(Video) Hilarious Prank Call To Microsoft About Xbox One!

Microsoft Xbox One

I swear I didn’t think the would be this funny being so childish, but damn it, this is funny!!

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(Video) A Hardcore Merry Xmas Only Chuck Norris Could Pull Off!!


Lol, This adds to those hilarious Chuck Norris jokes about how no one in the world is harder than him!

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(Video + Photos) World’s Fair Admits To Being Catfished During Cipha Sounds Hip-Hop Improv Show

Take It Personal

It continues…every Friday, hip-hop’s elite turns up and shows out during Cipha Sounds’ hip-hop improv show: Take It Personal. This past Friday, December 13th, World’s Fair took their act to the UCB Theater, where they admit that they were catfished during Texas’ SXSW music festival.
“World’s Fair are some funny ass dudes. Their energy made the energy of the show way more intense. I love what’s going on in NYC right now,” says Ciph. Check out the vibe after the jump.

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(Video) LOL! SNL Takes On Fake Interpreter With President Obama

IFWT_mandela- fake deaf interpreter

lmao, and it’s better than the ‘real’ fake interpreter! They also tackle other hot button issue’s Obama had during the Mandela Memorial trip!

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(Warning*18+*Video) LOL! Check Out This ‘Handy’ Sex Joke!!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

I’m wondering how many ‘artistic’ people will try this at home?!

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OK!! Possible “Bad Boys 3″ On The Way??!?!


Well, it seems that Sony is looking to hire the writers of “Safe House” to cook up another sequel to the Bad Boys franchise. In particular, they are scouting David Guggenheim to draft the script. So far, this is the only word regarding another movie, and it’s still very unclear whether Martin Lawrence or Will Smith will sign on.

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(Video) Uh-Oh! Arsenio Hall Has Some Words For Kanye West!!!


“As usual, Kanye’s premise confuses the fact. … So then therefore, everything else had to be thrown out.” These words were spoken to a crowd by none other than Arsenio Hall, who caught wind of one of the many Kanye interviews from the past couple of months. Mr. West –in an interview with The Breakfast Club– stated, “I can use my voice, but what’ll happen if y’all don’t buy no more albums? … Then people are gonna say, ‘He’s like Arsenio Hall. He was turning up too much and now you fired, but when you got money, can’t nobody fire you.” But Mr. Hall didn’t take that too lightly. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

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(Video) The Best Zombie Prank EVER!!!!


This is one zombie prank that didn’t need any make up or fales items. Nick Santonastasso, 17, was born without both legs and an arm. That has not brought down his sense of humor at all. Check out these funny vids of him pranking customers in a supermarket.

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(Video) Idiot! Man Answers Hot Iron When His Phone Rings!!

IFWT_Laughing Face

This fool, while ironing his clothes, the phone rings, and he puts the iron to his ear instead of the phone.

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(Photos) Man Gets Arrested For iPhone Cookie?!


Earlier this Month, comedian Randy Liedtke decided to make an adventure out of some cookies he made. 1st he found it funny to merely make an iPhone cookie, which was kinda slick, but a couple days after he decided it would be super cool to drive around with said cookie and gauge police reaction, that’s when his fun started.

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