(Photo) Kicks: Melo & CP3 Air Jordan 1 PE Release Info!


For a while we have been saying that Jordan brand will be releasing PE kicks we knew it was coming but we didn’t know when but now all that is about to change the first PE kicks that are set to release are the Air Jordan 1 Melo & the Air Jordan 1 CP3. We have reported detailed images of both kicks but we didn’t have a release date but now we have official release dates for both Air Jordan 1 PE kicks the Melo & CP3 Air Jordan 1 kicks are set to release on December 20th retail is set to be $130.00 MSRP!. Which one will you be copping? Peep the gallery for full detailed images of the Air Jordan 1 Melo & CP3 Jordan PE After The Jump…

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(Photo) Kicks: Burn Rubber x New Balance 572 Vernors Ginger Ale Collab!


Here is the latest collab from Detroit based boutique Burn Rubber they have collab with New Balance to bring us another dope collab here is the Burn Rubber x New Balance 572 Vernors collab the inspiration of this collab comes from soft drink Vernors the Vernors soft drink was created by pharmacist James Vernor in 1866 Vernors is the oldest Gingeral brand in the united states. This New Balance 572 sneaker has an Green upper with yellow accents to represent the can of Vernors Gingerale. Completing the sneaker you have Green midsole with yellow speckles & a little bit of white followed by a gum bottom sole & Gingerly printed insoles. This sneaker is set to release on November 29th exclusively at Burn Rubber stores. Peep the gallery for full detailed images of the Burn Rubber x New Balance 572 Vernors Sneaker After The Jump…

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(Photo) LOL! Cam’Ron Has Idea For Lifetime’s Next Movie


My G Cam is so funny! After Lifetime taking plenty of heat over Aaliyah’s Biopic that aired this weekend, with Timbaland leading the charge, everybody’s got a comment, and Cam might have the best one!

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(Photos) Amanda Bynes Catches Another ‘L’ & Gets Kicked Out Of VIP In LA Club By Which Celeb?

IFWT_Amanda Bynes & Paris Beef 3

Poor Amanda. A club is the LAST place she needs to be, but according to sources she and a male friend made their way to 1OAK in L.A. where Amanda ended up having it out with a fellow celebrity, where she was then removed from VIP. Not only was the mentally ill star caught on record plotting out ways to kill her parents… then publicly came out and said it was a joke. Yeah…until someone winds up murdered. Now she’s also a social pariah amongst her peers. See which celeb told Amanda “You can’t sit with us” inside.

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(Photos) Meet The Fergusons….Solange & Alan’s Big Wedding Day Portraits Revealed

Awww congrats are definitely in order as Solange Knowles(28) and Alan Ferguson who have now made it official after tying the knot in front of their families in the N.O. in a tastefully done all white celebration. Everyone was in attendance for the big day with the exception of Kelly. See shots of the bride, groom, and their royal court inside.

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(Photos) Migos Member Chain Stolen-Chief Keef And GBE Might Have It

Migos x The FADER

Looks like the feud between Migos and GBE isn’t over. You may remember about a week ago, Migos confronted a GBE member, Capo, at an Olive Garden in ChiRaq, and although a punch was thrown, the GBE member got away virtually unscathed, then a war of word erupted on social media. Now we’re her, with a Migos Member Chain Stolen.

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(Photos) Jay Z Wears All White Tux At Solange’s Wedding

Jay Z

Solange Knowles got married this morning in New Orleans, and yes Hov was in the building! Now this isn’t too surprising as they’ve been spotted together since the elevator incident, but is it a sign the Jay Z Wears All White Tux?

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(Video) Timbaland Upset About Aaliyah Lifetime Movie


If any body has the right to complain, it’s Timbo, that’s right, Timbaland Upset About Aaliyah Lifetime Movie that premiered last night, and it seems some fans were not too happy with it either, they rode out with Aaliyah’s official producer, and it seems it was mostly because it was a lifetime movie, instead of an actual big production.

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(18+ Video) Confessions Of A THOT: Girl Throws Tantrum For The D While On Probation

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

L-M-A-O, this Girl Throws Tantrum literally for some of that good ol ‘eggplant’ while on probation, I mean she looses it! Here’s the irony, she confesses she got on probation for indecent exposure, and continues to cry over the D, but if she wouldn’t have been stressing the D in public in the first place, she could be getting it right now.

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(Video) Tammy Rivera Almost Pops Out Of Her Top

IFWT_Tammy Rivera Almost Pops Out Of Her Top 1

Whoa…Wacka is one lucky a** dude! Tammy Rivera Almost Pops Out Of Her Top while out in an ATL club, and boy this woman mos def has a top to be popping out of!!

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