5 Already Dead In Rallies Occurring in Egypt?!!


Huge rallies in Egypt are occurring due to some in support of the ousting of the islamist president and others against the act. During the rallies, 5 have already died, while the rallies are still continuing. read more after jump

(Video) Insane!!! Indian Baby Born With Two Heads Fights For Its’ Life!!!


This baby is truly something else. A newborn in India is fighting for its’ life after being born with two heads, one spine, and two central nervous systems. Normally, children with these conditions don’t survive birth, but as I mentioned this baby is something else. Check out live footage of the newborn after the jump.

They Did WHAT To Lincoln?!?!


Vandalizers decided to make the Lincoln Memorial their next victim. Read More after the jump to see the damage that was done

(Video) Taxi Driver Robs Drunk Man In China!!!


Usually, stories end with the taxi driver being the one robbed. Instead, this cab driver decided to get one for his fallen co-workers. In China, a man identified as a cab driver approaches a drunk man that’s passed out on the side of the road. The driver, first, helps the man with something he drops. Check out what he does next after the jump.

SMH: Florida Cop Resigns After Being Caught Doing WHAT In Uniform???

Florida Cop

I guess this is how its going down in Florida. A Daytona Beach sergeant has resigned from the police department after being caught sending numerous sexually explicit photographs, even sending one of her self in uniform!!! Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Video) Crazy!!! Footage From The Horrifying Crash Landing At LaGuardia Airport

IFWT_Southwest Airlines

This is some really terrifying stuff. A Southwest Airlines flight lost control when it landed at LaGuardia, essentially causing a crash. This footage is most people’s worst nightmares. Luckily only 10 people got injured and no one died. Check out the footage after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Whoa! News Reporter Draws A WHAT On-Air??!?!?!


Extremely hilarious, yet completely out of line for daytime TV. Still, hilarious. News reporter Siobhan Riley was drawing on a map to notify her viewers of a local traffic jam , but it seems that she dragged her finger a little to close to the board. Hit the jump to see what she drew.

Wisconsin Woman Deals With “Troubled” Daughter How??!


A Wisconsin woman was sentenced to five years in prison due to the way that she chose to deal with her “troubled” stepdaughter. The woman found the solution to her “troubles” in locking her child away. Read more after jump

WTF! Gun Club Raises 12K To Buy George Zimmerman Guns & Protection?!?

It NEVER ends! The George Zimmerman supporters are not only out there, they are in full support of him. Find out why they raised money for him after the jump.

(Photos) C’mon Son!! Virginia Tech Student Didn’t Know Kurt Cobain Was Dead!!!


The mascot at Virginia Tech seems to be an potential homecoming queen. To help with her cause, she wrote a letter to Nirvana’s former label, Sup Pop Records, asking for the band to make a promotional video in her favor. Hit the jump for more info.

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