(Video) WOW! A$AP Rocky Almost Chose Retail Over Rap!

On Saturday morning, superstar rapper A$AP Rocky braved the snowstorm the North East was facing and made his way to the National Black Theater in Harlem to talk to the young men and women of the non-profit organization, Youth At Risk. Sitting down with media personality/Youth At Risk mentor Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia, Rocky talked to the kids in a Q&A format, giving advice on how to pursue your dreams, avoid taking the wrong path, finding what’s right for YOU and more. What was really amazing about the hour-long chat was when they opened the floor for questions from the kids, Rocky truly wanted to get to know each and every one of them, and even urged the organization’s owner to allow more questions. Though he may be living a lavish life of world tours and expensive designer gear now, Rocky grew up in shelters just like the kids he was talking to. One story he told really stuck out to me, and I wanted to share it with our readers: did you know he almost chose to work at a retail store over signing his record deal with RCA in 2011?! Below, Rocky explains how negative thoughts almost pushed him in the wrong direction, but he ultimately made the right decision…and the rest is history!

(Photos) Joe Budden Exchanges Words With Stripper At Starlets & Gets Her Kicked Out; Stripper Reacts On Twitter

It seems like about once a year, Joe Budden is getting women kicked out of places. Remember the concert last year? LOL. (In his defense, she definitely deserved it. I’ll let you decide for yourself about today’s situation, though.) Last night, Joe linked up with 3 of his female friends for one of his favorite pastimes: hitting the strip club. The crew went to Starlets in Queens, a popular spot in the area, though not Joey’s usual stomping ground of Sin City. Things appeared to be going just fine, when one of the ladies that worked there got a bit too excited over one of Joey’s ladies. After attempting to grab the butt of the woman on the far right of the above photo, Joe quickly got protective and let the stripper know not to try that again. Getting angry, the stripper came at Joe and a few words were exchanged before security was called and she was promptly escorted directly out of the paint. Whether she’s been “fired” (according to Joe) or just removed for the night (according to her) remains to be seen. Reading the woman’s timeline, you can see she’s….well, she’s not the classiest thing walking. And no disrespect (which means this is going to be full of disrespect, LOL), she’s not the cutest thing either. I have quite a feeling that if she was more easy on the eyes, the booty grab wouldn’t have been an issue. In fact, it probably would have been welcomed. I mean, it’s a…

Why Are We Glorifying This? ‘Sharkeisha’ Video Is A Scary Testament To Today’s Society Striving For “Worldstar Fame”

All morning, I saw my timeline discussing a “Sharkeisha” and her Mortal Kombat-like moves. I had no idea who they were referring to, or why, but I knew it had to be some sort of viral video. When I finally decided to ask my followers, I was disgusted at what I was shown: a teenaged girl brutally attacking another girl, while a group of their friends looked on…filming for the internet.

(Photos) Blast From The Past: 15 Things From The 90’s We Still Wish Were Around!

Born in the middle of ’87, I grew up a total child of the 90s, as did many of my friends and peers. Throwback Thursday always has me reminiscing about the days way back when, and as I sit here watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on this flight to L.A., it got me thinking about the classic shows and toys we had then, which seem so much better than some of the junk today! Throw it back with 15 of my favorite 90s items in the gallery!

(Photos) DAMN! Maliah Michel Puts Sean Kingston On BLAST For Saying He Hit It

Fellas: lying and saying you hit it when you didn’t will never end well. Sean Kingston has officially been put on blast by exotic dancer/video vixen Maliah Michel, after a recent interview alleging he got the goods surfaced, followed by an incident on set of a music video. Here’s the deal: Sean and Maliah have been kicking it heavy for over a year. Some sites reported they were dating, others that they were just friends (despite Maliah accompanying Sean to award shows, games, even bringing her family and his family together for the holidays), but one thing Maliah always did make clear was that she is celibate. Last month, Sean sat down with ThisIs50 to talk music and whatever else he has going on. During the chat, he basically said he tricks on Maliah and that he’s hit it, and naturally, that didn’t go over well with the Southern belle. To add insult to injury, she and Sean had also recently gotten into it on set of his video that she’d agreed to appear in, when the singer came up $3500 short of her agreed-upon $4000 fee. Sean’s mother apparently ended up paying Maliah the rest of the money owed, but the check was supposed to be coming from the label, so she was still rather perplexed as to why it was even an issue. With all of this coming to a head, Maliah decided to put Sean on blast via Twitter, and he then took it to…

(Photos + Videos) Machine Gun Kelly Brings Out Steve-O For “Wild Boy” In Atlantic City

If you know nothing else from Bad Boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly, you know “Yeah, b*tch! Yeah, b*tch! Call me Steve-O! I’m a wild boy, I’m a, I’m a wild boy!” It’s been two years in the making, but on Friday night, MGK and “Jackass” star Steve-O were finally in the same place at the same time for a live performance of Kels’ breakout hit “Wild Boy” together. On stage at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ, Steve-O surprised the packed house and even crowd-surfed during the performance (and lost his shoes, LOL.) After the show was over, MGK and his crew celebrated the one-year anniversary of his debut album Lace Up, as well as the birthdays of his drummer Rook, his hypeman Slim and his road manager Dre…all thanks to a DOPE cake from IFWT family Julie and Judicke’s Bakery in Bayonne, NJ. Check out video of Steve-O below and pics of the celebration and more in the gallery.

Uh-Oh! Future DROPPED From Drake’s Tour…And Guess Which Up-And-Comer May Replace Him!

Ooh, this is crazy! Drake announced his “Would You Like A Tour?” tour earlier this summer, with opening acts Miguel and Future. Back in 2011, Future and Drake had a little bit of tension, after Future couldn’t get Drizzy to appear in the video for “Tony Montana,” despite the fact Drake had hopped on the remix. The two later made amends though, and have since collaborated on other songs and videos, leading to having Future on this tour. Unfortunately, things aren’t going too well any longer! Details below.

(Photos) Meek Mill’s Son’s Mother Opens Up About Their Breakup

Relationships are work enough in themselves, so one can only imagine how many times that’s magnified by when you add being famous into the mix. Meek Mill and his son’s mother Fahima were together way before he cut the braids off, and attempted to weather the storm as his celebrity began to rise, but finally called it quits right around the time his debut album Dreams & Nightmares hit stores. So what exactly went wrong? There were reports on the web for a while of a romance with Rihanna, but he quickly shut that down, telling interviewers he had someone back home. However, it seems stories like this and more were what ultimately split him and Fahdy apart. Taking to her Instagram just a little while ago, the Philadelphia native shared some insight on why they split, and why she’s happier now than ever. I am so thoroughly impressed, because it takes a strong woman to do what she did! Check out what she said in the gallery.

(Photos) 10 Rappers & Their Non-Famous Baby Mamas! (Meek Mill, Machine Gun Kelly, 2 Chainz & More!)

While some of our favorite rappers often post photos of their adorable children, they tend to stay away from sharing pics of the children’s mothers. I mean, it makes sense…9 out of 10 times they’re no longer together, so what is the purpose of posting photos of an ex? I’m sure a lot of you are curious as to the caliber of women these guys had before the money and the fame, so since I had nothing but time on my hands this lovely Monday morning, I’ve put together a gallery of 10 of the most popular rappers right now, their cute kids and their not-so-famous exes. You’re welcome!

The War Continues! Rihanna Responds To Teyana Taylor; BFF Melissa Forde Jumps In

A little while ago, Teyana Taylor started going in on Rihanna on Twitter (directly @’ing her) as a result of a shady video Rih had posted late last night. The video was of Rih’s gay stylist, rocking a curly wig and a snapback and singing a portion of “Caught In The Rapture,” which would be all cool…if Teyana didn’t post the same exact video (sans the wig, since her hair is already curly) a couple weeks back. (You can watch the videos here.) Now Rihanna and her BFF Melissa are responding to Teyana’s tweets, and things are getting cray-cray! Though Rih still won’t @ Teyana, Melissa surely is and words are becoming more heated by the moment. Not missing an opportunity for promo (seeing as though the whole world appears to be watching this beef go down,) Tey’s publicist made sure to plug her projects on his timeline, along with mentioning that Teyana’s debut single drops next month. Hmm…could this be the reason Rih is taking aim? Fear of a little competition? What do y’all think? Check out the tweets in the gallery and let us know!

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