(Video) LMAO !!! A$AP Rocky Makes An Appearance In A Alexander Wang Skit !!!


LMAO! Not, Bon Qui Qui! Alexander Wang is in the works for his Spring 2013 T collection. Wang and A$AP Rocky got together, yet again for this hilarious little skit. Wait, Bon Qui Qui is assisting (NOT AT ALL) the customers, but you should watch out because she will, “cut you”. Please, drop down bottom and have a look.

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(Video) LOL! Oh Damn! How Could You Do Beyonce Dirty Like THIS?!


Damn!! Bad Lip Reading went in on poor Bey’s inauguration performance, LOL! They remixed the National Anthem & called it, “La Fway” Oh man, you don’t want to miss this — it’s hilarious!! Check out the comedic video after the jump!!

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(Hilarious Video) LMAO! Kevin Hart Turns Up To Rihanna’s ‘Right Now’ While Driving


It’s been a while, but comedian Kevin Hart finally drops one of his”Turn Up” videos today!! Check Heart out as he gets it on in his whip to Rihanna’s song “Right Now” below!

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AUDIO: LMAO! Parody Phone Call Between Kim Kardashian & Beyonce


It’s been rumored since the start of “KimYe” that Beyonce wasn’t really interested in being couple-friends with the pair, as Kim Kardashian’s over-saturation in the limelight isn’t really up Bey’s alley. Though they’ve supposedly hung out since then, this faux phone call between the two is hilarious! And the voices are so spot-on! Listen in on their “convo” below.

Marisa Mendez

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(Video) LMAO! Must See: World’s Dumbest Tweets Of 2012 Part 2! Did People REALLY Say This Sh*t?!

IFWT_Twitter mm

Man, I don’t know HOW people think of coming up with these tweets… and I don’t want to know. This video is a compilation of the dumbest tweets of 2012 part two. We revealed part 1 of the dumbest tweets, but these just get even funnier! A moment of silence for these people, please! From the last video one of the stupidest ones was, “George Zimmerman got convicted of second degree murder? Who he kill the first time?” Lmfao SMH! Please, raise your kids right!! Check out this hilarious video below!

Biz Baby

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(Video) IDKurName – Clinton Sparks Ft. Mike Posner…FUNNY !!!


“IDKurName. You don’t remember mine. DO YOU?” The only lyrics in the song, yet it’s still a hot and funny video. LoL. Taking a dump in the club though, submitting to a BJ (yea the kind your thinking of), throwing up, and almost getting hit by a taxi cab. Who does that? Now, after all of that, think about the lyrics to the song again. Check out what some people do when they go out to the club.

JaaiR (JR)

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(Video) LMAOOO! Must Watch: Best American Idol Audition Of The Night!! He’s Called “The Turbanator”


LMAO! Honestly, “The Turbanator”? Based on that alone, you just need to see this video. He owns over 50 turbans and the dude says he color coordinates his turbans with his outfits (LOL) — but his singing skills? Eh, well you could be the judge of that! In the Sikh community? He’s already got a lot of success with them. A rep says, “The Sikh American community is celebrating Gurpreet’s achievement every step of the way.” They also add, “We are thrilled that the rest of America is going to learn more about our wonderful community.” See if Gurpreet Singh Sarin won his ticket to Hollywood, but most importantly, check his outfit… Nicki, of course, loved it! Check the Turbanator’s footage below!

Biz Baby

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(Video)True Life: I Can’t Stop Twerking!!! Are You Serious?!?

how she do that

True Life: I Can’t Stop Twerking though? I don’t know if MTV signed off on this, but this little video had me rolling. For all my ladies that wake up with that uncontrollable urge to twerk something, you are not a lone. There are women out there just like you, here are their stories! Check the video out for more.

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(Video) This Is How You Express Yourself When You’re “Highly Disgusted And Fed Up Fat Baller Dudes” Lol!!!


Freedom of speech is one of the best things of living in this country. Add that with the best thing ever created, Youtube(yep, in my opinion better than anything online). This brings me to the main subject, a young man by the name of LoopyBloggerNYC on the social networks who definitely speaks his mind and brings a different humor to things. After he expressed how he felt about Instagram. He is back to let us know how disgusted he is about certain things in this world. I also came across how he felt about “Fat Baller Dudes.” This guy is hilarious but makes sense at the same time. Enjoy the good laugh on this New Years Eve and click below to see the vids.

WiL Major

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(Video) Hilarious Holiday Prank!!


Poor Kid, thought he was getting the Cool Grey 9’s for Christmas opened up the box to find, well… you’ll see. He was so happy when he took off the wrapping paper I don’t know if he even payed any attention to the weight of the box. I wish I could have gotten my little brother with this one. Watch the video for more.

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