These Public School Teachers Are Doing WHAT To Stay Afloat?!


Budget cuts in public schools have not only affected students and their families, but have also had an great impact on public school teachers. Click the jump to see what 40,000 of them are doing as side jobs!!

Box Office Update: ‘The Butler’ Earns How Much At The Box Office???

The Butler

In this weeks box office update, The movie starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Money Winfrey called the “The Butler” made $25 Million this weekend surpassing all other big budget movies that were expected to do well this weekend and landed at #1. Check out where other movies landed after the jump.

Perez Hilton Responds To Lady Gaga Over Alleged Beef

IFWT_Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton were besties for quite some time, until an unexplainable event happened and they stopped being seen together. Lady Gaga addressed the situation, which essentially fired shots, and now Perez has responded to the situation. Check out what he said after the jump.

Mexican Kingpin Had Authorities On His Cartel Payroll?!?!


Rafael Quintero, a Guadalajara drug king pin involved in the murder of a U.S DEA agent, and who was also recently released early by a Mexican judge, is thought to have paid Mexican authorities throughout the reign of his drug cartel, Hit the jump for more detail!

This Ferrari Costs HOW Much?!


Click the jump to see how this owner sold his Ferrari for 27.5 million dollars!

Britain Detains The Partner Of Guardian Reporter Tied To Leaks?!?


The life partner of Guardian Reporter Glenn Greenwald was detained for nine hours by British officials, Hit the jump for the rest of the story!

Philly Police Search House For Child And End Up Finding?!?


Police authorities entered a home late Friday Night after responding to a neighbor dispute. Authorities searched the house for a child that was thought to live in the residence but instead found a woman tied to a bed! Hit the jump for the full story!

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Speaks Out Against Stop & Frisk Law?!?


Trayvon Martin’s mother added her opinion on the stop and frisk controversy on Meet The press, Hit the jump for more detail!

(Photo) New Exhibit Showcases The Benefits Of Living Small In NYC?!?


A museum exhibit may just show us all that small living spaces may not be all that bad, hit the jump for more detail!

(Video) Kendrick Lamar Explains The Black Hippy Movement!?!


Kendrick Lamar sat down with Guerrilla Union for a short, yet enlightening interview, where he explains to us the mechanics behind the Black Hippy movement, and why this group is like no other! Hit the jump for the video!

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