MGK On Macklemore: “Me & Macklemore Exist In Two Different Worlds”


Cleveland Bad Boy Machine Gun Kelly clarifies his “race is not an issue” comments he made to TMZ last week about Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” single during an exclusive interview with Billboard. Hit the jump to read what MGK had to say about his fellow “white rapper” comrade regarding his remarks.

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Mariah Carey Praises Rihanna In New Interview + Says She Hasn’t Heard Adele’s “Hello”

ifwt_Rihanna x Mariah Carey

Rihanna has always praised Mariah Carey as one of her biggest influences, so she will be delighted to hear the kind things Mimi said about her in her latest interview!

Chatting with the Breakfast Xpress morning show in South Africa, a high-spirited Mariah spoke on her recent engagement (though declining to give details on how it happened, as she wants to keep the moment personal,) loving Scandal and more, and even throws a little shade the Kardashians’ way as she changes the subject when they’re brought up. As for Rih, Mariah said she’s “cool, amazing and really talented,” adding that she loves her. How sweet!

On Adele, she said that she hasn’t heard her smash hit “Hello,” simply because she’s focused on her own music. It’s no shade to her at all, though, because it’s long been known that Mariah does not listen to the radio, so add that with the likelihood that she’s not on social media much either (since she probably has a team that run her accounts for her,) and it’s quite easy to not have heard it!

Check out the full interview below.

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Tyga On Privacy: “I Only Like People To Know What I Want Them To Know”


Rapper, Tyga recently covered DuJour magazine and opened up about being thrown into the spotlight after revealing to the world he was dating 18 year-old, Kylie Jenner. Their whirlwind romance has been the center of trending topics for quite some time now, however Tyga revealed he still would like to keep his life private. Throughout the interview he explained that he tries to channel Tupac when choosing what he shares with the world.

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(Video) Nas Talks Upcoming Film ‘The Land’ With MGK & Erykah Badu

ifwt_Erykah x MGK x Nas

As previously reported, Nas is the executive producer of and curating the soundtrack for The Land, an upcoming film about Cleveland that stars Machine Gun Kelly, Erykah Badu and more. After the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend, the legendary Queens rapper sat down with Revolt TV to share some more details on what to expect.

“Lots of good talent in the film,” Nas said. “It’s based in Cleveland, in the hoods of Cleveland. … The timing worked out impeccably. So it’s just like living the life right now.”

The Land will focus on four skateboarders from the 216, and their trials and tribulations as they moonlight as drug dealers. Will you be checking for this when it drops?

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(Video) Kevin Gates Talks His New Album ‘Islah’ & Reveals Why He Doesn’t Like Promo

ifwt_kevin Gates2

Kevin Gates recently sat down with Rolling Stone to give some interesting insights into his forthcoming album, Islah. He expresses why he is not a fan of promo along with the reasoning behind him not having any features on his latest project.

Get into the full interview below to hear what Kevin Gates had to say!

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(Video) Majid Jordan Talk Meeting Drake, New Album, + More On Ebro In The Morning


Not much is known about Majid Jordan except that they are signed to Drake’s label and that their debut self-titled album is dropping on Friday. Earlier today they sat down with Ebro for one of their first radio interviews. During the interview they discussed numerous topics from, how they met Drake, working with Drake, their upcoming album and more. Watch the interview after the jump.

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Big Daddy Kane Reacts To Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “White Privilege II”


During an interview with The Source, Big Daddy Kane had listened to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ latest social message song in “White Privilege II”, before giving his comments on the song and white privilege as a whole. Hit the jump for what the hip-hop legend had to say.

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(Video) Martin Shkreli Speaks On Raising Drug Prices And Being The World’s Villain


In case you are unfamiliar with Martin Shkreli, he’s the guy who bought Wu Tang Clan’s latest one copy album – Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. Oh, and he’s also the guy was raised the price of drugs to help treat AIDS by 5000%. Here’s an in depth interview below on Shkreli – and his choices. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Jermaine Dupri Talks The ATL Hip-Hop Scene & Reveals He Doesn’t Speak To Janet Jackson


Jermaine Dupri has played a huge role in the Hip-Hop game since the 90s and he is still making power moves in the industry.

He recently had a sit-down with the Ebro In The Morning crew over at Hot 97 to discuss the current rap scene in Atlanta, how the word “legend” bothers him plus much more. He also revealed that he and Janet Jackson do not speak anymore.. at all!

Get into the full interview below.

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(Video) Lil Wayne Speaks Out On His Trukfit Clothing Line


From rap to fashion, Lil Wayne has been one of the most influential rappers of our time for numerous reasons.

In a recent sit-down with Nice Kicks, Weezy F Baby gives us an insight into his Trukfit clothing line that has become extremely popular, his fashion history, his interest in skateboard fashion and so on.

Get into the full interview below!

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