Singer Of The Classic R&B Group, The Spinners Has Passed

IFWT_Bobbie Smith

One of the original members of the group, The Spinners had passed away this past weekend. Bobbie Smith, 76 died from complications from pneumonia and influenza. Smith also, was diagnosed with cancer back in November. The group had many hits, but one of my faves would be, “Working My Way Back To You Girl”. Drop down bottom and check it out. R.I.P. Bobbie Smith, you will be missed.

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Despite The Bad Press It Got, Documentary On Rihanna’s “777 Tour” Will Soon Appear On TV!

Rihanna's 777 Tour

Rihanna’s 777 Tour became immediately infamous after it occurred back in October. Plagued with tons of bad press, the journalists and fans invited on board were anything but pleased about the 7 day trip. From nonstop airport delays to lack of food, lack of sleep and worst of all…lack of Rih-Rih. Despite all that, a documentary on the first-of-its-kind tour will be coming to FOX on May 6th. Will you be tuning in?

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16 Additional Minors To Be Charged In Steubenville Rape Case !!!


This is becoming too much now. I feel really bad for all parties involved, because not only was someone taken advantage of, but they are young and this is a situation that’s going to follow them for the rest of their lives. The two teenagers, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays were found guilty of raping and teen, while she was past the point of inebriation. After everything was said and done – we thought – the prosecution comes back with another whammy. They are charging 16 other teens in this case for not giving any information when detectives needed it. The charges will be anywhere from failure to report a felony and/or failure to report child abuse. Sad. Drop down bottom for more on the story.

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WTF?! Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Smell Each Other’s WHAT?!?

Kardashian sisters

If you have a dirty mind and the first guess you had when you read the title was “lady parts”….you’re RIGHT! Anything for ratings on this show, apparently! In the latest episode of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami, the trio of Kourt, Kim and Khloe decide to have a contest to see who’s stuff smells the best. After drinking pineapple juice for a sweeter scent, find out who was the winner below!

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Wait What…Twitter Wants To Be Mayor Of NYC?!?!


Well at least the man that created Twitter(with partners), Jack Dorsey, and I say that could be a great possibility. Dorsey whom not only created twitter, but also ‘Square’, the iPhone payment system that is helping small business’ to get rid of cash registers….Dude is Smart, I’ll VOTE for Him!!! Hit the jump to see the Announcement.

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Meek Mill Gets Into It With His Probation Officer In Open Court !!!


Dreamchaser, Meek Mill has publicly voiced his dislike for his P.O. in the past, and now I understand why. The P.O. put on record that Meek has violated the terms and conditions of his probation by leaving the city of Philadelphia and not informing her on where he’s going. Treas Underwood, the probation officer says that when he does, he fills her in well after he’s showed up to that place. Meek mentions that he doesn’t directly handle his travel plans and the reason that he tells her where he is, after the fact is because he never knows when and where he’s going to be. The MMG rapper adds, “My best thing is to stay traveling.” Wonder why? Drop down bottom to see what else was said in court.

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It’s NOT Looking Good For Lindsay Lohan At ALL! Check This Out…

Lindsay Lohan in court

Lindsay Lohan continues to push the buttons of the legal system and one day, she’s going to push the wrong one. Despite the fact she’s been in and out of courtrooms for NUMEROUS violations over the last few years, she’s managed to dodge jail every single time, but her luck may have just ran out. The troubled actress has a court appearance set for 8:30AM PST, and she only caught a flight out of NYC a couple of hours ago. The reason being…she missed her first one, and then got up and left off of the second one she was on, just minutes before take off. She then sat around JFK airport texting any and everyone she knows, and finally managed to catch a private flight from the good people at Mr. Pink. She’s set to touch down at 8:11AM in Van Nuys…but has to make it to court in 19 minutes in L.A. rush hour traffic. That’s a joke! If she’s late, the judge could issue a bench warrant. We’ll keep you updated!

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Is It Finally Here? Check Out Tyler, The Creator’s Tracklist!


This guy is hilarious! He’s being shown on the ‘Adult Swim’ channel, has fire music, and now we have a tracklist – sort of. Seems as if a certain website posted Tyler, the Creator’s tracklisting for “Wolf,” but it was taken down almost immediately. We don’t know if it was just posted too early or what but, we caught a gander. Hit the jump to take a peek.

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Come On DOWN…You’re Cordially Invited To This Event!


You’re invited to NY Voices Against Gun Violence Massive Mobilization
Gun violence and gun control has been a major issue these past months, so there are some people who’s stepping up to the plate to make a change. A group called Moms Demand Action, is joining up with a coalition called NY Voices Against Gun Violence. United these two have put together a rally that will take place Thursday, March 21, 2013 in Harlem. This is a very important subject matter and it would make a great deal to a lot of people if you would attend. Think about Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, victims at Sandy Hook Elementary, baby Jonylah Watkins, and anyone in your neighborhood that’s been subject to gun violence.
Drop down bottom please, for location and time of the rally.

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An Update On Lil Wayne’s Condition As He Reaches Day 6 In ICU

Lil Wayne

It’s been a few days since word hit about Lil Wayne’s health scare, and many (including myself) having been constantly looking for updates since then. Originally reported to have been on his last breaths, his condition has stabilized slightly since then, but that was all that we knew. As the YMCMB rapper reaches day 6 in Intensive Care, we get a little bit more info, though not much! Details below.

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