(Video) Problem Talks Girls, Music, Upcoming Projects & More

Problem x Marisa Mendez

Problem is making quite a name for himself in the rap game, having amassed collaborations with big names like Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and more in recent months. Having nabbed not one but two spots on the #FunkFlexMixtape, Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?, (“Let The Blunt Go” with Chris Brown and “All I See,”) I wanted to sit down for a chat with the Germany-born, California raised MC while he was in town for his very first show in the Big Apple. Get to know Problem a little better below.

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(Photos) The Best Drake Memes Of That Crazy Outfit! [And The Origin Of The Photo]

The original photo

Last night, Instagram was going CRAZY with Photoshopped photos of Drake…and it was hilarious! The picture of Drake is from the set of “No New Friends,” a recent video shoot with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. The reason the photo is so funny is because Drizzy is dressed like he’s straight out of the 90′s…Dada and Timberland…and his pose makes it all the more better. Since the original photo surfaced last week some time, people have been super-imposing Drake into various funny photos, but last night, people took it to the next level. Blame it on Sunday boredom! Check out some of my favorite ones in the gallery!

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The Latest In The Chris Brown x Rihanna Saga!


Rihanna and Chris Brown just can’t seem to get it right. The pair haven’t exactly had smooth sailing since their reunion of sorts in 2012, and the waves continue to roll as they make their way through 2013. Though the root issue isn’t quite known right now, Chris and Rihanna seem to be having a bit of a social network war at the moment, beginning with Rihanna’s decision to follow her former flame…and Chris’ arch nemesis…Drake on Instagram. Now could this be the reason behind her and Chris’ issues? Perhaps, but it’s more than likely in retaliation to whatever bigger issue occurred behind closed doors. It’s definitely a major slap in the face to Chris, who was just dissed left and right by Drake during a very recent radio interview in NYC. To get back at Rih, he decided to unfollow her on Twitter (though she’s still following him.) Not to be one-upped, Rihanna went to the club that same night, and was photographed getting kissy-faced with a mystery man…a very good looking one, at that.

Their ages absolutely play a factor in this, as Chris and Rihanna are 23 and 25 respectively, so perhaps the pair just need to relax for a while and focus on their lives being single. The fact Rihanna has tour dates across the world that extend through the summer, combined with the fact Chris has a new album dropping in July (which means major promo and touring

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IFWT Wishes Melissa Joan Hart A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Melissa!

You guys know I loveee me some Melissa Joan Hart! Even why I named my section on IFWT after her first show! LOL! Happy birthday, girl! We wish you many more!

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(Photos) Rihanna vs. Ciara, Round 1 Zillion…This Time It Gets Extra Shady!

Rihanna & Ciara

Where are we in the Rihanna vs. Ciara debacle? I’ll break it down. This feud stems from early 2011, when Ciara made a comment about Rihanna’s style on an episode of Fashion Police. This led to a brief Twitter war, but the ladies later patched it up. Seemingly out of nowhere, Rihanna brought it back up last month in a photo she posted on Instagram. It left room for interpretation, though, and Ciara didn’t think much of it. After a while, it DID seem to look like it was shade thrown, so Ci sort of addressed it during a radio interview. A month later, she spoke on it again, and Rihanna responded via a funny Instagram comment. That brings us to now. Get the update below!

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The-Dream Chooses Not To Work With Keyshia Cole Over Beyonce Diss; Keyshia Responds

The Dream vs Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole’s outspoken comments have burnt a bridge for her, and this may be one that could cost her some money! Nothing directly, of course, but more like preventing her from making some money in the future. The singer had taken to Twitter last month to speak her mind about Beyonce’s new track “Bow Down,” expressing her distaste for the song. “First women ‘need to stick together’ now b*tches better Bow,” she wrote. “Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the sh*t. But when I speak my mind it’s a prob. #well #staymad.” Apparently this didn’t go over very well with The-Dream, the man behind the song. In a recent interview, he explained that it wasn’t in his best interest to work with her any longer. I guess some of her fans went crazy in his mentions after that, and he decided to take to Twitter to discuss a little more. Keyshia then responded. Check out their exchange in the gallery.

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Damn, Lil Wayne’s Estimated First Week Sales Are No Where NEAR His Last Album

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s Carter IV didn’t SEEM like it had a crazy buzz back in 2011, and many wondered if it would live up to the album that truly solidified Wayne’s spot in the game, Tha Carter III. The latter sold one million copies in its first week in 2008, something that was not being done at the time with the way record sales were going…especially with a rapper. But lo and behold, Wayne pushed 964k of C4, just a few units short of a milli. Now, what about his latest offering? Unfortunately, it’s not going to fare so well. It could be the lack of a strong single, as “No Worries” has been in rotation since last summer. Maybe it’s his health issues preventing him from promoting it the right way? Maybe it’s that the fans just really identify with the Carter series…being that his 2010 release, I Am Not A Human Being, only sold 110k copies the first week. However, Wayne was behind bars at that time and could do nothing to promote it, on top of the fact it was only released online, and not in stores until about 2 weeks later. So, how much will I Am Not A Human Being II do? Find out the current sales projections below!

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(Photos) A Detailed Look Back At Kim K. & Her Exes…From Nick Cannon to Ray J, Kris & More

The pair allegedly had a tryst in 2010 or 2011 that led to the breakup of Ye and model Amber Rose, though that hasn't been 100% confirmed. They're clearly together now, though!

Kim Kardashian has finally found “the one” (hopefully) with Kanye West, but it took her many tries to get there. So, just to remind you all that if at first you don’t succeed to try, try again…I decided take a look back at all of her past relationships. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince! Take a walk down memory lane with Kimmy and her former flames in the gallery.

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(Video) Kaylin Garcia Opens Up About Joe Budden, Her Past, Her Future Plans & More!

Kaylin Garcia & Marisa Mendez

Kaylin Garcia has been one of the most talked about cast members on Vh1′s Love & Hip-Hop…but yet, we actually never heard much from her. In fact, all outsiders really know is that she’s romantically linked to Joe Budden and she takes a mean Instagram photo. With all the rumors surrounding her past and her relationship with Joe, I decided to sit down with the Miami native and get her take on everything that’s going on. If the writing on her shirt is any indication of how she’s feeling, it seems like the alleged “love-triangle” isn’t taking its toll on her one bit. Find out what she says about Joey, her future plans and more below!

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(Photos) LMAO! Check Out What Joe Budden Wears To Bed While In The Poconos

The view from the house in the Poconos

Over the weekend, Joe Budden stepped away from the drama and headed out to the Poconos for a little R&R. Gathering his boo Kaylin, the coolest blogger in the history of the planet Marisa Mendez, Twitter favorite Officially Ice and a handful of his closest friends, the New Jersey rapper called the snowy mountains of PA home for President’s Day weekend. All the typical components were in place: hot cocoa, alcohol, skiing, snowboarding, board games, Taboo, cards, food, hookah…you get the idea. But one component that’s not so typical on a 32-year-old rapper? Footie pajamas! LMAO! Check out Joey’s amazing choice of nightwear in the gallery, along with some more pics from the trip. Definitely a great weekend!

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