(Photo) Bow Wow Never Learned Math Due To His Career Starting So Early


Bow Wow Looks Back on Career And Realizes He Never Learned Math
#FAIL Bow Wow has a career span longer then the average rapper due to him starting at 5 years old . In an Instagram Post reflects on his longevity in the game being that he is now about to be 28 years old and it all kind of makes sense now.  It Looks like due to Bow Wow starting his grind to be a Hip Hop Star  before he could even enter kindergarten , he must of missed a couple of basic math classes on the way to stardom as he fails terribly trying to figure out what” 28 – 5″  equals too…. CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS ! Matter of Fact.. COMMENT THE ANSWER TOO ” 28 – 5 ” !!!

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(Photo) Kanye West’s Photographer For ‘The College Dropout’ Cover Is Selling Photos From That Shoot


Kanye West’s Photographer For ‘The College Dropout’ Cover Is Selling Photos From That Shoot
Danny Clinch the photographer of the cover for iconic Kanye West’s The College Dropout—is selling photos from that shoot for 24 hours. The photographer announced via Instagram that he will be selling photos from his hip-hop series.

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(Photo) Tyrese May Take The Role As Green Lantern In 2015 ?


Tyrese May Take The Role As Green Lantern
Looks Like there has been some talk about a Green Lantern Sequel and speculations on who should take the role , well looks like the California Native Singer/Songwriter/Actor Tyrese Gibson is a potential candidate . Click Read More For the DETAILS !!! and the PICTURES !!!

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(Video) Raekwon Recalls A Push Up Competition With ODB After Doing PCP


Raekwon Recalls A Push Up Competition With ODB After Doing PCP
Recalling one of his favorite memories with his fellow WU Tang Member Ol’ Dirty Bastard in an interview with 247HH, Raekwon the Chef retold a story about the whole Wu-Tang Clan and the crazy things they used to do together CLICK READ MORE !!

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(Photos) New App Changes Students Response To Sexual Assault?


New App Changes Students Response To Sexual Assault. College Campus are know for their wild parties and good times. However For many there is also a dark side to being on Campus. Campus sexual assault remains a big issue for campuses across the world. One victim made the news because shecarried the the bed she was assaulted on around campus. Her attacker was still on Campus. This New App Called ASK was Created in DC and currently is only available in Washington. However it has been implemented in nine schools and has a total of 14,000 downloads and now available for free download on both iPhones and Android/Google Play. Its been reported that “This App Is Changing The Way College Students Respond To Sexual Assault”
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( Video) Miley Cyrus Considering “Hannah Montana” Reunion? Only If What Happens………


Miley Cyrus Considering “Hannah Montana” Reunion? So which is Miley Do you want Hannah Montana to go away or are you secretly plotting to bring her back.I guess you can take the Hannah Montana out of Miley but you can’t take the Miley out of Hannah Montana or something like that lol. This really comes to fans as a shocker. She has done everything and we mean everything to shed her Disney image and cookie cutter appeal. I cant believe shes even considering a reunion. But you know I can say as a former Disney Cast member The Disney Magic really: “Lives in You” (Lion King). Well back to Miley.There was a time when mentioning the hit tv show was like saying a bad word to the “We Cant Stop” Songstress. There is hope that a good girl gone bad isn’t gone forever…… maybe, maybe not we have to stay tuned.More details below

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So Sad! Queens Dad Shot And Killed Wife, Mother In Law And 7 Year Old Daughter!


A father shot his family early this Saturday morning killing his wife, mother in law, 7 year old daughter and leaving his 12 year old daughter fighting for her life.
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(Photos) British Parliament Leader A Fan Of Beyonce’s Pound Cake?


British Parliament Leader A fan Of Beyonce’s Pound Cake? You know there is a Lot of truth in The Queen B’s Lyrics. I guess she Truly does ‘Run The World’ Any You Truly “Wish she was your pound cake ” and “Wish She was your baby Mama.” Michael Gove, the British Conservative Party’s chief whip — aka a really important dude — accidentally interrupted a cabinet meeting this week when his fancy smartwatch began blaring a Beyonce song.” It was reported that he was so embarrassed that he fumbled with the watch for sometime to try and shut it off. Remember when this would happen in school or in church and everybody turns and looks at you all crazy. Yeah “Michael Gove, got that dirty look also. Find out how Prime Minister David Cameron reacted to this incident after the jump.

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(Video) Reality Star Draya Michele Rocks Lingerie & Rings In Her 30th Bday Tapping Into Her Sensual Side

Draya Michelle

Oh boy, here comes trouble! Reality star Draya Michele rocks lingerie & rings in her 30th Bday tapping into her sensual side….and baby girl is definitely a woman who exudes sex appeal and knows just how to use it! I can admit, I haven’t always been the biggest Draya fan in past but to see her growth, and the different boss moves she’s making is commendable in the eyes of many. While the reality star beauty celebrated her “Dirty Thirty” on yesterday, she made sure to bring in her new year of life as only she can….looking bad AF, as per usual. Watch Draya turn up and show out for her big day inside.

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Casts Alexandra Shipp As The Role Of Storm!

_‘X-Men- Apocalypse’ Casts Alexandra Shipp As The Role Of Storm!

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ casts Alexandra Shipp as the role of Storm. Storm was played by Halle Berry. Read more on the story and find out who else was casted for the movie below!

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