(Photo) Gucci Mane Pens A Letter To Fans From Jail


The “Trap God” has written a letter to his fans and talks about sobriety, jail and his future plans.

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Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott and Da Brat To Reunite For ‘Not Tonight’ At The 2014 Soul Train Awards


BET and Centric announced on Monday (October 27) that Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott and Da Brat will reunite to perform their 1997 single “Not Tonight” at the 2014 Soul Train Awards.

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Gov. Chris Christie Loses Battle To CDC; Woman Being Quarantined In NJ Will Be Moved To Maine


Governor Chris Christie is being slammed by Maine nurse, Kaci Hickox whom flew to West Africa to help with the Ebola outrage. Upon her return, Hickox was ordered to be quarantined was placed off in a plastic-sealed location.

All of my “basic human rights have been violated,” said Hickox and she blames every bit of it on the New Jersey governor.

The nurse has now been cleared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is expected to be going back to her home state of Maine – with some mandatory rules to follow.

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14-Year-Old Dies As A Result Of A Washington High School Shooting!!!


“Only God knows what escalated this. Only God knows,” says Don Hatch, the grandfather of a teen who’s been critically injured during a shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington. “I’ll say, ‘I feel for you and I’ll pray for you,'” he adds after stating that he would visit the family of Jaylen Fryberg, the teen shooter.

Fryberg – immediately following the shooting, shoot and killed himself – just went into the school’s cafeteria and open-fired. One student died on site and four others Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, 14, Andrew Fryberg, 15, Gia Soriano, 14 and Nate Hatch remained in critical condition – until Sunday evening. Soriano died in the hospital.

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(Photo) Uh-Oh! Could Draya Michele Be The Latest Sex Tape Victim?

Draya x David Miranda

Draya Michele seems to be dealing with an Iggy Azalea situation right now. A man by the name of David Miranda, who says he dated the reality star/fashion designer from January 2011 to September 2013, has filed a lawsuit in NYC, claiming that a sex tape that he had with her was “stolen” and he wants to get it back. According to the report, the tape is already being shopped around to various porn companies, and he allegedly wants to “stop it” before it gets there. Riiight. He knows he’s the one that leaked said tape – however, according to Draya, there isn’t even a tape to leak.

Responding to the claims on Instagram, Draya wrote the following:

Nowadays anyone can say anything about anyone and people believe it. Trust me, there’s no tape…. Only clever folks figuring out ways to get money out of me.

Her “clever folks figuring out ways to get money out of me” statement has me raising my eyebrows, though. If there were no tape, he’d have no case, thus he would get no money. Hmm! What do you think?

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Possible 2nd Case Of Ebola In NYC – This Time, A 5-Year-Old Coming From Family Vacation In W. Africa


Just a few days ago, news broke that New York City housed their first patient with Ebola. Dr. Craig Spencer phoned 9-1-1, and mentioned that he was not feeling well. He also stated that he’d recently came back home from South Africa, where he treated patients with the virus.

Spencer is currently being treated with antiviral therapy in Bellevue Hospital, and officials have stated that he’s, “awake, communicating, and in good spirits.”

Today, another possible case comes in the form of a 5-year-old boy, whom after showing a fever of 103 F – among other symptoms – was too rushed to Bellevue by EMSs from his Bronx home, Sunday evening around 8 p.m.

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(Photos) LMFAO, Sayyyy WHAT? Guess What Type Of Parties Lil TerRio Is Hosting Now!

Lil TerRio

Lil TerRio has a plethra of talents such as making funny videos and appearing out places with famous athletes and celebrities. However, he’s now adding a new bullet to his resume. The “Oo, Kill ‘Em” star announced via his Instagram page that he will now be hosting BAR/BAT MITZVAHS! He posed with a menorah on his head and even included a valid e-mail address to contact him for bookings. I wish my parents got TerRio for my Bat Mitzvah, smh! Check out the comical post in the gallery. For my fellow Jews, would you book Lil TerRio for your Bar Mitzvah?!

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Kris Jenner To Bruce: “You Can Have My Best Friend, Just Give Me The Mansion!”

Kris Jenner And Bruce Jenner File For Divorce

Kris and Bruce Jenner have finalized their divorce after countless years of rumors, and things are starting to get a tad bit messy. Bruce Jenner is apparently dating Kris’ long-time BFF which is making things super awkward for Kris. However, Bruce recently signed papers giving their mansion in Hidden Hills alllll to the MOMager, Ms. Jenner. They purchased the 6-bedroom, 8-bathroom home back in 2010 for 4 million dollars and it has apparently went way up in value. I’ll take that ANY day over a fake best friend who bagged my ex man right after the break-up! Girl, BYE!

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Will Karrueche And Chris Brown Be Joining The New Season Of “Couples Therapy”?


Will Chris Brown and his on again, off again girlfriend Karrueche be joining the next season of VH1’s “Couples Therapy”?
Find out after the jump…

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(Video) A Man Wants Exotic Dancers Addresses So He Can Pray For Them!?

_A Man Wants Exotic Dancers Addresses So He Can Pray For Them

A man named David Van Vleet filed court papers in order to get personal information from exotic dancers so he could pray for them. Check out the video and read more on the story below!

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