Sony Cancels The Release Of ‘The Interview'; U.S. Officials Have Linked North Korea To Sony Hackings


It’s over for “The Interview.” After the nation’s five biggest theater chains (Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, Cineplex Entertainment and Carmike Cinemas) cancelled their plans to screen “The Interview” on Christmas Day, Sony has decided to pull the controversial film due to terroristic threats.

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(PHOTOS) Trayvon Martins Brother Graduates From College

trayvonsbrother new size

Trayvon Martins Brother Graduates From College. Jahvaris Fulton,older brother of slain teen Trayvon Martin earned his degree from Florida International University (FIU). He now holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.Prior to graduating Jahvaris served as a congressional intern for Florida Representative Frederica Wilson. Wilson is a founder of 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, Fulton is also a member who would help to encourage at-risk teens in Miami-Dade schools to stay in school.

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*Report* NBA: Celtics Now Open To Trading Rajon Rondo


The Boston Celtics have finally had a change of heart and are now open to trading point guard Rajon Rondo. While no actual team prospects have been mentioned, all roads seem to be heading West

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(Photos) Darren Wilson Grand Jury Key Witness Exposed As A Racist Liar!!


If you were one of the multiple millions of Americans that felt like Darren Wilson was some complete BS, then *itch you guessed it….you were RIGHT, because the Darren Wilson Grand Jury Key Witness Exposed as a MF’ing LIE!!!

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(Video) Harvard Graduate Arrested For Playing NWA “F**k The Police”


Coming to surface is an arrest that took place on Thanksgiving day, when Cesar Baldelomar age 26 became the Harvard Graduate Arrested For Playing NWA Too Loud while driving in Hialeh, Florida. It’s reported that “Fuck the Police” came on his radio that day when Officer Harold Garzon said allegedly, “Really? You’re really playing that song? Pull over.”

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(Video) DJ Khaled, The Game, RZA & More Are Judges On Crooked I Reality Show

Crooked I

KXNG CROOKED aka Crooked I is a Veteran in West Coast Hip Hop and right now a member of the four man group of super lyricists under Eminem’s recording label “Shady Aftermath” Along side with Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9 and Joel Ortiz. Formerly and most notably known as Crooked I, and SMH Records are giving unsigned rappers all around the United States a chance and incredible opportunity to change their lives completely with a whole new reality show competition series called One Shot. The Crooked I reality is ran by the West coast Vet , Former Death Row Recording Artist Crooked I himself, along with Sway and Mike Smith will travel across the country for showcases and in each city, celebrity judges will be on a panel to help decide who will move on to the next round. Mike Smith is the CEO of SMH Records and a strong asset to the entire Crooked I Reality Show Series.

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(Photos) NJ Principal Can’t Spell December Correctly?!


NJ Principal Can’t Spell December Correctly?! A New Jersey public school principal reassigned after not knowing how to spell “December” and “Progress Report”. Oh the Irony. The sign in front of the school read “Dicember” and “Progress Reepor’.. Dawg? Seriously? The best part was that this sign was left up for not one day, not two, not three (Lebron Voice) but for multiple days, meaning that this sign was seen every single day by English teachers, the vice principal and other faculty members.

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(Photo) Fans Heated Over Lil B Blocked By Facebook For Latest Rant

IFWT_lilb F

Fans Heated Over Lil B Blocked By Facebook For Latest Rant for what they’re identifying as racial slurs and “hate Speech” according to the Facebook post policies. In his run-off about old world politics Lil B who’s known all over social media for speaking his mind in passionate and always unrelenting terms hit a wall with the billion dollar corporation. They also reportedly are trying to go after his Instagram account since IG is part of the Facebook franchise. As Lil B naturally took to his other media platforms to voice his war cries and let the world know what was happening, the fans have NOT taken this lightly. Under the rally of #ProtectLilB, check out how far some fans are going in on this.

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(Video) High School Student Mohammed Islam Story Is A Lie

Mohammed Islam

Recently New York Magazine ran that story about a high school student who made $72 million by trading stocks.. Well… New York Magazine f**ked up and f**ked up bad. The million dollar kid everyone has been raving about ,is 17 year old Mohammed Islam, and he has already came out and admitted he made the whole story up. The Mohammed Islam Story Is A Lie and His net worth wasn’t just “a bit blown out of proportion”, it was completely fabricated.

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( Video) Floetry Reunite On Stage In London

flo1 350

Floetry Reunite On Stage in London last night. Marsha Ambrosius performed at Clapham Grand, the show was apart of her Friends and Lovers tour. Marsha has been teasing her fans about having a special guest come out to join her during last nights performance. The fans had a pleasant surprise when former band mate Natalie Stewart came out on stage . All of the Neo soul lovers were pleased to see them on the stage again. The Grammy nominated duo performed a few of their hits before screaming fans, including their infectious “Say Yes” and their 2002 hit single, “Floetic”.

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