Be Careful! 5-Hour Energy Linked To 13 Deaths!!!

Looks like (too much) caffeine isn’t good after all. Not only were multiple deaths associated with Monster Energy Drinks, now 5-Hour Energy has been cited in 13 recent deaths. Click below for more details. Melissa Nash

McDonalds Sales Drop For First Time Since 2003

It appears the hardened times of the economy don’t escape even the largest of global chains. McDonalds is reporting it’s first major loses in almost a decade, they credit most of this to the toughened economic crisis, however some of it may come from a concerted effort for Americans to eat healthier. Hit the jump for more. Funk Flex

(Audio) Swizz Beatz Donates $10k For Hurricane Sandy Relief On Hot 97 With Angie Martinez

While sitting with Angie Martinez & DJ Enuff on Hot 97, Swizz Beatz expressed his urge to donate to HOT 97’s Hip Hop Has Heart Foundation for Sandy Relief & while Angie sifted through Swizzy’s bag stumbled on 10 Racks in which Swizzy happily donated for the cause. Check out full interview after the jump. DJ RellyRell

Oh No! Keri Hilson Passes Out Mid-Flight!

This is becoming a scary trend with some of our favorite celebrities, and I hope the message is bright and clear to not only them but their fellow peers: SLOW DOWN AND GET SOME REST! While many of us envy their lifestyles and often say how much we wish we lived in their glamorous shoes rather than our less-glamorous, overworked shoes, we tend to overlook the fact that these guys are busting their butts as well. In fact, their work days are significantly longer than our typical 9 to 5’s, and I’d say that’s about a good 90% of the time! And clearly it’s catching up to them, as Keri Hilson becomes public figure number three with a major health scare mid-flight, following in Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s steps before her. The incident occurred over the weekend while Keri was on a flight back home from China. She’d lost consciousness for an extended period of time and when she woke up, she was so sick that she couldn’t keep her food down. She’s now recovering back at home, but not before alerting Twitter of her condition! Rest up, Keri! Your health is the most important thing you have! Check out her tweets in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

See How Hurricane Sandy Set Mankind Back!!!

They are saying, and I quote “The Impact On Science Will Be Terrible”, Damn You Sandy, Trying to send mankind back a bit, Confused?? No Prob, Hit the Jump!!!! Wza

FOOD: Keep Food Safe During Hurricane Sandy If Your Power Goes Out!

Hurricane Sandy is picking up steam really fast. With most of Atlantic City underwater, parts of the boardwalk destroyed, and power outages predicted to hit 10million…you should probably know what food in your fridge will be safe to eat once the power goes out. Check it out below. Caasi Cofer

(Video) Meek Mill & 2 Chainz React To Lil Wayne’s Health Scare

Lil Wayne gave fans and friends quite a scare over the weekend when the hard-working rapper suffered back to back seizures, both on his private jet. The situation was eerily similar to Rick Ross’ health scare in 2011, and Wayne has since been on doctor-mandated rest at his mom’s house. Backstage at Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philly on Friday night, MTV spoke to two of Wayne’s peers, Meek Mill and 2 Chainz, and got their reaction to his health scare. See what they had to say below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Man Loses 300 Pounds In One Year!

A man from New Hampshire, Gregg Blanchard, lost an impossible 330 pounds in as little as one year! He originally weighed in at 804 pounds and suffering from extreme obesity. How did he achieve the weight loss? His wife and also trainer has been a huge support to losing the weight! Blanchard basically lost almost one pound per day!! Click below to see his journey! Eloisa Melo

Update: Meningitis Outbreak Still Going-NECC Shutdown!!!

The New England Compounding Center has been shuttered permanently due to the ongoing outbreak and evidence pointing the finger at the facility. 323 cases of stroke and other afflictions have been reported stemming from spinal injections of their steroid. 14,000 people may have received such an injection prior to the recall issued on September 26th. Click below to read more. Funk Flex

(Photos) Before & After: Teen Mom Star Farrah Gets $16k Nose Job & Chin Implant (SMH)

This Teen Mom show puts money into the hands of the wroooong people! We’ve watched Jenelle Evans and her issues with abuse, Amber and her drug problems, Leah is on marriage two and baby 3 at the age of 20…it doesn’t stop! Now Farrah (who’s had her fair share of troubles on the show) is on surgery number 3 at the age of 21. She got her boobs done in 2010, and now both her nose and her chin. “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13,” she told In Touch. A nose I can understand because some people really have complexes about that but your chin? Really? Smh! The before is above, below after the jump. Personally I think she looks worse! Marisa Mendez

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