Innocent Man Freed After 37 Years In Prison


Innocent Man Freed After 37 Years In Prison. Stories like this really makes me think about the amount of innocent people in jail or prison right now, knowing they did not commit the crime they’re being charged for but because no one else believes them, their lives are literally wasting away.

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(Video) Raekwon Recalls A Push Up Competition With ODB After Doing PCP


Raekwon Recalls A Push Up Competition With ODB After Doing PCP
Recalling one of his favorite memories with his fellow WU Tang Member Ol’ Dirty Bastard in an interview with 247HH, Raekwon the Chef retold a story about the whole Wu-Tang Clan and the crazy things they used to do together CLICK READ MORE !!

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(Video) In Prison for Lyrics, Rapper Says Prosecutors Are Trying to Eradicate Black Men

Rapper Faces Prison for Album Lyrics

50 Cent’s been quoted as saying “try not to say nothing the D.A. might want to play in court.” While some escape the target of the American justice system, many don’t, and now one San Diego artist is sounding off in loud defense. Quoted from his CNN interview Tiny Doo the Rapper Says California Prosecutors Are Trying to Eradicate Black Men and are using his music against him in court. He has no criminal record.

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Joey Badass Says Bishop Nehru Collaboration Is On The Way !


Joey Badass Says Bishop Nehru Collaboration Is On The Way

With the release of his debut studio album, B4.DA.$$ now officially behind him, Brooklyn, New York rapper Joey Bada$$ took time to answer questions from fans during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session yesterday (January 22).A handful of users asked the Pro Era lyricist about possible collaborations with his fellow artists. Joey confirmed that he’s been in talks with Raekwon, Method Man, and Tek of Smif-n-Wessun.

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OOOP! Did Jennifer Lopez Throw Shade At All Her Exes?!

_Jennifer Lopez

Wait…HOLD UP… Did Jennifer Lopez shade all her exes on Watch What Happens Live?
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(Video) TLC Talks Beef With Rihanna & Never Using Sex To Sell


TLC Talks Beef With Rihanna
TLC sat down with VladTV and talked bout the beef between them and the pop/hip hop superstar Rihanna. T-Boz spoke of reality stars selling sex for fame and attention claiming that TLC never had to do that to become the “Biggest Female Group of all time ” . The Legendary Hip Hop Group claims Rihanna was never the topic of discussion, but that her face was put up alongside the quote, making it appear that they were speaking negatively about the singer. CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS AND VIDEO ! ALSO WATCH HOW RIHANNA CLAPPED BACK !

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(Video) Master P Explains How Independent Rappers Can Make Money!


Rapper Master P knows a thing or two on how independent artists in the game can make a hefty lump sum off music. He recently sat down with Baltimore’s iiKane of 92.3 FM to break down the process of how independent rappers can start bringing in some serious dough without being signed to a major label. Click below to get the interview!

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(Video) 2 Chainz Talks Heated Marijuana Debate With Nancy Grace, Running For Mayor & More


Rapper 2 Chainz recently got into an extremely heated debate on national television with TV show host Nancy Grace in regards to the legalization of Marijuana. He left the World Wide Web by storm due to the fact his arguments were SO well thought out and educated, revealing there might be a rematch. The “Bandz” artist stopped by Hot 107.9 to discuss the debate, his interest in running for mayor, TRUjackcity and much more. Get into the full interview below. Would you vote for Mr. Hair Weave Killa to be your next mayor?

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(Video) Joey Bada$$ Talks Malia Obama Situation & How He Handles The Media On ‘Sway In The Morning’


After releasing his long-anticipated album B4.Da.$$ on his 20th birthday just a few days ago, Pro-Era’s own Joey Bada$$ stopped by Sway In The Morning to chop it up about a plethora of different things. He brought light to the situation with Malia Obama, explains how he handles responding to the negative things the media has to say and even touches on people calling him an “anti-white marxist.” Get into the full interview with Sway x Joey Bada$$ below. Also– make sure to B4. Da. $$ available via iTunes now.

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(Video) 50 Cent Addresses SBOE Affiliate Chain Snatch

50 Cent Addresses SBOE Affiliate Chain Snatch

50 Cent Addresses SBOE Affiliate Chain Snatch to cap off what’s been a sizzling and public beef with Slowbucks since 2014 and the noted “0 to 300″ G-Unit diss track.

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