(Video) Reebok CrossFit Board Short Collection


Reebok CrossFit is introducing the Board Short collection in this video short. This collection was aim at CrossFitters akak Gym rats. The materials and design is to help CrossFitters excel and see Reebok Athletes Spencer Hendel and Jennifer Smith perspective on the Board Short collection…

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Uh-Oh! Someone Call Chris Brown! Did You Know That Your Heart Attack Risk Increases After THIS?!?!


Medical News Today reported earlier that a person’s risk of experiencing a heart attack increases for about 2 hours following violent outbursts. The results of the study published by the European Heart Journal document a review of 9 studies conducted between January 1966 and June 2013 that examined the link between anger and cardiovascular risk. The review was done by Harvard University researchers. Hit the jump for more on this.

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(Photos) Kaylin Garcia Shares Her Work-Out Plans.. Find Out How To Get A Summer Body Like Hers!

IFWT_Kaylin Garcia

It’s no secret that former Love & Hip-Hop star Kaylin Garcia has an impeccable body. If you catch yourself gazing at her Instagram pics and sulking in the corner while downing a tub of ice cream, now’s your chance to get your Kaylin on and tone that bad boy up just in time for the summer! She’s been sharing a bunch of different work-out plans that don’t require any equipment, machines or pricey gym memberships. A.K.A– Get your lazy asses up, write down all of the instructions posted in the gallery, and work that a*s out right in the convenience of your own home! I’ve been toning for Miami and already I’ve seen results from these simple routines.

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(Video) Styles P & ScHoolBoy Q on The FRANK Show


We’re still getting a little bit of snow here and there, but in the blink of an eye, Spring will be in full bloom and then Summer quickly follows. Most of us are still trying to figure out how to get and keep our bodies right and tight for the sunny skies soon to come.
For their third installment of, The FRANK Show, Kevin Poon and Bobby Hundreds talk about what we can do to be right for those sandy beaches, while Styles P chats in his Bronx located juice bar on his love for lemon, since it does “cleanse.”
While these guys spoke on health related topics, ScHoolBoy Q talks about what he WILL NOT roll his weed up in. Oh boy, are those PAPERS?! Check it out after the jump.

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(Video) LMAO! Survival Guide To Taking A Dump At Work!

IFWT_Laughing Face

This is dumb funny, yet very real, follow the steps in the video below to make an uncomfortable moment more..livable.

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(Video) Crack Pipe Vending Machines In Canada?!

IFWT_crack-pipes vending machines

Is Canada really about that crack life or what?? 1st Toronto Mayor Ford goes on crack binges, then Bieber just totally bugs out(allegedly not on crack though), and Now Vancouver has a program where crack pipes are in vending machine…feels like Drake is a bigger success story than we thought!!

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(News) 9 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Processed With Diseased Cows !


If you live in Cali, Chicago, Texas and Florida you might want to check your ground beef. Theres report of a feeding corporation in California produced ground beef with diseased cows ! Maybe this vegan lifestyle is the way to go ? Read more about how this meat made it to stores after the jump.

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(Video) Ladies: Learn How To Get That Instafamous Booty From #Belfie Queen, Jen Setler

jen setler squat

On Friday, 20-year-old Jen Setler and her “Instafamous” booty was a guest on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, ‘Bethenny’, where she talked with the host and showed viewers 3 easy exercises to help get that sexy derriere.

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Voluntary Labeling Of GMO Foods


The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food say they plan for a national standard that would allow manufacturers to voluntarily label food and beverage products made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Center for Food Safety says over 30 states are expected to introduce GMO labeling laws during the 2014 legislative session.

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(Photos) Ladies! Channing Tatum In His Sexy Glory Days, But For Now He Is “Fat And Happy”


I guess being in love does make you gain weight.

“The Magic Mike” star stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday and joked with Ellen about him always being asked to take off his shirt. He shamelessly replied, “You definitely don’t want that right now.”

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