(Video) Dude Humps Girlfriend In Front of Their Kids


Dude Humps Girlfriend In Front of Their Kids. I’m not a big fan of telling people how to raise their kids but certain things they just shouldn’t see or be exposed to.

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(Photo) ‘The WalkingDead’ Star Kesan Moore Attempts Suicide


Markice “Kesan” Moore , mostly known for his appearance on MTV reality TV shows and film credits like ATL had attempted suicide in Los Angela’s California earlier this week. Hop into the post for pictures and details !!!

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(Photo) Dayuuuum! Curvy Singer Mya Shows Us Her Body Is Still ‘Like Woah’ Stripped Down In Sexy Bikini


Now I like to consider myself a connoisseur of beautiful things…. and sexy as well as highly limber songstress Mya, definitely makes the cut. While the singer endured all types of slander after her brief stint in the strip club circuit, after her performance at G5 in Miami. Two things we observed during her mini performance. Mya, who is a trained dancer is STILL pretty flexible after all these years…oh and let’s not forget, super BAD. Peep a sexy Mya showing off the goods on the beach in sexy bikini inside.

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(Photo) Wiz Khalifa Tweets About His Son Not Being With Him On His Birthday

Amber Rose x Wiz Khalifa x Sebastian

Wiz Khalifa and his ex Wife Amber Rose have been having there issues lately over “he say , She say ” type situations Wiz Khalifa shows that when it all comes down to it all he cares about is there son Sebastian and he is upset he cant spend time with his son on his birthday. Hop into the post for the photos and details !

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(Photo) Did Drake Clap Back At Tyga And Chris Brown On Instagram?


So This Tyga , Chris Brown , Drake , YMCMB Feud is getting bigger and bigger by the week as After a HOT97 interview with Tyga and Chris Brown, It looks like Drake takes a small jab back at them on Instagram ! Hop into the post to check it out ! #IFWT

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50 Cent Talks Upcoming “The Beast Is G-Unit” EP!


50 Cent Reunited with G-Unit back in 2014 and has been killing the game since , hop into the post to watch the Hip Hop Mogul talk on his new upcoming EP titled “The Beast Is G-Unit” #IFWT

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(Video) Tyga Talks Kylie After Awkward Show Of Affection On IG; Plus His Response To Amber Rose


Looks like Tyga is unapologetic for openly courting an underage child, while for MONTHS he has remained that the two are “just friends”. Which of course many of us scoffed out simply because what interest would a 25 year old man have in being friends with a 17 year old teen?? Obviously zero, because in Yeezy’s recent radio interview he discloses he thinks the two are in love. This come after Tyga recently had a radio interview in NYC where he claims he and Kylie were just friends. Breh 0_o. I’m not sure who’s advising him on his career, but he probably should know he’s in danger of committing career suicide..whoops to late for that! Well in recent interview with Hot 97, Tyga talks Kylie after awkward show of affection on IG; plus his response to Amber Rose. See inside.

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(Video) Florida Man Shatters Glass Door With His Head , Steals $10,000 In Lottery Tickets


Florida Man Shatters Glass Door With His Head , Steals $10,000 In Lottery Tickets
In Orlando Florida A Man Shatters A Glass Door With His Head and Steals $10,000 In Lottery Tickets AND ITS CAUGHT ON TAPE !!! Hop into the post for the info and video ! #IFWT

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(Photos) Khloe Kardashian Drove Kim , North And Kylie Into A Ditch In Montana

ifwt khloe-kardashian2

Khloe Kardashian Drove Kim, North And Kylie Into A Ditch In Montana
Khloe Kardashian was driving around in Bozeman, Montana and ended up driving her sisters and niece all into a ditch. Hop into the post for all the details ! #IFWT

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(Photos) Tia Mowry Husband Cory Shares Past Struggles “She Saw An Honest Man Who Had A Dream”


Tia Mowry Husband Cory Shares Past Struggles. “She Saw An Honest Man Who Had A Dream” explained Cory Hardrict. Life as an actor is a tough journey for most people. Even if you land a great gig you can still be here today gone tomorrow.Even Kerry Washington who is the lead on the hit tv show Scandal said she “quits ” acting once a year. Tell Cory about it. He has been very vocal about not landing acting gigs. Even being married to a well know actress doesn’t make things easier. In a recent interview he dishes about his humble beginnings and his “Ride or Die” chick Tia Mowry. More info after the jump

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