(Video) Breaking It Down: Dr. Boyce Watkins Explains Mental Enslavement

"New Slaves" projection

Dr. Boyce Watkins spoke with DJ Vlad about the differences between the rich and poor in America; which led to a discussion about making sound financial decisions, American economics, marketing, and mental enslavement. Check out the video!

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(Video) Ja Rule Stumbling All Over His Words On FOX..Says Jeb Bush Is A Good Candidate

Ja Rule

Ja Rule had a chance to represent Hip Hop culture, and himself, in a positive and intellectual way for the viewers of Fox News. He was briefly interviewed by Melissa Francis, during her business segment, and it looks like his nerves got the best of him. Ja stumbled over his words, stating the obvious about the situation in Baltimore, had no insight as to why he was backing the financial product he’s endorsing, and even gave Jeb Bush a shout-out. People are angry about this. Watch the video!

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Amber Rose Addresses Machine Gun Kelly Rumors

Machine Gun Kelly x Amber Rose

Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly were spotted out in New York City holding hands and looking quite cozy last week, but we haven’t heard too much about the pair since. It was definitely an eyebrow-raising moment considering that MGK was once pretty tight with Wiz, but it looks like this might be the real deal!

In a new interview with XXL about her forthcoming movie Sister Code (out tomorrow,) Amber was asked about the “Wild Boy” rapper, and she had the following to say:

“We’re enjoying each other’s company.”

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa Talks Putting Kendrick On, “See You Again” vs.”Black & Yellow” & More

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has been a highly talked about member of the rap game for quite some time, whether it be for his music or his personal relationship issues. The Taylor Gang front man recently chopped it up with MTV to take a little walk down memory lane to reminisce about his past summer tours, “See You Again” vs. “Black & Yellow,” collabing with PARTYNEXTDOOR and putting Kendrick and Mac Miller on.

“Every last one of my summer tours: ten, ten, ten, ten, ten,” Wiz said. “Mac Miller was awesome. A lot of people don’t remember that I took Kendrick [Lamar] on tour with me. Give me some credit for that,” Wiz says about giving Mac and Kendrick some shine in the industry.

When talking about taking over the Billboard charts not once but twice with “See You Again,” which was on the Furious 7 soundtrack, and his first real hit “Black & Yellow,” he explains how he transitioned throughout the years. “When I did ‘Black & Yellow’ I was kind of unknown, chilling, on the rise and then boom, a number one record. Then I had all these opportunities in front of me,” he said, before comparing it to his recent number-one hit “See You Again.” “Then a lot of time went on. It wasn’t like I just came out with another number one right away…now I have a lot of other opportunities.”

Get into the full interview with Wiz below!

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(Video) Waka Flocka Flame Talks Collabing With PornHub, Doing EDM & Being A Rap Trendsetter


Waka Flocka Flame is one of the most interesting rappers in the game for a variety of reasons, and this interview just further more proves it. He recently sat down with #CivilTV to discuss him being a trendsetter in the rap game, his collaboration with the popular XXX site PornHub, dipping into the EDM world, having kids of his own with his wife Tammy Rivera, Flockaveli 2 and much, much more. Oh, let’s not forget the fact Waka is running for president in 2016… (LOL!) Will Waka get your vote to run the country next or naw?!

Get into the full interview below. BRRIIICCKKKK SSQQQUUUAAAADDDDDD!

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Tink Talks Being A Feminist Artist And Why She Was Influenced By Nicki Minaj


The 19-year-old Chicago native has been making splashes for a while now, splashes that include five mixtapes; two of which are Winter’s Diary 1 & 2. However, the “Ratchet Commandments” artist is really causing the noise with the big guy in charge, Timbaland. It’s time to make even bigger moves.

During a sit-down with NY Mag, Tink talks being a feminist artist and the influence that Nicki Minaj – another female rapper of course – had on her when choosing to rap.

Check it out after the jump.

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(Video) Fetty Wap & His Mom Explain His Eye In More Detail (Plus – Find Out How The Drake Collab Came About!)

Fetty Wap x TMZ

As he was leaving Fallon last night, TMZ cameras stopped Fetty Wap, and asked him about his eye. Though he’s already explained why he only has one, Fetty included some new details we haven’t heard before, and Mama Wap was there to co-sign. (He’s also speaking SO much clearer than he has in previous interviews – a sign of what was likely some lovely media training!)

He also spoke with FADER yesterday, and explained how the Drake collab came about:

Drake reached out through Instagram, Fetty said. “He sent me a DM, and I sent him my number. When I landed from Tampa a couple of days ago, and as soon as I landed and turned my phone off of airplane mode, he was FaceTiming from DC where he was playing ‘My Way’ at a club. He was like, ‘Yo, I want to cut the record tonight.’ Next thing I know, I checked my email and it was there.”

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(Video) Miguel Talks His Long-Term Relationship, Working With Pharrell & Upcoming Album


R&B heart-throb Miguel passed by the Hot 97 studios to chop it up with Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg on Ebro In The Morning. The “Adorn” artist spoke out about his long-term relationship that he has been in for quite some time, working with Pharrell and Premo for his latest album entitled Wildheart, new visuals coming along with the project and much, much more. ” Visually I wanted to do something really different for this album,” says Miguel on his forthcoming album. “For the last album I didn’t really get to flesh out the visuals the way I wanted to.”

Get into the full interview with Miguel and the Hot 97 Morning Show team below!

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Bobby Shmurda Talks To New York Magazine From Rikers

Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda is still behind bars at Rikers Island, awaiting his trial this June.

New York Magazine recently spoke with the “Hot N*gga” rapper for a piece they’ve dubbed “Hot Shmurda,” and in it, Bobby speaks on his disdain for his label once again, the letters and offers he’s received and more.

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(Video) A Healthy Dose Of Truth: Chris Hayes Talks About Problems In The “White Community”


This is a must watch! Chris Hayes uses a creative method of showing how unfairly media depicts the “black community” when choosing what to report, and even more so when choosing how to report it. He touches on sensitive topics like why “White On White Crime” (which does exist), is something we barely ever hear about in the news; yet, “Black On Black Crime” is reported daily and the term has become a common and familiar phrase. This coming after the coverage and scrutiny of African Americans displaying justifiably outrage; and lack thereof in regards to White American’s who riot for illegitimate reasons. Watch the full video for yourself!

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