Self-Pleasuring Gone Wrong! Man Gets Fork Stuck WHERE During A Sexual Experience?!

LMFAO! Talk about sticking a fork in it…lol! A 70-year-old man (YES, 70!) was trying to pleasure himself, with a toy that you surly can’t get from an XXX store. The elder inserted a KITCHEN FORK into his urethra. Hit the jump for more on this HILARIOUS story!

(Video) LMOA…Is THIS What Vine Is Really About?!

This is a comedy skit, and a lot of people shoot these ‘comedy skits’, But this one was kinda interesting, kinda true yet funny. But I can’t help to think it’s exposing what Vine is really about. Hit and See.

(Video) LOL! These Twins Are Messing With People’s Minds!

Click the jump to watch a prank video of twins messing with people’s minds!

Sinbad Stand-Up Coming To A Theater Near You!!

Click the jump to see a preview of Sinbad’s Stand-Up Comedy movie “Make Me Wanna Holla: A Night Of Comedy and Funk.”

LOL! These Robbers Were Tricked Into Doing WHAT?!

Click the jump to see how these attempted robbers got tricked and arrested!

(Video) LOL! Look At How These Parents Punished Their Son!

Click the jump to see a video the unusual way these parents punish their son!!

(Video) Father Pulls The Old ‘Poop In Mouth’ Prank On His Son!!

I don’t really know why they would put a kid through such a traumatic experience, but I will say from the outside looking in, it was funny. But for the record, I would never put my Son through it, prank or not.

LOL! WHO Won A Taylor Swift Concert?!

Click the jump to see why Taylor Swift had to cancel her KISS FM Biggest Fan contest because of who won!

(VIDEO) Church Choir’s Anti-Facebook Gospel Song!!!!

This gospel worship song called “Keep Yo Business Off of Facebook” is going viral. Heres are some of the lyrics “Keep yo business off of Facebook, Keep yo business off of Facebook, Some days you actin’ like a saint – but yo Facebook status say you ain’t, Keep yo business off of Facebook” Hit the jump for the video!

(Video) Possibly The Most Racist Media Of All Time!!

Click the jump to see one of the most racist pranks ever!

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