Comedy (Video) NBA: Chris Paul’s Son Said He Beat Grant Hill in a 1-on-1 Game

IFWT Chris Paul II

Chris Paul’s son “Lil Chris” is too cute, smart and funny.  He’s truly a star in the making as he captured everyone’s heart by doing the Blake Griffin face.  At a young age he can already name the players based off their jersey numbers and can apparently beat All-Star and veteran Grant Hill in basketball.  Check it out after the jump.

Shay Marie

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(Video) Say What?!?! Storm Large – 8 Miles Wide *Must See*


A friend put me on to this video of Storm Large, who came to fame on the show Rock Star: Supernova hosted by Dave Navarro in 2007. If you haven’t seen it or heard of her, let me warn you, she’s a whole lot of woman. Hit the Jump for more.

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News Reporter Thinks Will.I.Am Is Wyclef Jean And Wale


A news reporter just couldn’t get the right name on Will.I.Am, first he called him Wyclef then he called him Wale. On the third try he finally called him by his correct name. Click below to see the video.

WiL Major

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(Video) The Best Remake Of Romney & Obama Talking Sh*t To Each Other!


This is hilarious, here is a video of Obama and Romney with a little voice over work. I’m telling you – you have to watch this. Click below to see the video.

WiL Major

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(Video)Saturday Night Live Mocks Chris Christie!


Saturday Night Live does not let anyone slide, whoever is in the media, they will mock.  This time the cast took on NJ’s governor Chris Christie regardless of the devastation in NJ because of Sandy and added a little humor to what is going on.They also mocked Mitt Romney and Michael Bloomberg’s speaking um … Spanish lol. Hit the jump

Steph B

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(Video) Will Ferrell Will Eat Garbage For What???

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Q&A

Will Ferrell the current King of Comedy(don’t debate me I love him)  has released a video endorsing Obama.  He asks voters to please vote in this funny skit, hit the jump for the video.

Steph B

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(Video) Jimmy Kimmel Plays Prank On Kids!

ifwt_jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to tell their kids that they have eaten all of their Halloween candy and film their reaction. It was pretty funny to see all of their reactions after this bad news, hit the jump
Steph B

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Ellen DeGeneres Dresses As Sofia Vergara For Halloween…Wardrobe Malfunction And All!!!

Halloween ellen-sophia

I F’in Love Ellen, Not for nothing, She is Funny as Hell!! The Costume is retarded, But the video of when she came out, then Sofia comes out and mocks her too, Diff type Of Funny….I am SO in love with Sofia!!!! Ok hit the Jump, see the Pic, But more importantly, see the Video so you can See Sofia’s Sexy A**!!!!


ok here’s the Pic:

Here’s the Video:

Source: TooFab

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(Video) Kevin Hart Gives Us His Reason For Why They Name Hurricanes After Females!

ifwt kevin hart singing

Leave it up to Kevin Hart to make us laugh in a time like this. I am more than sure this video was recorded before Sandy hit but it’s still funny to hear Kevin Hart say anything. The man speaks and I start laughing. click below to see what Kevin Hart had to say about hurricanes and why they are named after females.

WiL Major

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(Video) Affion Crockett Is 2 Chainz In “Enunciation”

ifwt affion crockett 2 chainz

Off his forthcoming comedy album Watch The Clone dropping November 6th, comedian Affion Crockett pulls out the dreads and the chains to emulate everyone’s favorite ad-libber for “Enunciation”. If you missed his last one as Wayne and Jay, watch it here.

Marisa Mendez

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