Synthetic Weed Sends 160+ Individuals To The Hospital


Let’s be real, if you’re smoking that fake ish, you’re not a real smoker, but then again, that is why over the course of a week; more than 160 individuals visited the hospital. “Synthetic drugs are anything but harmless,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said last week.” This rash of severe health emergencies across the state is direct proof.”

Some years ago (not that many) I know that Jersey was selling synthetic weed under the name Buddha Bud, however other names such as “K2″ or “Spice” have since surfaced. The Spice, which some of these individuals smoked, showed common side effects like anxiety; rapid heart rate and apparently made time go by “really really really really slow.” While most of these hospital visits turned into nothing major, Cuomo is stressing that the inhalation of synthetic weed must be stopped.

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(Photos) SZA Sheds Some Major Weight and Shares The “Secret” To Her Journey


The summer is coming, and everyone is rushing to get those summer bodies right so they can be on the beach flexin’. And as an entertainer, it’s that much more important as your health needs to be on point with your crazy schedule, and of course you want to look good when your picture is being taken every time you turn a corner.

TDE songstress SZA has shed a good amount of weight in recent months, and if you’re struggling with ridiculous diets or any of those fads, here’s some motivation: she did it simply from taking out some of the horrible foods she was eating.

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(Audio) Jamie Foxx Talks Issues With ‘Dating’ Younger Women, Promotes ‘Fish Net Condoms’ & Impersonates Flex!!!!

IFWT_Funk and Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx stopped by the Funk Flex Show on Hot97 to promote the new album, but his energy was on level 100, Funny AF!!! He starts off by talking health with Flex, #40DayReset, and having to dye his hair, including his gray nut hairs….Nuts….

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(Photos) Sexy MILF Jada Pinkett Smith Gets On Her Work Out Grind & Shows Us What That “Squat Life” Do


Guuud lawd! Peaches, Peaches, Peaches.Sexy MILF Jada Pinkett Smith is on her work out grind & shows us what that “squat life” do. Yup.Then again, haven’t we seen just how bad her six pack toting mother is?? Now that’s what you call having good genes. Not to mention a meaaaan work out regimen to keep giving young girls a run for their money! Will you a lucky man…..peep a sexy Mrs. Smith in all her glory inside.

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(Video) Wale On Drugs and Depression Leading Up To New Album

Wale on Drugs, Depression, Industry Respect

Everyone has their demons but not everyone’s willing to open up about them. Wale On Drugs and Depression Leading Up To New Album reveals “I’ve been through sh*t” and talks not being respected by the game. #Valid?

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(Video) Woman Found Dead After Her Fourth Illegal Butt Injection

Another Woman Dies From Illegal Butt Injection

OK y’all, c’mon now. At some point you gotta look at the #facts and weigh out your options–but if death is one, maybe it’s time to re-prioritize??? The 34 year old Woman Found Dead After Her Fourth Illegal Butt Injection was like so many obsessed with enhancing her donk and now (SMH)…

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Bobbi Kristina’s Family “Hoping For A Miracle” As Her Condition Remains The Same

Bobbi Kristina

Bobbi Kristina Brown left the hospital last week after nearly two months under doctors’ care in a medically-induced coma, but sadly, there’s reportedly been “no improvement” in her condition since the move to a rehabilitation center.

“There is no improvement in Bobbi Kristina’s health,” a source close to the situation said. “She was moved from the hospital to the rehab place because of hospital policy. The whole family is really hoping for a miracle but it is bleak.”

Naturally, Bobby Brown is “devastated” over the looming decision whether to take his daughter off of life support.

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(Photos) Chief Medic Releases Official Cause of A$AP Yams Death

A$AP Yams Tribute Tee by A$AP Mob

It’s been almost exactly two months since the sudden passing of A$AP founder and creative innovator Steven Rodriguez aka A$AP Yams. Now just announced the case’s Chief Medic Releases Official Cause of A$AP Yams Death.

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(Video) Kraft Recalling Mac and Cheese for Metal Pieces???

Kraft Recalls Mac and Cheese

OK…the major food industry is getting out of hand with these recalls. Now there’s approximately 242,000 boxes of Kraft Recalling Mac and Cheese for Metal Pieces, (WTF)???

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(Video) 3 Dead in Listeria Outbreak Linked To Blue Bell Ice Cream

3 Dead from Ice Cream Outbreak

Blue Bell Creameries is under investigation by the Federal Food and Drug Administration after a confirmed 3 Dead in Listeria Outbreak Linked To Blue Bell Ice Cream!

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