be revealed next week at the auto show in Chicago, but in the mean time I included a teaser pic in the gallery, as well as a photo of the Batman inspired car from last year. Justice League unite!

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Auto:(Photos) This Ferrari Really Went For $8 Million!!


If someone has $8 million to drop on a single car, then clearly I am doing the wrong things in life. For $8 million, I could start a new community and name it after myself, JoeTown! OK, so I will keep thinking of a better name, but this guy had $8 million to drop on one car. Life is definitely good for him. This past weekend, while the Barrett-Jackson auction got all the attention and hoopla, especially when the original Batmobile sold for $4.2 million, the RM auction quietly set a record for the total amount of money spent at the auction. Largely due to the $8 million this 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione went for! The auction actually had quite a few cars go for more than a million dollars, but $8 million is just crazy!! Check the gallery for pics of the Ferrari.

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(Photo) Look At The Wheels: Queen Latifah Rolls Out In Her Drop-Top Rolls Royce With Suicide Doors

Queen Latifah

It comes as no surprise that the legendary Queen Latifah has a lot of money, and she’s seen nothing but success during her long time in the entertainment industry. She was recently photographed enjoying the fruits of her labor, pushing one of the dopest cars I’ve seen in a long time! Check out her drop-top Rolls in the gallery! Bossed up!

Marisa Mendez

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Auto:(Photos) Hot Chick, Hot Whip..Playboy Model Knows Her Cars


Every mans dream. A gorgeous model, who not only takes pictures with cars, she knows more about the cars then most men! That is exactly what Playboy model Jessica Barton is all about. She is a very well known model, especially in car circles, since she loves car culture herself. She had a custom Toyota Supra, that literally was known as one of the fastest cars in the world!! You notice I say HAD, that is because sometime two weeks ago, her car was stolen from Florida, where she is based now. Her car is very well known, as it has been in as many magazines as she has. Hopefully it is found soon, but by now with all the custom work that was done to it, the Supra could be in a million pieces. It has a literally one of a kind paint job from Aston Martin, and she is so into cars, she designed her own turbo system, which actually got renamed the Jessica 76 turbo! She is no amateur with just a pretty face. While she hopes for the safe return of the car, you guys can check out pics of her and enjoy them.

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