(Photo) Look At The Wheels: Cee Lo Green Hits The Town In A Classic Rolls-Royce Convertible

Though he has a pending investigation from a woman claiming sexual assault, Cee Lo Green was calm and collected today as he rolled through L.A. today in a really dope car. The matte black classic Rolls Royce convertible looks straight off a movie set, and I’m sure it had to cost The Voice judge a pretty penny! It’s cool, though. He got it! Marisa Mendez

(Photos) @ComplexMag’s Inside Look At Funk Flex’s Car Garage

Please believe this is not the whole collection. This is a look at Funk Flex’s cars and his garage. Car enthusiast and even those who don’t know about cars respect what Flex does with his car game. Click below for a tour around his legendary car garage. WiL Major

(Photos) @ComplexMag’s List Of “Funk Flex’s 50 Favorite Cars”

Funk Flex recently sat down wit the car guys over at Complex to put this list together. The list is “Funk Flex’s 50 Favorite Cars,” Flex being a car buff himself is very credible to speak on each of these models. Having been influenced as kid, helping design the car and even building a car for certain artist is pretty much the layout for the reasons the cars made the list. Click below to check out the list. WiL Major

(Photos + Video) Yikes! Wiz Khalifa SEVERELY Damaged His 1969 Chevy Chevelle In The Alleged Hit & Run

Yesterday afternoon, a woman that had been involved in Wiz Khalifa’s recent video shoot filed a police report against him, saying he’d crashed into her car as they left the shoot and proceeded on his way. Could Wiz have really been that dumb? I mean, he was a child on the way! Do you think he’d really want to risk being in a lot more trouble for no reason? But then again, he may have been under the influence. However, now new evidence is pointing in his favor. TMZ has now been made aware of two cars that Wiz hit in the alleged incident, the second being a Lexus which had some serious damage. Not as much damage, however, as Wiz’s own car, a classic ’69 Chevelle. They even obtained video of the scene, and you can see two men mulling over the damage and one distinctly sounds like Wiz. The footage is below, though it’s very grainy. The car looks pretty undriveable, so it’s hard to believe he “fled the scene” in that. This is all pretty confusing, but the truth will come to the light soon! Marisa Mendez

Look At The Wheels: Justin Bieber Gives Sean Kingston His Chrome Fisker Karma

It pays to have wealthy friends! After growing “tired” of his chromed out Fisker Karma (you know, the one he drove at ridiculous speeds all summer), Justin Bieber simply gave it to his friend Sean Kingston as a re-gift. The car had previously been a gift to him for his 18 birthday by manager Scooter Braun. Below, Sean tells TMZ the full story of why Justin gave him the wheels. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Look At The Wheels: Frank Ocean Gets “Channel Orange” Inspired For The Interior Of His BMW

Frank Ocean’s debut Channel Orange did quite well for him this summer, so he decided to let the name live on a little more. The Odd Future crooner customized the interior of his BMW, and it’s definitely inspired by the album title. Look at the wheels below. Marisa Mendez

(Photos) Look At The Wheels: Drake Takes His Sister & Niece Out In His White Bentley

Drizzy had a special lady in his passenger seat yesterday in Beverly Hills…and it wasn’t Deelishis or any of the other women he’s rumored to be seeing. It was his little sister, along with his niece, who he took out for a day on the town. How sweet! Check Drake and the fam riding around and getting it in his white Bentley below. Marisa Mendez

(Photos) Look At The Wheels: Dr. Phil’s Classic 1957 Chevy Stolen From Repair Shop

Dr. Phil is definitely in a bad space right now. The famous talk show host is currently suffering a $100k loss that more than likely can’t and won’t be replaced. Details…and another look…on his stolen 1957 Chevy below. Marisa Mendez

(Photos) Look At The Wheels: The Game Cops A $200k LEATHER Ferrari 230

While overseas in Cannes, France, The Game decided to drop a little cash on some new wheels. Okay, a lot of cash. “Just spent all my show money (200K) on a leather Ferari 430….. Cash !!!! Maybe I’ll regret it tomorrow,” he tweeted while posting pics of the custom whip. It’s pretty insane! Get a closer look below. Do you regret it yet, Jayson? Marisa Mendez

25 Craziest Cars Of The Year

The latest offering from our homies over at Complex takes a look at 25 of the craziest whips that have come out so far this year. And we’re only halfway through 2012 so imagine what’s to come! Check out their list below! Marisa Mendez

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