(Photo) Amber Rose Wants Wiz Khalifa Back…Again

Wiz Khalifa x Amber Rose

After filing for divorce last year from ex Wiz Khalifa for alleged cheating rumors, Amber Rose now seems to be second guessing her decision in a new interview. Catch the full story here after the jump!

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(Photo) Teen uses a fake bomb to ask his classmate out for prom.


Ibrahim Ahmad a senior at La Center High School in Washington is now suspended.

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(Photo) Kimora Debuts Wolfe Lee!


This might be the best two weeks EVER for Kimora Lee! First she spearheads multi-million dollar investment with Celsius and just the other day she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Check out her instagram ode to baby number 4!

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(Photos) Government Waste Amid Water Drought



California is battling one of the most severe water droughts in American history. Therefore, Governor Edmund Brown declared a state of Drought Emergency in January 2015. State officials were directed to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages, which includes curtailing California residents’ usage. But, the same government that is restricting water use throughout the state, is the same group culpable of wrongdoings.

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People Who Eat This Food Have More Sex, According To New Study!!


Now don’t turn into a peeping Tom outside of every restaurant, looking for the freak of the week after you hear the results of this NEW study!!

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(Photos) Hillary Clinton And Weed In 2016

(2)Hilary promotes same sexmariiage_IFWT

JaaiR reported ealier this month that Hillary Clinton would be running for President in 2016. She will most likely be the primary candidate for the democratic party but there is one thing that could be in her way. WEED.

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(Photo) Drake Is Now Apart Of The Cash Money Lawsuit


Can things get any worse for Cash Money? Yes it can, The Lawsuit between Wayne & Birdman took everyone by surprise when it was first announced a couple months ago now to add more fuel to the fire Cash Money owes some people about $117,000 in royalties. The problem is that this part of the lawsuit has to do with a couple of Drake’s songs.

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“Brotherly Love” Movie Out In Theaters TODAY!


It’s FRIDAY, need something to do to relax your mind after a long week of work? Why not go to the movies and check out this new feature film called “Brotherly Love” Starring Keke Palmer, Quincy Brown, Cory Hardrict, Romeo Miller and Macy Gray alongside a few other familiar faces.

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(Photos) Damon Dash Sues Ex-Wife For Millions


Three days after Damon Dash lost custody of their 2 daughters, 15 year-old Ava and 6 year-old Tallulah. Dash filed a lawsuit on Rachel Roy for 2.5 million!

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(Video) Boston Bomber Flips Off Camera!


Convicted Boston Marathon Bomber isn’t showing any signs of being the least bit apologetic for his actions. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 1/2 of the Boston Bombers has been captured on camera fixing his hair and flipping the bird to a jailhouse security camera. Unbothered, the 21 year old’s time to himself behind bars has not caused him to see the error in his ways.

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