(Video) Stress Is Not The Problem!

So apparently the key to taking on stress is to make stress your friend rather than your enemy? Psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares her studies and findings with an audience and expresses that it’s not actually our hectic lives and large amounts of stress that kill us or allow us to become unhealthy, but more so how we approach and think about stress! If you think stress is your best friend and take it on it with a smile, you will get just that but if you look at stress as the enemy, your enemy may just kill you! Hit the jump or the full stress-reliever of a clip!

(Video) Check Out The Benefits Of Small Living!

This couple is really showing us all, that you don’t need much to live a happy, healthy life! Colorado couple Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller began building their small home in 2011, in hopes to create a new more efficient American Dream. The couple love to travel and do not own many belongings because of this, so why search for a huge house with unnecessary amenities when they could simply build one big enough to comfort just the two of them? The two decided to film their home project to raise awareness, hit the jump to watch a teaser to ‘TINY: A Story About Small Living’

This City Has Banned Smoking Within Your Own Home?!

The California city of San Rafael has instituted a new ban against smoking residents, and although you may feel like your home is your safe haven for whatever vice, the pleasure of smoking just may cost you a little more, hit the jump for more!

President Obama Speaks On Iranian Nuclear Program

President Obama has made headway on helping to control the fabled Iranian Nuclear program. After imposing economic sanctions on Iran, driving their economy into the toilet, Iran is open to agreeing to a peaceful settlement with the UN in order to gain Nuclear power and some of the $ their missing out on in the world economy.

5 Pointz Supporters Speak Out After Whitewashing!!!

Revolt TV covered the whitewashing of the historical Art mecca that was 5 pointz, and they caught up with a lot of its Art’s supporters to discuss what this means for the future. Years of Art, Music, Graffiti, History was cleared in one night’s efforts, surrounded by authorities, and the reasoning? What’s looking to be the new trend in gentrification and capitalism, Hit the jump for the supporters reactions!

Grosse Pointe Officer Confesses To Taking Demeaning Video Of African American Man?!

A Grosse Pointe Park Michigan Officer is being investigated after admitting to taking at least one offensive video of an African American male, commanding him to sing and dance, hit the jump for more!

10 Year Old Boy Gunned Down In Miami Salon?!

A 10 year old, little boy was shot dead, during the break in of his family owned nail salon, hit the jump for more!

Tis the Season! This Grocery Store Prank Will Make You Shed A Tear!

We all know how tough grocery shopping can be on your pockets especially during the holidays, so when GungHo a natural supplement company decided to video tape their annual act of kindness, that consists of paying for random shoppers entire shopping list at the check out, it was bound to be an emotional trip for not only the customers but those watching! Check out the amazing video afar the jump, warning grab some tissue!

Shoppers Beware! Deadly Spiders Have Been Found In Bags Of Fruit!!

When one Pennsylvania resident reached into her bag of plump grapes to wash them, she felt something a little different than the usual round, plump fruit. This feeling was slimy, creepy and crawly, hit the jump for more!

(Photos) Damn! Miley Cyrus Gets An Awful Birthday Gift!

You all know Miley Cyrus. She’s the pioneer of “Twerking” but now a victim of burglary… on her birthday. While (thankfully) away from her home, someone broke in and pretty much took all of her stuff. Hit the jump to see what they took from her.

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