(Video) Paying It Forward Gone Wrong: Guy Gets Pissed After He Sees The Receipt

So this is what happens after you want to be good Samaritan, huh? Someone pays for this guy’s food so he decides to do the same for the people right after him. But that doesn’t work out to well for him. Let’s just say, the bill wasn’t in the same ballpark as his. Hit the jump to see his hilarious reaction.

(Video) Kim Kardashian Explains To Kanye West What a Magic Stick Is, 50 Cent Responds

lmao You would think it’d be the other way around. 50 Cent, though, instantly chimes in on Instagram and give his two cents. Check out his reaction.

(Video) Margot Robbie Plays “Jinx” With Jimmy Fallon

Margot Robbie, looking as fine as ever, stops by Jimmy Fallon and plays one of the games on his show. Funny stuff, they might make you want to try this with your friends… minus the awkward hand touching.

(Video) Take a Look At The Quintin Tarantino Version Of Suicide Squad

Imagine a world where the worst of the worst Quintin Tarantino characters assemble and create their own Suicide Squad. Look no further my friends…

(Video) Man Spazzes When He Thinks He Sees UFOs

After seeing that the “UFOs” could’ve possibly been elongated fireworks or drones in the sky, I only have one crucial question to ask…. Who’s mans is this? My son really thought the aliens were about to pop off lol Take a look after the jump.

(Video) LMAO: Man Caught Humping The Exhaust Pipe Of a Car

Got eem! Dude was really out in the open street, humping his life away. When he gets caught though, his reaction is priceless.

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