5 Reasons Bow Wow Is Relevant…& 5 Reasons He Needs To Take A Seat Immediately

I’m going to #KeepIt100. Our guy Bow Wow needs to just sit back, reflect and perhaps take a break from Twitter for a while…and music. And let’s be clear, all you people that can’t read properly…these are the words and opinions of ME, MARISA MENDEZ. Not Funk Flex. And let’s also be clear…his is NOT hate. Bow’s cool. I have “Fresh Azimiz”, “Like You”, “My Name Is”, “Thank You” and even a couple others in my iPod! But he still needs to have a seat. Now that we have that squared away, please proceed to the “read more” button for my reasoning. Marisa Mendez

Guest Blog: The TOP 5 Reasons Why Buying Followers is Desperate and Sad #KeepIt100

So you spent money to buy twitter followers. We get it. You want to make it seem like people give a shit about you. Truth: they really don’t. oldmanebro

(Video) Slaughterhouse Perform In NYC

Last night, InFlexWeTrust brought all 4 quarters of the Slaughter out to BB King’s in NYC with our very own Funk Flex on the wheels of steel. Get a recap of their power-packed performance below. welcome to: OUR HOUSE out Slaugust 28th. Ha! Marisa Mendez

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