Kate Middleton’s Due Date Possibly Revealed?!

Kate Middleton

We haven’t been privy on too much info regarding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, but we just may have gotten a major tidbit: her due date! And if this is true, the baby is coming at one of the most apropos times! Details below.

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Sesame Street Adds Third Spanish-Speaking Character To Cast

Ismael Cruz Cordova with Rosita & Elmo

As the U.S. continues to grow to be a “majority minority” nation, Sesame Street has added a third Spanish-speaking character to its cast, and will put a “special focus on Hispanic heritage” in the next season.

“Armando” (above with bilingual puppet Rosita) will make his debut in September. The actor is 26-year-old Puerto Rico-born actor Ismael Cruz Cordova.

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WOW!!! Bank Robbers Used Internet Data To Steal $45 Million!!!


Criminals are becoming more clever these days. A group of robbers used a sophisticated scheme to hack into the systems of global financial institutions, steal prepaid debit card data and eliminate withdrawal limits.

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Beyonce Pulls A Major Boss Move!


Beyonce is currently overseas for the international leg of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour, and do you think she’s traveling on a tour bus like regular artists? But of course not! This is Queen Bey we’re talking about here! Find out how she’s rolling around below.

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SMH! Girls Think Boston Bombing Suspect Is What?!

Boston Bomber

So apparently not everyone is disgusted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the younger Boston bombing suspect. Actually– he seems to have a fan club. SAY WHAT?! He has a large fan base of (probably sick and twisted) girls who think he’s “hot.” They even compared him to Justin Bieber. Really though? SMH!!! Hit the jump to hear the rest of this ridiculousness.

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Snoop Dogg Pays Off Huge Tax Lien!!!


The IRS hit Snoop with a huge tax lien in February claiming he owed for 2009 and 2011. The bill was $546,270.29 but Snoop has deep pockets, and now it is reportedly all paid off. Snoop has officially “Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss” again!

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(Photos) SMH: Guess What Farrah Abraham Was Spotted Buying At The Convenience Store

Farrah Abraham

As we all know by now (and probably have seen…), Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently released a sex tape with porn star James Deen. What we didn’t know, however, was no condoms or birth control were used in the taping…and Farrah’s a little nervous she might be pregnant AGAIN. Just what the world wouldn’t need! Apparently she recently missed her period and started freaking out, and was spotted at a local convenience store picking up a little test. Check the pics in the gallery. Let’s hope the answer is NO!

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Restaurant Employees Get Threatened For Putting WHAT In Their Tacos?!?!


I’ve heard of fish tacos, beef tacos, chicken tacos, but THIS is a new one for the list. Hit the jump to see why these employees of this Florida restaurant are getting death threats for using this type of meat in their tacos.

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Brooklyn Teacher Gets Fined For Forcing Student To Do WHAT?!

Brooklyn Teacher

I know they go hard in BK but DAMN! This Brownsville teacher was NOT playin’. Hit the jump to see why she got fined $10,000K!!

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WOAH! Man Sexually Abused His WHAT?!? (Hint: It’s Not A Person)

David Beckman

I have heard a lot of sick stuff in my day.. but this has to take the crown. David Beckman got arrested for sexual abuse. But you’ll never guess who, or I should say WHAT, exactly it is that Beckham sexually abused. Hit the jump to find out!

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