Tech Talk Review: IFWT Goes Hands On The Jabra “Solemate” Wireless Portable Speaker!!!!

S/O the Boss Man Ebro on this Hook Up!!! Alright, I am Very Excited about this piece of Technology!! Jabra is shaking things up in the Audio world with the “Solemate” Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, ‘The Ultimate Portable Speaker’, and I got a chance to get my ‘hands on’ this bad boy, and I’m blown away about how Dope it is!!! Hit the Jump for the Goods!!! Wza

XXL Review: Slaughterhouse “Rips” InFlexWeTrust Concert At BB King’s In NYC

Last night, IFWT presented Slaughterhouse at BB Kings in NYC. XXL was in the building to catch the show, and served up their opinion of how the House Gang “ripped” it. Check out their review below. Funk Flex

Tech Talk Review: IFWT Puts Hands On The Retina Macbook Pro!!!!

O…k..k..k..I just figured since Love & Hip Hop ATL was running with Lil Scrappy, we could hear that…No, Ok Let’s move on. As you can See by the Pic above, the Apple Store is All about the NEW Retina Macbook Pro, So we went in to Chek it out!! Hit the Jump. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Review: Make Sure You Get The @Hot97 Summer Jam Channel On @TuneIn !!!!!

This is A Premium Radio App, and to be honest, I’m a little Jealous because I had this very same idea about a year ago, but they obviously were working on it longer than that, And could possibly put satellite radio out of business, and Give Terrestrial Radio a Great Advantage!!! Hit the Jump. Tat WZA

Tech Talk Review: So This Is How Nike+ Fuelband Keeps You Fit!!!!

I wasn’t sure, but I have to say, I really like the Nike+ Fuelband!! At 1st I was like ‘man this is just a scam, how can this thing make a difference’, But after using it, I see!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Music: Get Social With Songs You Love By Using, & Soundtracking!!!!

We Mos Def LOVE music here at #IFWT(Duhhhhh), And since I am all about Tech, I found 2 ways to get Social, musically, Have you heard of an App called Soundtracking?? And Klout just launched a Beta site called, Both are great for Sharing the music you love!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

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