(Sports) NBA: Lebron James Says He Wants To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Again!

IFWT_LeBron James bench

We all know Lebron James is a fan of comedy and homie can be a SUPER clown when he wants to be. Lebron James says he wants to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ again ! Hop into the post for videos and details !

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(Video) COMEDY! Waka Flocka Reads ’50 Shades of Grey’

Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka is probably one of the last people that come to mind when you think of reading literature aloud, particularly a book like 50 Shades of Grey…which is what makes it all the more funny that XXL has him doing so. Check out the hilarious clips below!

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(Video) Kanye West Appears In ‘SNL’ Waynes World Skit With Crazy Eye Contacts


Kanye West Appears In ‘SNL’ Wayne’s World Skit With Crazy Eye Contacts . Making a Hilarious SNL Debut Kanye West is shown in Saturday Nigh Live Skit with Wayne’s World Characters hop into the post to watch.

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(Video) Pharrell Drops By Springfield To Deliver An Epic Jingle


Pharrell drops by Springfield to deliver an epic jingle verse; maybe. Only this guy, Pharrell, can be in two places at once. While giving a stellar performance of “Happy” during the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, a more colorful and animated Pharrell could also be seen on Fox’s animation domination. Skateboard P starred in an episode of The Simpsons.

Have a look down bottom.

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Twitter Reacts To Iggy Azalea’s Grammy Hairstyle


Twitter Reacts To Iggy Azalea’s Grammy Hairstyle:
The Grammy’s are full of stars and some can get lost in the mix. The smart ones wear different clothing styles to stand out from the crowd but Iggy took it a step further.

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LMAO! Man Rants About Females With Fake Ass & Tits


LMAO! Man Rants About Females With Fake Ass & Tits. In a society where Instagram thots with fake asses and tits are thriving, one YouTuber goes in on the latest trend. Check out the hilarious video below.

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Yes, He Does It! Jimmy Fallon Reunites The Cast Of #SavedByTheBell


Seeing the cast of Saved By The Bell reunite will probably be the best thing you watch today. Jimmy Fallon contacted Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater, Jessie Spano and even Mr. Belding for a drift down memory’s bliss at Bayside High.

Watch eight minutes of flashback humor after the jump.

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Classic Funny: Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart Lip Sync To Beyoncé, Katy Perry & More


STUPIIIIIIID [legit in tears]! A lip sync battles means nothing, unless you have Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon in on it. During The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the three funny men go head-to-head in a two-round lip sync battle. Let’s just say, if you thought John Legend performed the heck out of his “All of Me” single, wait until you get a look at Kevin Hart put on a show with the track as back-up. Classic funny.

Check out the lip sync battle down bottom.

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(Video) The Jay Z Story; As Told By SNL, ‘It’s 100% Accurate’

IFWT_The Jay Z Story

Hahahaha, SNL says this is the definitive story on Jay Z, from the selling of ‘product’ on the corner to deciding a rap career to meeting Bey, teaming up with Ye, and squashing beef with Nas, this is the Jay Z Story.

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(Photos) Update: Kevin Hart Goes In On Meek Mill , Drake & More For Roasting Him On Instagram


Looks like Drake isn’t the only one who thinks Kevin Harts Shirt is Hilarious , Click right into the post to watch Meek Mill , Drake & Lil Duval ROAST Kevin Hart On Instagram.

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