(Video) So, Hugh Jackman Can Deadlift 400 Pounds Like A Boss!


Hugh Jackman shows off his “Wolverine-like” strength!

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(Video) Kendrick Lamar & Cam’ron (In An Abnormal Way) Joins In On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


Talk about nonstop awareness! After being called out by Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar takes on the ALS ice bucket challenge. Who’s he challenging? Well, Samuel Jackson is one.

Check it out down bottom.

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(Video) G-Unit Members Take On The ALS #IceBucketChallenge


50 Cent took on the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and following suite are the rest of the G-Unit members, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. FUNNY!

Check out whom they called out down bottom.

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(Video) Those Ramen Noodles Could He Hazardous To Your Health – Ladies Especially!


I don’t know about you all, but this news is extremely disappointing to me! I love oodles n’ noodles – lol!

Beyond the obvious, high salt intake, processed food type of thing, a new study from the Mayo Clinic is saying that the three for $1 snack increases the risk of metabolic syndrome for women, which can mean an increased risk of heart disease (among other things).

Check out more on the study down bottom.

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(Photos) Uh Oh! FDA Warns People Of The Risk Of Contaminated Tattoo Ink!!

Dangerous Tattoo Inks

Last month, California company White and Blue Lion Inc. recalled inks in in-home kits after testing confirmed bacterial contamination in unopened bottles, according to sources. More info after the jump.

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(Photos) Lil Wayne Responds To HIV Rumors

Lil Wayne

The internet is a crazy place. I’m not sure what’s more annoying – satire sites or the dummies that don’t realize they’re satire and proceed to share the stories like they’re “news.” Such was the case yesterday afternoon, when known satire site The Daily Leak posted an article about Lil Wayne being diagnosed with HIV. (Which, even though it’s “satire” is still REALLY not cool…)

“Lil’ Wayne Of Y.M.C.M.B Came Out Publicly Today And Revealed That He Has Contracted H.I.V.,” the article read. “Our Sources Tell Us That Later On This Week He Is Going To Make A Formal Annoucement To The Media & Fans, However He Did Give Positive Words Of Advice, ‘Sometimes you get caught up with the strippers and groupies…Just Wear protection.’ #Prayforweezy.”

How anyone actually took that as a real story is BEYOND me, but nonetheless, the #PrayForWeezy trending topic grew so large, Tune eventually felt the need to address it. He’s since deleted the tweet, though. Check it out in the gallery!

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CDC Shifts Ebola Attention To Travelers


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is on high alert and has turned its attention to people traveling to the United States from West African countries.

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(Photos) Zoe Saldana Without Any Clothes On – We Like It A Lot!


Women Crush Wednesday: ZOE SALDANA!

It’s not sexy enough that Zoe has portrayed some kick-a** movie roles and made most of us fall in love with her beauty, but now…NAKED! YES, prior to pregnancy, Zoe stripped down to bare bottom to cover Women’s Health UK…and we are loving every inch of it.

How has Zoe continued to keep such a flawless figure? “Running, legs and ab work, and just doing the routine again and again,” is what she’s use to, but in more recent months, things have changed. “I’ve had to start letting go,” she adds. “I’ve learnt to listen to myself, so whenever I don’t feel like doing anything that starts with ‘I should’ then I don’t.” Can’t be mad at that.

Hit the jump for more.

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Whoa! Florida Warns Tourists Not To Go In The Water Because Of WHAT?!?!


For once, a Florida PSA isn’t about crazy poeple. This time, it’s a crazy bacteria. According to sources, Florida officials have warned almost everyone from residents to tourists of a flesh-eating bacterium named Vibrio vulnificus. It causes ulceration and rapid skin decay and is fatal in about 50 percent of people who get it in their bloodstreams. Also according to the state, the bacteria has hospitalized 32 people, and killed ten in Florida, although through a period of years, not all at once.” More info after the jump.

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Have You Heard: Temple University Researchers Eliminate HIV Virus From Human Cells


Shortly after the national HIV testing day on June 27th is the one step that may provide a cure. A team of Temple University researchers were able to remove the HIV-1 virus from human cells. “We have a cure for HIV elimination. We have a system to eliminate HIV from the cells in the laboratory,” said Dr. Kamel Khalili, who led the research team.

More details below.

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