(Fellas Check The Pics!) Joe Budden Hits Six Flags With A Mystery Woman & She’s BAD! Find Out Who She Is!

Joe Budden & Mia at Six Flags [cropped]

Joe Budden STAYS with a bad chick. Save for Somaya Reece (you get a pass for that one…playas f*ck up too, homie), the rapper/reality star’s track record when it comes to women is flawless. Gloria Velez, Tahiry Jose, Esther Baxter, Yaris Sanchez, Kaylin Garcia…his resume speaks for itself. Recently, Joey has been posting pics with a new lady on his side, but that’s not to say this is a romantic interest. The “friends” Joe has around him are often just as bad as his main squeezes. So for now, we can classify shorty as just a friend…even though his recent tweets may seem to allude to a few benefits thrown in there. “Almost time to see what up w that “Jaw & Order” tho….. & she OENO,” Joe joked late last night. “In bed about to see what’s good w “Raw & Order”,” was another gem on his timeline. Who knows if he’s being serious or not, or if he’s even referring to the woman above, but one thing we do know…she’s fly! A little digging helped me find out her name is Mia, and she hails from Miami, by way of Toronto. Not sure how long she’s up this way for, but while she’s here, it seems like she’s enjoying the company of Mr. Budden! Check out some pics in the gallery. I’ll let y’all find her Instagram on your own. Ha!

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Chris Brown Wants Us To Forgive Him For His Incident With Rihanna In 2009….Do You Think We Should?

Chris Brown & Rihanna

We all make mistakes. Some bigger than others, but still, a mistake nonetheless that can be used as a learning experience if we are sure not to repeat them. When I was younger, I did a whole bunch of things I now wish I would have done quite differently. I dated the most ain’t ISH man ever for an entire year because he looked like my favorite rapper. LMAO! Of course I’d take that back if I could, but I can’t, so I learned from it, I moved on, and now I move a whole lot smarter. Fortunately for me, I only lived that experience out in front of handfuls of my college friends, a majority of whom I’m not even in contact with now. So, I’m not forced to relive the experience and the pain and the embarrassment (I’m telling you, he wasn’t ISH!) over and over….much like Chris Brown is.

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(Photos) A Look Inside The New Season Of Wild’N Out Premiering TONIGHT…Some Of Your Favorite Models & Entertainers!

2 Chainz & the Wild'N Out girls

Wild’N Out back! Though it’s been off the air for a minute now, Nick Cannon and his popular improv show Wild’N Out is back, set to premiere on MTV 2 TONIGHT at 11pm EST. Previously shot in L.A., the whole season was shot in NYC over the course of two weeks earlier this year, and it was chock FULL of celebrities and models galore! IFWT favorites like Rosa Acosta, Sasha Delvalle, Sheneka Adams, Brittany Dailey and more have been recruited as the Wild’N Out girls, and artists like Joe Budden, French Montana, A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller and many more were spotted on set as the special guests. No Katt Williams in site, however! Check out some pics via Instagram in the gallery. Special thanks to Jamal for having me on set!

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What We’ve Learned About Jay-Z Today…So Far


Jay-Z surprised us all when he began a replying spree on Twitter earlier today, but the best part is…he’s yet to stop! Hours later, we know a lot more about Hov than we did before…including the fact he likes to reply with brackets. If unlike me, you don’t get paid to watch Twitter all day (but have a tad bit of time for an IFWT post or two), I’ll break down everything you need to know below.

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(Photos) These Rappers Have Some Really Cute Kids! 2 Chainz, French Montana, Meek Mill, Jay Electronica, Nas & More!

T.I. & his sons

Though the rappers are the stars, often times, their children upstage them because they are really just too adorable! Through social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter, and reality shows like T.I.’s, we’ve been able to see more and more of their little ones lately and we can’t get enough! Check out some of my favorites in the gallery. Cuteness overload!

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(Photos) Seen & Heard At #SummerJamXX: Tales From Behind The Scenes!

Summer Jam XX

Hot 97 celebrated 20 years of their annual Summer Jam concert last night and, as always, the show was INSANE! 55,000 people were in attendance at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, not to mention the TONS of people around the world that tuned in via the live stream. Of course I was there floating around backstage for the night, and I caught a lot of moments that went on behind the scenes! Check out some of my pics (mixed in with others’) in the gallery, and get all the tea below!

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Lil Kim Doesn’t Seem To Believe Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj in 2008

Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj stopped by Hot 97 to squash the almost year-old issue she had with morning show host Peter Rosenberg. After the pair ironed out the beef, the sit-down became an interview, with Nicki discussing new music, the film she’s working on…and who her favorite female MC’s are. Despite their long-standing feud, Nicki named Lil Kim as one of her favorites (along with Foxy, Remy Ma, Lauryn Hill and Missy), but apparently Lil Kim and her loyal fans aren’t believing her. Kim RT’d a few of her followers that said they think Nicki is full of it and “just using Kim for press,” but my question is…how is she lying? Nicki has ALWAYS stated that Kim was one of her biggest influencers and favorite artists growing up, and you can’t change the past in spite of current issues! Even when I interviewed Nicki way back in 09, she cited the very same ladies as her influences. It would be dope if these ladies could just put the issue behind them now. Seems Nicki is past it, and hopefully Kim is too! I can’t see them making music together any time soon, but being cordial would be a cool start! What do you think?

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Hmm…Did Rihanna Throw Another Shot At Amanda Bynes, Or Is This A Co-Sign?

Amanda Bynes & Rihanna back in the day

The latest in the wacky world of Amanda Bynes is POSSIBLY settling the beef that she created with Rihanna earlier this week. In one of her many infamous Twitter rants, Amanda had called out the Bajan beauty (completely unprovoked), saying Chris Brown had beat her because she’s ugly and a slew of other horrible comments. Rih quickly shot back with a subtweet, saying, “You see what happens when they cancel Intervention?” Amanda then backtracked, saying her followers had created fake tweets and that she loves Rihanna and they’ll probably be in a video together one day. (Right, LOL…) No reply on Rih’s end from there, so last night, Amanda tried again. The troubled actress took to her Twitter account to share what she says is a mocked-up image of her and Rih (though it looks pretty real to me, but whatever), saying she loves Rihanna and that she’s a beauty. She then followed up with a tweet about herself, which Rihanna RT’d. But question is, did Rih RT it to poke fun at Amanda, or to co-sign her/show love? Check it out in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Video) Nicki Minaj Comes Face-To-Face With Peter Rosenberg On Hot 97 For The First Time Since Their Beef

Nicki Minaj x Peter Rosenberg

It was the beef heard ’round the world last June, when Nicki Minaj’s appearance at Summer Jam 2012 was over before it even started, after she took offense to a comment about her single “Starships” made by morning show host, Peter Rosenberg. Nicki hasn’t been on good terms since with Hot 97…the station that she grew up listening to…but today, they finally put the water under the bridge. After Hot 97 PD/morning show co-host Ebro got word that Nicki was in town, he sent out the bat signal (aka, tweeted her) and told her to come through the show. Nick decided to take him up on his offer, and this morning, came face-to-face with Rosenberg for the first time since the beef started. Watch below as the pair make amends, Nicki explains why she was so bothered, talks her new movie role, her upcoming album (which she says will be all rap like her mixtape days…the Barb in me is jumping for joy!) and more.

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Despite Him Threatening To “Slap The Sh*t Out Her,” Katy Perry Apologizes To & Praises Chief Keef

Katy Perry

THIS is that ish I don’t like. Here’s the deal. Earlier this week, Katy Perry was in the car and heard Chief Keef’s song, “Hate Being Sober.” She had no idea who the artist was, but took to Twitter just to say the content of the song disappointed her. (And rightfully so…) The next day, Keef caught wind of the “diss,” and true to his usual form, went off. He mentioned that he’d “slap the sh*t out her,” amongst other things, and also promised to soon drop what’s likely to be a diss track, appropriately titled “Katy Perry.” Just a little while ago, Katy must have either checked her mentions or got word from someone more in-the-know on her team, and took to her account to both issue an apology and give the Chicago rapper props. Ugh! He doesn’t deserve any of that! Check out what she said in the gallery. Let’s see if he replies this time!

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