(Video) Brooklyn Mom Says Pot Brownie Paralyzed Her Teen

Mom Says Pot Brownie Paralyzed Teen

“Mother knows best” or nah??? Brooklyn Mom Says Pot Brownie Paralyzed Her Teen after 17 year old Danieel Buchanan was sent to the hospital for what they initially called a “bad brownie.” The cut up will be so real when she gets back to school (SMH)…you definitely want to hear the details on this!

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Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Is Over The Slut-Labeling; Admits To Oral Pleasuring Because She’s Grown


Okay, so women (and men) can be as much of sexual beings as they please, but that doesn’t stop the slut-labeling. Some people are willing to own it, and some are not.

After YEARS of her showing many men what her mouth does, Karrine “Superhead” Stefans is tired of the labels. Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is over the slut-labeling. She takes to Instagram to let the world know that has gone down, is going down and will go down on any many she pleases because she is a woman; a grown woman.

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(Photos) Recreational Marijuana Legal In Washington DC Now??


Recreational Marijuana Legal, Yessssss!!! As of 1201a THIS morning, thanks to a November city council bill passing, BUT you can’t….

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Bobbi Kristina Suffers Seizures, Remains In Coma After Doctors Attempted To Wean Her Off Medication

Bobbi Kristina

Yesterday afternoon, many became hopeful when it was revealed that doctors were making plans to take Bobbi Kristina out of the medically-induced coma she has remained in since being hospitalized late last month after being found unresponsive, face-down in her bathtub. Unfortunately, things have not been going well.

Bobbi suffered seizures when doctors attempted to wean her off of the drugs that had put her in the coma, and still remains in the coma at an Atlanta hospital. An anonymous family source described the seizures as “violent” to PEOPLE, while CNN also quoted an unnamed family source who said doctors were forced to put her back on the coma drugs.

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Oklahoma’s Senate Bill 733 Will Prevent People With STD’s From Marrying


A new bill proposed in Oklahoma, Senate Bill 733, will require a blood test for the discovery of communicable or infectious diseases, prior to the issuance of a marriage license. Under the terms of the bill, should either partner test positive, they may not be permitted to get married.

I like this idea if one of them was trying to be sneaky…but what if it has been communicated between them, and the non-infected partner is okay with it?

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There Are Only A Few Days Left To Sign Up For Healthcare!


Citizens of the United States will face a hefty fine if they are not enrolled in a health insurance program by this year’s deadline – Sunday, February 15. If you are already covered by your job or your parents, then no worries, but if not, please make sure you enroll in Obamacare! If not, not only will you have to pay out of pocket for regular and unexpected medical fees, but you’ll also have to pay the tax penalty under the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

People who went without insurance for a long period last year must pay the greater of $95 or 1 percent of their household income above the filing threshold this year. For 2015, the penalty is $325 or 2 percent of income.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get covered, so head here to do so now!

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(Video) Kevin Hart Flexing in Pink Fuzzy Slippers for Cover of Men’s Health Magazine

Kevin Hart Cover of Men's Health Magazine

Can you say upgraded! This worldwide comedy and movie star needs a new nickname because “Chocolate Drop” is now a fitness magazine cover star! Taking to his Instagram in pride of the accomplishment, check out (and laugh a little at) Kevin Hart Flexing in Pink Fuzzy Slippers for Cover of Men’s Health Magazine! #motivation

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Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service With Her Trainer, Marcos Borges

Beyonce x Jay Z at sushi spot

Beyoncé was spotted out dining with (and possibly checking – looking at that pointed finger!) hubby Jay Z last night at a sushi spot in Los Angeles, fresh off making the announcement that she’d be launching a vegan meal delivery program.

The Queen Bey, along with her personal trainer Marcos Borges, have partnered with 22 Days Nutrition for a program that includes entirely plant-based meals, with no gluten, soy, dairy or GMOs.

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(Video) Art & Music Industry Against AIDS with #LustforLife Campaign


Imagine some of the dopest entertainment and graffiti artists in the world making the hottest line of…condoms? Artists, health activists and the ONE company continue to come together for creative change as it’s Music Industry Against AIDS with #LustforLife Campaign.

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(Video) Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee Stunt

Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee

Now if all your friends jumped off a bridge…matter fact if they all tried to…swallow turkey slices??? Since exploding on the net Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee Stunt and are urging people past the video’s half-hearted claim of “do not try this at home,” –do not try this EVER…due to the more than possible side effect of, well, DEATH!!!

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