(Photos + Video) @Hot97’s @DJCamilo and @DJEnuff Tear Down Perfections With Floyd Mayweather, Lloyd Banks and More!!

Warning!! Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather flew out to the Big Apple to show Hot 97’s own DJ Camilo and DJ Enuff some love at Perfections and it was a ZOO!! Lloyd Banks came through to party it up and so did hundreds of other guests. The spot was packed!! Check out some footage and a few pics below. Funk Flex

(Video) Trey Songz at Hot 97 Funk Flex Show

Last night we posted the audio of Trey Songz on Funk Flex’s show, and now we have the video of Mr. Steal Your Girl and the Kingpin!! Watch it all go down below. Marisa Mendez

#IFWT Exclusive: Trey Songz Speaks About Joe Budden x Yaris Sanchez Tweets (Check the Pic!!)

Trey Songz stopped by Hot 97 today and the one question we had to ask…what was up with Joe Twitter-cuffin’ like that last month?! If you don’t recall, Joey checked Trey after he complimented his lady of the moment, Yaris Sanchez. Trigga said some pretty funny things regarding the exchange. Check out the interview and the sexy pic of Yaris that started the whole exchange below. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Check Out What @Itsthereal Found! A Hot 97 Playlist And Info Sheet From 1995!

Marisa and I spotted this tweet from @ItsTheReal this morning and we both thought it was dope! As you know Hot 97 has a schedule and a playlist each and every week. The tweet was a picture of a Hot 97 playlist and info sheet from 1995! The Hot 97 line-up and format has changed a bit over the years but a few radio hosts haven’t. Check out the playlist after the jump. Julie1205

(Photo) Guess Who Love’s @AngieMartinez The Most???

If you were really paying attention to Ang’s Show, you already know exactly what I’m talking about, But IF you don’t know, and desperately need to know, not a prob, just hit the Jump(even if you know, you’re gonna want to hit the Jump)!!! WZA on Google+

MediaTakeOut CEO Fred Mwangaguhunga Talks to Funk Flex About New Show and Gets Confronted By Photographer Johnny Nunez

Things got a little crazy when Mediatakeout CEO Fred Mwangaguhunga came by today to talk about his upcoming show on the site. Listen to how it all went down below!! Funk Flex Find Flex on Google+

(Video) Fred The Godson ft. Bobby Trends – Shake The Block Freestyle

Big Bronx goes in with a new freestyle video for Hot 97’s own Bobby Trends. Check it out below. Marisa Mendez

#IFWT Exclusive: @FrenchMontana x @ChinxDrugz “My Lifestyle” Hot 97 Freestyle

French & Chinx Drugz touches down on classic Fat Joe live on Hot 97 after the jump. Heavy BX!!! Funk Flex Find Flex on Google+

#IFWT Exclusive: 50 Cent Talks #SK Plans With Funk Flex

50 called into Funk Flex today to discuss what he’s doing with SK to give aide to Africa, and what we all can do as well to be a part. Find out details below. Funk Flex Find Flex on Google+

#IFWT Exclusive: @Common Freestyles on the Funk Flex Show on @Hot97

Common stopped by today to promote his new show “Hell on Wheels” coming to AMC, and kicked a mean freestyle while here. Take a listen below. Hard!! Funk Flex Find Flex on Google+

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