T.I. Teams With Tidal For Education Fundraising Challenge “Tidal X: Money Talk”

T.I is the head of a new artist-led initiative known as TIDAL X: MONEY TALK. Tip teams with the streaming service Tidal (which he has a stake in) to help promote education. Hit the jump!

Malia Obama Decides To Take Her Talents Harvard, Congratulations!

Aaaaaye, looks like Barack and Michelle aren’t the only Obamas to make into Harvard. Congrats to young Milia, future Class of 2021.

(Video) Kindergartener Threatened By Wooden Paddle

Every parent has different ways of punishing their children. Whether it’s a timeout, grounding them, or an occasional spanking, but this one is a bit far.

(Videos) Pusha T Gives Lecture At Harvard Business School

GOOD Music President Pusha T is the latest Hip-Hop artist to make his way to the college campuses, to lecture students. Bet the doubters never expected hip-hop to take it this far…Hit the jumP!

(Video) Major Keys: Florida International University Offering A Course Based Off Of Dj Khaled’s Keys To Success

Do you want to know how to live a lavished life style free from “they” or learn how to always win and “be the best.” Well Florida International University (FIU) is offering a new major offered by FIU’s Worldwide School based on the popular methods of Dj Khaled’s keys to success. Check out the rest of this story.

Diddy Is Opening A Charter School In Harlem For The Youth

Diddy the always inspiring hip-hop mogul/entrepreneur is taking his fortune to help build the youth of his native hometown Harlem, NY. Diddy has been teaming with top executives and leaders for 5 years now trying to get this going and it’s finally happening this fall. Hit the jump!!

Afrika Bambaataa’s Rare Record Collection Being Preserved By Cornell University!

Yup. The Godfather of Hip-Hop, Afrika Bambaataa, will have his vintage rare record collection preserved by Cornell University. To the younger hip-hop generation, get out your notepads!!! Hit the jump.

(Photos) John Singleton’s Son Sets Up GoFundMe To Raise At Least 6k To Pay For Tuition Since His Dad Cut Him Off

John Singleton’s son Maasai Singleton has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to pay for his final semester of college at the University of Southern California after his dad told him he wouldn’t be paying for it. Since the college school year is right in the middle, it is too late for him to receive financial aid and he says he has no credit to take out loans. With just a few weeks until his semester is to begin the young director (just like his dad) decided to post an update to ask for more donations. Maasai Singleton has to raise at least $6k to remain enrolled. Listen to his story after the jump!

Missy Elliot Says Diddy Is A Big Influence To The Hip Hop Game

Missy Elliot has been making a comeback lately. From new music to performances, she is most definitely t making her way back to the top. During a recent interview, Missy talks about the big influences that Hip Hop has. During the interview, she spoke about how Diddy has a really big impact on Hip Hop.

(Video) Youtube Sensation ‘Spoken Reasons’ Drops Some Gems About Conspiracy & How The Bill Cosby Case Is Being Handled

Everyone has an opinion about the Bill Cosby case, but as of yet no concrete evidence has been presented to give audiences the answers they’ve been craving. In his 5-min commentary Spoken Reasons goes in about the possibility of conspiracy, warning his brothers and sisters not to be blind to the media’s antics. They paint Bill Cosby out to be such a vulture, allowing those of other races who committed the same crimes to slip through the cracks of justice. See the video after the jump!

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