Spanish Retrieve Long Lost Treasure.

Spanish cultural officials got their first look at the Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes treasure that last saw daylight in 1804. The 14.5 metric tons of treasure and wreckage found is worth an estimated $500 million dollars but the Spanish say the treasure is priceless comparing it to the “Mona Lisa.” The finders of the treasure hotly contested that they deserved to keep the treasure but courts ruled in the Spaniards favor who likened U.S. Salvage company to modern day pirates. Peru a country that found it’s independence in 1824 also made a claim to hault the treasure being handed over to the Spanish as it was the Western Seat of the Spanish empire but the judge ruled in the Spanish flavor. I guess winning wasn’t enough though as they are now petitioning to get the U.S. Salvage company to also pay for their court fees. Yikes. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Israel OK’s Construction On West Bank Settlement

The United Nations recognized Palestine Thursday as a non-member observing state in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In almost direct defiance of the United Nation’s recognition of Palestine, Israel plans to build housing settlements on the West Bank, and other areas that should be considered under Palestinian control. Israeli Officials were against the recognition of Palestine and maintain that any negotiation between the two parties would need to come with pre-conditions. Because of the construction Palestinian leaders refuse to negotiate with their Israeli counterparts, somebody needs to show these two how to share and play nice. Hit the Jump for more. PaulDaPro

China Lands First Jet On Aircraft Carrier

On Sunday China announced that it had landed it’s first fighter jet on an aircraft carrier. The US assesment is that it will be years before the aircraft carriers are battle ready for the Chinese, and no country other than the United States operates more than one. US officials believe that China will look to build up their fleet and capabilities over the next decade. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Pepsi Launches ‘Fat-Blocking’ Cola

Pepsi has launched a new version on it’s Japanese brand that claims it blocks fat using indigestible dextrin or dietary fiber. The brand pitched this as a healthy soda! Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

39 Reported Dead, 7 Buried Alive After 7.4 Earthquake Strikes!

A Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake rocked a small state in Guatemala leaving 39 dead and countless without homes. San Marcos, a mountain village 80 miles suffered most severely when 30 homes reportedly collapsed into rubble causing at least 7 people to be buried alive. Hit the Jump for more. Funk Flex

Private Island Retreats

Although some of us might not be able to afford to own a private island, we sure can afford to visit. If you had the chance, how would you know which one to visit? Here are some island suggestions. Click below for more info Funk Flex

Global Warming And Hurricanes

Earth is getting warmer! We all knew that, now climate scientist are saying that increasing sea levels due to global warming have increased Hurricanes all over the world. It has been said that Hurricanes like Katrina are more likely to happen in warm years like the ones we live in now. Natural disasters have been increasing, not saying that global warming should take all the blame but it does play a big part in this equation. Click below for more info Funk Flex

Hillary Clinton Takes Blame For Benghazi

“I take responsibility” said Hillary when talking to CNN about the attacks that took place September 11th on U.S consulate in Benghazi. Chris Stevens, the U.S ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans where killed in this attack. The secretary of state stated that her mission now is to make sure an attack like this never happens again. Click below for more info Funk Flex

Would You Accept An Apology 50 years Later?

Fifty years ago Pharmaceutical firm, Grunenthal, made a morning sickness drug that caused thousands of babies to be born with disabilities and birth defects. Only recently,after being pulled in 1961, they have made an apology. The head of a survivors’ group is saying that it is “not enough.” Read more below. Minosoar

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