The Workout Plan That Gave Jake Gyllenhaal A Crazy Six-Pack For Prince Of Persia


With Funk Flex and a few more of our staff on major diet plans, this story is right up our alley. Actor Jack Gyllenhaal recently got into INSANE shape for his role in the Prince Of Persia film, and his ex-marine trainer has shared the regimen with Men’s Health. Find out how to get abs like THAT below. Marisa Mendez

Christina Aguilera Forced To Be Thin?!


In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, pop star Christina Aguilera opens up about the struggle to stay thin in the music industry. “During the promotion of my album Stripped [in 2002], I got tired of being a skinny, white girl,” Aguilera says. “I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl.” Wow! Click below to read full interview. Eloisa Melo

(Photos) Gworl Look At That Bawwwdy! Rihanna Is Out Here Toned Up!

ifwt rihanna abs 2

Rihanna was photographed leaving her hotel yesterday and headed to the airport, and was looking pretty amazing while doing so. The singer is gearing up for her seventh studio album, having just released its first single “Diamonds” yesterday morning, so it seems like she’s getting ready to reinvent her look once again for this one! Ri has been known to often switch up her styles, especially from album to album, and for now with the short ‘do and the toned up abs, it looks like she’s going for the tough girl look! Check out that tummy below. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Wow! Snooki Has Already Shed So Much Baby Weight!

ifwt snooki pregnant

It was only just recently that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi gave birth to her first child, a little boy named Lorenzo with fiancé Jionni LaValle. Though it usually takes new moms some time to shed the weight they’d put on while carrying their little bundle of joy for 9 months, it looks like Snooks isn’t having any issues at all. The reality star headed out for a girls night with her hometown friends last night, and took to Instagram to show off her new figure in a form-fitting dress. She’s already gotten back to work on filming season 2 of her Jersey Shore spinoff “Snooki & J-Woww,” so perhaps she’s been going hard with a trainer to be camera-ready? Who knows, but we do know she looks amazing! Check out the pic below. Marisa Mendez

Chocolate As Addicting As Drugs?


I’m sure most women would agree with this one! A new study has emerged finding that chocolate is basically the same as a highly addicting drug! This new study was conducted on rats who would eat M&Ms. Read below for full details and results. Eloisa Melo

NYC High School Student Given Birth Control & Morning After Pill Without Parents Knowing


Students at 13 New York City high schools were given the morning after pill and other forms of birth control without their parents being informed. The school nurse can given students oral or inject-able contraceptives along with ‘Plan B’ without parental consent unless parents opt of the of program. CATCH, Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health, has teamed up with the schools to prevent teen pregnancies that ultimately lead to more students dropping out of school and never receiving the proper education needed for a good job. Many think the program is a good idea so those who wanted to have sex young are at least using protection while others believe it will encourage more youth to have sex before they are ready condoms and Plan B are more readily available so they will never know the seriousness of having sex. Read more below. Julie A.

Find Out The Secret To A Happy Marriage…


Whoever may be married or on the verge of marriage, may be curious as to how to keep their home happy over the years. Well the secret has been revealed. It is something that many may not guess and not really celebrated between a couple, but according to a study done on about 1500 couples, it is the answer! Hit the jump to find out the secret. Steph B

Sex Better With Yoga!


In a recent article in Men’s Health they urge all to get into youge for 3 specific reasons! Yoga will help prevent injuries, raise your fitness level, and make your sex life better. Read below for more info. Eloisa Melo

Schools Are Unprepared For Pandemics!?

Pandemics IFWT

A study has found that schools are unprepared for pandemics. Click below for the story. Melissa Nash

(Photo) 50 Cent’s “Formula 50” Cover


50 Cent will be releasing a fitness book on December 27 called Formula 50. Fif partnered with Jeff O’Connell to put together a six week work-out and nutrition plan. The plan promotes “achieving a ripped body—and developing the mental toughness to stay in shape for a lifetime.” Check out the cover below. Julie A.

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