Hosni Mubarak, Former Egyptian President Is To Be Freed From Prison!

Egypt is falling apart. Former President, Hosni Mubarak is on retrial for killing hundreds of protesters in 2011, but is set to be released within the next 48hrs,” Fareed El-Deeb, his attorney told Reuters about his client. Mubarak has been cleared of a corruption charge, so far, that states him and his two sons were embezzling funds for palaces. He will remain on retrial even though he will be out of prison. Egyptian judicial officials ordered that the 85-year-old be set free due to a 2-year limit on prisoners being held on a pending verdict. Thank goodness this is NOT the U.S.! Hit the jump for more details on what’s happening.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Missed Kylie’s Sweet 16…But Here’s Why!

Kim and Kanye were noticeably MIA at little sis Kylie Jenner’s Sweet 16 on Saturday night…but the new parents had good reason! Yeezy’s grandfather just passed away, and the pair had to jet out to Oklahoma (along with baby North) for the funeral services. Portwood Williams, Kanye’s late mother’s dad, died August 10th at the age of 97. This is the man that met Kim earlier this year, and even told the Daily News, “She is beautiful, and she’s just as sweet as she is beautiful, and that’s what I liked about her!” He was buried during a private service at Arlington Memorial Cemetery in Oklahoma City.

Jail Time! Police Officer Arrested After Being Caught Watching Child Porn In Patrol Car!

Some people need to be buried under the jail! Herbert Eugene Miller, is for sure one of them! The police officer in Greenville, TN. has been arrested and charged with 2 felony counts of receiving and possessing child pornography. The crazy part about it all, is that he was doing searches on the computer in his patrol car…DF! There were at least 80 images found on the computer, and the search found descriptions such as, ‘fifth grade girls,’ ‘naked middle school girls,’ ‘young puffy ni**les,’ and ‘hot high school girls naked.’ Miller has been FIRED! Thank God! Where the hell they do that at?! He must have known that he’d get caught…like, my dude used his patrol car’s COMPUTER! Freaks… Hit the jump and check out what a PREV looks like.

Oh?! Amanda Bynes Had Recently Switched Sides From Men To Ladies Before Psych Stay

Amanda Bynes was just out here trying to YOLO as much as possible. Despite the fact she made it very well known that she wanted Drake to “murder [her] vagina,” the troubled actress was actually way more interested in the other side, just prior to her current psych ward stay. According to a close source, Amanda considers herself bisexual (putting the BY in Bynes…no? LOL) and held a months-long relationship with a female neighbor in her NYC apartment. “She didn’t really hide it or keep it a secret with those that were close to her, which wasn’t really a lot of people,” the source said. “But she was sexually and romantically involved with a close female friend of hers. And a couple times she even had more than one woman in bed with her.” “She worried that her parents would be upset about it and it’s not a label she wanted publicly,” the source added. “But I don’t really even know if Amanda is sure of her sexuality. I think she was just a little lost and yearning for love and attention anywhere she could get it.”

(Photos) Justin Bieber & His Crew Investigated By Police Dogs In Airport

Justin Bieber almost found himself in even more trouble at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport yesterday afternoon, but thankfully, he and his team were in the clear. Police brought the K9s out to sniff through the singer and his crew’s luggage, but surprisingly, their search turned up nada. (We know how much they love the reefer!) The guys eventually made their flight and went back to L.A. without incident. Photos of the search in the gallery.

Like A Boss! Al Pacino Handles His Biz ASAP!!!

Other actors be doing they little time in jail for having tax bills but not ‘The Godfather’ Al Pacino, cause he has ‘settled his debts’…literally! Jump.

Wow: Brazilian Woman Cuts Off Her Husbands WHAT???

This story gonna gross you out a bit. A woman in Brazil caught her husband cheating with a man in their home bed but did not alert her husband that she knew and the wife waited till they were in bed and cut off her husbands penis! Like the amount of pain that man must feel right now. Check out what condition the man is in and yes he is alive.

Check It Out: Fergie Changes Her Name Officially To…

Yup fellas its over for Fergie, as of Friday she officially changed her name to Fergie Duhamel which is the last name of her husband of five years. Sheesh took her that long to have that changed? Check out more on this story.

These Public School Teachers Are Doing WHAT To Stay Afloat?!

Budget cuts in public schools have not only affected students and their families, but have also had an great impact on public school teachers. Click the jump to see what 40,000 of them are doing as side jobs!!

Box Office Update: ‘The Butler’ Earns How Much At The Box Office???

In this weeks box office update, The movie starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Money Winfrey called the “The Butler” made $25 Million this weekend surpassing all other big budget movies that were expected to do well this weekend and landed at #1. Check out where other movies landed after the jump.

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