(Video) Coupled Up: Sofia Vergara Says WHAT About New Boyfriend, Joe Manganiello?!

sophia vergara talks new man

Joe Manganiello is one very lucky guy! Recently Sofia Vergara opened up about her blossoming relationship with the True Blood actor. The Latina banger broke her silence, saying she is having a good time with Manganiello. Must be a breath of fresh air from her last relationship, as she was always spotted arguing with ex Nick Loeb. Go Sofia! To find out what else she had to say about Joey, click below.

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(Video) Dirty Dog Diaries: Benzino Gets “Proof” Joseline Cheated On Stevie?!

benzino proves josie cheating

Looks like there’s more drama on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and The Puerto Rican Princess is not going to be happy about it! In recent weeks, Joseline Hernandez has been feuding with husband, Stevie J, after finding out he smashed Benzino’s new fiance. Clearly upset, Josie has taken shots at “Grandpa Zino” and fiance, Althea. Now the Hip Hop Weekly founder has finally decided enough is enough and is about to pull some skeletons out of Josie’s closet. Allegedly Benzino has proof his bestie was getting cheated on and his source is no other than Ms. Hernandez’s very own driver. Yikes, we can’t see this ending good! To check out next weeks sneak peak, click below.

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(Video) Ride or Die Chick: Khloe Kardashian Stars French Montana Music Video!

Khloe In French Music video

Reality television just wasn’t enough for Khloe Kardashian! She is now starring in her boyfriend’s “Don’t Panic” video, toting big guns and rocking a clown mask. KoKo and French Montana definitely pull off the creepiness factor in the Purge inspired music video. Let’s just say, this new edgy Khloe is super sexy! I guess Frenchy’s South Bronx style is rubbing off on his Cali girl? To see more, click below.

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(Video) T.I. Talks Retirement Rumors, Iggy Azalea, and Troy Ave Signing!


With Hustle Gang Front Man T.I.’s ninth studio album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture on the way and officially set for release before the year is up, Atlanta rapper T.I. caught up with 92Q Jams for an interview and discussed him possibly retiring. According to T.I. he does not know exactly when he will leave music alone completely, but check out the videos after the jump for everything else he had to say about Iggy Azalea, and potential Hustle Gang member Troy Ave.

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(Video) This Dad Is Challenging All REAL MEN To “The Father Challenge?”

IFWT_father challenge


The new thing to do if you haven’t noticed is to participate in absurd challenges like the fire challenge which dares you to light yourself on fire, and a very common one lately has been the ice bucket challenge which asks people to dump an iced bucket of water on themselves. But a new challenge video has surfaced, with some different kind of instructions. The video is titled “New Challenge… Only Real Men Can Do This,” and instead of picking up a bucket full of cold water; the man in the video picks up his son. Hit the jump to hear what he had to say to all fathers!

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(Photos) Robin Williams Dedicated Murals Popping Up In NYC?


Robin Williams untimely death is causing people to show support all over the world . Graffiti artists are now reaching out with murals popping up all over NYC. One mural was found on the side of the B Cup Café on East 13th Street and Avenue B, and was put up by LES graffiti artist Antonio “Chico” Garcia. Another without a specific location but rumored to be in the Brooklyn area was also found. Check out the work in the gallery.

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(Photos) Man Busted For Making Thousands Selling WHAT??!

Mannnn these Con Artist be winning!! A Long Island man was busted for making thousands of dollars of fake Long Island Rail Road tickets on his computer and selling them to riders!! Homeboy was cashing out something serious!! But was it worth it or nah? Check out his long list of charges and the full story below!

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(Video) SMH!! Pregnant Woman Punched In “Knockout Game” Attack!

Is this is what this generation does for fun? Play the knockout game? A game in which a person tries to knock someone unconscious with just one blow? A very pregnant woman was a victim of this new game, apparently these people don’t discriminate! Check out the nasty details and watch the video below..

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Say What?! Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ Broke What Major Record In The Box Office?!


The Disney movie ‘Frozen’ still continues to break records. It is now the fifth highest-grossing film worldwide of all time. Find out which movie ‘Frozen’ beat in the box office and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Video) Robin Williams Stars In New Movie ‘Merry Friggin’ Christmas’!

Robin Williams

Although we may have lost a legend we still have his movies to remember him by. A final installment of the “Night At The Museum” trilogy will be in theaters soon in which Williams played the role of Teddy Roosevelt. There is even a new film called “Merry Friggin’ Christmas” staring Williams. Check out the video from Robin Williams’ new movie “Merry Friggin’ Christmas” after the jump!

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