VIDEO: 80 Year Old Grandmother @J_DIMPS Sings Happy Birthday to @Rihanna

Check out this funny video that Rihanna found humorous enough to retweet after the jump.


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(Video) SNL Spoof: Prince, LL Cool J and Nicki Minaj Visit Blue Ivy!

Saturday Night Live had us all laughing last night when they spoofed Prince, LL Cool J and Nicki Minaj payed a special visit to Jay-Z, Beyonce and baby Blue. Check it out after the jump!!

Wendy L.

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(Video) Tech Talk Web: @AffionCrocket Shows You How To “Serenade” For Heineken

Man Affion is Funny AF!!! Here he is helping Heineken promote their new Facebook “Serenade” App that let’s you be creative with the way you ask someone special on a date. I love it, 1st you ask her on a date through serenade, then you fill her full of heineken’s, then home bound, Everybody wins, or if you’re in NYC you’re ‘LINning’!!! Hit the Jump to see Affion, and how to et your Serenade on!!



Get to Serenading At;

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(Video) Comedian @SpokenReasons Relationship Communication

Comedian Spoken Reasons hit the internet with his latest video called relationship communication and the things people go through. Click below to see the video

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(Video) 76ers Star Thaddeus Young Falls For Commercial Prank

76ers Star Thaddeus Young thinks he’s filming a commercial to promote recycling…until the director starts asking him to do some ridiculous things.  Hit the jump for the funny video clip!

@DJMatthewTyler x Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

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(Photo) Joe Budden Goes Tebowing

During his Super Bowl festivities yesterday, Joey got inspired and dropped to one knee to do the infamous Tim Tebow pose. LOL! Check his “Tebowing” out below.

Marisa Mendez x Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

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(Video) LOL Check Out Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl Ad That Only Aired In Nebraska!

Will Ferrell starred in a Super Bowl ad tonight for Old Milwaukee but we didn’t get to see it because they only showed it in Nebraska. Check it out after the jump!!

Funk Flex
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(Video) LOL!!!! Odd Future Talks Britney Spears, The Regular Show Episode, Justin Bieber & More!

This is hilarious! Although it’s a tad explicit, you won’t be able to help but laugh at (or should I say with) these guys as they were interviewed in Brazil. Speaking on Britney Spears and her sister, a possible Justin Bieber collab, The Regular Show, and more, there’s no doubt the crew will have you cracking up! Check it all out after the jump!

Capri S.

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(Video) LMFAO: Joe Budden Interviews “East Side Crackhead”

Joey often frequents Bronx strip club Sin City, and apparently a man by the name of “East Side Crackhead” does too. Well, the parking lot at least. During his last trip there, Joe couldn’t resist getting him on film for a couple bars. “This is soooooo not a joke,” Joe wrote with the video. “I’m lucky enough 2 be privy to East side crackhead’s bars EVERY time i’m leaving Sin city.. it’s only right i share his talent w the world, lol ….. You’re welcome !! jk” Watch below.

Marisa Mendez

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(Photo) Check Out When Team Trust Building Goes Wrong In The Office!!!

Have you ever had one of those office team trust building experiments where you blindly falls back, and your Co-Workers have catch you?? Well what if say Food arrives at that very moment? Would they still catch you?? Maybe, Maybe NOT, Hit th Jump.


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