(Video) Man Loses 300 Pounds In One Year!

A man from New Hampshire, Gregg Blanchard, lost an impossible 330 pounds in as little as one year! He originally weighed in at 804 pounds and suffering from extreme obesity. How did he achieve the weight loss? His wife and also trainer has been a huge support to losing the weight! Blanchard basically lost almost one pound per day!! Click below to see his journey! Eloisa Melo

Update: Meningitis Outbreak Still Going-NECC Shutdown!!!

The New England Compounding Center has been shuttered permanently due to the ongoing outbreak and evidence pointing the finger at the facility. 323 cases of stroke and other afflictions have been reported stemming from spinal injections of their steroid. 14,000 people may have received such an injection prior to the recall issued on September 26th. Click below to read more. Funk Flex

(Photos) Before & After: Teen Mom Star Farrah Gets $16k Nose Job & Chin Implant (SMH)

This Teen Mom show puts money into the hands of the wroooong people! We’ve watched Jenelle Evans and her issues with abuse, Amber and her drug problems, Leah is on marriage two and baby 3 at the age of 20…it doesn’t stop! Now Farrah (who’s had her fair share of troubles on the show) is on surgery number 3 at the age of 21. She got her boobs done in 2010, and now both her nose and her chin. “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13,” she told In Touch. A nose I can understand because some people really have complexes about that but your chin? Really? Smh! The before is above, below after the jump. Personally I think she looks worse! Marisa Mendez

FOOD: STD Cupcakes? Look Nasty, But Taste Good!!

The second annual Eat Your Heart Out exhibition this weekend at London St. Bath’s Pathology Museum is already turning heads. The HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and genital warts cupcakes they are selling are intended to raise STD awareness and as nasty as it looks – I believe it will do just that! I’d buy the disease designed cupcakes and probably want to get tested right after! LOL. Check it out below! Caasi Cofer

HEALTH: Monster Energy Drink Linked to 5 Deaths!

I’ve tasted the Monster Energy Drink once, but unfortunately it reminded me of a FourLoko. Yuck! Not my cup of tea, but I see a ton of people drinking this. If you’re one of the Monster Energy Drink lovers, you might want to read this article below! Caasi Cofer

(Video) 50 Cent’s “Formula 50” Book Promo

50 Cent’s forthcoming workout and nutrition book, “Formula 50”, will be hitting stores on December 27 and Fif took some time to explain what the book is about in a promo video. Fif explains that his book isn’t just about losing weight or gaining muscle mass, but about being able to do both while forming life long healthy eating habits. The book promises to be “A 6-Week Workout and Nutrition Plan That Will Transform Your Life.” I wonder if there will be a follow-up workout DVD? I’m sure many ladies would do the DVD just to thirst over 50’s body, LOL. Check out the promo video below. Julie A.

(Photos) Before & After: Wow! The Man Who Received A FULL Face Transplant Looks AMAZING!

A man who’s lived as a self-described “hermit” since a horrific 1997 accident now has a new lease on life. Back then, an accident with a gun took off Richard Norris’ entire jaw, his lips and his nose, leaving his face severely disfigured (above). He’s rarely gone out in public since then and when he did, he’d wear a surgical mask to hide his face so people wouldn’t stare. Now, he’s gotten his life back, after a huge surgery in March replacing both jaws, teeth, tongue and skin, along with nerve and muscle tissue from his scalp to his neck. It was a procedure that took 36 hours to complete, done by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Since March, doctors said that the right side of his face is at about 80 percent normal motor function and his left is at about 40. He has also regained the ability to smell and taste. “Richard is exceeding my expectations this soon after his surgery, and he deserves great deal of credit for the countless hours spent practicing his speech and strengthening his new facial muscles,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “He’s one of the most courageous and committed individuals I know.” It’s amazing what science is capable of these days! Check out the before and after in the gallery, and Richard’s statements below. Marisa Mendez

Health Tips

Nowadays everyone is about being healthy and organic. To some it is hard to find ways to keep healthy habits, thats what we are here for to make your life a little easier. Check out these easy health tips. Click below for more info Funk Flex

Exercise Addiction?

Who knew someone could be addicted to exercising, this 46 year old women dealt with her addiction for more than 20 years. Although it is healthy to exercise, too much can cause physical and mental harm. Click below for more info Funk Flex

Check Your Freezer Turkey Hill Recall

Someone on the production line made a mistake, Turkey Hill issued a voluntary recall due to the addition of coconut to their Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. Although some may consider coconut no threat a person could possibly have a lethal reaction. Thankfully the contaminated concoction is limited to the state of Pennsylvania. Click below to read more. Funk Flex

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