29 Ladies ‘Violated’ By Bill Cosby Appeared on A Dateline Exclusive To Give Their Side Of The Story


Most of us grew up with Bill Cosby, Carl Winslow, and Uncle Phil as our favorite TV father figures. That’s why it broke the nation’s heart when, earlier this year, Bill Cosby was accused of drugging and inappropriately touching women. While they were hesitant in the beginning, some of the ladies have gotten together to give their side of the story.

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Study Says Denver Is The Most Sexually Active City In U.S.


A new ranking by the website QualityHealth names Denver, Colorado as the most sexually active city in the country. Check out more of the article to find out the other rankings.

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The City Of North Charleston Agrees To Pay The Family Of Walter Scott $6.5MiL In Recent Settlement


While the number $6.5 million may sound good, the family of Walter Scott will be receiving the amount at the expense of Scott’s life. The city of North Charleston in South Carolina has agreed to disperse funds to help the family after officer [now former] Michael Slager rang out eight shots that killed the 50-year-old-man.

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Another One Bites The Dust: Baylor University Revokes Honorary Degree Given To Bill Cosby


As the list of women who accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault continues to pile up, organizations that were once proud to have connections with the 78-year-old comedian are now turning their backs. Baylor University – as well as Brown University – have decided to revoke the honorary degree given to Cosby in 2003.

The university, located in Waco, TX, says, “acts of interpersonal and sexual violence” goes against all that they believe in.

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NYPD Commissioner Bratton Seizes Woman’s Marijuana On Wall Street

Mayor's Weed Habit Rumors Started by NYPD

New York City Police Department Commissioner recently happened to be on Wall Street in lower Manhattan. As he traveled on a sidewalk, he noticed an aroma floating in the air and decided to follow the smell.

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Mistrial Number Two For Ashanti’s Stalker


Not only is he a little bit cuckoo cuckoo for coco [or shall I say Ashanti] stuff, but Devar Hurd seems to be invincible when it comes down to the charge of felony stalking. For the second time, Hurd has endured a mistrial is the accused incident.

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(Video) Mother Plans To Sue PlayMobil For Racist Slave Leggo


As a parent these days in such a shady discreet world you have to play very close attention. The things kids see will shape their minds and ways of life forever. With that being said you can imagine how mortified this Sacramento Mother was when she helped her son with his Pirate Lego like set, only to realize there were instructions to put a collar on a slave.

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Famous Porn Director Reveals Secrets About The Porn Industry


Porn is a billion dollar industry. Seymore Butts has seen it all in his 20-plus years in the business, and he’s reveals some jaw-dropping information about what really goes down on the set. Hit the jump to see what he has to say.

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Lawsuit Claims Chocolate Companies Are Guilty Of Allowing Child Slavery


“Much of the world’s chocolate is quite literally brought to us by the back-breaking labor of child slaves,” a copy of the lawsuit says. ” Children that are sometimes not even 10 years old carry huge sacks that are so big that they cause them serious physical harm.” There are alarming allegations that some of your favorite chocolate snack companies exploit children.

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Migos Rapper, Offset Demands To Be Released From Jail


Offset, from the rap group Migos has been locked up since April 2015. He’s claiming he has been falsely accused of being a gang member and wants to be let go immediately. Read more inside

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