Drake Donates Money To Build A Recording Studio In Philadelphia High School


Despite all of the drama currently going on, it looks like Drake isn’t letting it get in the way of his philanthropy.

The Toronto native donated $75K to help build a recording studio in Strawberry Mansion High School located in Philadelphia. Principal Linda Cliatt-Wayman explained how they have been struggling with budgeting issues and a bad reputation of having high amounts of violence in the school, so it was difficult to get the proper funding for the studio they wanted to put in.

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#SandraBland: Texas’ Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis Accused Of “Racial Bias” In The Past


The name, Sandra Bland is still looming in the air as an investigation in her mysterious ‘suicide’ continues. Her death has been labeled as an act of racism, and one of many cases where police asset their authority too much. One active participant in the investigation is Texas’ Waller County district attorney Elton Mathis, a man who is also being accused of having a history of ‘racial bias’.

Reverend Walter Pendleton, a local Black pastor, reveals a confrontation he had with Mathis via a series of threatening text messages.

Find out more down bottom.

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Drake Settles With Rappin 4-Tay For $100k For Using His Lyrics On “Who Do You Love?”


Often times, rappers will spit a couple of bars previously said by another rapper – typically one they admire and/or said some dope sh*t. Such is the case with Drake on “Who Do You Love?”, but unfortunately, it cost him $100,000.

A few of the opening bars on “Who Do You Love?” are pulled from Rappin 4-Tay’s 1994 hit “Playaz Club,” and 4-Tay wanted to have at least gotten some credit, if nothing else. He never officially filed a lawsuit against Drake, but I guess there were threats of one – because behind closed doors, the guys settled for a cool $100k for “borrowing” the lines. Listen to both records below.

Wonder how Biggie would be taxing all these people if he was alive!

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Chance The Rapper Announces ‘Family Matters Tour’

Chance The Rapper

It looks like Chance The Rapper and co. will be bringing their talents to a city near you!

The Chicago native announced that he and The Social Experiment group are kicking off the North American leg of their Family Matters Tour starting on October 11th in Austin, Texas and will be making a total of 27 stops all around the country. The tour will be coming to an end on November 24th in L.A. The Social Experiment consists of rappers D.R.A.M., Metro Boomin and Towkio.

See the full list of tour dates in the gallery. To purchase your tickets, head over to ChanceRaps.com!

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Hold Up Wait A Minute, Y’all Thought He Was Finished? Meek Performs In Toronto Despite Drake Drama!


Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print Tour awkwardly took place on Tuesday night in none other than Toronto, Drake’s native city in Canada. There were many speculations floating around Twitter that Meek and his crew were denied entry at the Canadian border on behalf of Drizzy. The rumors started flowing after a member of Meek’s Dream Chasers crew named Fat Reese tweeted, “Drake a f*cking clown, he got us stuck at the border THO smh!!”

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Tyga Is Being Sued…AGAIN!


Between the controversy and the lawsuits, Tyga is constantly getting himself involved in some nonsense!

T-Raww is being sued by his landlord (AGAIN) for being late on his rent. He apparently is behind two months worth at $25K per month. If he doesn’t cough up the dough by Saturday, the landlord says he’ll be charging Tyga $833.33 A DAY that he’s not paid. Keep in mind, this is the second time Tyga gets sued for not paying his rent on time. Last month, he was hit with a lawsuit by his former Calabassas landlord for being behind $80,000.

The most ironic part of this story is that Tyga’s rented home is the same place he lived at with his baby mama, Blac Chyna, so her name is on the court documents too. I’m sure that court date is going to be a tad bit awkward.

How did Tyga’s 17-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner just drop $2.7 million for a mansion and he is having issues paying his rent?! Insane! Maybe when Kylie officially turns 18 in a few more days, she can move her older rapper bae into her crib so he doesn’t have to worry about these pesky lawsuits every other month.

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The Guardian Addresses What Drake And Meek Mill’s Beef Say About Hip Hop Today


The whole rap game is split on the issue of whether or not ghostwriting is acceptable in Hip Hop. The Guardian Newspaper addresses what this feud says about Hip Hop today.

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(Photo) Boy Scouts Lift Ban On Gay Leaders For Good !!


Twenty two years ago, David Knapp was removed of the Boy Scouts of America because he was gay. As of this week he is able to rejoin and be eligible to become a Boy Scout Leader. I’m not sure if after all this time he is still interested in taking on the role but there are a lot of people happy to have the discriminating ban of such a wholesome organization lifted. The restriction on openly Gay leaders and employees has officially been removed.

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(Photos) NBA: Mark Cuban Said WHAT About Donald Trump?!


Mark Cuban is known to be opinionated on a plethora of issues, but recently he voiced his feelings about the Republican National Party’s most controversial candidate, Donald Trump. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks explained that he doesn’t pay attention to the outrageous comments Trump has made nor does he care about his actual stance on our country’s issues! Cuban feels like Trump and his highly-publicized campaign has “changed the game of politics.” Find out if he will be voting for The Donald after the jump!

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(Video) Sandra Bland Jail Video Released In Attempt Prove She Was Alive When She Arrived


The Texas jail where Sandra Bland was held has released footage of her in custody to silence speculations that she was dead when she arrived.

The controversy surrounding Sandra Bland’s death has everyone putting together their own theories as to what exactly happened to her. While we all can agree that she was not suppose to be taken in to custody in the first place, everyone has been trying to piece together what happened within those three days following her arrest at the side of that Texas road.

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