Study: Teens Who Smoke Weed Have ‘Poor Memory And Abnormal Brain Structures’??


Uh-oh! According to a study done by UK researchers, in turn leading to poor academic performance. Brainwaves seem to have been compared to those of teens with schizophrenia. Hit the jump for more details.

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(18+*Video) Whoa! Check Out These Women On A Quest To Have The World’s Largest Breast!!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

The whole video is about how women get these implants that exceed physics, at least that’s what I saw with the sound off, but it could be about something more…

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(Check The Pics!) Yaris Sanchez Has Truly Transformed Over The Years! She’s One Of The BADDEST!

Yaris Sanchez then & now

Yaris Sanchez has been on the scene for a few years, barely just 18-years-old when she started making a name for herself through modeling and dancing in music videos. Now at 22, she’s shed a lot of the baby weight she first had, has changed her hair and even her lifestyle dramatically, and thanks to Twitter and Instagram, we’ve all been able to watch the transformation. It really hit me when I saw the above right-side photo online yesterday…what a difference! She’s definitely one of the baddest in the game. Check out some of her then-and-now pics in the gallery and let us know if you agree!

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(Video) Man Makes The 1st Smart Finger!!


Talk about staying positive, After loosing his finger in a motorcycle accident, he decided he didn’t want to just replace his finger with a regular prosthetic, he wanted it to be useful. so he had a USB drive put into it!!

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(Video) Woman Discovers That Medical Marijuana Reduces The Effects Of Cerebral Palsy… But At What Cost?

IFWT_Medical Marijuana

Suffering from a severe stutter and –at times– unbearable pain due to cerebral palsy, Jacqueline Patterson of Kansas City, MO. discovered that weed helps. So far, in the United States, only 20 have allowed the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Inconveniently, Patterson’s state does not. Check what what this could mean for her after the jump.

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(Video) Fake Interpreter From Mandela Memorial Defends Himself….It’s Crazy!!


Finally after all the criticism and outrage the guy that stood on the stage in front of the world and lied with his hands has spoken out, and let me tell you, it’s possibly MORE ridiculous then the actual event!

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O-M-G! Fake Interpreter Has A History That Includes Murder & Rape Charges!


This is just unbelievable! Not only did he show face at the memorial for, Nelson Mandela, but “fake interpreter,” came out yesterday about his battle with schizophrenia. Wait, that’s not it – real name, Thamsanqa Jantjie has a heavy history of rape, murder and theft. Hit the jump for the deets.

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(Warning*18+*Video) LOL!! A Condom Commercial Made For Women!!

IFWT_Laughing Face

I thought the last condom commercial was funny, but this one is not only funny, but made the way women see safe sex!

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(Video) Wow! Ruben Studdard Lost 112 Pounds!


Remember Ruben from American Idol?! He made his way over to Wendy Williams Show to talk about his recent stint on The Biggest Loser, he went from from 462 lbs. to 358 lbs! He told her, “I most certainly [have a goal weight.] I want to be at my physical best by my next birthday which is September 12, 2014. I’ve never seen that. I played football in high school and college, so I’ve been in shape but I’ve never seen my body at its best.” He even admits that he’s at the gym every day, six days a week. He don’t work out on Sunday. He also ran a 5k a couple of weekends ago. Great motivation! See his video below!

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(Photos) She’s Still A Little…Off…But Amanda Bynes Is Doing Much Better!

Amanda Bynes applies makeup on a ride at Disneyland

Amanda Bynes was released last week from an extended stay at a mental health center, and though she’s doing much better, she still has a ways to go. Yesterday, the actress went out on a family trip to Disneyland (she’s under a tight guardianship until she’s at 100%, so they won’t be leaving her side), and she clearly had other priorities, as she was spotted rather amusingly trying to reapply her lipstick while on one of the rides. Hey, if the paparazzi are watching, you got to look good, right?

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